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30 Apr 2017 13:24:29
My neighbour who claims to know Park told me Park said we are dangerously close to going bankrupt again. No idea if that is true as I hardly know the guy but it is a rumours page after all. Hopefully it isn't true though.

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30 Apr 2017 20:49:24
Don't think this is a rumour. This is common knowledge. We have been depending on loans to survive for quite some time now. If those providers of loans decide to stop you are done for. I have heard rumours that King is working on means to get money out of SA which may well go to you.

01 May 2017 16:40:32
I have also heard something similar. There is very little money at ibrox. DK is solely relying on season ticket money. He is very unwilling to invest his own money. Major fall out at board level. Is be very very surprised if he doesn't give in to Mike Ashley or admin is coming. This is not an if it is a will happen soon.

02 May 2017 20:57:28
would admin be that bad it would get rid of all the dud players plus and what would happen to the fat mans retail deal would that not be thrown out also then we might get a buyer coming in fresh start etc etc

03 May 2017 06:51:23
no it wouldn't be good at all. and nobody will buy us over. well only person who will buy us is more than likely mike ashley. that is the way it is

05 May 2017 09:31:02
Would be surprised if we were anywhere close to admin.

30 Apr 2017 11:56:48
What's happening with warbiolas and his backroom staffs pay off? Has that been wiped because he got a new job or are they still due the circa £1.5M that's been talked about.

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30 Apr 2017 16:38:40
The fact that he is now in employment doesn't make a difference. It is ongoing and rangers are stalling till thier hand is forced. Warbs is deliberately not talking to the press as he doesn't need to

27 Apr 2017 22:56:17
Things not looking good for Ashley and Co at Newcastle there's been arrests over tax invasion etc etc also talk of them been deducted 15+points.

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28 Apr 2017 05:45:52
Only talk, and as we know, vHMRC can take years to progress anything.
Nothing proven yet, and you can bet all contracts will be 'legal' it's how the fat man works.

28 Apr 2017 08:01:43
When it comes to getting money HMRC don't take much time doing it.

25 Apr 2017 11:18:40
Now that Newcastle are back in the English Premiership, will this affect Ashley's shareholding in Rangers, i.e. will he be allowed to retain Rangers shares or will he have to sell them?

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25 Apr 2017 11:46:23
Nope. Premier League has a different governing body and different rules, he can have shares in Rangers all he wants now.

27 Apr 2017 15:22:29
Think it only applied to the championship if it was over 10%

24 Apr 2017 10:30:13
I wanted to mention this Bears as I think it IS HUGELY significant! If King / Club has no money or very little then why would King / Club pay £300k compensation for Caixinha?

When King could have prob got away with informing the supporters that Caixinha had signed a pre-contract and we would have got him for nothing! £300k isn't a huge amount BUT it was money that King probably could have saved and kept Murty as interim Coach.

I'm sure he would have known that we wanted Caixinha in asap but he surely could have done this then shot off to S.A. so not to take any flak? Thought it was worth mentioning. as too the £250k we paid for the Gatekeeper Ailnwick? Again not vast amounts of money but money he did NOT have to part with I mean its £250k that will sit on bench poss all season!

I think and hope that King knew Warbs was heading out the door a long time ago and gave him very little money to spend in Jan hence 2 loans and the £250k for Ailnwick (poss good investment)

This would mean any money King did have in mind for a committed Manager who was taking the Club on the right track he held back and will hopefully be added to anything Caixinha gets in the Summer!

I truly hope Caixinha gets anything between £4-7m also I'm sure Caixinha would not have taken the job unless he did have funds that he could add to a squad that I'm sure he would have done his research on!

Not just add to a squad to make them better but he would have known he would need funds to Win the League and a Squad to match current League Holders! Caixinha is not stupid he would have done his homework AND if his ultimate goal is to manage in the EPL then he would need the tools to stand him in good stead yeah.

I don't know if its just me but I really do think King will provide Caixinha with adequate funds. I do not know if any future investor is lined up OR King has the finances.

Only thing is that if the info that Brenda has £15m for the Summer which will increase if Dembele goes then I hope we Gers supporters are informed of Caixinha's Transfer Fund.

