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03 Jun 2020 12:47:41
Very saddened to hear this morning, of the sudden passing of our former italian midfielder rino gattuso's younger sister Francesca, at the age of only 37😞💔. My sincere condolences to rino and all the gattuso family and all friends, my heart 💓 goes out to you all, god bless! 🙏🙏.

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03 Jun 2020 13:17:49
I'll second that. Horrible news.

03 Jun 2020 13:31:46
Terribly sad.

03 Jun 2020 15:24:53
Terrible news. Thoughts with Gattuso and his family. 👍.

03 Jun 2020 21:26:22
Terribly sad, a young lady, in her pomp, taken from her family at such a young age,

03 Jun 2020 21:43:58
What happened to her.

03 Jun 2020 23:16:53
Ver sad news of someone so young, God Bless.

03 Jun 2020 06:05:34
Without using google can you name any rangers player past or present that has every vowel in his name?

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03 Jun 2020 08:24:21
Kerimoglu Tugay.

03 Jun 2020 09:14:12
Aye Iggle,

someone called AEIOU mate.

03 Jun 2020 09:45:51
Today Kerimoglu I think?

03 Jun 2020 09:46:18
Tugay Kerimoglu that should have read.

03 Jun 2020 09:47:24
Iain Ferguson?

03 Jun 2020 10:13:21
that greek fullback we had in 3rd division, anestis agriou ( or something like that )

03 Jun 2020 11:38:52
Reyna and Diouf.

03 Jun 2020 10:36:06
Was going to say the Greek boy too, he had most of the alphabet!

03 Jun 2020 11:48:52
Paul Gascoigne.

03 Jun 2020 13:11:18
Duncan Fergusonni?

03 Jun 2020 13:29:57
O Andrei Kanchelskis.

03 Jun 2020 13:07:17
Ha ha, Leon has an advantage. With his in depth studies of Rangers and our history he will rattle of dozens of players in jig time.

03 Jun 2020 15:32:04
Gennaro Ivan Gattuso.

03 Jun 2020 16:19:28
Aeiou brown, he had very big vowels.

02 Jun 2020 23:40:53
As the lad Taylor has been slaughtered by the mass of football coaches, scout, managers and all round professional football people, I would ask this, if Taylor is out of contract with Charlton, and has agreed a massive move to Rangers, what would you say if he broke his legs playing for Charlton whei he didn't have to? Some people seem to think he's just said fu, I've got a new club and I'm not playing, , and it's my understanding that he is highly regarded in football circles.

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03 Jun 2020 03:54:46
He is under contract with games available to play whilst his contract is still valid, I am not saying he’s wrong or slating him but it’s a fact he is under contract while Charlton have at least two games when season starts up again and contract ending. if contracted you would expect a player normally to be available until it ends, they are also in a relegation fight.

03 Jun 2020 07:43:34
Forgive me who is this taylor we are talking about?
Never heard of him.

03 Jun 2020 08:00:02
Have you never watched the english championship highlights tilladie?
If you did watch it, you must have seen lyle taylor scoring for charlton!

03 Jun 2020 09:36:56
I agree Coully, that if he is still under contract he must play and give his all then he can leave with his head held high but I assume he feels he cannot give his all and is letting his manager know this. From a purely selfish point of view if he is to sign for Rangers I want him to arrive fit and ready to go.

03 Jun 2020 10:27:02
I know stats never paint the full picture regarding any player, but lyle taylor's stats are very impressive indeed fellow bears. It reads 36 goals in 67 games with 14 assists! 👍To summarise it lyle taylor has been directly involved in 50 of the goals, out of the 67 games he's played for charlton athletic.
That is terrific stats guys, no matter which way you look at it! 👌.

03 Jun 2020 10:43:14
To be honest I have never heard of him or saw him play, I can't help think of players like waghorn garner etc when the championship is mentioned, gives me the fear👍.

