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02 Jun 2020 14:24:38
Talks are underway with hibs regarding Kamberi, rangers are trying to include jamie Murphy in the deal.

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02 Jun 2020 16:15:47
Not true, Hibs are only looking for £250k, last year of his contract and only paid £100k for him and know that after his comments about Rangers when he signed he will be lucky to get a spot training with the youth team. Murphy is worth £1m and has interest from championship clubs.

02 Jun 2020 17:39:45
I like Murphy and don't particularly want him to leave.
I'd be amazed if anyone offers £1m for him though.

02 Jun 2020 17:53:45
I don't think murphy is anywhere near the quality we need. He's not a first 11 pick, probably at best a rotated squad player. If we get 500k that would be good business👍.

02 Jun 2020 19:01:43
Coldo I’d take 500 k. We need to move forward.

02 Jun 2020 20:13:50
Murphy could have had a short successful spell with us however his injury put a halt to that and now we are at level at which Murphy can't compete, time to move him on and find a club where he can see his career out.

02 Jun 2020 20:58:30
Think you guys are a bit harsh with Murphy. Take Celtic out our league and he won't face a better standard that what he did when on loan. He did pretty well. Murphy is a decent player. Not saying world beater but good enough. Handy guy to have on the bench. IMO would like keep him and Jones as back up wingers but believe Jones isn't fancied by management. Barker will be sold or released as he has no future, Middleton will be loaned out again and money would be better spent elsewhere. Before his injury murphy showed enough. Since his injury showed enough on loan. He was never the fastest but his vision and reading of the game are excellent. Plus unlike any other winger we have he can guarantee you goals every season.

02 Jun 2020 21:17:47
Bellshill u can’t just release a player who has a three year deal.

02 Jun 2020 21:28:21
Kamberi has 2 years left on his contract get your facts correct, you don't know what your talking about.

02 Jun 2020 23:16:43
Hibs, however, will be keen to make a profit on the £100,000 they paid to Grasshoppers as the soon-to-be-capped Albanian international goes into the final year of his contract.

Above direct from a Hibs fan page and also now picked up by a tabloid newspaper. Not everything is 100% on transfermarkt. co. uk.

03 Jun 2020 15:03:34
Mccrorie who r u referring to. I’m talking about Barker.

03 Jun 2020 16:28:59
Are we the only supporters when a fee is mentioned for our own players we immediately half it and say why would anyone pay that?
Should we not be pushing the other way.

04 Jun 2020 13:32:45
If it’s true Brandon Barker is on around 10k per week I very much doubt he will be going anywhere. We would have to pay someone to take him, he may well be the least talented player I’ve seen at ibrox for quite some time.

02 Jun 2020 07:36:38
Lyle Taylor refusing to play for Charlton as he fears he may get injured and hamper a life changing move, no news on which team he was implying though.

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02 Jun 2020 09:42:22
hope its not us, what a disgusting attitude if true.

02 Jun 2020 10:19:58
Goughie has said its to a club with opportunities to win trophies, then this morning they speculated that it could be one of us or them he goes to and would quadruple his wages.

02 Jun 2020 10:36:16
Really. really hope that's not the standard were going for.

02 Jun 2020 11:20:03
Agree refuse to play for club i would kick him out the door and hope it not gers he going to

I think if he done that at gers gerrard would drive him back down south himself.

02 Jun 2020 12:21:27
Is he not out of contract though?

02 Jun 2020 12:37:15
Yes JYF, you’re right. Again people reacting to half a story. Basically he is out of contract and if it wasn’t for C.V. would his contract and time at Charlton would be up. He’s being asked to come back and continue playing for them if/ when their league starts up again towards the end of June (even though his contract with them is up) He is obviously currently in negotiations with a new club and it is obviously a very big opportunity for him (may well be us) . Clearly he is worried if he goes back and plays the remains games for Charlton and then gets injured the move would be off and he is left without a club. Suddenly the whole situation looks different right?!

02 Jun 2020 13:12:40
He is not out of contract until the 30th of June, championship pre season is on from now and they are finishing the season from the 20th June, he would play at least 2 games for them in a relegation fight but most players are extending to finish seasons with their current clubs. I’m not slating the guy he obv has a massive contract by his standards waiting to go from whatever club it is getting him, but he is definitely contracted to play at least a couple of games for them until 30th.

