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Ask The Ed: The Joy Of Six

20 Aug 2019 12:05:44
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new podcast entitled, Ask The Ed: The Joy Of Six

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20 Aug 2019 09:23:13
Reports are we are in for Brophy.

Ok I get people’s points we should be aiming higher but what you have to remember is he will be our THIRD choice striker. A third choice striker who has experience in the SPL and who can score goals against SPL teams I would say is not to bad!

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20 Aug 2019 11:30:34
Still not interested, I sincerely hope this turns out to be a non starter.

Brophy is not what we need in my opinion.

20 Aug 2019 11:57:26
We just let Lafferty go, who is better than Brophy. We could have had Naismith on a free, who is better than Brophy. Would rather one of our young strikers got a chance.

20 Aug 2019 12:28:59
Awful mate, completely awful.

Our recruitment plan was to be simple, quality over quantity.

We’ve signed 2 players who could be really really good players, the rest are here to make up the numbers.

Our squad has better depth but the quality signings promised have not materialised.

Don’t worry though, we’ll get the same message next year around season ticket renewal.

20 Aug 2019 12:57:19
score against SPL teams? if i'm not mistaken he has sscored once since january. hte guys no where near good enough.

20 Aug 2019 13:21:14
Theswagman, kyle lafferty is better than nobody pal. His attitude stinks and is rid rotten. Brophy has a far better attitude, than lafferty will ever have. As far as i'm concerned, I as a supporter would much rather have a decent professional who has a good attitude within our squad than someone like kyle lafferty who is a total waste my friend.

20 Aug 2019 13:50:03
As usual Coop, making stuff up. How do you know anything about Brophy’s attitude? He’s a Celtic fan, how do you know he’ll burst a gut for us? You’ve absolutely no evidence to say he’s a great professional. He actually looks like he’s carrying a bit of weight to me so I would question that. And if you look at Lafferty’s performances for NI and at Hearts it’s just stupid to say Brophy is better. We just obviously couldn’t get a tune out of him the way those teams could.

20 Aug 2019 13:51:34
Sir_rock_katic, could you at least try to e a little more positive?
1) no ones actually saying we are signing Brophy, it’s purely a rumour. If he were to sign and you don’t think he’s good enough then you can call out Gerrard for signing him.
2) What exactly are you moaning about? We’ve started the season very well, it’s early days but we are looking very strong, much better than last season. The way you’re missing you’d think we hadn’t won a game.
3) we’ve improved the overall strength of the squad to no end. Let’s look at the players brought in over the ones that have left shall we? Edmundson and Helander over McAuley and Worrell? No competition there. Aribo over Coulibaly? Same. Ojo over Candieas, early days but so far contributing far more in terms of goals/ assists. Jones over Kent? Again early days but has started way better than Kent did. The rest? It’s true the likes of Barker, Stewart and Hastie will be squad players but they are adding to our overall strength in depth.
Add to all of this the fact that Davis and Defoe are looking much sharper with a full pre-season and we are looking really strong.
We don’t need to go out and sign two or three players at 5 plus million each, big money doesn’t always mean good players (just look at those across the city and some of our big money flops of the past) . Our current recruitment appears to be a lot smarter and cost affective with players brought in that compliment our team and style of play and offer much better value for money and I for one fully trust Allen, Gerrard and the rest of the scouting department.

20 Aug 2019 13:51:22
Katic - are you telling me that Aribo, Edmundson and Helander haven’t added quality? What were you expecting, Aguero?

20 Aug 2019 14:25:10
Theswagman, i know the family personally, if you read my other post on brophy you would know this. You've probably got a better attitude than that waste of space lafferty. He never stays at any club long as apart from hearts, every other club has stated attitude is his major downfall.

20 Aug 2019 17:28:05
If Brophy did sign and was carrying a bit of extra weight am sure Defoe could help him with improving his diet.

20 Aug 2019 18:24:29
Hahahaha well played mrgrumpy.

20 Aug 2019 18:33:07
So you’ll know they are massive Celtic fans?

20 Aug 2019 19:43:48
Of course i know the family support celtic. I grew up beside Eamonn's dad wullie and his mum lisa. Over the years we've had a good few boyhood celtic fans playing for our great club. I have never once said that i felt Eamonn was good enough for us because i honestly don't know. I think obviously there's better strikers to be going for, but the big problem we have is the striker, IF we do sign one, is going to be 3rd choice. We won't spend big money for a 3rd choice striker and rightly so.