03 Jun 2020 10:44:43
His recent stats are not badsgl but have you checked his career stats?

03 Jun 2020 11:31:08
regularly done and would not believe bowyer anyway. seems quite a few want away.

03 Jun 2020 10:41:35
If we were paying a couple of million for him Charlton might not want to play him, the risk is the same.
We are not exactly on the top of Lee Boyers Xmas card list anyway.

03 Jun 2020 16:21:41
Bowyer has stated without Taylor they wouldn’t be in the championship, I am slightly concerned that the other mob may be his big move, or a prem team.

03 Jun 2020 21:46:04
Coldo imo Taylor a better footballer than wag horn.

02 Jun 2020 22:11:15
It will be very interesting just to see just how many clubs survive this cv, looking from my opinion the likes of Kelty, Brora, Bonnyrigg are more likely to survive than the like of Brechin.

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02 Jun 2020 23:32:45
Let's hope it's Dundee and hearts don't, hearts played 2 games last season, both against Rangers.

02 Jun 2020 19:05:00
Can anybody explain the reconstruction with hot head red card Lewis Ferguson? Is it sentimental ? He would not be an asset to RFC.

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02 Jun 2020 19:30:50
Sorry should say " facination "

02 Jun 2020 20:21:16
He’s one of the biggest assets at the 3rd best team in country. People said similar things about John Mcginn when he was at Hibs and we all know how that turned out.

02 Jun 2020 20:21:52
He’s a ok player in a poor team some folk think because he’s a rangers man he will be a good signing. But if that’s the Calibre of player people think will take us forward then your deluded.

02 Jun 2020 20:27:07
Totally agree. 👍.

02 Jun 2020 21:10:25
Some folk on here said the same about Ryan jack before he joined us🤔.

02 Jun 2020 21:21:51
Hes 2 footed, can tackle, can score from a set piece, good engine and on the ball strength and a born Ger. Whether he is good enough to step up to the required level at Rangers game in game out, we will never know unless we sign him. I would not be to down hearted if we signed him but not as a 1st 11 pick, if he was going to cost say 2 million I would rather put that towards a tried and tested player at our level. Rather see some real height and strength in the middle and LM. Think we need 2 solid midfielders for left and center. Kamara might go and when he's poor he's really poor, Davis is past his best, Aribo is not a ball winner and to much of a defensive risk at LM.

02 Jun 2020 21:28:05
Hes better than Docherty and be a great successor to the soon departing Davis.

02 Jun 2020 22:01:40
It’s not fascination it’s opinions people have imo he’d do well with us knows the requirements to be a rangers player from both Barry and Derek
He’s no more of a hot head in fact significantly less so than Morelos nearly a third of total games he missed last season with his antics
I think he’d add steel we just don’t have in midfield
But each to their own opinion.

02 Jun 2020 22:39:40
motherwell are the 3rd best team in Scottish football are they Not?

02 Jun 2020 23:41:39
Probably the people who want to sign him could explain to you mate.

03 Jun 2020 00:27:45
Folk debated if john mcginn was good enough look at him now. I think ferguson would be a shrewd signing.

03 Jun 2020 07:35:07
Well yogi, going by your logic Celtic must be the best team in the league. I made my statement taking into account the last time the league actually finished.

03 Jun 2020 08:05:04
SonOfStruth1872,I honestly don't think lewis ferguson is better than greg docherty. I'm not saying ferguson isn't a decent midfielder,
but i rate docherty better than him.
I personally would like to see docherty getting a chance and not sign ferguson at all, in the short-term anyway.

03 Jun 2020 10:46:40
I like docherty but I don't think he will ever be good enough, we have better players in midfield just now and we need better than what we have so I can't see where docherty fits in. 👍.

03 Jun 2020 11:00:21
After reading all your replies, I tend to agree with SGL. Docherty IMO is a better player than Ferguson. I don't agree with some, that just because his father and uncle played for Rangers then that makes it ok. What I've seen of Lewis Ferguson doesn't merit players for Rangers. We need to aim higher than that to succeed next season, unless Rangers are content with being runners up.

03 Jun 2020 11:32:53
can also head the ball. Kamara too afraid to shoot.

03 Jun 2020 11:52:22
There isn't any of our midfielders that I would drop to put Lewis Ferguson in team. I agree with Coops young doc better player in my opinion.

