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21 Jan 2017 23:01:26
So called best referee in Scottish football ?

I wasn't at the game today due to work commitments but just watched the highlights and WTF ( sorry for the French ) was he's he thinking about surrounding MOH penalty claim?

He was bang in line and sitting back on my comfy sofa at home 25 miles away from Ibrox I can see it's a penalty and yet he was ten yards away and can't see MOH getting tripped? I know refs get questioned week in and week out but jeez this has got to be one of the worst efforts from the blind in black ever!

On a positive note I thought MOH was quite positive today of what I seen but it's highlights and also Hyndman's through ball was a touch of visionary which we've been lacking!

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22 Jan 2017 09:33:01
We should no by now that we will get nothing from Thomson, he hates us, although to be fair he doesn't particular like the crowd in the East End of Glasgow either!

22 Jan 2017 11:48:35
Refs get multiple decisions wrong in every game. Yesterday's was not that bad and i watched it live and the replay, which was from the refs angle and i couldn't tell if it was a foul. Still not convinced it was a penalty. There is no conspiracy.

22 Jan 2017 12:39:59
Definitely a penalty. Definitely no conspiracy for me.

21 Jan 2017 20:33:47
All that possession and no shots on target until 80 mins is shocking and worthless. We are playing too many attack minded players out of position. Halliday not DM, McKay cuts inside too much, Waghorn needs to play through middle as does MOH and dodoo. Hodson much better than tav who is never a midfielder and today kiernan was missing at the goal. Lucky for us miller and hill along with keeper are performing.

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21 Jan 2017 23:06:52
Blue Nose I agree to an extent but when you have a team sitting with 11 behind the ball and smothering the game even the best teams out there struggle to break it down . On the Hodson issue I've spoke many times on here of how much better than Tav he is as I believe ( even though he scored many a goal in the championship for us ) another badge kisser like Halliday ( not to that extreme though I may add ) and survives on past glories . We have a nucleus of a decent team here if the manager chooses to drop his favs and give other/ better players a chance .

22 Jan 2017 09:43:02
I agree Blackwood, we do have the nucleus of a good team and if Hyndman is given a first team slot instead of Holt since he looks far more industrious and a significantly better player then I believe that we will see more goals.

I also believe that Windass is a young player that can develop into a top class player as of course in McKay and with the right coaching MOH can equally blossom.

Halliday is not a Holding midfield player and playing him out of position is not doing either him or the team any favours. Perhaps when, as we hope, Rossiter is fully match fit we will solve both these issues.

I believe that we need to find a replacement for Miller and whether that is Waghorn or Dodoo I just don't know and while I would agree that Hodson is a better defender than Tavernier neither is of the quality we need to be the starting right back. We need a central defence and perhaps the young lad from Raith Rovers can be part of that but neither Wilson or Kiernan is the answer and while Wallace is a good left back he is not captain material. In essence, he is too nice a guy! We need a Souness, Butcher, Gough type, (it pains me to say it, but someone like Brown with a bit of dig and that will drive the team forward) .

But on the very positive note I am seeing some green shoots of recovery.

22 Jan 2017 16:41:10
Blackwood we've got to learn how to counter it tho other teams manage it every week

21 Jan 2017 20:00:24
First post on here chaps - Just noticed Kyle Bartley is in the last few months of his contract at Leeds
Surely it's worth going for him on a pre contract
He knows what it's all about up here and let's face it our defence is nowhere near good enough

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21 Jan 2017 23:41:48
Once again Kiernan at fault for the goal today. How many times is this going to happen before he is dropped

22 Jan 2017 10:26:05
How can anyone disagree about Kiernan being at fault for their goal? He was marking Moult and then lost him allowing him to score.

22 Jan 2017 11:21:58
Be very surprised if we could get him to come back up here from leeds.

22 Jan 2017 12:11:37
Bartley is on loan at Leeds from Swansea, I don't think he is out of contract this season

22 Jan 2017 21:41:15
why would bartley come back to us?

what can we offer him?

21 Jan 2017 19:41:35
Lads, Mark McGee's post match comments, get ready for battle at Fir Park next week!

"I'm speechless, I've not spent a lot of time talking to the players in there because I've got nothing to say to them - I'm lost for words. I can't believe what I saw in the last ten minutes of the game"

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21 Jan 2017 20:04:30
Massive over exaggeration when describing the last goal as a ridiculous one to lose. Thought Rangers deserved to win so don't know why he reacted like that.

21 Jan 2017 21:11:00
McGee's reaction today is the funniest thing I've seen all season
I was very angry with our performance today - No shots on taget for 80 mins against a team like that is very very poor
McGee's reaction made me feel a lot better though

21 Jan 2017 21:11:45
We need a big striker simple as that. well done Kenny but he drops deep alot. think we should try McKay out right hand side as well. he would get more joy with his crosses on his favoured foot

21 Jan 2017 22:36:25
McGhee hates us, that is pretty obvious and for me the feeling is mutual. If Waghorn, Windass and Hyndman had been on from the start I am pretty sure it would have been all over long before half time.

Windass showed significantly more strength in driving us forward and that is no disrespect to Toral who had a decent first game and Waghorn was immense when he came off the bench, which again is no disrespect to MOH who put in a decent shift. As for Hyndman he is a class player and did more in the short time he was on the park than Holt did for the previous two thirds of the game.

At the end a good result but we are poor defensively and need a captain that can lead by example and drive the team forward when we are struggling.

