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19 Mar 2019 08:54:05
Quite a few folk getting their knickers in a twist over my post which mentioned young McCrorie as a potential captain in waiting and being a CB.

It is all about opinions (and stats)

McCrorie played CB 21 times in the premiership for Rangers last season and never lost a game.

Football is stressful, at all levels, but rank that up to be playing for Rangers and it is much much higher - McCrorie was 19/ 20 when he played in that position, and possibly it was too much, but remember he played very well, and maybe SG made the comments about this young lad's position was a challenge - after all it was such a very strange comment to make on one so young - only time will tell.

Katic also wants that position, so maybe the two of them working and training together will bring about the improvement we all want and need.

PS - Strange that Kilmarnock are very quiet on Broadfoot stud raking Morelos apart from one of them stating that Morelos made him do it? lol.

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19 Mar 2019 12:25:05
Other than when we lost 2-0 at home to Celtic you mean. He May very well end up as a CB but currently it doesn’t appear to be his best position.

19 Mar 2019 12:48:07
Ger78 - did he play in that game?

His stats on soccer base states that he played 21 games and suffered one defeat in Europe and was undefeated in Scotland.

And some of the headlines if you look back made him the main drive as CB, against Aberdeen, hibs and celtic.

19 Mar 2019 13:09:08
Yes he did, he did ok however for one of the goals (the first I think) he took a swip at the ball at the edge of the box after a corner, missed it and they scored. Anyway that’s not really the point, as I say I do think that he may end up as a CB and I feel that he may actually work well in a back 3 just now as can bring the ball out from the back, however I agree that, currently anyway, he’s still not dominant enough to play CB in a back 4.

19 Mar 2019 13:12:49
Plus your kind of contradicting yourself saying he was the ‘main CB drive’ against Celtic seeing as we lost every game to Celtic last year?!
And I wouldn’t rely on a site called soccer base for your stats. For a start it calls the game ‘soccer’.

19 Mar 2019 13:29:18
That was McCrorie first start for Rangers - he has come a long way from then.

19 Mar 2019 15:13:43
I agree he has, and I’m not trying to get at you at all True Blue, it’s just that I see it a lot on here when statements are given as fact when they’re not actually fully accurate. That’s the kind of thing that the Scottish press and folk like Michael Stewart and now Kris Boyd tend to do!
We can also tend to make sweeping statements either building players up or knocking them down far too quickly.
We’ve had Barisic going from ‘the best left back ever’ to useless sell him in a few months, Morelos going from useless last year to £20million at least in under a season from some folk. I even had a debate preseason with someone on here that stated Flanagan was going to be first choice right back and was an amazing player to which I stated Tav was first choice right back and would remain so and Flanagan had a lot to prove as it was 4 years ago that he was a great player. Point being none of us see these players day in day out at training or know who is best for which position we can only suggest on what we see during the games. Like you I do feel eventually Mccrorie will become a centre back but as we’ve seen with Worrall and Katic, young centre backs can be prone to mistakes and we all know what our fan base can be like when someone makes a mistake! Playing him at CB week in week out just now could end up destroying his confidence and putting back his development. He has bulked up and toughened up a bit this year which is good as in this league you need strength up against some of the bruisers other teams have up front. In time he’ll make a great CB but maybe not just yet.

19 Mar 2019 17:00:44
He didn't play 21 games at cb. 21 games all in the first 4 or 5 at cb before moving to midfield. He's a different animal in there, twice as effective as he is at the back.

19 Mar 2019 17:02:56
Ger78 - I agree what you have said and take your points but McCrorie has went from playing every week to not be played at all. Being slated publicly by SG does not seem to have been the ideal method of encouraging this young man, and some of the players who have taken his place really does seem strange, but as you say we do not see the training or attitudes.
It would now seem that we have an abundance of young players, for various positions, who are not getting game time, and if they have not been sent out on loan you would think that they will be played. I presume that SG will be giving them that time soon.
I still think SG is the man to turn around Rangers and once he has moved some on and brought in better we should get a better picture of whom he sees as his first team players.

