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18 Feb 2018 09:18:10
Ed can we have a poll?
Will Morelos make Columbia World Cup squad?
Interested to see fellow bears view, personally I think it’s a bridge to far, cheers

{Ed033's Note - Morelos Poll

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18 Feb 2018 13:16:53
Unless they have serious injury issues just can't see it

18 Feb 2018 17:17:46
Thought he was decent today just needs to keep scoring the goals and hopefully he cap will come I think if he keeps scoring then he will have a half decent chance of making the squad but don’t think he will be near the first team for them unless they have some serious injuries but like most teams they like to spring a surprise at tournaments and hopefully he is the surprise for them

17 Feb 2018 19:56:17
Guys 13-2 gers win and tav scores anytime is my bet, i usually don't win so don't bet on it lol.

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18 Feb 2018 11:37:24
Thought 13-2 was your scoreline prediction, sorry still have a sleep. LOL

18 Feb 2018 13:17:42
Lol no mate also going to have a punt on docherty and rangers win

17 Feb 2018 17:18:48
Dont think were in the situation not to accept 11m for morelos. As good as he is its a lot of profit for a guy that is kean to move. i'd love to see him stay he's class but c'mon lads 11m for a man bought for just 1m is 11 times what we pajd for him

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17 Feb 2018 22:15:10
Yes good idea sell our talisman and top scorer. Then end up not winning Scottish cup and 4th in the SPL behind Hibs and Aberdeen. We are Rangers . Look at the players in the past we lost early and went on to greatness. Some of the players like Gatuuso, Arteta, Gio would probably be worth 20+ million these days. Morleos could be a future Aguero/ Siaurez for all we know. I hope we keep Fredo. Goal in 1 in every 2 is priceless. Lone him to a Premier club. If he continues to score then put the price up to 50 million.

18 Feb 2018 10:22:37
Cue the giggling green trolls who constantly berate Morales while insisting their club should be banking up to 80 million dembellend dollars. You couldn't make it up!

18 Feb 2018 11:55:45
TJBB you still drunk from the night before. What has Morelos actually done? His record in the finish league is only the finish league I'm pretty sure not every team in there is even full time. 2ndly he's scored a few goals in the league and cups in Scotland against mediocre teams. He's no proven European pedigree, and genuinely with no disrespect but your European results show he's in a somewhat below average team at the moment (things may change for Scottish footballs sake) . The reason Celtic fans went on about dembele is he's proven he has the raw materials to be great. His European debut he scores a penalty last minute go put us through. He's showed up against you proves he can handle high pressure games. Puts goals in against the likes of Man City and PSG. The boys 21 and played at championship level already was comfortable there at 19 years old. He's a youth player via PSG an moved on only for game time. He's been stop and start with injuries this year and I recon his value would have taken a hit but with another few months to rectify this the boys got a future. This is all proven what has Morales don't to merit a hefty fee? Take the blue specks off compare to your teams in the past and honestly would he even get a game. What makes you think premier league teams would pay ridiculous fees for him. One of your fans said earlier with the Chinese team full and the fees theyd have to pay do you actually believe an 11 million was offered. And a club who's surviving until the end of the season on soft loans could knock that money back. You'd use that money to safe passage the season without any bother. Stop being so deluded. It looks pathetic.

18 Feb 2018 12:17:21
tjbb - remember its a business too, with that kind of funding we would be insane not to grab it with both hands

18 Feb 2018 12:19:00
Tjbb. Loan him to a Premier club. it that an admission that another bankruptcy is pending, and new rangers the 3rd will be in the lowland league.

18 Feb 2018 17:23:54
4leafyclover what has Dembele done this year in the league and also in Europe yes that’s correct nothing and you said he’s proven in the championship when was this as he played 56 games in 3 years at Fulham and scored 15 goals wouldn’t say he was proven in the championship i'm not disputing he’s a talented player but hasn’t been up to last years standards

18 Feb 2018 18:43:56
Didn't see that response coming gersman. Your saying 3 years the boy was 17 and not a regular. 15 of his goals came at 18/ 19 in his last season at Fulham. As for what he's done the league he's been injured most of the season and still scored. He's was also the first player to bag a goal against PSG in the tournament. He was also a vital part of the team in Thursday. Forms temp, class is permanent.

The question wasn't on dembele though it was Morales. He's a decent striker but hasn't done anything to prove he's got what it takes for the next level. Fair enough he hasn't had the chance but to be hitting out with £50 million and think that £11 million is a bad offer (if it even was offered) is beyond ridiculous, it's just stupid.

17 Feb 2018 15:34:22
I see hardie already has two goals today against st Mirren. Five in four games, surely merits two yeardeal at gers.