21 Aug 2019 00:03:27
‘We’ve signed two player who could be very very good players’.

What part of that is difficult for you to understand? I’m not actually sure how else I could articulate this?

Aribo and Helander are the two I’m talking about, the rest of the signings are quantity and not the quality we were promised at season ticket renewal.

Perhaps Edmundston might go on to be a good player but for now he appears to be 4th choice so I can’t honestly say he’s a quality signing.

Hopefully this is clear enough for you Ger78 and Theswagman and while I pay my cash each season I’ll continue to be realistic about our recruitment.

20 Aug 2019 08:42:29
Guys how can I watch Legia match? Tried watching East Fife using VPN but was declined! Its madness to stop UK supporters paying to watch this game when its impossible to travel to Poland. Why do Rangers refuse good money that they badly need?

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20 Aug 2019 09:31:11
Get a decent android box and watch any channel you want. Handy for obsessed fans of other clubs too.

20 Aug 2019 09:42:40
Get iptv if you have a smart TV u will get all the channels bud.

20 Aug 2019 09:46:58
VIPBox always has links.

20 Aug 2019 10:21:04
Muppet, as far as I know Rangers TV sold the rights to Polish TV to show both matches live. This being the case Rangers TV will not be losing money.

20 Aug 2019 10:32:25
You will be able to watch the legia game you couldn't watch east Fife because BT had the rights to it. Rangers have the rights to the legia tie I believe so you won't need a vpn.

20 Aug 2019 11:00:49
You WILL need a vpn to watch it on RTV. Although I would suggest you pay for one, they are super cheap like £2.50 a month and can be cancelled at anytime. I get people saying go for IPTV but personally I prefer to give Rangers my money.

20 Aug 2019 11:02:56
IPTV is the way to go. 👍.

20 Aug 2019 11:12:08
I got a great stream in middle if north sea for last thurs and east fife game. Either hesgoal or youtube. No vpn.

20 Aug 2019 12:22:13
rangers tv does not require a vpn and money goes to club?

20 Aug 2019 12:23:49
east fife was on rtv.

20 Aug 2019 13:21:47
Thanks Guys . big game on Thursday!

20 Aug 2019 14:22:07
You will only need a VPN for legia on rangers tv if a broadcaster has bought the UK rights and is showing the game I. e premier sports. If not you can watch it directly on rangers tv PPV I've done it for Europa qualifiers already.

20 Aug 2019 18:28:59
Get an android stick type vipbox Rangers TV it must be silck browser it works 9/ 10 I've watched on that many times.

21 Aug 2019 00:01:03
Was iptv guys.

Review Of The Day 20th August 2019

20 Aug 2019 07:39:01
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 20th August 2019

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19 Aug 2019 23:38:05
Still think we should loan barasic to a SPL team it would toughen him up Aberdeen or Killie possibly get Taylor as LB and we still have barasic its only a loan put a clause in where he must get game time it sounds crazy but when you think about it then it makes all the sense .

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20 Aug 2019 03:44:37
Croatia's first choice left back is never going to sign for Aberdeen🙄.

20 Aug 2019 09:06:34
I actually think he should be given a run of games but if he can’t get a game in his natural position before a right back with no left foot or a bang average midfield player then it’s never going to happen for him at Rangers . I now think we should look to sell him on and use the money to buy a left back that will actually play . I have been delighted with the start to the season and some of the new signings look excellent but I have a fear for that area of our team . It feels like every goal we lose seems to come from that area of the pitch.

20 Aug 2019 15:16:25
Loan him out to Real Kashmir. Davie Robertson will toughen him up and coach him on what it takes to be a left back for Rangers!

19 Aug 2019 22:13:05
Still have a sneaky feeling Ryan Kent is coming back to our club and reckon he is pushing for move! Hopefully we could get him on a permanent move and he is an excellent player who can only get better 🇬🇧.

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19 Aug 2019 23:25:00
Hope so👍.

19 Aug 2019 23:26:01
can't believe he is coming at all now after recent signings.

20 Aug 2019 01:21:11
No chance.

20 Aug 2019 05:04:58
Not a hope. think it would be a waste of money to b honest. Especially if another loan. We don't have cash for permanent.