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25 Apr 2017 00:54:19
Your faith in DK I would say I admire your optimistic outlook, however to truly scrutinise what he has done should have you asking more questions about what he has promised and failed to do. I am not a Rangers fan and not a bitter towards your club, its just a game of football and a bit of banter normally.

I just find it difficult to understand the blind loyalty given to someone who continually lies like a politician and was in part involved in the financial shambles that engulfed the club in 2012? He didn't rescue the club when they really needed him.

He must have had a good insight into the state of the clubs finances at that time yet he did nothing. How much of his own money has he invested, is he willing to write off loans? At least MA was upfront about how much was available and the terms.

Your club had a Nomad, your club was listed on the stock exchange. You were not in court every other week. DK is only interested in number one and the connections being at the helm of Rangers provides, nothing else.

25 Apr 2017 11:14:08
Kwaj, King at the time of Craig Whyte coming in pleaded with Murray not to sell the club to him, King had invested £20mil into Rangers at that time. King saved the club when he and the three bears came in (Rangers were very close to Admin, if they didn't go into Admin they would have went down the same path as Newcastle, owing a lot of money to Mike Ashley)

No Investor would willingly write off loans, King won't do this nor should he. What exactly has King lied about?

25 Apr 2017 11:52:20
Onlyshow around. . lmao, stoater off a comment. what exactly has King lied about.

I take it you were only joking?

25 Apr 2017 13:16:28
I'd just like for someone to point out exactly what he lied about is all mate.

25 Apr 2017 19:24:25
he has been secretive when he says there will be transparency also he said he would invest 30 million and some fans think that should have been spent last summer all in the one go and all on players lmao some people missunderstood what he said which was he will invest around 30 million into the club not the playing squad and he also said he would do this over a three/ five year period.
he has tried his best to get us out of crippling deal that ashley won't give up on but has failed as he doesn't have a legal leg to stand on as we now know.
all things considered he has been good for us and i believe he has rangers at heart

26 apr 2017 16:47:24
all i want to do is raise the point that king has spent money where he could have let slide with no huge outcry! the paying of compensation to algharafi £300k for caixinha plus i'm not sure but that may have been more if he also had to pay compensation to release caixinha's coaching team?

this comes with the added expense of paying wages as soon as they arrived! all in all the compensation plus wages from now until when caixinha and co would have arrived if a pre-contract route had been the way he'd went with would have cost us £500k+ (rough guess) .

i'm sure if king is the sort of man the media would have us believe he would have informed us that we had our guy signed up, poss that al gharafi felt they needed to keep caixinha till end of their season meaning we had to wait.

king would have shot off to south africa £500k better off and absolutely nothing is mentioned about this abduction. imo i feel its an area that should be taken into consideration same as the fact why notts forest feel that they can talk to a manager and get him to waive any compensation that they would have to pay us for him.

this really angers me as from a financial point of view its like a god dam free for all when it comes ti clubs, administrators, ex-employees, all wanting to sue us or stop us from generating income!

i mean forrest are a fair size club in the championship who i know may get relegated this season but are financially in a better position than us and they want to get out of paying us compensation! its absolutely disgusting, i do not know gown much but i'd imagine it would have bernard well within their means.

so with this in mind and some comments i have read that king has said i get the feeling he has funds for caixinha, he god have guaranteed caixinha x amount in funds for players! hoe much i do not know.

imo i think it will be more than £4m but less than £8m. i can hear people scolding at the latter and even if caixinha does get £8m this would prob not be enough to win the title but definetly enough to secure 2nd!

which makes you think how much does caixinha need to build the basis of a team to secure 2nd and give the tic a game, £5m?, we do expect king to deliver something but it seems that if the amount isn't neat £25-30m then all that will happen is that the media, reporters etc will just undermine his efforts.

king will know this hopefully he and caixinha will know that funds will x amount in the summer another injection in january if needed then and if things are moving forward and we are seeing a manager build a team and momentum more funds made available the summer after.

this all hinges on the manager taking us forward and winning the league next year is a target which may be just out of reach at the time.

whatever the amount we must take this into account and i am a realist and will know just exactly how long and if king does have what it takes to back up his words. out with getting back on top in the league and the funds that are required to do so which imo to do this comfortably anything over £3m will do to accomplish this.

getting into the group stages of europa will obviously cosy more but this gamble comes with financial benefits and also could have a knock on effect to the whole sports direct relationship as ashley knows its a route for him to advertise abroad.

