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06 Mar 2019 13:13:11
Si Ferry saying that he think we'll bid for McKenna and sign shinnie in the summer. Don't think it's unlikely if morelos leaves with worral and the loans leaving. First I've heard of a possible move for McKenna but I'd take shinnie.

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06 Mar 2019 14:57:47
Aberdeen came out in the summer and said Celtic couldn't afford McKenna. Villa were looking at chucking about £8m at him I think. We're spending no more than £4m on a player absolute tops, even then I would be amazed. Our summer business will be pre-contracts, frees, loans and the odd player at £1m or £2m. If we sell Morelos for £20m+ and maybe a couple of others then we might creep up to a couple of £4m players.

06 Mar 2019 17:47:31
McKenna will go down south. No chance we’ll shell out the kind of money the sheep are looking for.

06 Mar 2019 18:11:32
McKenna won't be at rangers but shinnie is as good as a done deal.

06 Mar 2019 19:15:38
Macbow, i've heard tonight that jack ross has won the day and graeme shinnie is signing for sunderland.
Only passing on and sharing what i've heard. I honestly don't think we need graeme shinnie anyway. We have too much of the same types of midfielder, currently at ibrox!

06 Mar 2019 20:27:05
Si ferry talking out his ass. Even if we went in for mckenna he has no interest in joining us. I really don't think he's that great tbh.

06 Mar 2019 21:25:22
Is shinnie not supposed to be getting signed for LB? Our midielders could do with his dig in midfield👍.

07 Mar 2019 02:54:16
I don't want McKenna. I don't want Shinnie. The only Sheep player I'd take is. none of them.

07 Mar 2019 09:17:06
Paul86, what makes you think he has no interest in signing for us? His uncle and other family are about as big rangers fans as you can get.

08 Mar 2019 12:09:04
Mckenna will sign for leicester city

Any bets lol.

11 Mar 2019 09:55:31
Hami1156 i know him and know a lot of folk around him he's from Kirrie. He wants to go down south. This is Fact.

11 Mar 2019 09:58:55
Also another point we cannot afford him.

06 Mar 2019 10:29:15
Gerard apparently looking at Millwall RB Mahlon Romeo. Given that we have Polster, could Tav be off?

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06 Mar 2019 15:39:23
Yes he's 100% been targeting as a replacement however I think it would take around £8m for us to sell Tav.

06 Mar 2019 15:58:33
I’ve seen the boy Romeo a couple of times this seaon mainly coming off the bench at Millwall. Tidy player, more like Logan at the sheep than Tav. Certainly not the attackng threat of Tav.

06 Mar 2019 18:13:03
It would cost more, than 6 mill
To take Romeo to rangers.

06 Mar 2019 23:20:43
Macbow. £6m for a soon to be out of contract player?

07 Mar 2019 08:57:09
Romeo, Romeo, where for art thou, Romeo!
I'll get my coat.

05 Mar 2019 22:58:04
Dortmund are the latest side to be linked with EL Buffalo according to Sky Sports News he's very much on their radar.

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05 Mar 2019 08:10:20
According to the Daily Star Brenda wants Morelos - no mention of cost.

They also mention that he wants Elif Elmas, 19 Elif Elmas for £30 million.

It would now seem that interest is starting to simmer - I still think that £30 million is the bar.

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05 Mar 2019 09:19:13
Steady, no way will we get thirty.

05 Mar 2019 09:50:09
How about a swap deal with Liverpool for Kent + £18 million.

05 Mar 2019 11:34:53
I would take 30mil or kent and 18mil in a heartbeat but I'm realist so👍.

05 Mar 2019 12:09:30
Apparently Stewart Robertson has come out and said we rate him at the same as Dembele which is 20m.

05 Mar 2019 12:55:28

05 Mar 2019 14:10:43
Sky Sports - Leicester and Dortmund now interested.

As I said earlier simmering nicely, and as our MD stated talks start at £20 million.

Lovely Jubbly.

05 Mar 2019 20:38:12
I think 30M not beyond bounds of impossibility. Know its Scotland elsewhere transaction but recent English transactions are touching 40-50M mark.

05 Mar 2019 22:34:38
So many on here living in fantasyland morelos in same team as salah and mane and firmino unbelievable.

06 Mar 2019 10:23:20
30 million for Morelos, £12 million with adding maybe, as Harry Neilson said ( give ‘s a break )

06 Mar 2019 18:17:00
A lot will depend on what the buffalo wants get a want 15 mill
Plus the guy celtic have on loan
Thus keeping a bigger percentage
Of the fee due to still owing
10 per cent to the finns.

06 Mar 2019 21:02:35
Are some of you on the Davie Weir? £30 Million 😂😂 Give yourself a shake 😂😂😂😂.

04 Mar 2019 19:48:44
Heard in hospitality at Ibrox that Liverpool want Morelos for £21.5 million and loaning him back for another season and also shinnie deal is done.

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05 Mar 2019 00:36:59
Doubt it very much.