03 Jun 2020 13:16:37
I'd drop kamara (his form has been very poor)

03 Jun 2020 13:42:21
Mr grumpy, kamara has been off the boil lately, but i can see him being moved on, let's see what the buying club pays for him, just too see if the buyer thinks he has been poor, mate.

03 Jun 2020 14:35:30
If we could get the kamara that had the c*ltic midfield blowing out of their arses back, I'd like him to stay. Not sure what happened to him last season.

03 Jun 2020 15:29:35
I blame Gerrard for the drop in players form. He constantly tinkers/ rotates for no reason. Is it any wonder that player's confidence are shattered. Kamara was great when he finished the previous season and then he finds himself dropped for aribo who should be nowhere near this team. 👍.

03 Jun 2020 16:26:48
Stuck “ I don’t agree with some, just because his father and uncle played for rangers that’s ok “
Where did you see anyone say that? Ridiculous to even suggest anyone in their right mind would say that, it’s players we need not relations.

03 Jun 2020 16:29:45
Couldn’t disagree overly, I was dumbfounded by some decisions and team selection.

03 Jun 2020 16:35:33
Aribo will be a mainstay of our midfield this season coldo. Aribo suffered the same as a few players last season, playing out of position.
It's my big gripe with SG. Playing players out of position.

03 Jun 2020 17:25:28
Gerrard is guilty of that aswell mrgrumpy, aribo for me is far too slow in the centre of the park at moving the ball however new season clean slate, we'll see I suppose. 👍.

02 Jun 2020 18:35:42
Hearing a lot of names being touted on here which is something I don't do because SG boss and he succeeds or fails on his decisions. let's wait and see but 20m spend pie in sky. Of all names mentioned none from youth system. Is it void?

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02 Jun 2020 19:04:21
Miller I have mentioned Robbie mccrorie, Kelly, Kennedy.

02 Jun 2020 19:25:10
Our youth system was neglected for many years so it is not too surprising that there are not many at the right age coming through. That said, there are a number of excellent looking young prospects albeit that they are unlikely to be ready for challenging for the league next season. Given some of the poor signings, not all on free transfers, that we have seen over the past three or four seasons it is not too surprising that we have struggled to field a quality side especially in the second half of the season when a quality squad is fundamental. Encouragingly, there are a lot of good quality players available in England and across Europe that are at end of contract and we have to assume that our new Director of Football will already have identified a significant number that would make a difference and are of the correct calibre, (i. e., have a winning mentality and are better leaders than we currently have) . All our quality Rangers teams, historically, were stacked full of players that were winners and would give 100% for the jersey. That is what we need to get back to!

02 Jun 2020 19:30:45
He certainly failed in his decisions since his appointment Millerb.

And please no comments about look where he got us in europe etc, he got us nothing no trophys no nothing.

He has one more chance next season, and that's from me a Stevie fan club member.

02 Jun 2020 20:23:41
Our youth system is just starting to bring through some talent who will be ready in the next year or 2. Unfortunately our youth system was neglected for years.

02 Jun 2020 23:45:13
I believe our system has never been better organized so let's hope some come to fruition and hope they stay for a few years at least.

03 Jun 2020 09:38:45
How many youths making it per year would be a success?

03 Jun 2020 13:29:59
Depends what you mean by 'making it' DEEB. If you mean lads who will come into the team and play for us for years, command a large transfer fee and become international players, like a Hutton, then one every two or three years would be a success. If you mean a Barry Ferguson then one every six or seven years would be terrific. If you mean a boy who would go on to play at some level somewhere else then you could have three or four in a year. Finding raw talent isn't incredibly difficult, moulding it and fine tuning it to our level is. It takes years and so far this current coaching regime has had just two years, so it wouldn't be disheartening to wait another year or two to see the fruits of their work.

