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19 Feb 2017 18:03:41
Post below says Murty here until end of season. If so he needs to grow a pair and get away from 4-3-3. Every team sussed us a long time ago, but Warburton couldn't or wouldn't change it.
Even the Dundee manager tweeted he sussed out Rangers, not rocket science Paul

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19 Feb 2017 18:22:41
A formation change nor a new manager will make a blind bit of difference. This season is a right off!

19 Feb 2017 18:43:31
Kelpie ., if you think it's the formation that's wrong then you better get help. It's the players! They are rank rotten! Never been so skunnered watching us. I couldn't even start to say who i would keep as I can't think of any to be fair!

19 Feb 2017 19:15:39
IMHO the fact that Tavernier and Wallace spend 75 minutes at the wrong end of the pitch leaves our woeful centre backs even more exposed. I totally get where you're coming from re the players . Have given up on Rangers so many times this season, never when we were down in the dark regions of the leagues.
Everyone I speak to is of the same opinion 4-4-2 with at least one striker staying in or around the box.
When the new gaffer comes in the first thing he WILL do is bin Warburton's 4-3-3

19 Feb 2017 19:45:51
Wallace wasn't playing today

19 Feb 2017 17:38:39
Surely after that performance we will find out who the next manager will be within the next couple of days hopefully a manager with a fear factor in them to make the right decisions!

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19 Feb 2017 18:01:10
It doesn't matter who the next manager is, we have Warburtons numpties. Those guys will not improve, yes I believe they are trying their best which is obviously not Rangers class. A total clear out is needed but without investment we are stuck with them. Oh how I would love to see a good Rangers team/ performance.

19 Feb 2017 18:14:56
Spot on bud everything you said is correct 👍💙🇬🇧

19 Feb 2017 18:17:05
Stuart Robertson said "plan was already in place"?

Better bring schedule forward no new manager in by tomorrow another 3 points rubber ducked next weekend and we will lose out in Europe .

No longer disappointed - we have won 12 games out of 25 . this result is now normal for us.

Fans now being short changed - will be difficult to sell season tickets next season on back of these results .

19 Feb 2017 18:32:50
10 years ago Benfica were in a big mess no cash etc only road they had to take was to play the youth academy players and look at were they are team now, young excellent squad with a crazy price tags, am not exactly comparing us to them because there football is different but only option is to start playing our youth guys give them a chance so we aren't Stuck with these guys, put it this way look how bad we are and we still sit third in the league just shows you how poor Scottish football is

19 Feb 2017 18:12:44
I'm keeping this very brief and straight to the point! We need a manager in NOW, that can instantly lift these players at least to fight if nothing else! Supposing its only temporary, until the end of the season, get wee billy davies in NOW! Not big eck, who's had his time! Billy davies WON'T stand for that and is a terrific motivator, who can coach! Easy temporary appointment for me! Go get him NOW!

19 Feb 2017 18:18:10
Well, Warburton wouldn't of lost today's game.

19 Feb 2017 18:30:36
With patience we will see good performances, but it will take a lot of patience. Any money we have needs to be invested in a youth academy and develop our own talent. That will mean years without a title but will at least mean long term survival.

19 Feb 2017 18:42:40
Appalling performance today. Neither Halliday or Kiernan should have started the match. The goal now is to secure second place and a siege mentality is required to have any chance. Get McLeish, Walter and Rae around the place this week for goodness sake and put longer term plans on hold. Anybody know why Toral and Senderos not included in squad today?

19 Feb 2017 19:23:15
Cos they r mince

20 Feb 2017 00:05:56
Can't believe if it's true toral wasn't injured? Halliday and Holt 2 of the worst midfielders we've ever had is Warburton still telling murty what players to play. I'd rather have young burt in there than halliday or holt

19 Feb 2017 17:26:11
Without stating the obvious, if Mr King does not react with either action or statement, and soon, it will be clear he is unable to. That would mean no cash available in which case we will need to get used to top 6 mediocrity. I can live with that if it's our only option, but what is unacceptable is a group of "professional" players downing tools at the exact time the club need maximum effort!

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19 Feb 2017 17:35:52
Well said mate.

19 Feb 2017 17:49:29
Terrible performance today but both Halliday and Wilson should never get near the team again. Yet again, Halliday was posted missing none more so than the first goal. Wilson is no more than a total bomb scare, totally useless. At least Kiernan doesn't believe he's Beckenbaur like that joker Wilson does. The rest had a poor game but at least they have a modicum of improvement in them, unlike The badge kisser and Wilson.

19 Feb 2017 18:06:17
Lets state the obvious, we need major investment to finance an entire new team. We should not keep any of them, that's a p*ss poor Dundee team that still managed to turn us over. We are a rudderless ship that is floundering in rough seas. Rangers need strong characters both on and off the park. Talk is cheap it's action that we want.

19 Feb 2017 17:41:54
I thought the full extent of pain had been felt in the lower leagues and being put their.

It seems like the real pain is this season, and perhaps the next few after that.

19 Feb 2017 17:46:19
We the fans deserve better than this shambles that we are getting served up and that includes king and the rest of the board as well as that team we have on the pitch Kenny Miller was the only one with any heart today as for that clown Halliday I just don't get why he's always in the team this is another major rebuilding job on our hands again,

19 Feb 2017 17:51:53
Mr king remember season ticket money soon due, so put up or ship out.

19 Feb 2017 18:56:26
Thought garner and tav played with heart today

19 Feb 2017 18:37:06
Hugh Jarse I agree they are not the best defenders but for first goal where was Tav again we have two full backs who can't defend. last week Wallace way up the park ball played in behind ball crossed in goal same today.