05 Mar 2019 06:28:08
Wot a load of rubbish Neil coulter.

05 Mar 2019 06:55:55
Sounds like utter nonsense.

05 Mar 2019 07:43:01
I would love this rumour to be true. Already agree with Shinnie part and apart from you knowing the fee the Liverpool transfer isn’t as far fetched as some may believe.
Liverpool received that type of fee for 5th choice forward Solanke. We have done business with them multiple times since Gerrard arrival and Liverpool need a central striker. Morelos offers something different to Salah, Mane, Firminho and Origi. I think he’s better than Origi and spending another year playing games and improving would benefit Liverpool with them getting a more complete player and would benefit Rangers with him being here another season knowing he has deal in place to leave keeping him happy.
I’d guesstimate us doing business for Kent on a permanent and £12m.

05 Mar 2019 08:59:35
Best rumour I’ve heard in a while.

05 Mar 2019 11:37:20
Morelos offers something different to salah mane firmino. I love morelos but Wow that is quote of the day👏👍.

05 Mar 2019 14:47:58
Coldo Morelos does offer something different to Salah, Mane and Firmino. Less quality, pace and more fouls/ offsides 🤣. Think the wee man is brilliant but he needs to go up another level, even on this season to challenge that 3. He's got potential though he played will in europa this year.

05 Mar 2019 15:59:08
We all love morelos, but suggesting he would compliment that liverpool front 3 because he offers something different is just bonkers. The front 3 who were champions league finalists last year, the front 3 who are going all the way with city for Epl title this year. Honestly some of pi$h you read on here is mind numbing👍.

05 Mar 2019 21:06:13
This site is mental! 🙈.

03 Mar 2019 17:44:16
So that's the morelos to Leicester rumours starting in the press. That didn't take long.

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03 Mar 2019 18:14:02
Yeah and if you believe the rumours, he's not going to try for any of his ex players.

03 Mar 2019 18:46:51
Who friggin cares, Morelos will leave some day, find the team that will give us the most money, if it's liecster makes no difference. Already their fans moaning the traitor will fund us in transfer market.
I for one love it, turn it around if boy goes to liecster for twenty plus, let's all thank Brenda for the Monet because their fans can't handle the idea.

03 Mar 2019 19:07:49
I agree Jboy. Every team in Scotland is a selling team. If a player gets the club a good profit, they are more than welcome to go.

03 Mar 2019 19:20:44
If we get £20m as long as it’s not celtic I don’t care where he goes tbh. He’s been great this season and I thank him for everything he’s done but between constantly saying he wants to leave at the end of the season and his terrible discipline I will be sad to see him leave but not gutted if we are getting a mammoth sum when he goes.

03 Mar 2019 19:41:32
Can't see Leicester doing rangers any favours.

03 Mar 2019 19:58:25
If our scouting department is fit for purpose we will have replacements lined up for the summer if he goes, either way I’d be looking at another striker in the summer, two if Morelos goes.

03 Mar 2019 21:09:32

04 Mar 2019 14:08:24
If there is, any truth I'm these rumours it would make you think Rodgers rates the buffalo
Which I doubt especially at over 10
Mill which may be nearer his, selling

04 Mar 2019 19:22:03
Morelos won’t be leaving for any less than 20 million, Everone knows that Morelos is by far the best player we have, and on here some fans saying we should take 8 million for him, there is no other striker like him outside of a massive club, he’s like third in Europe chances created behind messi and Mbappe and form like that doesn’t go unnoticed, every team in the premier League will be watching him along with most of the big European teams, if Morelos leaves in the summer it’ll be for no less than 20 million, so many teams watching will inevitably lead to a bidding war.

05 Mar 2019 07:51:14
The Scottish league is not highly thought of though and we have only heard of the likes of Lens or Lille in France, Besiktas or Fenerbache, Chinese teams and possibly Leicester actually showing an interest.
He has also only got 1 cap as a cameo for Colombia. Then there’s his temperament to consider, the fact he publicly wants to leave and that we aren’t cash rich.
Before you all start I think he’s far better than Dembele who went for £20m.
The only difference though is he scored multiple goals in the old firm games which are watched all over the world, he was French u21 who scored lots in these games and in the Champions League, Celtic were better off financially and that deal was only struck once they failed to qualify for Champions league so we’re more attracted by selling him.
I think he is more likely to be sold for £10-15m, hopefully at least £12m with a sizeable sell on clause.

05 Mar 2019 17:24:25
Liverpool interested in a player plus cash deal with Kent staying permanently at Ibrox, £15 million and Morelos coming back on loan for a season, will be an excellent piece of business.

05 Mar 2019 22:49:43
Dembele scoring old firm goals isn't really worth much considering the amount of goals celtic scored against us last season, our defence was like a sieve, but it's facts and figures we go by and he has scored more champs league and old firm goals than Morelos. I wonder why Rogers isn't trying to get his 9 million marquee signing instead of El Buffalo 🤔.