19 Mar 2019 17:07:04
As I’ve said before True Blue you do talk sense in your texts, others do the same, ArthurD can be sensible as well so this site is not full of excitable guys ranting and raving, I enjoy some of the banter etc.

19 Mar 2019 17:42:48
Ulsterman - I like a debate and always put my hand up when proved wrong or in err, but I do not like, as you say, these one line poo pooers - who add little to the discussion other than trying to wind up everyone.

Have not saw you posting about the Morelos situation (Broadfoot boot scraping his achilles) and Kilmarnock player saying Morelos started it! lol.

19 Mar 2019 22:21:21
To be fair guys I think discussing Mcrorie right now is irrelevant anyway unfortunately.
I am far more concerned about the midfielders that have been keeping him out of the team.
Nobody has put their stamp on that midfield, nobody takes control or takes responsibility to run the show.
The debate about Mcrorie, for me anchor man all day long far more effective there.
I am pretty sure he was sent off against them last season at Ibrox as a CB, then again I think he was sent off against St mirren from midfield this season.
All season long teams have been winning the midfield battle against us because we don't have an enforcer.
Ryan Jack decent player, not an enforcer, Arfield sometimes shows up for games, creative not an enforcer, Kamara early days, tidy player again not an enforcer.
Nobody grabs the bull by the horns and drives the team on.
I think Mcrorie gets about, snaps into tackles, he is strong and resilient, he is mobile and young, so in my opinion I think he should be getting games instead of 1 of these other players.
Notice how I haven't even mentioned Davis, well that's as much as I can say about Davis.
Gerrard doesn't do himself or the players any favours though, all season long, questionable line ups, questionable subs and tactics.
He has messed about far too often for my liking. I don't know about everyone else but a steady partnership at the back and in midfield works better when your not chopping and changing things all the time.
Also about 6 million roughly spent between Grezda, Barisic and Katic, these guys are not doing it.
I will give Katic the benefit of the doubt as I do think there is a really good player there but he wasn't trusted after the great start he had and let's face it weather he has had a couple of bad games or not, Worral has been shocking more often than not.
Rant over.

19 Mar 2019 23:20:14
Never seen the incident True blue so can’t comment, I will only comment on things I know a bit about, but he’s well named broad- foot.

20 Mar 2019 15:28:40
Broadfoot must have learnt his ‘trade’ somewhere before Killie.

19 Mar 2019 08:23:44
Katic, barasic, grezda will all be a lot stronger next season as they know what it is to play for the club and will have settled. Middleton, mcrorrie and a few youths to come in with a few new signings we will be fine, oh and I think doc is the missing link in our midfield. Box to box, strong and will run all day but has come on to a game as well. Stevie g needs another season to really make a difference and I think we will see a better rangers next season. keep the faith.

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19 Mar 2019 06:10:42
Don't know how some people on here constantly refer to mcrorie as a center back. Gerrard has been on the record saying previous regime nearly ruined him by playing him there! He is a defensive midfielder all day long, this is his best position. I do think he can fill in at right back if required. Maybe when we play against teams who park the bus SG thinks the other midfielders have more creative abilities? Who knows but I think its time for young Ross to be playing again, I'd rather have him in my team especially when we need to battle it out. future captain apparently so let's develop him Stevie g.

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19 Mar 2019 07:46:20
Agree. Ross is a cdm all day long and a good man to have beside you in the trenches. His game is improving all the time, he has drive and energy and loves a tackle. What's not to like?

19 Mar 2019 08:01:11
He's not a centre half but he is a right back? what are you smoking?

19 Mar 2019 08:26:19
Ivlark, I assume u don't know mccrorie career, he has played plenty at right back for reserves and Scotland age group.

19 Mar 2019 08:33:27
Not taking sides but he's played right back at youth and reserve levels. He has pace, can run with the ball and can tackle. Improve his delivery and that's all the ingredients for a great right back.