03 Jun 2020 13:49:27
Berkshireblue, this c.v. has been a headache and then some, but it must be ross wilsons dream, so many players out of contract, looking for new clubs, a d.o.f., could do well, mate,

03 Jun 2020 15:14:52
That is a good post Covenanter.

02 Jun 2020 16:14:51
Taylor and Morelos up front (Kamberi
as sub) hagi, Jack, Ferguson, Arfield, midfield, barasic, helander, Skrtel, Clyde defenders and Hladky in goal. I like the look of that!

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02 Jun 2020 16:37:05
I think that team is weaker than the team we have just now muppet. 👍.

02 Jun 2020 16:49:03
Kamberi returning to Hibs, probably be sold, but doesn't look like we're interested.

02 Jun 2020 16:49:13
You'd be better off with defenders from Clyde! 😂
And Ferguson? I don't get the big deal about him?

02 Jun 2020 17:26:59
Announce Lyndon Dykes forget Kamberi

Ferguson would add a bit of steel but not much else, so forget him as well.

02 Jun 2020 17:36:25
Irvger, i quite like kamberi but being honest i don't think we're interested in signing him permanently and the big hint on this was we didn't request any option to buy, when we brought him in on loan in january. To be fair i honestly think that some of the strikers names we're being linked to, are better options than kamberi, i feel!
I'll say this also and i know this very talented striker has went off the rails with both at west brom and stoke, but if he can get the right club that can get the best out of him, he'd be a terrific signing. The striker i'm talking about is saido berahino, who when doing superbly with west brom was subject to a spurs bid and was valued at £15million. If gerrard could get his head right, berahino would destroy scottish defenders up here. He's now performing well again, in belgium.

02 Jun 2020 18:03:33
Regarding lawrence shankland fellow bears, it may well be that gerrard chooses to wait and continue to monitor shankland's performances with scumdee utd, at the higher level in the scottish premiership, this coming season. He might wait to see if shankland continues his incredible goalscoring record in the big league, before deciding to possibly make a move. On the other side of that of course will lie the danger of another club's interest now, which may have to force a decision now from rangers!

02 Jun 2020 18:04:17
Kamberis not signing for us. He's off back to Hibs, then I think Poland. Taylor is a big maybe. Ex team mate Aribos talking us up. I think an English championship striker will be better than any we've got up here. Shankland, dykes included. We'll be signing some unknown names. Who had heard of Morelos before caixinha brought him in. He started on 2k a week.

02 Jun 2020 18:05:42
Taylor’s manager quoted as saying “ if it wasn’t for Lyle we wouldn’t still be in this division”. Strong words indeed so don’t see why that would weaken existing team, not to mention playing two up front which we really need to do. How anyone could fail to rate Skrtel a world class player I don’t know. Sure he is getting on in age but would still be immense at the back for coming season. Ferguson adds grit, energy and determination in midfield, and for me Tav is a weak link.

02 Jun 2020 19:11:27
Muppet, Ferguson would be another passenger, an average player, is that our limit to win the league. We need far better quality, we need to raise the bar.

02 Jun 2020 19:12:49
Skrtel world class? Aye 5-6 years ago. I genuinely don't think he would be an improvement on what we have.
I can see Tyler coming in.

02 Jun 2020 19:31:20
I am not convinced with that midfield, it still lacks a midfield enforcer and no wide players. I would like to think that we will sign a bit of steel for the prime midfield role and a quality right winger, (rather than rely on central midfield players playing wide) . I would hope that Kent starts to show the quality he has and similarly Aribo and I remain to be convinced by Ferguson!

02 Jun 2020 23:51:47
Rossco, thank God we got someone who knows everything about Morelos first wage and kamberi is away to Poland, oh and Taylor is a big " maybe" breathtaking.

03 Jun 2020 00:43:03
It's a banter and rumours page. Not a try and be wise and take the p"ss page. If you have nothing better to do except criticise or try to laugh at fellow supporters. P*ss off and join the Celtic page. Breathtaking is you wasting our time reading your crap. What do you actually know about any of us. Maybe we're closer than you think. Away and play football manager.

03 Jun 2020 13:51:35
The muppet, youde best keep away from the clyde, with that team, mate, lol.


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