02 Jun 2020 13:21:29
Don't blame the guy for refusing to play under the current circumstances tbh especially if he is on the brink of a life changing move. He's 29 so it'll more than likely be his last chance of good money. Sometimes you need to be selfish and look after yourself, it's a short career. In saying that, i'd be raging if i was a Charlton fan. Bowyer is a wee jam rag anyway so who cares!

02 Jun 2020 14:23:00
He's refusing to play because of the current situation along with others in the same squad. If you are going to read the papers, read them accurately!

02 Jun 2020 15:46:49
Don’t worry its stated he is moving to a club with a chance of winning things, so that rules us out haha.

02 Jun 2020 16:18:51
Just shows you the amount of people on here, or any sites, who can’t wait to open their mouth and talk Shute, when they know nothing about nothing,

This is his career not yours.

02 Jun 2020 17:12:52
tommy1246 everybody is entitled to their own opinion, what was the point of your post if only to complain about people you know nothing about either, nothing constructive in your post mate, except if you know taylor personally which i presume you dont.

02 Jun 2020 18:14:02
Sorry mate? You know these weren’t opinions on the guy, they were judgements, don’t you see that?

02 Jun 2020 18:55:10
Lee bowyer was on talkSPORT the facts are there not in papers, he spoke well of Taylor’s situation and explained it well. As I explained above.

02 Jun 2020 19:03:20
But coully how would lee bowyer know more than people on here about Taylor’s situation.

02 Jun 2020 19:36:24
Haha I know, he also stated Taylor wants to play but is just too worried about an injury so close to life changing and possibly only big move he ll get given age.

02 Jun 2020 19:37:08
I don’t know why anyone would buy and read a paper anymore.

02 Jun 2020 21:02:47
Would we accept any player refusing to play for our Jersey in the same circumstances? As a fan since I was born no rangers player would ever be accepted by our fans for refusing to play for the jersey. His contract isn't up until the end of June so technically still contracted if the EFL resumes in a couple weeks.

02 Jun 2020 23:08:02
You got this arse over elbow bellshill, ridiculous post, Charlton fans won't need to" accept" him, hei not a Charlton player, he is about to sign for another club, and if the club is Rangers and he broke his back playing a one off for Charlton after agreeing terms with Rangers then what would you say?

02 Jun 2020 23:08:47
And no player is made to play either, there is still a C.V. around.

03 Jun 2020 11:42:34
If Kyle Taylor wants to win trophies why does he want to come to us? We have won nothing in a decade, yes a tenth of a century so hope he goes elsewhere to fulfil his dreams.

03 Jun 2020 15:19:22
And you say your a rangers supporter?

01 Jun 2020 12:43:41
Morelos stays scores 35 goals.
Rangers win league and Sco cup.
Lennon sacked half way through season.
Gerrard stays another season and wins treble.

Gerrard heads to Liverpool a Glasgow Rangers legend.
Morelos leaves with gerrard after a Scottish transfer record 37 mil.
The mhanks still have their wee * asterix as part of their history.
Fans are back in stadiums and Parkhead.

Social distancing scrapped.
Pubs, bookies, and barbers all doing well.
What a difference a couple of years make.
Buzz wins mastermind (Glasgow Rangers, 1873-2022).

The Futures Bright The Futures Blue.

{Ed033's Note - Remember, the UK government said and still say on their own web site:
"As of 19 March 2020, COVID-19 is no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious disease (HCID) in the UK" - From UK Gov web site

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01 Jun 2020 14:28:09
June 2020 outbreak of strongest drugs ever taken.

01 Jun 2020 15:54:01
Oatlander wish i had some of whatever your on.

01 Jun 2020 20:00:15
You're an eternal optimist.

01 Jun 2020 20:39:40
Being positive produces positive results - so I wholeheartedly agree with Oats.

01 Jun 2020 22:02:34
Ollie mcburnie 20mil hadn’t scored a premier league
And scored about 40 odds his career in lower leagues,
Solanke 20 mil hasn’t scored a premier league goal either
And not many professional goals all same age as Alfredo
Yet he’s not worth that much?

Scored about 80 pro goals, an international goal for Columbia, set a record in europa league history!
He’ll batter in goals anywhere, if we accept anything less than 30plus for him we are stupid.
Goldson 10
Tav 15
Kamara 10
Aribo 15
Borna 20

If we accept less than that for any of them we are nuts,
Celtic play hardball with figures so should we!