19 Mar 2019 13:29:12
Jboy I assume you don't know Mccrories career, he has played centre half for reserves, first and scotland age group.

he has more of the required attributes to be a centre half than he does a modern day right back.

His best position is CDM but if we needed a CH and a RB he would be put at CH before RB.

19 Mar 2019 15:47:50
All about opinions.

19 Mar 2019 17:34:37
so you try to ridicule me for my input but when I turn it on you its about opinions


19 Mar 2019 18:43:19
Ivlark never turned on you, u were incorrect.

19 Mar 2019 22:07:06
what was I incorrect about?

18 Mar 2019 20:11:24
Maurice edu's retirement video on Instagram top class.

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19 Mar 2019 07:47:01
Great guy, and left the club in the correct manner. Class!

18 Mar 2019 19:04:20
Oh my, I have taken my time before posting anything over the past few days, as all I have read is Gerard is no good, and Morelos is petulant.

We really ALL need a reality check - Gerard IS the man for the job, and Morelos IS petulant when PROVOKED!

SG signed a three year deal and IMHO is doing a good job, having to come in and build a completely new team.

Rangers like every other team in our league go out each week and ply their trade hoping that every game is a win, but it is not a given, it must be earned. We are in second place, 8 points above Aberdeen.

It is unfortunate that teams, like Aberdeen, Hibs, Celtic and now Kilmarnock, play against us as though their very lives depend upon it, but that is life and we must use that as our motivation.

Morelos is a marvellous player and sadly we may never see the best of him until he goes down south, and is played in a partnership up front. Other managers now use his petulance against him and target him, they will never admit to this but we ALL know that this is the truth. It is up to him how he deals with this and the referees job to protect him.

It is now obvious to everyone that we need a strong, solid, robust CB - Gough would do very well, so he would, but he is long gone, and Katic says he is being mentored by him, but now is the time to bring back young McCrorie, our future captain, IMHO, and let him build his future and ours together with him being the motivator and focal point at the back.

The money we get from Morelos in the summer should be used to bring in a top class striker.

Finally, I do not see OUR Rangers future as being dismal and bleak but see it as a challenge, a challenge that WE ALL should embrace and look forward to not with trepidation but with desire and pride - The BBC, the media, and most premiership teams want us to fail, but we ALL know that we will NEVER SURRENDER!

God Bless.

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18 Mar 2019 19:23:04
Good post true blue! For the record mate, steven gerrard signed a 4 year deal, as rangers manager, back in may last year.

18 Mar 2019 19:25:57
Mcrorie is NEVER a centre hslf mate, change the record. He's a holding midfielder sll day long.

18 Mar 2019 20:18:03
At best he may be able to play in a back 3, but not as a pair.

18 Mar 2019 20:20:01
Stevie g needs to up his game 👍.

18 Mar 2019 20:25:09
Frustrated - All about opinions

You stay frustrated and I will stay positive.

18 Mar 2019 21:37:16
You do Coldo much much more than Stevie does.

18 Mar 2019 22:04:21
Not really sure how to respond to that molsgoals 😂👍.

18 Mar 2019 22:15:34
I agree with the need for a strong dominant CB but mccrorie isn't the answer. Katic is young and still learning but given time and patience could be a strong CB. Possible part of a back 3. Him goldson and strong dominant CB in between them. Like gough or butcher type. Would have mccrorie, kamara and jack as a central midfield 3 just leaves wingers and strike options.

18 Mar 2019 22:30:04
Coldo, you sure you are not from the dark side and are one of the unwashed. You sure sound like. Get a grip and get behind your team and the manager.

19 Mar 2019 00:09:09
Typical response doiger👍.

19 Mar 2019 00:33:35
When you've even got gerrard just in the door saying his career could have been ruined by playing him at cb true blue, that will do for me.