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17 Feb 2018 16:47:18
I may be wrong but the championship seems to be the boys level

17 Feb 2018 20:22:31
Sharpshooters u may be correct but he is only 20, he is the third best in his age group for scotlad behind Burke and mcburnie, has scored well at under 17,19 and 21s for Scotland
I feel 3k a week wage worth the risk.

18 Feb 2018 10:05:27
Very promising young striker. Good to see him doing well

18 Feb 2018 10:47:02
his contract is up in the summer maybe worth another contract and if he doesn't brake into first team then let him go

17 Feb 2018 11:54:55
Wait minute. Didn't Alan Hutton go for 9M. Put in perspective that's quite while ago. 11M doesn't seem a lot in grand scheme. Not being greedy just realistic, think forward of his class. Should generate 15-20 million.

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17 Feb 2018 12:51:56
Got to realistic - Finnish football then spfl and if everyone was honest he’s missed more than he’s scored -£11 m is outstanding return and we should bite their hands off . Will guarantee we can afford the loan players and be able to challenge next season

17 Feb 2018 12:58:55
We will not get more Bryan 10 for him

17 Feb 2018 13:19:06
The thing is though Hutton had champions league experience and shone in champions league games. Those games were what prompted Tottenham to come in for him

17 Feb 2018 18:09:26
Yes and shone for Scotland against Italy if memory serves me right! For me £12M and he can go, win/ win for us with this one, if he stays the we will benefit from his goals until the end of the season, if he stays then we have a boosted transfer kitty for next season. I’d be looking for 3-4 players all for the first eleven this summer and this income would significantly increase the quality that could be afforded.

17 Feb 2018 19:00:56
Regarding this 11 million offer, is there any truth in this? Just seems to good to be true.

17 Feb 2018 21:24:55
mccoist missed more than he scored or do lot forget. he missed some sitters too. not saying anything about mccoist but morelos is same kind of player and will be there are there abouts. also remember mccoist rarely played one up.

18 Feb 2018 10:12:14
Maybe its Dembele dollars they are quoting! If the bids are realistic then I cannot see how we can knock back that kind of cash. I think we should keep him though. He puts a serious shift in but if he wants away then so be it. Don’t want him going in a complete huff which is quite likely.

16 Feb 2018 21:34:19
Here's the dilemma for rangers fans.

You been lied about investments from directors, soft loans that are hard loans guaranteed against assets.

Do you.

1 carry on as usual and let the director's direct.


2. Not renew season tickets, not buy merchandise and call the director's bluff and see how they deal with the potential loss of secured assets

Looking forward to your replies.

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16 Feb 2018 22:23:26
I’d say keep supporting the team the same way we always have and let the rest go on in the background! No dilemma for me here mate, there is a clear difference between what is actually true though and what you want to be true after your years of obsessing over The Famous! Keep well my friend, I want you all here for flag 55! 😉

16 Feb 2018 22:31:28
Why would you as a Celtic fan even care about our finances or what we as fans think?

{Ed033's Note - obsessed?

16 Feb 2018 22:32:41
@10 - sounds like its more a dilemma for yourself than any of us? A day after a decent Europa League result and it's still all about Rangers for you!
Here's a wee dilemma for yourself:-
1/ do you continue to obsess about us for the rest of your life
2/ seek medical help and take a more active interest in your own club?

16 Feb 2018 22:49:44
Yo teninarow, an interesting post, a good valid question. Are you suggesting we trust King or not? That is the question.

{Ed033's Note - To be, or not to be. That is the question.

16 Feb 2018 23:39:12
Says the man who is one of the top posters on the Celtic rumours site 😬

17 Feb 2018 00:13:15
Ten in a row or what ever your name is. Posts like yours make me smile with unadulterated joy. You miss all points and always will. Whether you get 10 or 100 in a row you and the rest will always be second to the Famous. I've stood in total awe in front of the bust of Egyptian queen Nefertiti in a Berlin museum. I now know what it feels to be a them supporter and can empathize. But as you've always known you will be second, in all ways to Glasgow Rangers FC. It is only a temporary ripple in time that has allowed your club to perceive its unfounded elevated status. History has shown and I predict will still show that Glasgow Rangers are still the most successful club in the world in 2100. Keep up the good work though, second to the best is something not to be ashamed about.

17 Feb 2018 10:00:50
love it dead head . still obsessing about the only show in town 😂

why our affairs keep you up at night is beyond me, but it’s still hilarious! we will continue to support our magnificent club, of that I can assure so if i were you i'd get out more maybe go a few long walks, or take up caravanning. anything to rid you of this unhealthy obsession

17 Feb 2018 11:31:24
@who67 - another one of my fan club! Welcome aboard son. I class myself as a Rangers Missionary when posting on your site - to right all the wrongs you spout and teach you the error of your ways. Its a hard gig but the joy I get knowing that our 9IAR and subsequent EBT years have damaged you all for life is enough too keep posting.

