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22 Aug 2017 23:01:33
We are in for Man C winger Arron Nemane on a loan and he is coming up to Glasgow to sign before Sunday's match

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22 Aug 2017 19:27:44
Reading the report in DR that PC will give Ryan Hardie a chance this year. He then lists his strike opens but fails to mention Jo Dodoo in this list. Looks like his time is up which is a shame as never got chance and does have potential

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22 Aug 2017 22:09:20
Said Dodoo could still have a future

23 Aug 2017 00:27:03
Imo we should Loan Dodoo out! Seems to be too far down pecking order.
Always liked Joe and if he ain't going to get a game then giving the lad the opportunity to get game time would be best for all as he could come back a better Player, its either this or a Transfer! And I don't want to see us losing him for something like 50k as I think he cost us 200/ 250k? So send him out for 6 months and see how he does!
Always thought there was a possibility that he would have been part of a deal for Walker? Failing that I would like to see him go to a Dundee/ Accies before going to a Championship Side!
No matter tho the lad needs games!

23 Aug 2017 21:06:05
I agree about Hardie Blue nose and have been saying it for months. He obviously knows where the goal is so nothing to lose pitching him in the team.

22 Aug 2017 18:31:45
Get walker mclean and naismith in. We will score plenty. They would create and score. Simple.

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22 Aug 2017 18:59:05
That trio would cost around 5m Where we getting that from exactly? 🤔🤔

23 Aug 2017 21:05:24
How many times have deluded supporters like you Muir_bluenose to be told? There's no chance of aberdeen selling kenny mclean to us in this transfer window! If we eventually do sign mclean, then it'll be on a pre-contract as a free agent! I would rather we signed motherwell winger chris cadden, than sign jamie walker, who i wouldn't pay 1million quid for! As for stevie naismith, leave that wee rat where he is! We couldn't afford to buy him anyway with the transfer fee and his high wages! Thank god! Hope that answers your questions! Think about it!

23 Aug 2017 21:50:45
If we never signed pena and herrera then we would have that 5mil.

23 Aug 2017 21:55:59
walker, McLean and Naismith, the tedium continues.

22 Aug 2017 18:15:36
Im getting very frustrated with our fans. Weve played 3 SPL games with a brand new team and they want a new manager. I give the fans till Christmas if they don't improve their attitude they should be banned from Ibrox and new fans brought in, no impostors just Rangers men.

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22 Aug 2017 18:55:22
Not all the fans surely TJBB just the ones that don't care what's happening to our club.

22 Aug 2017 19:06:20
This has to be the most ridiculous post ever. I even give more credit to all the pressers of the disagree button when someone is merely asking a question. TJBB, are you for real? The fans on here posting their disappointment are doing so because they're real fans.

22 Aug 2017 19:17:48
Its part and parcel of supporting our great Club lads. I use to hear fans say similar things when Sir Walter was in charge so if it can happen to him then it can happen to Pedro. don't be so thin skinned and actually think fans want Pedro to fail, of course they don't but if they want rid of him then its only there opinion, it doesn't mean anything

22 Aug 2017 19:48:07

He has also lost to a part time team from Luxembourg in what is the worst ever European result in the clubs history

22 Aug 2017 20:03:43
Oh lord. he's simply aiming a dig at all these Pedro must go mob! Read the post! By the way give this team will get better

22 Aug 2017 20:44:08
Your aptly named Mr magoo, if you can't see what's happening.

22 Aug 2017 21:15:15
To the O. P. take a wee break from the site, the constant negativity of some on here will get you down if you let it. The problem is we all want the quick fix, knowing its not happening, but we still want it. I'm 36 and been a regular at Ibrox and some away games since i was 6. We were spoiled with success until the melt down. I for one was posting on here that Ally was the man to take us forward and when we lost that huge lead in the league I thought it was down to the players being affected by our off-field problems. I was wrong Ally was not the messiah.
After Warbs took over, a lot of us thought he was gods gift during the first season, except towards the end of the season there were obvious signs we were not playing well and no plan B when things went wrong. I'm less inclined to buy into PC, but the board have certainly backed him, and whoever we take on as manager they need time.
So I expect those of us who are constantly back the club annoy the hell out of the naysayers.
The main thing is we all love our club

22 Aug 2017 21:17:35
Aye it's terrible what's happening eh lost 1, drew 1
We're close to being a decent team! We've started fairly well in my opinion and beginning to control games, another 5/ 6 matches the team will be a bit more familiar with each other and then onwards and upwards! Stop greeting man we have more or less a new first team

22 Aug 2017 22:44:55

Take it the European disaster didn't happen then?

