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17 Sep 2018 21:31:44
Hi folks,

Do we know if Jack or Ejaria are fit For Thursday?

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18 Sep 2018 06:07:33
Ryan jack is definitely out injured for thursday, nothing concrete yet,
on ejaria!

18 Sep 2018 12:42:40
Won`t be surprised if Joe Worral featurs on Thursday.

17 Sep 2018 18:12:27
Anybody seen George Peat's comments about 2008 season ending fixtures and the call from a prominent club telling him not to help Rangers! Wonder who that could have been.

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17 Sep 2018 18:45:52
Should be outed whoever it was not a surprise though.

17 Sep 2018 18:48:33
Peat should grow a set and name the individual.

17 Sep 2018 20:56:28
The chairman should be mentioned however you don’t need to be Columbo to know who it was. Only 1 team would benefit from such a request. If as we all think it was a certain chairman then his current position in the game is untenable.

17 Sep 2018 21:07:02
Wouldn't that be illegal for a member club to try influence the governing bodies decision? Shouldn't it be investigated in the name of sporting integrity;)

17 Sep 2018 21:39:18
I think their rhat of a chairman was Reid at that time. Nothing surprises me about it or its horrible no mhark of a club. A nasty piece of work who should be named and shamed in the name of sporting integrity. Lolol 😂😂😂😂.

17 Sep 2018 22:40:59
The Seeker

Think it was Reid however I’m sure a certain other prominent figure at the club would be fully aware of the call. After all lawwell did also come out and say about a tour of the Far East that his mob had arranged at the end of that season as a reason for not extending the league. Still not been on it though.

17 Sep 2018 22:57:46
As far as I’ve been told boys it was Thompson from Dundee Utd.

18 Sep 2018 00:12:04
Hi guys, from what I’ve been told by guys close to the SFA (not employees) is that it was Thompson of Dundee Utd that made the call.
Apparently Dundee Utd amongst other knew Rangers financial position was grim and by ensuring we lost out on prize money from the League, the Champions League (the champions went straight in to the CL group stages for the following season) and UEFA Cup would only add to our problems.
If memory serves my right we were financially firefighting back in 2008 so there could be some truth in what I was told.

18 Sep 2018 06:12:15
I'd bet my last dollar, that it was that apology and joke of an owner and chairman, of scumdee utd, stephen thompson! Him and his small minded joke of a football club, have got their comupence now! Karma to that reprobate! Don't make any apologies for saying that i hope his club scumdee utd, rot down in the bowels of scottish football forever!

18 Sep 2018 09:05:06
SuperCoop I couldn’t agree more, The whole family are rotten to the core!
I want to see all clubs survive as it’s bad for our game if they don’t. Dundee Utd however are a different matte!

18 Sep 2018 10:30:58
Aye that does make sense guys. Can't find the words to express just how much I hate baldy and his (ex) horrible no mark club. I so wish they would go right down the pan.

18 Sep 2018 12:14:18
To all who think it’s thompo please explain what is prominent about him or his team.

18 Sep 2018 21:18:56
I agree it was Thompson as he thought if Rangers disappeared his joke of a club would be 2nd and get in the champions league.

17 Sep 2018 14:36:28
Wasn't one A McCoist goal shy during first, 15 "months at Ibrox, playing with better teammates. Just a thought!
My problem with Morelos is indiscipline which with 2 main strikers we cannot afford.
Hopefully SG will sort it out, but I do have doubts. If not, punt him!

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17 Sep 2018 15:31:52
Noted on Saturday, once the legs start to go, that's when he gets involved in silly tackles pushes and mouthing off.
I was shouting at the telly for 10 minutes for SG To get him off before he was sent off AGAIN!
He must have heard me eventually lol!

17 Sep 2018 16:15:52
Total liability need rid of said same last year not prolific enough to put up with.

17 Sep 2018 22:47:30
FFS listen to yourselves - He has done well in the time he has been here, he has so much more to his game than just scoring - Coulibaly smashed the first on Saturday just before Morelos hit it - he was involved in the build up with Kents goal, brought down for a penalty and scored a cracker which was wrongly ruled off for offside.

Dundee player wiped him out on touch line and the petty fouls on him all day its no wonder he gets frustrated, Yes he needs to channel that and over time it will improve but he's young and it will come - Get off his back and support the lad - he will fire us to 55 in a few months time.