17 Feb 2018 14:15:45

It makes no difference to me what's so ever. It's an issue for rangers fans.

However if the position was reversed and it affected celtic, I'd be asking why the misinformation about the overdraft/ loan against assets. Is there an agenda not being shared or worse still being hidden because of the effect it would have on rangers and it's reputation.

At the end of the day, if the majority of rangers fans are happy with the way the club is being run and the information being published and disclosed by the directors then there can be no complaint in the future, particularly if it's not positive news.

18 Feb 2018 01:25:34
Rangers missionary 😂aye because you’re the one on your back used to getting pumped

18 Feb 2018 10:02:53
Obsessed UJ? How ironic since you are one of our top posters!

18 Feb 2018 10:19:53
This guy makes me laugh.
He must wake up every morning wondering how he can make the bears worried. What crazy story can i come up with. How can i make it sound legit. How can i try and influence them to slow down their progress.

Behave yourself mate. Start worrying about your own affairs. Stop obsessing over the famous.

But be worried because we are on our way back. And it's coming soon. 55 is coming before 2021. And it's going to ruin you. And the world will know it's most successful football club is back.

18 Feb 2018 10:24:33
@who67 - pumped? You forgetting some of the recent results under Brenda? Record home and away European defeats. 😂😱😂

18 Feb 2018 13:10:04
Us getting pumped by the likes of PSG and Barcelona is akin to getting pumped of a high class exotic hooker. Sometimes you just have to take it and enjoy the view. 😂 whereas your lot will take it aff any mob, junkie with nae teeth far Luxembourg comes to mind

18 Feb 2018 18:03:14
@who67 - you've obviously deleted the one night stand with the Red Imp from Gibraltar from your memory!

18 Feb 2018 18:05:37
@raymnan99 - not top poster. Its replies. And I wouldn't have to if your lot never posted so much Colin Nish! Always happy to keep on setting you straight.

18 Feb 2018 20:20:54
We gave the red gimps a good seeing to in the end. Shame you couldn’t do the same to to Progres. Got to admit it was Caixinha to be fair. Be interesting to see how Murty does if yous make euro spot this season.

16 Feb 2018 21:52:20
Is there anybody else out there who hates the versions of our match day songs? I much prefer the older tradional versions played with accordions. They are a little slower and easier to sing along to. I don't think our current songs create an atmosphere as good as it could be? 🇬🇧🤚🇬🇧.

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16 feb 2018 22:05:25
difficult to respond to this. personally prefer follow follow but accordions, sorry no.

{Ed033's Note - Well what about ukuleles instead? when i'm cleaning windows :)

16 Feb 2018 22:27:45
Naw definitely leave the ukuleles / banjos to Dingles over in touchy feely

16 Feb 2018 18:00:52
Hi All. Running out of things say as things seem to be going great. Just wondering though on everyone's opinion on our squad. Do we think our squad is now the best in Scotland. I think we have. Our 1st 11 is open to debate but on their day with a bit more tinkering a match for the them and most definitely the sheep/ diddys clubs.

Also big ec in the hot seat can only be good for Rangers.

Also 2. Would be great to see Dundee Utd get humped by Dundee in the end of season play offs, LMFHO. ) ) ) ) ) ) ) )

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16 Feb 2018 19:20:36
Dont think we have a better squad than celtic but best of the rest

16 Feb 2018 20:36:18
We should have the second best team/ squad with the player budget we've got surely? We should get 2nd in the league. let's wait and see where we finish this season eh?

17 Feb 2018 13:05:05
"Should" doesn't win games we need another three or four signings Ofthe Standard That Celtic Has all Over Their Team .

18 Feb 2018 10:03:30
You actually have the 3rd best as the league tells.

16 Feb 2018 16:21:06
Anybody have any update on fitness of Dorrans, Jack and McCorie and when likely to be available for selection.

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16 Feb 2018 21:00:48
Ross McCrorie is being assessed monday and the club are hopeful he'll be cleared to start training again.

Dorrans is looking at a return at the end of March-start of April.

Ryan Jack is out for rest of season and could miss the start of pre season.

16 Feb 2018 22:09:28
Jack will likely be out for the season. Dozza is on schedule which I think is about 6 weeks or so. McCrorie will be assessed on Monday, hopefully a few weeks at most till he returns.

16 Feb 2018 15:45:54
Rangers legends match 24 March at ibrox.
Let's make this a sellout.

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