20 Aug 2019 06:51:39
Lets be totally honest here guys. Its quite straightforward and simple for me anyway. Ryan Kent is better in his position, than anyone we currently have at ibrox, fact. We if at all possible, should be signing him as its a big investment in the future,
not to mention his ability to enhance our starting 11.The investment side being the profit we would make by selling kent, a few years down the line would make us IMO, a helluva lot of dough. Because let's be honest, if we're lucky enough to sign kent permanently, he won't stay here his full career.

20 Aug 2019 06:52:53
Why would kent be a waste of money? He's better than what we currently have.

20 Aug 2019 08:34:40
Don't agree with you Paul86, when you say it would be a waste of money signing ryan kent. It would be a fantastic signing as far as i'm concerned, in more ways than one. It would be a fantastic investment, as in years to come, if we did manage to sign kent permanently.

we would make a lot of money in selling him a few years on from now. Not to mention he'd without doubt, improve our starting 11 even more. He would be the best for the left wing position, no question of that!

20 Aug 2019 08:41:14
I read an article on four lads had a dream pages last night, regarding ryan kent. One of the sites bloggers stevie clifford thinks there's still a chance in his opinion, that kent will end up a permanent rangers player before this window closes on the 2nd of September. They guys always have good information and have been proved correct more often than not. I tend to trust their information on all things rangers,
much more than any other source of info on the happenings at our club.
We wait with bated breath. Here's hoping from my point of view anyway.

20 Aug 2019 09:08:57
Coop and Caldo, I reckon if we reach group stages he may sign with the extra cash available👍 Can’t wait for Thursday😀🇬🇧.

20 Aug 2019 09:15:13
I would only now consider a permanent . If he is better than we have, though that’s a matter of opinion, for me it’s not by much and the stats from last season back this up. We currently play Arfield as one of a forward 3 and with the main striker only leaves one space . At the moment I wouldn’t swap Ojo for Kent as think ojo will score/ assist many more than Kent ever did . Having said all that I did like Kent and if we were able to get him in on favourable terms it would def strengthen the squad .

20 Aug 2019 09:55:20
I posted this previously, it’s dependant on us getting to group stages to finance the move. L’pool apparently won’t budge on loan stance, however, a loan fee for this season with perm move and fee agreed for summer is still an option now the English window has shut. I’m quietly confident if we beat Legia a deal will be agreed.

20 Aug 2019 11:05:04
@yately, I think the move will depend on whether or not we make the group stages. 👍.

20 Aug 2019 11:42:12
I metn if its another loan it would be a waste of money we paid liverpool 1 million for his services last season. And yeah even if they want 7-10million we do not have that kind of money. Ojo has come in and has almost beat kents total goals and asissts last season already. I think if permanent he's worth 4 million tops. So they figures been quoted i don't think it would be a good investment imo.

20 Aug 2019 13:03:24
Seriously guys, let it go.

20 Aug 2019 13:27:32
Stats never show the full picture to how good a player can be for the club. Like i've said on here, who many times last season, did ryan kent waltz past 3 or 4 players and passed to another rangers teammate, who obviously got the assist by then playing in, the eventual goalscorer.
Kent started a helluva lot of passages of play like i've just described, for us. that's why stats can be misleading at times. Ryan kent on form undoubtedly takes rangers to another level.

20 Aug 2019 14:00:43
Sorry mate I don't buy this stats aren't important thing, especially for one of our forward three. Ryan Kent was decent last season but for me a forward player is all about goals and assists. You say how many times did he waltz past 3 or 4 . How many times did he waltz by three or four and it led to nothing. I give him credit for performances against Septick but you don't win/ lose titles in OF games alone. We need players to be chipping in scoring and creating in all game and for me at the moment Ojo seems a far better option.

Like i said earlier I would still think about buying Kent at the right price but i'm just not sure its as much of a priority as others think.

20 Aug 2019 15:42:52
Ryan kent tore celtic to bits, that's the most important stat👍.

20 Aug 2019 16:07:37
He did play well in a couple of the Old Firm games but he was not alone in that, especially the Ibrox games. I think we need to be looking for far more than that this season. If he does, and i hope he does, come back I think we should be judging him far harder and demanding far better numbers against all the other sides. We need to be far more consistent and produce against all the other sides if we have any chance of 55.