imagine king had given warbs any funding he had raised through investors etc to buy players in january! he had already shown that he would and did give more funding as he must have truly believed in the manager at the time.

i definitely don't think that king is trying to minimise spending as if he does not gave it and he will raise funds gain investors even tho he now has more obstacles in his way i just hope he communicates with supporters.

we will accept an x amount which at first we feel is low if king / the board explain why currently finances are that way and what they are doing to rectify the situation.

this is all we ask and what we were told transparency, i think if we could rectify the sports direct issue that alone would generate anything between £4-6m a year.

went on a bit there bears but i do believe king was the right thing to happen and is the right person he and the 3 bears are business men but they do have the clubs interests at heart.

26 Apr 2017 18:00:11
I am sorry for laughing but you guys truly do make me laugh - king has never lied and you only need 4-7 million to win the league! that is so funny you should form a comedy group. Can't wait to see the guard of honour for THE CHAMPIONS on Saturday.

27 Apr 2017 10:35:13
I really can't be bothered reading this entire article again, who said King has never lied? Tony2bhoy, you are very very foolish if you think it'll take a large amount of money for rangers to push for the title. a few good free transfers (plenty of them to be had down in the English Championship, which is the level your players are on) and a few proper transfers and Rangers would be right up Celtic's arse. Enjoy your time of dominance, but it honestly won't last much longer.

27 Apr 2017 13:05:18
I hear what you are saying Onlyshowaround, Krancjar and Barton are shining examples of good free transfers, keep up the good work. Oh and by the way we drew twice with a top EPL team this season, I very much doubt we are Championship level but hey when did actual events and comparisons matter much to some of you?

27 Apr 2017 13:41:53
Gazo, Kranjcar being injured in training is very unfortunate. He is however a very good footballer who I personally am very excited to see in a Rangers shirt again. Barton, well that is very much down to Warburton.

Not seeing your point about Champions league at all. Bigger teams get complacent against smaller teams in these tournaments. Exactly what happened for Celtic, Or do you genuinely think your squad is capable of playing in the EPL and doing well?

27 Apr 2017 18:52:50
I love all these plop Celtic into the EPL see how we go scenarios, first off give us Middlesbrough's income before any comparison gets made. But even that aside, we historically do well v English teams in Europe, qualified out of our group before Man U thanks to Nakamura, unbeaten in 4 v Liverpool.

In the most its the same old every year in CL last 16, so they actually don't get too complacent as a 6 game league doesn't afford them that luxury and being top of a group is vital, so nonsense. But on a plus note, well said on bigotry on both sides on the other page.

28 Apr 2017 08:07:30
"Oh and by the way we drew twice with a top EPL team this season, I very much doubt we are Championship level but hey when did actual events and comparisons matter much to some of you? "

That seems to me like you are saying Celtic are BETTER than Championship level currently therefore would do well in the EPL, or am I picking you up wrong?

Bigotry part - cheers.

28 apr 2017 22:16:13
onlyshowaround you said it ( what exactly has king lied about? ) as for all the free transfers. they cost money in wages a few proper sighnings? where do you think you are going to get the money for them? the bank is not paying out any more your club has as far as i know had to survive on soft loans for this year. that could be propaganda maybe? but if true where is the money coming from? maybe the solicitors that are dealing with all the legal cases that is going on just now? maybe they will loan?

29 Apr 2017 12:09:12
We wouldn't get relegated first season but I'd like think we'd have £100m or so to spend too and that's when we'd move from also rans to challenging for Europe ie top 7. Stoke survive nearly every season in that league on home form and I would think Celtic Park is more intimidating and with that cash we'd be way above relegation consideration.

02 May 2017 15:59:39
Only show. You asked me what King has lied about then you contradict in a following post stating you never said DK never lied. Do you actually read what you post? You appear to post as if everything you say is fact. You probably one of these guys who goes around guaranteeing everything and finishing your sentences with, I guarantee it. If you say it enough it becomes the truth, your own personal truth. Your club is a shambles, but that's just my observations from the limited info I know. And DK never lost money from oldco he used it as a vehicle to get money out of SA and out of reach of SARS. Your other directors may have clubs best interests at heart DK does not, again imho.

