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14 Sep 2020 19:48:34
Have many of you heard of the boy Johnson, were you aware of him before the link? . I don't know if he is any good but playing for Preston doesn't automatically make you a great player. He is 27 years old, Preston paid 50k for him, to date Preston are the most notable club he as played for, is this really the great signing that so many of you are suggesting? . If so I think we are in trouble. I could be wrong but given his age I would have thought that if he was a superstar, most of us would have heard of him before now. I say even if it puts the club under, get decent players in and stop ten. I wasn't born in 66 or 67 but it's two years that I'm continuously reminded of, how bad is it going to be having actually lived through them getting 10.

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14 Sep 2020 20:35:52
Lots of players were later bloomers Ian Wright and Jamie Vardy are just two examples and neither of those two turned out to be half bad. I'll judge him if and when we see him in a Rangers shirt and to say you'd go under just to stop 9.75 is ridiculous.

14 Sep 2020 21:15:12
The days of us signing superstars is long gone I don’t know much about the boy myself but the championship is a decent level and seemingly he is one of they’re best players so let's wait and see if he signs he might just do well for us 🤷🏻‍♂️.

14 Sep 2020 22:31:58
bsmate what drugs are you on? You would prefer us to spend big and maybe go under to stop them winning 10. Unreal if we did stop them then we did go under they would eventually go on to win 10,11,12 and more in a row because there would be no one to challenge them. We are looking good and going in the right direction and we won't be far away come May I honestly believe this will be our year, stay aff the glue though.

14 Sep 2020 22:57:47
Ger88, the situation is pretty frustrating for all of us, I see Celtic bringing in young players from home and abroad, keeping them for a few seasons and then selling them on for big money, not to mention the sell on clauses they always manage to add in. We need to do more of that. This boy Johnson isn't the next wright or vardy, I think you probably know that as well as I do. Obviously I hope he can do a job for us but I just find it worrying how hyped up signings like this become. Everyone goes on about how Celtic are signing nobody's just now, well it's them who laugh when they sell them on for millions, and this has been the general way of things for years.

14 Sep 2020 23:08:12
he has not signed till he’s wearing the jersey.

15 Sep 2020 01:41:29
So what exactly is it you want us to do? Sign young nobodies and chance them turning a healthy profit.

15 Sep 2020 08:37:49
Celtic have also wasted a good few £Millions also on duds, I do agree though, we need to stop giving our younger players away too cheaply.

15 Sep 2020 09:40:51
yes but the tic don't sell their dumplings on the cheap, they don't give them away either like we seem to do.

15 Sep 2020 13:41:27
Tried to sign him on Fifa and he was going to cost me 8 million as a guide price.

15 Sep 2020 13:43:36
I just said the same trueblue, we need to see a return in cash on our transfers.

15 Sep 2020 16:41:41
Johnson doesn't fit the ideal signing strategy and I had to look at YouTube ( which I wouldn't normally do but wanted to see what he can bring) . He can play Centre Mid or Attacking Centre Mid and is left footed which is a bonus to bring a bit of balance. Looks like he like to take a shot from outside the box, something we need from our MF. £1.5 - 2m for a player who's contract is up in the summer is a bit steep for us but, 12 goals last year and 7 assists in the championship which I rate a much better league than ours is a decent return. So yip, I would take a chance on him, we should be able to recoup that fee in about 2 or 3 years no probs if he plays well enough.

15 Sep 2020 19:05:44
Yes we have let players go at substantially reduced transfer fees but think of the inflated wages these players have been collecting every week.
It’s like NIGHT AND DAY the value of our squad since the appointment of SG.

16 Sep 2020 12:35:27
and by the way Celtic do offload duds just like us. they have had plenty on the books that they told to find other clubs and made losses on them.

14 Sep 2020 19:26:03
The boy ludstrum certainly looks a player, nice and physical, playing down the right.

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15 Sep 2020 01:35:27
link up man not a rw on his own. was done for pace on first goal but would be a great asset through the middle.