19 Mar 2019 15:54:01
And they say paranoia is a Celtic disease.

19 Mar 2019 16:00:18
What are all the thumbs about Coldo.
Every post has a thumb in it are you really Leigh Griffiths. 👍👍👍👍👍👍.

19 Mar 2019 18:29:08
If Coop can have his commas, I can have my 👍😉👍.

19 Mar 2019 22:38:45
Coldo, you are most definitely obsessed with me pal! If you or anyone else on here thinks different, you just need to check how many times you actually mention me on here. You're infatuated mate, no getting away from it.

20 Mar 2019 00:15:52
It was actually just a bit of fun coop. To be fair a lot of people mention you👍.

18 Mar 2019 18:51:45
Just a quick question for all you bears on here.
What positions do you think we need to strengthen next window?
My personal opinion is 4 players.
1x attack minded/ creative midfielder.
1x center back.
1x right winner.
1x striker.

I would also consider a right back if we could offload Tav.

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18 Mar 2019 19:50:49
A right back a left back a decent cement half yes a creative midfielder and probably a striket.

18 Mar 2019 22:17:47
we need 1 right winger, 2 attacking midfielders 2 strikers 1 Centre back attacking is our problem so that's where we need to strengthen
this is on assumption we cut defeo loan deal short and davis doesn't sign.

19 Mar 2019 08:32:25
Attaching isn't our only problem. We've kept as many clean sheets this season as Livingston and Hearts. That isn't good enough to win a title. We need another centre half and two full backs who can defend when needed. Barisic might still come good with a pre-season behind him, you rarely get bad Croatian internationals, but Tav is a lost cause. Good going forward (when he's on it, sometimes his passing, crossing and decision making is awful, him and Candieas are either brilliant or the Chuckle Brothers on the right) but he will never, ever learn defensively.

19 Mar 2019 08:47:00
I think jake cooper may be the left sided CH.

18 Mar 2019 18:18:30
Was reading today that nikola katic is being mentored by our legendary 9 in a row centre half, big richard (the Lionheart) gough. If katic can become a quarter of the defender big goughie was, that will do for me. I just wonder with the over inflated transfer fees of the present, what big gough's transfer fee would be today? Fellow bears what do you reckon gough's value would be in the transfer market of today? What a centre half he was! IMHO he was the greatest rangers centre half, i've seen, in my 40 odd years of going to watch rangers. He just shades our greatest centre half, over big terry butcher, for me guys. I remember the famous juventus manager marcello lippi saying after we played juventus, that he would love to have gough at juve. They actually were interested in him and spoke to rangers, but gough didn't want to go to italian football, at the time.

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18 Mar 2019 18:34:40
Coop, i remember Juventus mentioning an interest in Gough. I think it was his allegedly dark interests at the time that stopped that move.

18 Mar 2019 18:46:24
Aw well, we can right off katic👍.

18 Mar 2019 19:26:58

18 Mar 2019 22:18:08
I personally liked butcher better. Both would probably be rated same as john terry in his prime.

19 Mar 2019 06:11:06
All about opinions bellshilllad83.
Both richard gough and terry butcher were fantastic centre halfs and there's not much between them, but for me goughie just shades it.

18 Mar 2019 16:14:02
I expect and hope Stevie will be here next season but hope he does not continue develop the Lenny syndrome, blaming everything for bad results on, pitches, officials, the weather, brexit etc.

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18 Mar 2019 18:15:45
If lenny gets the celtic job which I hope he does because I actually think it make SGS job a bit easyer what do yous think people.

18 Mar 2019 19:12:13
DSGERFAN, Lenny is very passionate and was pretty successful at Celtic so for that reason he's a threat. Not sure why that would make Gerrards job easier.

19 Mar 2019 08:27:15
DSGERFAN. How can you say it would make SGs job easier If the RAT gets the Celtic job at Porkheid ? As the Stuck has stated he is very passionate And from what I read in the news he gets his players to play to the final whistle Something that is missing at IBROX at this moment in time.