21 Apr 2017 13:44:22
I don't understand this craig whyte trial. If he gets found guilty of everything he has done, will be get money or in any way will we benefit from it.

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21 Apr 2017 14:29:26
The club will benefit in no way . The crown has already accepted no one gained or lost anything ( Murray or whyte) .
The whole trial is based on whyte taking over the club without having the funds to do so . Ellis was whytes backer who provided evidence/ proof the money was there to fulfill the requirements . Ellis then pulled out and left whyte with no option but to secure loans from ticketus to pay off the bank . If borrowing money to buy a business or house is fraud? Most business owners borrow money to complete transactions . I. e. The glazers ( Man Utd) .

Imho this is just a witch hunt to ensure someone gets blamed for what happened in 2012 . Will be interesting to see who is named and shamed and who knew what .

21 Apr 2017 19:37:39
Del laws in Scotland and England are different so that could be the reason why he's In court


It's the fact he lied about where the money was coming from and this is why he committed fraud

21 Apr 2017 22:11:32
Another problem that prevails is that if cw did not clear the £18 million debt, with clear funds, it must have been ticketus. So where does this leave the £1 sale, as this was an integral part of the deal with dm?

25 Apr 2017 19:26:58
dm and whyte agreed a £1 deal in the condition whyte used his own money to clear 18 mill with the bank and spend a further 9 million on a tax case and playing squad

16 Apr 2017 08:32:09
Dave King's ignoring of the Takeover Panel is a tactical mistake.
This is a battle he doesn't need to fight.
If he knows that Ashey et al will not accept the low offer then he should just mmake it and move on

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16 Apr 2017 12:51:17
Setting up the offer will cost him £500k + in fees and advisors.

I personally would prefer that the £500k is given to Pedro to improve the squad so in my book it is a gamble worth taking.

He may lose in which case his reputation has taken another dent but £500k is a lot of dosh to waste if there is another option

16 Apr 2017 19:19:34
BR65 I don't mind an optimist but then there are those who no matter the evidence, the case, the staring you in the face obviousness of an example still spin away. First off, the expense of a prospectus will be King's and King's alone, this is not Rangers money, so you are wrong there. Secondly if you wish the CEO of your company to be only the fourth person in history "cold shouldered" by TAB, then good for you, you must be exceedingly proud, add it to the trophies or frame it in the blue room.

That even this late in the day you can dress this up as anything bar an embarrassing disaster for the club says more about you than reality. What was the sinking of The Titanic in your mind? "A minor boating incident? " The Charge Of The Light Brigade? "A robust, pressurised, exercise for Russian cannon? " BR65 are you Sean Spicer?

16 Apr 2017 20:57:36
Gazo, I simply choose to take the route of the optimist rather than a doom-monger.

The people running out club are not stupid, they have made mistakes of course and on occasion crossed the line but they do have the interests of the club at heart.

This above all for me means that the fans owe them their support, particularly when you consider the shambles that the paid their money for.

The club is undeniable on the upwards slope both financially and on the pitch compared to the last 5 or so years.

Again, I call for you and the other purveyors of constant hacking and criticism to put forward an alternative. Whyte, Green, Easdale etc have all gone. Ashley has no interest in Rangers being successful. Brian Kennedy has been hovering for years without putting his hand in his pocket. The fans are nowhere close. To raising the level of cash required

Who is the white knight waiting in the wings to take over from the current board. I don't see anyone on the immediate horizon in which case there is no point sniping from the sidelines

16 Apr 2017 23:35:03
does king have £11m to offer?

16 Apr 2017 23:47:44
There probably isn't a white knight in the wings BR65, certainly not with Ashley still milking the club but that surely doesn't give Dodgy Dave carte blanche does it?

And as for backing him on the basis of "best of a bad bunch" that is no argument at all. You called this action doomed to failure below, on what basis? You called it a sham, TAB and the court of session? Might I suggest the person perpetrating the sham is closer to home if you'd only allow yourself that blinker free clarity.

This undeniable slope you refer to is still on a downward trajectory only the gradient is easing (I'm talking annual, signed off accounts, not 6 monthly ones) and sure while say £3m is better than £7m it still leaves you miles off FFP good health and all this while, in your own words, you'd sooner see £500,000 spent on a Michael O'Halloran MK 2 than see your CEO take on board the ruling of TAB. Wow.