02 Jun 2020 10:04:28
Oatlander can I have some what you are on. Can only dream of some of that. Heres hoping you are right but very much doubt that.

02 Jun 2020 10:05:19
Oh dear the 15m for tav has started again 🙈.

02 Jun 2020 10:04:40
Morelos stays, continues to have disciplinary issues, spends most of the season out suspended.
Rangers win nothing.
Lennon guides Celtic to another treble and 10 in a row.

Gerrard is sacked and rejoins Liverpool as a youth coach.
Morelos joins a mid/ bottom half Premier league team for £10-15m (fair price) .
Celtic complete 10in a row, not caring about any jealous attempt to try and discredit the feat.

The rest just seems like gibberish but that was fun to write.

02 Jun 2020 10:05:16
Frazyul, ', yes, a fair value of our players, mate,

02 Jun 2020 11:37:48
Mind is pickled if u think get 10 mill for kamara or 10 for Goldson. If we get 5 were doing amazing.

02 Jun 2020 20:46:56
Kamara has bags of potential easy 10 mil
Yous are forgetting players like John mcginn etc went down there and he hardly set the spl on fire, average at best, look at him down there, we are under valuing our players drastically.

Kamara is a finish international, Italians were raving about him when the played against them.
Tav easily 15 mil
Look at his stats! And hardly misses a game always fit and ready, modern day full back. If he was 21/ 22 he’d be worth about treble that!

03 Jun 2020 11:39:37

Those figures are totally ridiculous and there is no chance any of them will go for anywhere near those sums. Sheer fantasy figures. Tav £15m is laughable.

01 Jun 2020 07:59:51
Sgl you asked how i knew about tav bein captain again for #stopthetims next season. friend of mines knows a few people. tav unless sold during transfer window definately captain 100% . Morelos has no links with any team, has been put on a strict diet and will again definately be with rangers until atleast january 2021. (which i dint like. don't like him)

Goldson moving to premiership
BB staying.
Mcgregor last yer as number 1 choice
Davis part time player (as and when required)
Defoe bench warmer
Kamberi (permanent deal 4 year contract)

In the unlikely event tav leaves. jacks captain

Lewis ferguson deal around 85% done. His teams allowed him to leave. finalising transfer fee then personal terms.

Trying to being in 2 more defenders and 2 strikers. anyone else that comes in is a bonus.

As always i don't believe anything until its proven) why i won't accept celtics 9iar title) . but this guys been pretty reliable in the past.

Posted about a month ago stating hagi deals done and 1 or 2 of you bullsh! tted me saying can't sign until transfer window opens. pretry sure he's signed now and no transfer window yet.

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01 Jun 2020 08:47:39
Deal done for hagi yes but can't sign till window is open.

01 Jun 2020 09:11:26
Kamara leaving? I am also certain one of borna or morelos will leave. We also need another striker even if morelos stays.

01 Jun 2020 15:28:52
Kamberi is definitely signing. Another quality and proven striker to be signed regardless of Morelos leaving in summer. Working assumption is that if Morelos does not leave in summer he will in January.

01 Jun 2020 23:27:49
good post ip and most of it I believe is fact but tav continuing as captain will be Gerards biggest mistake. Anyone who disagrees please enlighten us all why this guy should be the captain next season.

01 Jun 2020 23:32:28
We aren’t interested in Ferguson, it’s agent talk and no coincidence that a day after the Sun released their exclusive about us wanting him the record said Brentford want him. His agent is desperate for him to get him a move. Heavy interest in Morelos and BB from Europe, that’s Jordan Campbell of the Athletic saying the stuff about Morelos not me btw.

01 Jun 2020 23:34:47
Also, I’m not saying you’re wrong buddy and it is a rumours page after but I highly doubt we are looking at two defenders and two striker when Gerrard and the Scouting department all acknowledge that there is a lack of leadership in the team.

02 Jun 2020 08:36:44
Iggle if you were right (doubt it) then we are more or less trying to stop 10IAR with the same team we had last season! Swop Davis for Ferguson and a replacement for Goldson that’s about it. The two new strikers would be second fiddle to Morelos. Tav still captain calamity. Altogether not inspiring me much.

02 Jun 2020 20:41:35
What 10iar is that muppet? When did the 9 happen? Have I missed something? Who scored the goal that secured 9?

02 Jun 2020 23:22:36
Jordan is my neighbor since he was a kid so IL ask him mate.

31 May 2020 09:22:54
See the Lyle Taylor links aren't disappearing. Anyone know anything about him? Would he be worth a punt?