20 Aug 2019 17:31:45
i'd have no problems with Kent coming back, think with the signings we've made it looks unlikely though. He does have to add goals to his game though.

21 Aug 2019 00:10:08
SGL stats do show the full picture for the season and clowns like you only like him because he slapped brown FACT
He is not any better than what we have FACT and am only putting fact in because you started it 🤡.

21 Aug 2019 13:29:36
SGL You stated Ryan Kent on Form would take Rangers to another Level, But that was his problem last season, He was off form more often than on, If he could be more consistent Then we would have a Player to excite the Masses, But we have to wait and see if he does sign.

19 Aug 2019 19:40:52
Interesting to see we have five players in the under 21s where as the tims only have one.
The youth development has been steadily improving for a few years now and hopefully we will get some right gems through

Been really impressed so far.

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19 Aug 2019 18:24:12
That chris Sutton has too much to say for himself seems to use his column to bash our club and supporters
Honestly who does the guy think he is
He really should be reigned in some of his columns are no less than pure bigoted
It' shouldn't be allowed in a national newspaper column
It incites hatred

Really fed up reading his stuff and why do I read it I'm not sure just too say what nonsense he's talking
Feel like we should start a petition for his sacking from the newspaper for inciting hatred towards our club and fans and publishing bigoted columns that could influence the younger generation reading it

He really needs taking down a peg or 2

Can we complain in numbers or something
Being serious BTW
Would love to see him sacked for the nonsense he writes and quotes?

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19 Aug 2019 19:35:33
Thestigno. Don’t subscribe toBT and make them know why
That’s what ido.

19 Aug 2019 19:54:38
Dont read it pal he loves us to react
First prize pur ick.

19 Aug 2019 20:11:25
As long as he gets a bite he'll stay in his job. Best we ignore his comments till he gets shown the door.

19 Aug 2019 20:34:29
Totally agree if we didn't bite he
Would stop spouting
But he is not the only one Boyd Barry Ferguson are just as bad
Rangers should stick to let the football talk.

19 Aug 2019 21:43:48
The former manager of Lincoln City is a tosser.

19 Aug 2019 22:41:42
Better still, win the treble this season and that'll shut him up!

19 Aug 2019 22:47:05
ranting is a known US media method to draw attention and advertising dollars. check the politics here.

20 Aug 2019 01:30:50
He is literally paid to wind people up and be outspoken, particularly regarding Rangers. it's your outrage which lines his wallet. There are many 'impartial' BBC employees, who are far worse in my view, at least Sutton doesn't attempt hide his allegiances.

20 Aug 2019 07:23:12
Boycott bt because u don’t like Sutton? are we as a support to boycott everything? get a grip.

20 Aug 2019 11:17:11
Tango roc my choice, I don’t purchase but because of Sutton and I don’t watch bbc because of Stewart.
Get every game via rangers or u tube.

20 Aug 2019 13:29:43
Don't let any of they a*******s beat you guys. Its all about the rangers.

19 Aug 2019 18:16:44
Just curieous if anyone can answer. As the dhims all say that no other teams were after or interested in any player we signed can anyone name any team or teams that were after 7 mill juliene or 3 mill bolywoly or 2 mill right back ( no sure of name )

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19 Aug 2019 19:36:47
Celtic were interested in Aribo, he knocked them back because of the Gerrard factor. 👍
Other leaked names in their transfer list have all went elsewhere because of the Lennon factor. 👍
And of the 3 players you mentioned, not one other club came in for them. They paid over the odds for a CH no one has heard off, panic buyed a LB who's rank rotten and they now don't play and bought an Israeli RB for the Green Brigade to abuse when things go wrong👍.

19 Aug 2019 19:52:05
Mate I've said it all before, they believe they have signed the best players in the world everytime they buy someone, but we sign duds, think they are trying to convince themself they have bought well and we haven't.

19 Aug 2019 22:28:37
everyone pulled out of Julien deal because he can't deal with the turn on any decent striker.

20 Aug 2019 01:33:33
I heard Julien has the turning circle of the QE2 and anyone with pace will be past him like a shot. He's the new Rafael Schidt.