I can't give you a name as a successor, but I can give you a cure for many of the club's past and future ailments, get rid of spivs the second you know they are spivs, you have the power, it's called an AGM and live within your means, you are already aware of the alternatives to doing that.

17 Apr 2017 14:01:10
Gazo, it's all about opinion and hypothetical scenarios - I just hope that I am right and all of you doom-mongers are well wide of the mar because my guy is not the "best of a bad bunch" as you put it, he is the only one on the horizon who has the interest and wherewithal to fight for the club at the moment

17 Apr 2017 16:32:54
BR65, there is nothing hypothetical about a SA court calling him a "Glib and shameless liar", nor is it hypothetical that SARS fined him (again) only three weeks ago. He did all he could to keep the takeover panel at arms length and then completely ignores their ruling, none of that is hypothetical or opinion.

He is what he is and it's nothing to do with doom-mongering but convince yourself of that if it allows you to embrace the fallacy that this guy is to be trusted, you could argue David Murray had Rangers interest and wherewithal at heart, how did that pan out?

17 Apr 2017 16:56:16
Again Gazo. and your solution is?

17 Apr 2017 17:28:16
Vote him out, did you miss that from my last paragraph 2 replies ago? If he is in any way dodgy, and let's face it he is, then get shot of him. Don't buy into lip service garbage about overspends, especially around season ticket renewal time, live within your means, cut your cloth to suit, stop obsessing with 10 in a row, all of these things are to the club's detriment and see you further and further away from ever meeting UEFA's criteria. Okay BR65 does any of that make sense or is golden boy still the way ahead?

17 Apr 2017 18:44:10
Gazo, we all know which team you support and where your allegency is. Don't lecture us on appropriate behaviour, suggest you research and study the dark history, including recent history, of your own organisation and refrain from the patronising advice and wisdom. Nothing to do with 10 in a row, although perhaps you should give some thought to the 5 asterisks.

17 Apr 2017 19:27:43
BR65 and Fd, don't rise to the bait offered by gazo. Like brenda and lawless, he is living for the moment. Although I disagree with your thinking on dk, I am not an outsider enjoying his day.
Have no doubt, the eastenders will soon plummet from grace, as they have forgotten the basics, be decent on the way up as you will suffer on the way down.

17 Apr 2017 22:23:30
Haha Fd, the asterisks started for winning the big trophy, you know, that one David Murray near bankrupted you to never win, the second hand, unoriginal, 5 asterisks was merely a feeble attempt to cover the fact that you don't have that wee gold one we have, did you know that history? Enjoy your delusion Fd that all is well with your finances and board, and much as we'll happily keep our wee gold star we are closing in on your 5 red ones too, what will you be left to boast about then, most League Cups?

18 Apr 2017 09:47:44
Fd, I was wrong about the origins of the stars, apologies, I knew Juventus were the first club to do it and thought it was UEFA endorsed. It turns out any club can do it for whatever reason. Might I humbly suggest a wee brown one for the monumental achievement of winning the Petrofac Training Cup at the fourth time of asking.

Also on the subject of the five stars you currently have, we are two seasons away from perhaps being able to add that too, do you think you are two seasons away from adding our wee gold one? Thought not.

18 Apr 2017 11:58:50

You are obsessed 😂

18 Apr 2017 14:29:11
Peter if I was you I'd focus on trying to spell correctly, "profits of doom" really? :)

Comedy gold, for which I thank you. :)

18 Apr 2017 14:32:58
Rangers maybe should be the first club to have capital L next to the star. 5 stars and liquidated.

18 Apr 2017 16:24:33
Ha ha ouch! Oh how you schooled me Gazo😂😂😂

Do u boys spend as much time chatting about your own club? There must be some banter to be had about when you cash in the £40 million on Dembele, which one of your 23 midfield players you want to send on loan next season or is Dave king top of the chat over there too? Seriously I'd love to know 😉

18 Apr 2017 23:12:11
Regarding Dembele, I have no idea what we will get for him, suffice to say it would be enough to fund a prospectus and offer for the entire outstanding shares that King seems so keen to avoid. Which brings us nicely back on topic. :)

20 Apr 2017 12:00:56
Why would there be an L? We haven't been liquidated yet.

13 Apr 2017 19:32:58
The takeover panel have today initiated proceedings in the court of session in Edinburgh under section 955 of the companies act 2006 seeking an order for David king to comply with the rulings
This is serious bad news for Rangers.