23 Aug 2017 06:05:59
Stop dwelling on the euro exit eh, yes it was embarrassing for all of 2 minutes, it happened so move on! We were barely into our pre season, back the team. I read all the posts on here and it's always the same people banging on about sack the manger etc! You bore the tits aff me, you's are probably the same people who leave ibrox with an hour to go because we're not winning eh! That's if you go to the games at all. vipleague supporters
This team will turn out ok got to give them a decent crack at it

22 Aug 2017 17:38:05
Anybody heard the jambos plan for ticketing at murrayfield. Spurs had 73.000 at wembley v chelsea
I can just see the spfl and or police limiting attendance to 30.000?

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22 Aug 2017 17:29:51
Growing increasingly frustrated with Caixinha to be honest Bears, yet to see what kind of system he's trying to play.

Think we have good personnel within certain areas of the team - but struggle to have any idea of what they are trying to do.

Under Warburton we knew what we were getting - play out from the back and pass pass pass. no cutting edge.

Was at the Hearts game at the weekend and it was a carbon copy of last season under Warbs.

Looked at the Ratio of meaningful games we've lost under Pedro and it's worrying (including Old Firm humiliation, European humiliation, Aberdeen, Hibs etc) .

I do like the guy and think he talks a very good game, but if he doesn't WIN against Ross County this weekend then I'm afraid the managers position will need looked at once again.

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22 Aug 2017 13:46:40
I have a sneaky feeling that there is no more money to be spent this transfer window so barring another loan there will be no new players coming in here's hoping the boys get there act together and Pedro starts making some good tactical calls because frankly some he has made are nothing short of weird

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22 Aug 2017 17:43:37
We offered money for walker before we sold waghorn and kiernan. So don't see how there is no money

22 Aug 2017 23:31:11
I didn't say there was no money I said we weren't spending anymore imo

22 Aug 2017 13:03:51
A couple of things that have crossed my mind just wondering if young beerman would be worth a half playing instead of windass as Pedro's not happy with his defence, also noted that both rangers and hibs flopped after that manic game, lastly should we take a leaf out of Celtics book and play a 4-2-3-1 when teams park the bus my line up would be fod, tav, cardoso, alves, Wallace then jack and rossiter then dorrans candeias windlass with Morelos as lone striker

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22 Aug 2017 13:46:42
how would playing two defensively minded players help break teams down exactly?

celtic break these teams down because they have strength in depth which we don't. they start with their best team and batter them for 60 mins and then bring on subs like forrest, McGregor, Griffiths etc. for fresh legs and then add coupe of goals at the end of the game when the other teams knackered.

22 Aug 2017 14:06:51
Big Andy I thought jack would play the brown role and rossiter is no Armstrong but he's a good passer and thought he could feed dorrans in front of him of course pena would be great for the Armstrong position but he doesn't seem to be fit to play at the moment it was just a thought mate.

22 Aug 2017 12:54:31
The next three games are critical we cannot afford to drop points or 1st and 2nd place will be gone.
We are currently five behind if we only take 4,5 or 6 points from these games we will be 8 to 10 points behind celtic before we play them this is reality, so based on that assumption peds got 5 games including the league cup or his career with us will be over.
Dont want him to fail but can't see any other outcome.

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22 Aug 2017 12:17:39
No fans 'want' Pedro to fail that's not real supporters but the same way you would remove a rotten tooth is the same scenario the sooner the better - that is if it's rotten - I'm not suggesting at all sack Pedro just now but we as football fans can usually sense when things are wrong and so far I'm not convinced . My opinion is Pedro is out his depth and the job (until rangers have an established first team and steady foundations) shouldn't be an experiment and should have been given to someone who understands the Scottish game, the British market and the size and expectations of our great club I. e - Derek mcinnes. Hope things turn around soon though - us bears deserve better.

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23 Aug 2017 21:02:14
Not saying he wouldn't work, but why are people so confident in McInnes?

If fans focused on supporting the team instead of trying to out the manager who is still building a squad, Pedro doesn't seem fazed by the pressure of the role, who is to say that McInnes wouldn't crumble, who's to say his signings would be good enough, who even thinks he would bring some sort of glamorous style to us on the pitch?

Why are we so desperate for the 'scraps' of these clubs that we say are beneath us, all we do is talk about moult, walker, cadden, McInnes - not trying to play devils advocate here but I honestly think we need to have persistence to achieve some sort of consistency, changing it would be a bad choice in my opinion.


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