15 Sep 2020 17:32:24
Sure his club has just activated the 12 month contract extension in his contract.

14 Sep 2020 19:21:57
Absolutely delighted to hear that our very own Brian Laudrup has been given the all clear from cancer. What a player, what a man!

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14 Sep 2020 19:40:11
4 stepovers and a nutmeg I'll bet, just like old times, go Brian big man.

14 Sep 2020 19:56:36
Yip great news.

14 Sep 2020 22:26:45
Absolutely delighted! The greatest player I've ever seen wearing the jersey.

14 Sep 2020 23:31:19
Same here Geronimo. Laudrup, then Gazza for me.

15 Sep 2020 03:06:48
fantastic news for a fantastic man.

15 Sep 2020 08:38:54
Terrific news for Brian, all the best to him for the future.

14 Sep 2020 19:19:52
Got to praise the the team when they played well.

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14 Sep 2020 23:32:10
Think I need to go and lie down! Only joking ds 👍🇬🇧.

15 Sep 2020 08:01:04
He's talking about Celtic, Seeker😜😆😆😆.

15 Sep 2020 09:02:35
SPUD am talking bout us no the manks.

14 Sep 2020 16:14:03
Was helping the wife with the shopping this afternoon and she picked up a we box and was reading it, I had a laugh out loud moment and she said what you laughing at, nowt I said you wouldn't understand.
The wee box she was reading was for stain removing and it was called Buzz Eraser, the wee rhat is everywhere.

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Formula 1: Tuscany Talking Points

14 Sep 2020 13:46:54
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Formula 1: Tuscany Talking Points

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14 Sep 2020 11:42:37
Morning Bears. What do you think Gerrard will do for Thursday's match in Gibraltar? As well as Aribo, Morelos, Jack, Balogun and Barker were all injured on Saturday. Should he ensure they are all fit for Sunday's match against Hibs? If so, who should step in on Thursday? I'd go for:
McLaughlin; Tavernier, Goldson, Helander, Barasic; Davis, Kamara, Arfield, Hagi; Kent, Roofe or Itten


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14 Sep 2020 12:06:37
There’s not much debate doiger as that’s about all we have fit.

14 Sep 2020 12:43:14
We have Bassey, Stewart, Edmundson, Patterson, Jones available.

14 Sep 2020 13:15:00
I'd play some of these guys bizzmybrox 👍.

14 Sep 2020 14:06:28
I was reading a statement from Tav that the injuries won’t derail Rangers quest for euro glory. I for one would love Rangers to win the ELC. But the Scottish league is the most important trophy this season. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇦🇺⚽️😎👍.

14 Sep 2020 14:21:19
It's very tough to win Europe league these days but if we get into the last 16 again it's a great run.

14 Sep 2020 15:19:50
Yes bizzmybrox, on reflection why not play Patterson, Edmondson and Bassey and rest Tav, Goldson and Barasic? Surely we can still win in Gibraltar with that team?

14 Sep 2020 16:02:05
Thoughts Doiger - that’s the team ring SG.
Good call but we need to see who is fit.

14 Sep 2020 16:03:50
If it was a 2 legged game I would be inclined to play Patterson, Edmunds on, etc but it's a one off. Strongest team available has to start.

14 Sep 2020 16:39:25
Get 2 goals in front, then get as many first choices off that pitch asap, if they can’t beat imps they should be kicked out the door.

14 Sep 2020 17:06:03
Good point about it being one tie only, so yes, strong 11 then hopefully make subs is doing well.

14 Sep 2020 17:30:31
I would give barasic a rest for this game and play Bassey.

14 Sep 2020 20:26:55
I just hope we start strong and get the goals early. No messing around with slow build up play. Need to get thru this/ these ties quickly and rest our better players for the league games.

14 Sep 2020 21:08:58
Don’t rest anyone it’s a must win game.


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