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13 Apr 2017 20:39:45
Not so bad for the club - its DK they are after.

It's all a sham if you ask me - DK knows that he would buy very few shares at 20p because they are worth much more so no-one will sell at that level.

The issue is the costs involved in setting up the deal - +£500k.

King probably is gambling that the courts will see the nonsense in the proceedings, give him a token fine and a slap on the wrists

13 Apr 2017 22:28:11
BR65, I would not be that confident, dk is riding a rocky path at the moment, and fighting the world and its uncle. His biggest problem is his ego and will be his ultimate downfall.
Let's hope we are on sound footing when that day comes around, and it will.

15 Apr 2017 09:57:53
BR65 the court will enforce the takeover panels instruction to make an offer for the other shares. Failure to do so will result in a contempt of court ruling which is far more serious than a slap on the wrist. This is seriously bad news for king and the club.

15 Apr 2017 16:35:19
I'm not sure the court will enforce this as it is doomed to be a failure.
The court will not force an indirect financial penalty but may impose a fine.
Everyone knows that DK will not be sold any shares at 20p so the whole exercise would be pointless and not achieve the goals required by the TO panel.

15 Apr 2017 17:25:57
Br65 the court will enforce this if it is doomed to failure or not .

Who is to say no one will sell at 20p? Put a different spin on it for a second?

The tab ruling states they all acted In concert to gain a 34% controlling interst. What if out of spite to hurt king in the pocket, Mike sells his shares . He doesn't make anything gets off them! That would be 43%! Now take into consideration the eastdales shares ( not sure the amounts) or the 10.4% owned by the faceless shareholders who had their voting rites took away? Laxey, blue pitch and margarita holdings I think? That would be over 51% forcing a full buy out without any normal shareholders having to sell

This could end up a very costly financial nightmare

16 Apr 2017 12:54:36
Not so sure that would be a nightmare scenario. If the Easdales and Ashley and the other "faceless" shareholders sold out to DK at 20p the share value would soar as the club could be put on a solid course for the future.

DK would issue more shares to attract further investors and float on the market.

He personally would take a £11m hit but only in the short term as he could sell most of those quickly once Ashley et al have gone.

The reality is though that the rebel shareholders are not going to go away that easily

16 Apr 2017 14:47:01
The big issue is if king is given the cold shoulder, then issues will be raised in relation to Rangers ability to raise cash on official markets.

The cold shoulder is basically the inability to raise cash, borrow or lend, or the suitability of the cold shoulder holder to steer a share rights issue.

The fact that king refused to carry out the order proves he is unable to under right the offer due to lack of disposable funds, the man clearly is all mouth no substance.

16 Apr 2017 14:50:19
BR65, Is it not time to think things through and stop being so blinkered in you backing of a man that does NOT deserve your loyalty, to his lost cause.

16 Apr 2017 15:30:38
billyb, I'm not at all blinkered about King.

Given the choice between Dave King and another wealthy and honest individual with the best interest of the club at heart I would happily shift my support, however, although we hear the odd murmur about this guy or the next, I see nothing concrete to suggest there is a knight in shinning armour waiting to lead the club forward.

In my opinion, DK has done most of what he promised in his 5 year plan. No overnight miracles were promised, the £30m (now £50m) was not promised in year 1 or 2 but over the period.

He has stood up to Ashley's rape of the club via the retail contract

Give me a viable alternative that will do a better job and I'll happily go along with it

16 Apr 2017 15:40:56
Br65 did you actually read my post or think yours out before replying?

Hypothetical as I said! If Ashley, the eastdales and the " faceless " do sell? It would take king and the 3 bears over 51% stakeholders! This would trigger an automatic buyout!

It could cost between 11/ 13 million . The share price will not increase automatically.

If Mike wins his damages claim? Another 5 million?

If warbs n Co win their compo claim? Possible another 2 million .

That's around 20 million before a ball is kicked! Where is this money coming from? As it stands Ashley still has the retail deal sown up for the next 5/ 6 years so no income there.

Then there is the nomad situation which is needed to even get the shares listed!