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31 May 2020 10:29:12
he’s had more clubs than tiger.

31 May 2020 11:06:00
Not for me, i would rather have Kamberi.

31 May 2020 11:20:44
Trev no 7

Maybe more clubs than Tiger but definitely not more women.

31 May 2020 13:01:05
He's not a particularly exciting signing but I think he'd score goals up here.

31 May 2020 13:15:38
Mr grumpy do u think he would improve team or be a. Squad player.

31 May 2020 15:20:30
If Morelos stays? Lyle would be a squad player for me. Think he has the speed, strength to play up here.
I liked the look of vydra (who we were linked with in January)
Jordan Rhodes, out of contract this summer?

31 May 2020 15:25:54
Its Cosgrove were needing from Aberdeen he's physical doesn't mjd getting inbetween the centre backs can stick him on a back post great for corners and stubborn defences where we can go aerial or 2 up top i love Defoe as a player but i don't rate the Defoe we currently have he would be better off as a coach.

31 May 2020 15:29:50
Too old for me ~ we need promising younger players who will grow with the current squad and club. He will be away in 2 years.

31 May 2020 16:25:35
We are hoping for a league title, we are hoping to compete well in Europe, we are hoping to win at least one cup - then we expect to do this with players like Taylor, Cosgrove, Dykes, Brophy, Shankland, Simunovic, Allan, Naismith? Get a grip! We're talking reality here, not Football Manager. Have some ambition for our club, for goodness sake, and stop making us a laughing stock by suggesting any of these guys are anywhere near good enough for Rangers.

31 May 2020 16:53:48
Who do you think rangers should be signing the Covenanter?

31 May 2020 17:17:59
mrgrumpy we employ staff scouts, freelance scouts, use continental scouting agencies and have a quality recruitment and management team to source players for us. I leave it to them. The days of an elderly man wearing a raincoat and bunnet and identifying as the Rangers scout are long gone. I do not have enough knowledge of all the players these people see, so not having that insight or information, I prefer to leave it to the experts. I do know that none of the above would be in my scouting book, though.

31 May 2020 17:52:16
Aye that's fine Covenanter but folk are only posting on a rumours/ banter site.
Would be a pretty boring site without the crazy rumours and banter? 😉.

31 May 2020 19:36:37
Get in for vydra.

31 May 2020 19:44:21
Sturridge is free.

31 May 2020 20:41:22
Sturridge is just another Jordan Rossiter.

31 May 2020 21:19:29
Played up here. I saw him a few times and unless he has developed into a far better player he was unnoticeable. Very ordinary. Could and should be looking for someone to push alfie not be a squad player. We need someone that will fight him for his starting spot. No offence to Defoe but he is an impact sub and not an option to start IMO.

31 May 2020 21:22:49
Paul 86 vydra is an excellent player.

31 May 2020 21:30:37
Vydra would be a good signing.

31 May 2020 21:49:54
Wouldn’t go near Cosgrove, most of his goals have been penalties. He wasn’t even getting a game for the sheep before the season ended. Curtis Main was starting ahead of him. Massively overrated and Aberdeen want stupid money for him as well. Think Taylor would be a similar level of signing as the likes of Garner. Vydra would be a sound signing above the other 2 but think he would be a squad player.

31 May 2020 23:06:30
Walter smith wasn't scared to pick up a player playing in scotland. andy goram, david robertson, alec cleland to name a few, certainly not the most spectacular signings at the time but more and did a job didn't they.

Do we really have 6months to year to bed in a player who's not used to the rough and tumble of the spfl (barasic? ) . I would get dykes we should be able to comfortably get him for well under a million understands the Scottish game and can help fight in those physical battles upfront that morelos fought by himself last season.

01 Jun 2020 09:26:23
Said it on here a few times now we should be looking at the big Croatian striker Mirko Maric from Osijek had a look online and he looks pretty good. Decent stats and young with sell on value, also mario gotze been released by Dortmund possibly out of our price range but you never know.

01 Jun 2020 09:54:36
Not seen much of this Vydra fella but his goal return ain’t up to much. Are we now thinking Morelos is going to stay? I for one would be delighted if he does, think becoming a father could be just what he needs to calm him down a bit.