18 Sep 2018 00:05:46
That’s not what his Colombian team mates think.

17 Sep 2018 14:01:58
Morelos WAS onside for the disallowed goal, have a look were the linesman was, easily 2 yards behind play. wee man will score goals and is hard work but definitely our best striker.

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17 Sep 2018 15:13:56
Been reading on here for a while and I truly don't get the anti morelos brigade! I mean yes he's made mistakes and missed clear cut chances! But he's a hard working forward that chases every ball, holds play up and brings others into the game.

17 Sep 2018 15:35:37
JCRFC - Was a cracking goal, and would have set him up for more I think?
He is bit marmite, though, he missed a sitter in 2nd half and then forced a great save.
Consistency is the key and although I'm still half/ half, we should stick with him, at the very least cause he scares the sh1T out of centre halves.

17 Sep 2018 17:59:27
All great strikers miss sitters but score too. We will miss him on Thursday because of everything else he brings to the table. Agree he does need to keep his temper in check at times tho.

17 Sep 2018 18:01:18
Think need to accept young Morelas for what he is including his a trength, running and physicality. I personally think he is a great talent although he needs to grow up a bit. Great comment from SG that if he wants to retain his place in his national team he will need to score regularly and play well for us. Also think he will be hurting at missing the Virrareal game on Thursday as It was a big opportunity to create awareness in Spain of his potential. Hopefully this will work as a positive motivator for him and we will benefit moving forward.

17 Sep 2018 14:38:11
Right lads, wee post to get a discussion going about our chances of progressing in the Europa League and sustaining a title challenge.
Do we have a squad capable of being competitive on a Thursday, then doing the business at the weekend in the SPFL?
Personally I feel we are ok at the back and midfield.
I’d be more concerned about creating and taking chances up front.

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17 Sep 2018 15:37:50
IF we score the goals our play deseves, the rest takes care of itself.
Winning teams don't get tired too often!

17 Sep 2018 16:18:36
We need out of Europa league before we start getting embarrassed too early for this team concentrate with one competition for now.

17 Sep 2018 16:29:17
Glad with where we have got in Europe. To have a serious title challenge I think we must prioritise the league to Europe. However we won't do that obviously. I obv want to see us do good in both however I think the amount of games could take its toll on us.

17 Sep 2018 21:36:29
Interesting u say the defence and midfield will b ok In Europe UJ, well let's see because u ain't played at that level yet.
Our defense looks good till we get to CL then it gets found out that's the level, yet u base this on SPFL outings.
I would have thought after countless predictions by yourself u would have had the sense to wait and see.

18 Sep 2018 00:47:15
@rayman99 - up until the final qualifying round we hadn't conceded away from home against some tough opponents.
Yes the quality will be up a notch in the group stage but that was my point - have we enough quality up front to trouble these sides?
I'm glad you care though👍

P.S. Your defence has been a scare since Brenda arrived. Add into the mix his inability / reluctance to change his footballing philosophy then you are going to suffer heavy demoralizing defeats at that level. But then again it's all about the money for Celtic.

18 Sep 2018 08:35:15
i thought for once that Rayman was actually posting a sensible comment then goes and ruins it

you defense looks good until you get to CL? won't lie mate that one cracked me up.

18 Sep 2018 19:26:16
And my point was about your defense, which u chose to ignore.
U played nobody in qualifying rounds yet u rave about defensive displays in those games.
U had never heard of any of those teams before u played them except Maribor who had sold their best players and are a shadow of what they used to be.
But your not in least the least concerned about your defense in Europa league lol.
Its actually cringeworthy that your all on here CLAIMING history as 1st team to qualify from all 4 rounds.

WOW what an achievement eh!
We lost and still got in it we are gutted we are in it yet you are celebrating, tells u everything you need to know eh lol!

17 Sep 2018 12:42:08

6 games into the season, 2points behind celtic.

Played away to Aberdeen, Motherwell and Celtic.

We've qualified for the Europa League group stages after 8 yes EIGHT qualifying games.

Forget the worst start to a season in 26 years or whatever it is.

If you asked me before the season started that after 6 league games we would be in Europe and only 2 points behind celtic after the run of games wve had.