16 Apr 2017 16:59:39
Yes the court will enforce this. I guarantee you that there will be shareholders biting King's hand off at 20p a share once all the facts around the company are exposed within the prospectus. The only positive coming out of this is that King will finally be chased away from our club.

16 Apr 2017 16:58:12
Delbhoy, Hypothetical indeed but you have chosen every negative situation apart from a fire at Ibrox that burns the stadium down when no-one renewed the insurance policy!
If if if isn't really worth writing if you only choose negativity that is not based on balanced reality

I'm pretty sure there are enough wealthy Rangers fans who would step in once the Ashley, Easdale group are out of the way.

Unfortunately I'm not naive enough to highlight every single positive possibility that would see us win the league next year. not really a possibility is it?

16 Apr 2017 17:16:22
Br65 yes they are all negative possibilities . But the is the negative position dave king has placed the club in .

Persistent court cases! Negative publicity!

What happened to the promised choice of nomads? Why delist the club when he promised transparency?

As for issuing more shares? If he is forced into a buyout? Will he further dilute his own shares and their values? I think not mate

As for wealthy rangers fans riding in to save the day and invest? Where have they been for the last 5 years?

Who is going to invest in a loss making club? How will the soft loans be repaid if king and Co are forced into a total buyout? They won't accept diluted shares on ones they already own!

A don't know if the 3 bears can turn this around alone? But king has brought more negative publicity to the club than I can write on here mate

17 Apr 2017 00:10:55
But he has done much more for the club than Ashley, Whyte, Green or the Easdales did so by comparison we are in a better place. The glass isn't always half empty
The profits of doom on here need to relax a little and eat some Easter eggs

13 Apr 2017 13:53:10
In the media today that the 30 day deadline Dave King was given to make an offer to buy out all other Rangers shareholders by the Takeover Appeals Panel has passed without any action from him. Do any of our regular posters who also know a bit about the world of finance know if there are serious consequences for the club re this? Already seen Celtic bloggers saying it's because he couldn't prove he's got the funds to do it and he"ll be banned from the board by the SFA . Given the source hopefully it's just sh*t stirring bo***cks but I'd like to hear from people who actually care about the club what they think.

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12 Apr 2017 21:31:13
I see today is david king last day to make a offer for all other share looking very unlickley
That he is going to make this offer.
wonder what the consqunces off no offer made buy king will have on the club.

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13 Apr 2017 08:23:29
Chances are there will be no consequences of it at all. This whole thing about buying shares was a farce. The Takeover Panel have no authority at all, and at best they could fine King (non-enforceable) .

King has done the right thing tbh as it would have been rejected by all.

13 Apr 2017 10:01:08
Another blow to the reputation of the club and one that will make more investment from new sources even more unlikely.

Well done, Dave.

13 Apr 2017 16:46:40
onlyshowaround. your ignorance of finance is only surpassed by your blind defence of all things King. the takeover panel have issued a statement today stating that due to kings reluctance to comply they have issued a writ to the court of session compelling king to comply as per section 955 of the companies act 2006.or is it another conspiracy and the high court will just rip it up and let king off? after all you have just told everybody it is a farce e tab have no real authority. aye bloody right. this will not end well for king ergo will not end well for Rangers.

13 Apr 2017 17:28:57
This will not worry King as although he has to make a bid it will be rejected as he will offer the minimum.

13 Apr 2017 18:30:12
Andy1872.if it doesn't worry king then why has he not done it then and complied with the order thus averting another costly case in the court of session. or is it because he has to offer around 11 million if all take up his offer . unlikely I agree with you however if a fair amount do accept he will have to fork out real money. does he have it?

13 Apr 2017 18:50:00
your spot on naz, to me this is just another bad move from king
that could backfire on him as they can get a court order to force him to make the offer.

this just shows disregard for the clubs reputation and shows that king is lacking the funds to move our club forward.
if he had funds he should have made the offer and saved all the bother regardless if folk sold or not.

13 Apr 2017 18:40:54
Andy1872 it will cost king around 2/ 3 million to put the prospectus together . As far as I'm aware he also needs a nomad which has proved a problem since he came in! 13/ 14 million has also got to be put into an escrow account to prove the money is available should the share buyout to be successful. How many people may cash in at the origional 20p to get their money back? Will Ashley and the easedales sell just to hurt king in the pocket? So this actually could be worrying and costly for Mr king


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