01 Jun 2020 12:34:56
Plays as a striker for Charlton, apparently before that he was at Wimbledon where he was a record football league goal scorer. 44 goals with 55 in all competitions.

Apparently he also rates Joe Aribo highly.

01 Jun 2020 21:52:26
7 penalties out 15 of his goals none of them that great
No from me, he wasn’t that great at Falkirk either.

02 Jun 2020 23:29:54
Strangely he's also very much respeced by professional football people so IL go with them thanks, btw, covenant, did you happen to come across my very close pal wee Geordie C during your early career mate, wee George is a smashing guy.

27 May 2020 17:17:08
Haji officially announced. No shirt unveil as some thought.

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27 May 2020 17:45:45
Tjbb we can’t unveil shirts till end of June.

27 May 2020 20:52:26
Im sure during the Castore Interview Beaton said they would show the designs within a few weeks, going by that we could expect to see them end of may beginning of June, what makes you say end of June.

27 May 2020 21:07:21
Ibrox baby.

27 May 2020 23:26:32
Tjbb I believe Ashe has still got an injunction on us in relation to displaying strips and regaining shop
Will try look up Court papers Tomorrow if I have time
Sure it ended sometime towards end of June.

28 May 2020 06:07:40
The Fat man has gone John the shop is being refurbished 🇬🇧.

28 May 2020 07:24:59
The tin man work starts 1/ 7.

28 May 2020 10:16:28
The contract does not end until mid June, we also can't reveal strips because we are in lockdown (remember) that means nobody is at the club or training ground, it would be a bit ridiculous to be gathering players together to unveil the new strip.

28 May 2020 15:19:53
The fat man is going he has not gone yet.

28 May 2020 20:24:22
Hope the fat man turns into the wicker man 😠.

28 May 2020 22:11:07
Correct MOLS I just pray we have finally got rid off him.

29 May 2020 01:04:37
Even if we haven’t John its well on its way.
Thanks to Dave king and co . lest we forget
Only can pray that we can repay DK by inviting him to unfurl the next league champ flag.

29 May 2020 07:59:35
Yes I agree. I always felt king was there to rid us of Ashley and the other Paris items.
For that we should’ve eternally grateful.

29 May 2020 11:08:17
The shirts look nice they are on Display in new Rangers superstore while its being refurbished will be announced after ashleys deal ends.

29 May 2020 19:03:02
Unfortunately the fat man is like a BAD SMELL. He will hang around out of spite. He is just an EAST END BARROW BOY who got rich. Just like Trump he will hang around causing trouble just to be spiteful. It's in their nature, they seem to thrive on being hated. That's what happens when you are so thick skinned.

31 May 2020 15:27:27
Hagi, a great player at a great price, i just don't know how were fitting all the talent we have on the pitch.

27 May 2020 11:24:50
I see we are being linked with saido berahino again. No way I want him near Ibrox. His attitude stinks and he seems to me to be a troublemaker and a bad influence in the dressing room.

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27 May 2020 15:17:32
Had his chance a few seasons ago. Big no from me. The boy has talent but also huge chip on his shoulder from what i hear. don't need that in our dressing room.

27 May 2020 19:23:34
Don’t know enough about him tbh. Heard he has went away to Belgium and reinvented himself (according to Talksport) and got a few clubs talking about him again.

27 May 2020 21:42:37
It’s a dodgy one, he certainly spat the dummy out when he never got his move to Spurs. But he was a top young player back then. If he’s grown up and wants to make a real go of it the rewards could be great for both parties but if he’s just after another payday we could end up looking rather foolish.

I guess if we are looking at him then he would have to have a sit down with the gaffer and convince him that he’s ready to work hard to resurrect his career. But I certainly wouldn’t put all our eggs in that basket 😂.

28 May 2020 06:06:07
He would be another one for the refs and compliance officer to target a no from me🇬🇧.

28 May 2020 10:00:46
Won’t be driving to Ibrox any time soon.

28 May 2020 12:14:49
oh so now the refs and compliance officer dictate transfer policy? we have sunk to being employees of cfc? like the rest of the league?

29 May 2020 09:29:43
saido berahino poor mans mario balotelli i say worth a punt. as he's done Heewaw in his career so far and rangers can bring that edge out on some players, maybe we can with him.

30 May 2020 20:12:11
Looked like he could be a top top player at one point. Bad attitude and lost his way, but if he's screwed the nut could be worth a shout. I'd worry
About him in the goldfish bowl of glasgow tho.


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