Tav posted missing ball played in behind goal keeper should have got second we always point at centre backs but our full back need to defend first and foremost only when we keep the ball out of our own net and start putting the ball in at the other end.

where was midfield for first goal they need to defend as well. in fact where was the whole team today or even whole season. they are a shambles, magic hat? he has left us with a very poor team. since we beat Dumbarton 1-0 at home to win the Championship the team have been crap. lost Cup Final and this season has been a shambles. played 25 games, won 12 goal difference of 5 says it all.

19 Feb 2017 19:38:33
I agree with all the negative posts after that dreadful performance. Whoever is in charge for Inverness needs to make significant changes throughout the team, if only to show that today was absolutely unacceptable.

If you don't want to fight your jersey fine. bring in Alnwick, Bates, Dodoo and a few decent lads from the development squad like Burt, Beer man, Houston and whoever plays holding midfield as even if he's only 15 and 4' tall he'll still be more of a presence than Halliday was today. We might not win but surely at least they'll try harder than this lot of impostors!

19 Feb 2017 17:24:44
what the hell were king and the board thinking. we cannot seem to do anything right at all. warburton had to go. but anyone else sacks a manager. has someone better to bring in, no messy court cases etc. we sack a manager. still get god knows how many stories and no truth of it. have not lined up a replacement seemingly. and put ourselves in an even worse position. if kings not the man to take the club forward he should sell to someone who can. come out and tell us the truth of where we are actually going. i am not sure big ecks the man, possibly short term but not long term. for me the golden age of rangers was 1986 to 2001 when mcleish came in. and he made some right bad signing s too, like capucho. ogenstaad etc, and only won two titles by the very skin of his teeth

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19 Feb 2017 17:52:05
king and warburton have put our club in a worse state on the field than mccoists team king should take part blame as none of his promised money just to buy players appeared instead tain the cheap option of free transfers and even signed kranjcar and barton just to boost season ticket sales even tho warbo didn't want them as for warburton he scouted and new these players so for him not to get the best out of them is why he is not in a job today king either needs to invest or move aside

19 Feb 2017 17:42:36
Winning two titles by the skin of his teeth? . I'd take that any day. this team at the moment is one of the worst I've ever seen.

19 Feb 2017 21:31:42
Aye but what two titles. one as part of a treble when our east end pals got to Seville and the other needed a helicopter to deliver the trophy.

20 Feb 2017 00:10:57
The 2 titles by the skin of his teeth were also against the best celtic team in my living memory

19 feb 2017 17:14:30
this really can't get any worse let's be honest no one fit to be our club captain there's no leadership no fight a chairman who's never at ibrox no manager and it seems the board are clueless and all we will get is excuses please please someone help our club now

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19 Feb 2017 17:33:09
Oh it could get a lot worse 3 weeks today. Play like that and celtic shall score for fun.

19 Feb 2017 19:36:46
We will get absolutely slaughtered at parkhead with this bunch of players playing like that lance.

19 Feb 2017 17:12:45
How on earth has this happened
The next few days needs to bring some good news on the coaching front.
I feel for whoever has to take on these spineless clowns until the end of the season
Time for King to show us if he's up to it.

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19 Feb 2017 17:11:37
Gutless clueless no fight no ability every player is a disgrace to the jersey. Murty is as clueless as warburton and that is some achievement in its self. He brings back kiernan and still plays halliday quite simply staggering decisions from murty i could do a better job cv in post

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19 Feb 2017 17:08:47
2-1 down 15 mins to go takes off Mckay unless injured I don't know why take off Halliday who was missing the whole game and brings on forrester and holt why fire on dodoo and even o'halleron? And really go for it. Strange.

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19 Feb 2017 17:49:24
Because both are rubbish

19 Feb 2017 17:07:13
We are simply dreadful. Another terrible, heartless display. Murty is inept, we are atrocious. 6 points ahead of fourth. Can't believe there is people on here who earlier said we could beat Celtic. Hilarious. We are so shocking.

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19 Feb 2017 17:13:35
We are absolute honking I don't think dynamo magician could do much with that team we have, its hard to see us improving without some proper leadership from the very top

19 Feb 2017 16:46:42
Ground hog day. Another dismal display. No fight and most of these players look lost and do not deserve to wear the jersey. Much like the hearts game our midfield are being bullied. We are light weight and cowardly.
Either mr king comes back and stays here till this is resolved or sell up and get someone else in who can.

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19 Feb 2017 17:00:52
Watching kiernan today he could be a good defender if he cut out errors. Wilson is unfit. Lazy and lacks interest. If half our player showed the fight and spirit of Dundee players we would do ok. Entire midfield waste of time.

19 Feb 2017 17:24:41
Blue nose, that's a big "IF". IF my auntie had balls she'd be my uncle! Keirnan is not a footballer, end of story.

19 Feb 2017 17:54:27
Kiernan doesn't hide and is a better option than either Wilson or Senderos. The worst player on the pitch today (just shading Wilson) was that imposter Halliday.

19 Feb 2017 17:28:19
Wilson is a total bombscare as well. He might be a better footballer than kiernan but he's just as bad a defender.

19 Feb 2017 18:09:32
Thought the left back Hodson was the worst player on the pitch. He brought nothing to the game just don't understand why he is even at Rangers. I would give him 10/ 10 for effort but without basic ability it counts for nothing and that's the problem.

a team full of players that lack ability and that's not the players fault it's a lack of money and investment which is sad to say whether we like it or not, we are advertising for stewards for people to work for free. what a complete and utter shambolic state of affairs for a club the size of Rangers to be in.


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