Your hand sir/ Madame would have been ripped right out the socket not just bitten off.

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17 Sep 2018 14:36:07
@DG1 - that’s too sensible a post for a Monday on here.
100% agree👍.

17 Sep 2018 14:23:50

Hit the nail on the head my man.

17 Sep 2018 15:55:03
Think you can only start to get a proper picture once everyone has played each other as to how we are doing in league. Fantastic however to get into Europa league group stages.

17 Sep 2018 16:00:08
Spot on, was always going to be a difficult start, but for couple late goals it would have been brilliant.
Time now to kick on, European nights are just a big bonus :-)

17 Sep 2018 16:12:11
I was actually going to post something along the same lines after sat. With the start we had delighted to be only 2 behind them. Couple of last min goals or we would be in front of them. Really need to beat hearts in a couple of weeks to reel them in a bit.

17 Sep 2018 16:40:42
After 5 league games and In the quarter final of the league cup!

17 Sep 2018 19:57:22
After the last couple of seasons, Gerrard is like a breath of fresh air at Ibrox. I must admit I never expected us to get through the euro qualifiers with a new team/ manager, but he seems to have instilled something in them. We are not the finished article but we are no longer a soft touch as of recent history. I said last season that if we consistently beat everyone else at home and away, then the old firm games take care of themselves, I think with his comments that is what Gerrard is aiming towards. We were dreadful at home last season and better away, if he can make Ibrox a fortress as he says he wants to, that will be half the battle, and consistency from that will make teams fear us.

17 Sep 2018 21:00:53
Looking ahead at fixtures, come 30th December I can see us top.

Premier League Preview Southampton v Brighton 17 September 2018

17 Sep 2018 10:04:55
{Ed's Note - Reid the Red has posted a new article entitled, Premier League Preview Southampton v Brighton 17 September 2018

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17 Sep 2018 09:24:42
Though he possesses great potential, Morelos clearly has trouble sticking the ball in the back of the net. For the chances he gets he should be scoring 30+ goals a season. I think if an offer of £10 million or more is made in January Rangers should take it. The team looks to have goals from all areas and it doesn't matter who scores the goals as long as they go in the net! My old chestnut about Hardie, well if he had been given the chances Morelos has had then I bet he'd score quite a few. Get him back from loan in January.

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17 Sep 2018 10:27:21
Hi first post! If morelos has trouble sticking the ball in the back of the net! As you claim then how did he finish What? Joint second highest scorer in the league last season?

17 Sep 2018 10:46:01
Was with you until Hardie, Rangers need a top claass Striker not a championship 6 stone boy.

17 Sep 2018 11:05:15
Seriously u want Hardie back from Livingston to replace our Columbian international? Morelos makes half his chance, finished a hard chance that was wrongly ruled offside, won us a penalty and his movement is word class. 10 for wagged 22.5 pus add on for demebele a capped morelos on a 4 years contract blows these figures out the water. People need to give the kid a break have Gerrard falco Bacca all praising the young man yet some of our fans still like to put him down.

17 Sep 2018 11:22:55
How is Hardie doing?

17 Sep 2018 11:43:35
Do you not think anyone interested in morelos would notice the same as you morelos isn't natural finisher
We will never get any more than 5 million thinks unfortunately but would take it.

17 Sep 2018 12:40:18
I think the way that Morelos plays allows our team to play a certain way/ style.

Especially when he is holding up play, he brings players into the game.

His goal ratio will improve, but having him in there pressing, chasing hassling, holding up play etc is invaluable and very hard to replace with a goal machine.

17 Sep 2018 12:43:07
Ryan hardie who can't get into the Livy team right now? haha. Morelos makes chances, gets in great positions and brings others into play. yes his finishing needs to improve but we are a much weaker side without him.

17 Sep 2018 14:10:16
Scored a perfectly legitimate goal on Saturday, which was a great finish and anticipated it well.

He's got 6 goals already this season and brings a lot more than just goals to our team. 24 goals in 50 appearances, majority of those appearances coming for that shocking side we had last season.

Basically a goal every second game, now a full Colombian I internationalist at 22 years old and you want him replaced by Ryan Hardie?


17 Sep 2018 14:34:55
Are you at the windup with this Hardie isn’t good enough see he’s banging them in right enough is he even getting a game.