19 Aug 2019 16:08:29
Just a wee mention on anyone who had doubts about us signing jermain defoe,
what do any doubters think now? Even though it was an original 18 month loan deal
we signed defoe on from bournemouth, i do now think that he'll become our striker on a permanent deal, at the end of this season. He will finish his career at rangers and play for another couple of years anyway. I think as he's already helping out on the coaching side, i can see him becoming our striker coach, once he does hang up his boots. The wee man is a class act still and model professional. He'll continue to score goals for us for fun. He looks after himself so superbly well off the park and has the physique of a player in his late 20's. I can already see the influence defoe is having on alfredo morelos. Morelos at the start of this season,
looks like he's now much better on his one on one finishing, whereas last season he missed a lot of they sort of chances. He's now putting most of these chances away.
Also the eating habits that defoe can/ is passing on to not only morelos, but all our squad is very important and will be beneficial. I read the article about defoe when he first signed for us, which stated he turned a complete vegan, about a decade ago and was told then, that this would prolong his career by around 5/ 6 years. I think looking at him, he could well play for us into his 40's. He's also a teetotaler into the bargain. Wee defoe loves playing for the famous glasgow rangers, you can see it a mile off.

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19 Aug 2019 17:01:19
defoes class has never been in doubt, kind of wish he'd signed a few years ago. My only concern was the wages that was reported that we were paying.

19 Aug 2019 17:08:29
His first touches are sublime. No denying his quality. Guys a class act!

19 Aug 2019 17:39:20
Cant recall reading about Defoe doubters on here.

19 Aug 2019 17:50:09
There was most definitely a small amount of doubters regarding signing a guy of defoe's age and the wages side of things. I can assure you also The Stuck, that a few doubted us signing him, at the start when the guy was nowhere near fit, just the same as they did with stevie davis.
Just look at these 2 veterans now.

19 Aug 2019 17:52:43
I can't recall reading that defoe is giving the squad diet advice 🤣 that made me chuckle but can't fault coops enthusiasm.

19 Aug 2019 18:12:29
They're ability was never in doubt supercoop. When we signed them both we were level with c*ltic. It took defoe and davis till march-april too get match fit, by then the league was gone. Surely you can see that supercoop? Last season was a missed opportunity. I think if we'd signed defoe and davis at the start of the season we would have won the league.

19 Aug 2019 19:00:56
Defoe is class and if we hadn't signed him then we wouldn't be seeing the morelos we are seeing today. Davis is class aswell. 👍.

19 Aug 2019 19:07:39
Exactly coldo. Totally agree mate.

19 Aug 2019 19:53:41
But celtic fans said he was a finished journey man who wouldn't score hahahaha.

19 Aug 2019 20:43:51
There is plenty people on here who don't think defoe can hit 30 goals this season. He's already on 6 goals in competitive games and its mid august. There's 9 months to go, I don't think its unrealistic given all the games that defoe can't hit 3 goals per month. 👍.

19 Aug 2019 21:15:41
I think morelos will score 30+ goals this season. If Defoe scores 30, we will win the league.

19 Aug 2019 22:03:46
Pretty sure the club nutritionists advise the players on what to eat! Jeeso.

20 Aug 2019 00:33:22
There’s always doubters on here about everything and I doubt they will every stop.

20 Aug 2019 13:32:50
You obviously haven't listened to what defoe said in one of his interviews when he came here pal. He stated he was a strict vegan and had his own menu on what he ate. God some folk just don't look beyond!

20 Aug 2019 13:37:17
Defoe and Davis were terrific signings, you can never hide class. But the statements about Defoe and his dietary input to the club are ridiculous. He's not, and never has been, a 'complete vegan', he's not even a 'complete vegetarian' as he eats fish three or four times a week. He also only radically changed his diet in the past two years when he stopped eating red meat, not 'a decade ago'. Coop, how do you expect to be taken seriously when you are prone to such silly exaggeration in almost all of your flowery posts?

20 Aug 2019 14:30:04
Listen daisy yore, jermain defoe himself said this about turning vegan and it was almost a decade ago. Try looking into things before saying anyone is wrong. Not all his life vegan, i never said that. Honestly there's some warmers on here right enough.

20 Aug 2019 19:32:21
Show me where I used the words 'all his life'. He is NOT a vegan, he takes his diet more seriously than that. He only gave up eating red meat two years ago (his own words) . Warmers? The term could have been invented for you. Still insisting we've got a gentleman's agreement with Leicester over Morelos? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.


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