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14 Sep 2020 10:45:17
Greg Docherty all ready getting plaudits

Honestly think we will regret letting him go especially so cheap

Best of luck to him.

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14 Sep 2020 11:26:14
The thing with Docherty and McCrorie isn’t that they were in any way ‘bad players’ or not good enough, it was always that their actual style of play doesn’t fit into the way we play. Docherty said it himself in an interview just after he left. Everyone at Rangers rated him as a player and thought his effort and work rate were great, same with McCrorie. However we are trying to develop a very possession based style where we control the ball and wear teams down. This means Gerrard wants players who’s game is all about being comfortable in possession and being able to hold onto the ball. Look at the way Kamara, Davis and Jack play, holding onto the ball, turning away from players and moving it on, very rarely giving it away. Unfortunately when you look at both Docherty and McCrorie that’s the one weakness they both had. Both gave tremendous effort, are good in the tackle and are very direct type of players, but that doesn’t fit our game. I have no doubt they will both do well at Hull and Aberdeen respectively due to the fact that they both play a more direct style. McCrorie will thrive in that Aberdeen team who are all about getting in the oppositions faces, putting in hard tackles and getting the ball forward very directly, doesn’t mean he would of been able to fit in to our style of play though.
This is also why I feel Jones won’t work for us. He again is very direct, all about chasing balls in behind defences, something he’d rarely be able to do with us as teams set up with so many players behind us. Barker (for all his faults) is more comfortable on the ball and playing that possession game, which is why he’s getting a game ahead of Jones.
Docherty and McCrorie will both probably go on to bigger clubs for more money (hopefully we have decent sell on fees in their deals) and it would of been good to get more for them but the fact is they weren’t playing for us and they needed to go and play to increase their values. (Plus we can only accept offers that are put in front of us, if they were the only offers in the table then it’s either accept them or have them sitting in the stands with us taking wages)

14 Sep 2020 11:38:44
Great post gers78 👍.

14 Sep 2020 11:43:06
Gers78 100% on the button.

14 Sep 2020 12:58:44
Gers 👍.

14 Sep 2020 13:07:06
Good post gers1978. I still think mccrorie could have had a role to play for us. He'd have been a brilliant backup to Jack.

14 Sep 2020 13:28:53
I don’t really disagree with you Mr Grumpy, however we have to take the individual players wishes into account as well. McCrorie hasn’t really played for us in two seasons and he has his career to think about. As Rangers fans we’d all love every decent player to stay at the club (especially the home grown ones that are also supporters) . But at his age he’s not going to be willing to stay with us and play 5 or 6 games a season just cause he’s a fan when he could be playing every game elsewhere and developing himself.

14 Sep 2020 14:01:54
a very balanced G78 and view and in my opinion, spot on. The same could be said for Katic and Edmundson - both young and full of energy, but Goldson (not my fav) and Helander seem very composed and happy with he ball at their feet.

14 Sep 2020 14:17:05
hes playing down in league 1. he simply was never good enough for us.

14 Sep 2020 16:41:26
Well done Ger

That wee pep talk done you the world of good, 🗣.

14 Sep 2020 17:32:54
I agree 100% gers best post on here in a long time.

14 Sep 2020 19:14:23
Couldn't agree more 78, terrific post sir. 👏🏻.

14 Sep 2020 10:30:35
I said too my mate at work hey Joe I can tell you use imperial leather soap in the shower he said is it because you can smell it I said naw it's because I see the wee label stuck tae yet forehead.

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14 Sep 2020 12:28:23
Do you know any dirty jokes Laudrup that one was far to clean.

14 Sep 2020 16:42:02
It isn’t even a joke mate.

Review Of The Day 14th September 2020

14 Sep 2020 07:39:06
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 14th September 2020

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14 Sep 2020 01:41:14
Just seen a nice wee stramash at the end of the PSG match.
5 red cards
I wander if Morelos watched it so he can brush up on his red card skills.

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14 Sep 2020 07:33:09
Just how much of a cowardly little weasel faced Babbage is neymar, puts his hand round and punches the guy on the back of the head . Feckin wee rat, usually greetin his eyes out when someone kicks his big toe, I hope that guy he rabbit punched comes to get him.

14 Sep 2020 09:07:51
Bunch of divas.

14 Sep 2020 09:16:25
Speaking of Morelos. Just showed my wife who knows hee haw abt football but knows of his Huffs etc. Showed yer a pic of Edwards tackle on his from sat. A said that guy didn’t even get booked for that. She said is alfie done that he would have been sent off. So even a woman who knows nothing can tell ye it’s a shocker.

One other thing on the matter. In the pic his other leg is twisting round during the challenge on impact. He’s/ we are very lucky the foot was so high or we’d have a valuable asset sitting with a broken leg.

14 Sep 2020 09:28:09
He’s a wee girl Tom. Really can’t be doing with his antics especially when he’s so good. Got the world at his feet and he’s on the ground more than a carpet fitter. Gets far too much protection from refs.

14 Sep 2020 09:33:10
He claimed he was racially abused, he only played that card because he got caught out. Can't stand him. 👍.

14 Sep 2020 11:41:27
The only good thing about him is he hates them.

14 Sep 2020 12:33:09
I agree Tom 12 he's a greetin faced wee rat.
Overpaid greetin faced wee rat.
Still it was good to see that they had a few thousand fans at the game.