18 Mar 2019 14:30:42
Guys, I wasn't having a go at Alfie in my post about a potential ban, I was saying that his is the incident that the photograph depicts, not Broadfoot. I agree that their will probably be nothing in it, but, he takes the shine off his other work by his petulance, don't forget though it's anything up here to shaft us.

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18 Mar 2019 15:07:36
Morelos is a target man now. I've watched plenty of games when I've seen a rash tackle then no card, then i think if that was Morelos he would be carded. I realise he doesn't help himself though.

18 Mar 2019 16:12:58
If any action is to be taken it will be against Broadfoot, a player we had for a while as well.

18 Mar 2019 16:52:30
No action should or will be taken. On subject of Morelos hearing he blames and holds referees responsible for his extremely poor disciplinary record. What a pity he can’t accept responsibility for his own actions.

18 Mar 2019 17:46:31
If anyone stood on my achiles they'd have a sore face, I'm sure most of you would do the same, being a pro-footballer we'd all act differently but pushing the idiot away is imo a minimal reaction.

19 Mar 2019 00:36:05
He has to rise above it. The reason folk end him up is because he's certain to react.

19 Mar 2019 08:14:52
For broadfoot to be a ex gers man, he certainly tries his best to hide it.

Last year he got Jack sent off standing on his toes.

Not his first incident either.

18 Mar 2019 13:45:29
If I’m honest, I expected more from Rangers this season, maybe my expectations were too high but I did expect better after all the hype of Stevie G. taking over, maybe he needed this season to bed in and next season will be better? Hope so.

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18 Mar 2019 15:12:35
Ulsterman, how long did Warburton or Pedro get to bed in? Just because he's Steven Gerrard he shouldn't be getting the VIP treatment. let's go with the facts, money spent etc. i'm not for 1 minute saying get rid of Gerrard, what i'm saying is he needs to step it up .

18 Mar 2019 16:13:07
Same here Ulster.

18 Mar 2019 16:15:41
He can't step up Stuck, he is not a qualified manager, we are his training ground and it shows with his tactics .

Lets hope he has learned for next season.

18 Mar 2019 16:31:21
SirWalter1,thats a huge statement, he can't step up. Would you get rid of him then? For me, absolutely not, yes he is a rookie but will improve. His name alone should bring a better calibre of player to Ibrox . let's hope he gets the financial backing.

18 Mar 2019 16:52:39
I didn’t expect Stevie G to win the Title I just thought the season would be over in mid March. Maybe I’m the only one but going to Ibrox now is torture and it’s a real chore for me as the football is rank plus boring? I continue to go like the rest of you as we are real fans but he last 4 weeks have been really bad and the buck stops with the Manager and although he deserves a few seasons I reckon he may get itchy feet and move on? 🇬🇧.

18 Mar 2019 16:54:17
SG is the best thing that has happened to us in the last decade. Get a grip guys.

18 Mar 2019 17:54:30
Bankie totally agree mate. As I keep saying we could get rid of 15 players and bring in 7 and our squad would not be weaker. Next year I expect more.

18 Mar 2019 19:30:41
Agree with u yately the quality of football is horrific at times.

18 Mar 2019 20:18:35
Stuck, I did say he can not step up meaning this season cause he has not learned from his mistakes which have been undeniable.

Also say he needs to larn for next sesson never want rid of him .


19 Mar 2019 08:22:47
Bluebilly, what have been his main mistakes, other than trusting the squad he's assembled?

20 Mar 2019 15:21:53
Hi Mols, We all make mistakes (even me) but as you say, he does not stick to a winning formula (not many of those tho) and leaving substitutions too late to make any difference . He does not appear to have any visable motivation to the team during play, standing with his hands in his pockets looking on despairingly instead of encouragement. He is not alone on that one tho, our fans are pretty silent at some of the the games, except for the booing sometimes.

I still believe and trust he will learn for next season and we WILL get there.

20 Mar 2019 15:27:50
Mols, surely you don't want a list of plenty of them.


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