21 Jan 2017 19:19:11
The team that finished the game against Motherwell.
Is that our best starting 11?

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21 Jan 2017 22:38:59
Yes, I believe it is with the exception that when Rossiter is fully match fit then I think he should be first choice rather than Halliday.

That said, I reckon that Halliday could do a job further forward.

Our weaknesses are all in defence where today I thought that Wallace was poor as well as Kiernan. We are simply horrid at defending crosses!

21 Jan 2017 18:38:55
We love a square pass eh? So much possession yet little end product . The only idea they have is pass the ball to wee Barry and hope he does the business. MOH had a better game today however he isn't the answer. He runs with his head down and his final ball is shocking . A striker needs to be scoring plenty goals and he won't be doing that for us . Miller and hill with McKay and the goalkeeper are our best players by a country mile and two of them are near retirement age. Massive result today though. Wee McKay was outstanding.

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21 Jan 2017 19:10:50
Agree, tonnes of possession but rarely do we have the razor sharp pass that cuts open the defences.

Bit more speed required rather than constantly slowing the ball down

We're missing Kranjar in that role

21 Jan 2017 19:21:14
Djab, we have that striker in Jo Dodoo.

21 Jan 2017 21:18:57
Fd at last somebody agrees with me about dodoo being answer as striker.

21 Jan 2017 23:08:23
While I agree that Foderingham, Hill, Miller and MacKay are consistently our best players I would suggest that Windass is a good young player with a lot of potential and Waghorn is also a decent quality player. Add to that the fact that Rossiter when fully match fit will be a significant addition, MOH has the ability to improve so long as he has the right level of coaching and Dodoo is a young lad with potential.

Hyndman also looks the part and once he has a few games I reckon that Toral will be a good signing as well.

I would be more concerned about our defence although the young lad from Raith Rovers could be a quality player and Hodson while not brilliant is a decent defender.

Personally I would like us to sign a left back to give Wallace some competition because, when i watched him today I was not impressed. He was caught out too many times when he went up the park and struggled to get back into position, he gets dragged into the centre of the defence too much and was partly at fault for Motherwell's goal.

He is not Captain material and we need a leader that leads by example and can lift the team when required. In the short term I would rather see Miller with the Captain's arm band.

21 Jan 2017 16:56:25
tht was very hard to go watch today. spend to much time on the ball and need to move it quicker. thank for kenny miller how do we replace him when he hangs up his boots. we have to depend on hill who is about 38 to win tackles and headers and miller at 37 to score our goals apart from they 2 and mckay the rest are almost passenger's at times . shouldn't take us to go down 1 nil till we start to play a tad faster and get it in the box. still a win but not pretty to watch

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21 Jan 2017 18:20:23
fs we won.

is that no enough for ye?

we are new to the spl we are going forward no backwards

get behind the bears

motherwell pumped us two year ago? some people canny see green cheese

21 Jan 2017 19:00:00
with the possession and players we have we should not be sitting at 80 minutes with ZERO shots on goal and 1-0 down

21 Jan 2017 19:54:49
ffs we only just won we should beat these sort of teams no problem with the players we brought in and wage bill will b a lot higher than ever team apart from celtic. we all have a opinion and right to express it especially when we travel over 100 mile 1 way then 100 bk home and spent our hard earned cash to watch tht pish. if we didn't win u probably be on hear calling for Warburtons head and slate the team. hate people say its a new team new to spl and need time to gel half way into a season this team should be performing. if your happy good for u

21 Jan 2017 20:22:57
Is that a 200 mile round trip?

21 Jan 2017 20:29:05
yeah sure is 200mile round trip bud iam from arbroath

21 Jan 2017 20:53:28
Good on yi king kenny. And new to the spl? R u nuts

21 Jan 2017 21:01:39
thts wht blue blood gers said no me

21 Jan 2017 16:43:23
Surprised that MOH started today and pleased that he had a good 70 mins and should have had a penalty. Hope that gives him confidence to kick on.

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21 Jan 2017 16:50:28
Yea, I thought that he had a decent game today and it was a stone wall penalty. Problem is that Waghorn is a better player so unless we play with two strikers MOH is always going to be second choice.

21 Jan 2017 16:59:38
his pace is brilliant to beat most players but his first touch and dribbling at (times) is shocking. wasn't tht impressed with toral but needs time a suppose

21 Jan 2017 17:05:13
MOH had a decent highlight reel for today. Made some good runs and showed he can terrify defences with his pace. Needs to work on consistency as sometimes goes missing for large spells and needs to work on situations where he has his back to goal rather than running at defenders. However, he was denied a penalty and made a cracking run early on and was unlucky more was not made of his cross. A decent run of games and he could really turn the corner form wise. That's if he stays.

21 Jan 2017 17:48:18
Wasn't impressed with toral either tbh. great 1st time pass by hyndman though 😁

21 Jan 2017 16:02:05
Anyone else think wee Pirlo's vision and movement was a joy to watch when he came on for Holt today? What a ball and what a finish by Miller. Next round of The Scottish. Check! ✔️

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21 Jan 2017 16:45:01
Early days but agree the boy looks to have the touch. Great to see real competition for Holt and Halliday.

21 Jan 2017 22:43:54
He should start every game. Holt was a passenger in that game today. I am one of Halliday's biggest critics but thought he had a decent game today.

21 Jan 2017 15:49:53
What's everyone's thoughts on Neil McCann involved some way in rangers management team?

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21 Jan 2017 16:51:46
Good call, but what role would he take.

21 Jan 2017 18:43:40
Jim trainors assistant


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