17 Sep 2018 13:48:29
“Hardie can’t get in the livi team” bit hard to play when he’s out for months for a bad knee injury? 🤔just made his return at the weekend.

17 Sep 2018 14:14:06
Hardie has only just come back from injury this weekend. He will feature heavily in the livi team. sure people on here just make things up.

Morelos is one to keep if we can. The amount he does for the team is outstanding. only a matter of time until he starts banging them in too.

17 Sep 2018 14:44:12
Dunfermline only reason hardie not playing is injury. Back on Saturday
How is Morelos not a natural finisher, a goal every two games since he went to Finland then us.

17 Sep 2018 14:47:49
Gersman. If you've read my posts over the months I am winding up about Hardie, so keep mentioning his name. I do feel he was never given a chance though. My worry about Morelos is if he keeps missing sitters (he did it again on Saturday) then it will cost us dear in games where one goal could be the difference. It will be interesting to see how Hardie gets on playing for Livingston and how many goals he scores.

17 Sep 2018 16:31:54
Fair enough I wasn't aware he had been out injured. Still as boabt78 says why would we replace our Columbian international with a player who gets nowhere near our side and is playing at livy?

17 Sep 2018 17:16:31
Hardie will never be good enough. Pedro warbs and murty all looked over him and now gerrard jes not good enough same as all other youth we've had that folk thot were class. Beerman murdoch etc.

17 Sep 2018 18:22:55
If you are comparing Hardie with Morelos I’m sorry to say your absolutely clueless!

17 Sep 2018 21:06:40
Anyone else noticed 6counties posts are a tad strange?

Review Of The Day 17th September 2018

17 Sep 2018 07:29:09
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 17th September 2018

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16 Sep 2018 23:51:24
I don't care what anyone says, ok we have or should I say Stevie or actually should I say the whole rangers family have achieved objective number 1; improve the team on the park and make us harder to beat (stop being soft touches) and objective number 2 qualify for group stages in Short competition the next is we MUST win a trophy cup or preferably the league.

tbh, I don't think Celtic are any great shakes and anyone looking on from the outside would have to say that they are worried about us this season at the end of the day even during 9IAR Celtic beat us with a total world class team and usually against the run of play or something similar but we will beat them this season and as I hope win the league.

I don't think Aberdeen will be anywhere near us this season and though I hate saying it I reckon it'll be us and Celtic 1 and 2 hopefully us at number 1 and hearts and Hibs will be 3rd and 4th. then it'll be between Aberdeen and kilmarknock to see also who finishes in the top 6 and bottom 6 and have to say as I read on here many times think we dodged a bullet with McInnes choosing to stay where he was and I was one who wanted him at the time.

just shows how desperate some fans like myself were at the time. I watched McInnes play and score for rangers and really do believe he's a dyed in the wool bear and believe he wanted the rangers job but just knew it was going to be too big a job for him to cope.

I remember reading the interview with SG when he was youth coach at Liverpool and when he said when the invite came I had to get my players up to experience playing in a stadium like this with the history that the stadium and the club have and have to say I really thought he was a follower of the results of that other lot but I'm sure Fowler has had a wee word in his ear.

I remember thinking SG would be a good appointment but then thinking there's no chance he's only starting out on him coaching / managerial career and no one especially rangers would be wiling to take a chance but hey how and I've been proved right and also proved wrong. Onwards and upwards because we are the people. And a certain Bill Struggle prophesied these times and said they would make us stronger and it looks like that's what's happening.
Rant over lol.

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17 Sep 2018 03:47:18
cannot beat a Sunday sesh 👆🏻.

17 Sep 2018 11:28:52
Bill Struggle?

Anyhoo - -my only concern is that Motherwell have shown how brute strength can unsettle us - -Dundee game, again was very physical at times (although when I played football it was the norm to be allowed a tackle) . Hearts Hibs and Aberdeen are no shrinking violets and better teams than Motherwell - we need to beat them and beat them well in my opinion before we worry about Celtic, that will take care of itself at Ibrox.

17 Sep 2018 12:35:17
I've got a twenty quid bet the sheep won't be in the top 4 due to them losing all there goal threats from last year and not replacing. I hope they are not even top 6 . Our biggest threat is ourselves .


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