13 Sep 2020 22:18:56
Down near Newquay for a while and was wondering if anyone knows of bar for Sunday's game? Not easy when there's an English game on same time.

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13 Sep 2020 23:37:01
Dunno mate but get there before they shut them all down.

14 Sep 2020 10:18:58
Get someone’s sky go details. Download sky go on yer phone and buy drink from an offies. Your chances of finding a pub showing an spfl game down ther mate are slim to none. 👍🔴⚪️🔵.

14 Sep 2020 16:57:25
Thanks for replies but it's all good, found a bar called Walkabout that's showing it.

13 Sep 2020 17:30:06
well there you have it -- one of the main instigators against our drop to lower divisions gets humped in their first visit since those trying times -we are top and they languish 5th from bottom need I say "karma" works in strange ways" .

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13 Sep 2020 21:39:54
Don't give them that much importance they're a poor team 1 of many i Hooe well despatch this season on way to league.

13 Sep 2020 22:12:47
Dee, I can’t help but thinking your about 6 months too early, ” languishing “ in 5th in a 12 team league after 7 games is actually pretty damn good for a newly promoted club, while I. Can’t stand them this is quite ridiculous, and they didn’t instigate against, they voted for.

13 Sep 2020 22:58:28
ok--thanks tom.

14 Sep 2020 01:04:13
No problem old chap, I actually know what you’re talking about but it’s incredibly early for that, karma would be them going bust,

14 Sep 2020 10:08:39
you obviously can't spot sarcasm tomthumb12,karma would be the whole spfl going bust starting with the hierarchy.

14 Sep 2020 11:20:54
To be fair for an “ex-pro” ( 🤭 ) he doesn’t spot much. He has about the same knowledge of the game as Clancy and that’s being kind👍😂👀.

13 Sep 2020 16:25:26
Absolutely loving our setup this year. I worry less about Tav tracking back with 2 capable DMs there to cover him. Although his defensive duties will always be the first thing he’s judged on, I think having that extra cover allows him to do what he does best.

Tav has got to have a stellar season or we don’t win the league. Let’s face it, he’ll never be dropped even if his performances dip.

He’s our Captain until at least end of Season regardless of what happens. I’m sure we’re all backing him 100%.

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13 Sep 2020 16:59:10
So, let me get this straight.

Every player performs at 100% except Tav who is only at 90% = we don't win the league?

In other words, were all fully behind him until he makes a mistake!

13 Sep 2020 18:47:03
so, on here we are all asked or asking about box to box midfield player and have not nailed that player down now that WILL improve the team/ squad that SG wants.

just a thought, what about taking TAV out the back line and use him like we did with Ricksen box to box, and find or use a new full back.

second point today is we are quick to say 'legs have gone' about Steve Davis, MOTM yesterday, still has something to add to our famous.

13 Sep 2020 19:26:38
Tav absolutely not good enough to play in midfield.

13 Sep 2020 19:59:58
John25, agree with you mate, he also struggles to cross the ball to someone with the same colour of shirt on.

13 Sep 2020 21:42:05
People on this site used to criticise why we needed 2 holding midfielders but when u hear stevie g explain they cover runs our full backs make it seems so simple but that's why we come on sites like this while sg is paid big bucks.

13 Sep 2020 21:48:19
hahahhhohhoohohoho good one stuck. totally agree. needs to cutdown on all the jobs and focus. then .

13 Sep 2020 22:15:40
Tav will not be judged firstly on his defensive duties, the management know his qualities and they’re used firstly, that’s rather obvious or he would have been gone long ago.

14 Sep 2020 07:45:16
No DK, my point is that Tav will not be dropped regardless of his performance. The teams performance, over the longevity of the season, is on the basis of Tav playing well as he is our leader. You don’t win leagues with an inconsistent captain

Tom, I understand what your saying but as a RB, I still think he will be judged on defence over his attacking ability. I wasn’t talking about Gerrard and co’s opinion in particular. His defensive ability is the first thing we always say about Tav. It’s paramount to any RB.

14 Sep 2020 08:16:51
BlueG, why are you not talking about SG opinion? Surely that’s the only one that matters?

Think his comments over the last few days tell us all we need to know about his thoughts on Tav - but you and some other may know better!

14 Sep 2020 08:48:25
Why is everyone so fixated on moving Tav from RB? it was bad enough suggesting him as a winger now we have him playing CM? He is a full back all day long, some of the best full backs in world football can't defend because they are no longer expected to be world class defenders.

14 Sep 2020 10:58:16
Think you have misunderstood again DK. I didn’t discuss SGs opinion as it had nothing to do with the point I was making. Also, Gerrards comments on Tav don’t support nor contradict the idea that a RBs main duty is defending. So I have no idea where the ‘know better’ than Gerrard comment comes from.

Honestly no malice in anything I’m saying I don’t understand why some people on here take differing opinions as a personal attack.

If u can state why someone’s statement is wrong, without taking it personally, might be a good start.

14 Sep 2020 16:52:33
Big, it’s the way fb defenders have mutated mate, I honestly don’t think Robertson ids a great defender, it’s the pace going forward that matters nowadays mate.


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