03 Mar 2019 11:13:19
Yet again I’ve been told about Shinnie coming to Rangers, the chap who I was talking to has connections within Ibrox and I was told SG told Shinnie he wanted to sign him as a left wing back as Davis won’t be kept on and Halliday moving back in to CM.

The more I think of it the more sense it makes.

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03 Mar 2019 12:24:34
I think there may be something in this as well shinnie is keeping where he is going very quiet I think he would be a good squad player to have on board but those eyes give me the heebeegeebies 👀.

03 Mar 2019 15:38:55
Be better go in for wats his name goscrove.

03 Mar 2019 19:22:10
Halliday isn’t good enough to play in midfield.

03 Mar 2019 19:24:16
Been told off 2 different people in the know he’s coming to Rangers on a Bosman. He was best CM on the park today and will be a good acquisition. I’m hearing he’s being signed as a CM though although Gerrard likes his flexibility and ability to play LB as back up.
Think he’s better in CM and Halliday is better as a LB.
Waldo cert to leave when contract expires at end of season and I think Halliday is better LB than Barisic if I’m honest,

04 Mar 2019 02:10:43
He might sign but if he does it'll be for center mid and as cover at left back.

Halliday simply isn't good enough for center mid, and is probably a better left back than Shinnie and based on recent performances, probably more reliable than Barasic too.

Personally hope Barasic comes good but as of right now I'd say Halliday a bit ahead - surprising as it is.

05 Mar 2019 22:57:02
To be fair this discussion about Barisic coming good at LB and Shinnie being able to cover LB, is nobody actually happy that Halliday has been very steady there when he has played? Right now HE is our LB, we should start giving this guy some credit where it's due. Even when he was sent away on loan, slated by everyone, he has kept his head down worked hard and reaped the rewards. What a great attitude to have which is probably a big part of why SG has laid trust in him and I can't remember him playing badly this season to be fair.

23 Feb 2019 19:20:00
I was talking to a friend today who usually gets good info and he told me we have opened up dialogue with HJK regarding the young striker that impressed against us in the friendly match. We are also keen on the sitting midfielder but with our current dm being filled will keep tabs on him over next 6 to 12 montgs.

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23 Feb 2019 19:25:40
They don't see the forward as an out and out striker more the number 10 type float round about morelos.

24 Feb 2019 12:10:05
He was a cracking prospect - think only 18/ 19 as well. Stood out like a sore thumb.

24 Feb 2019 15:27:14
Eetu Vertainen. Outsanding against us. Well known Rangers site was advocating us making a move for him. Maybe Stevie listened?

24 Feb 2019 21:12:31
He has everything and right age to. Could emulate morelos coming improving and going for big profit. Would also put another friendly into the deal. Johansan seems to rate the players in Finland highly. Could be worth taking a look at that market.

23 Feb 2019 17:13:37
Graeme Shinnie has been signed on pre contract for next season.
Won't be announced till after Scottish Cup tie but deal has been signed this week.
For me he was outstanding in win at Pittodrie last month and is a better version of young McCrorie.
Coulibaly will return to Angers and Rossiter will be sold for minimal fee with Docherty returning to club when Shrewsbury loan ends.
Davis only on loan till end of season with him in straight fight with Dorrans to see who stays.

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23 Feb 2019 18:10:50
Don't know how good your info is regarding graeme shinnie signing for us mate and like some on here, I don't doubt you, when you're only sharing on here with fellow bears, to what you've been told! that's what these pages are all about. If its true and shinnie does sign for rangers, then i think he'll need to settle for being a squad player, who will only get a start from time to time, through injuries or loss of form, of the better midfielders at our disposal! Our current strongest midfield 3 imo are, ryan jack, glen kamara and scott arfield! With ross mccrorie, andy halliday, greg docherty, steven davis, matt polster,
graham dorrans all waiting in the wings! With the future of both lassana coulibaly and jordan rossiter, to be decided in the summer. So where would shinnie fit into our midfield? I personally don't think we need shinnie or should sign him! Its an outstanding, creative no.10 midfielder we're needing!

23 Feb 2019 19:09:35
hope this info is correct as i think shinnie has a lot to offer good player with a lot of dig in his game big loss for the sheep which makes it all the sweeter if true.

23 Feb 2019 19:15:45
What a load of single fish. Why WHY make up stories? I have only once had info about a signing and that was Goldson. Who would we drop for Shinnie? nonsensical.

23 Feb 2019 20:23:19
Queens 11, which midfielder do we drop for graeme shinnie then mate?
None IMO because we already have better than shinnie at the club!

23 Feb 2019 20:35:47
Shinnie can play CDM and LB. I'd think he'd be a squad player. I think we will have a bit of a clear out in the summer, especially in midfield. I personally don't think he's any better than what we have but I'll trust SG judgment.

23 Feb 2019 20:43:36
I was told this in January. I was told he’d signed as it would be kept under wraps until later in the season.

23 Feb 2019 22:43:48
Shinnie is good enough to rival Camara and Jack for 1 of the midfield holding positions. Remember Wallace is out of contract in summer and won’t be renewed and Shinnie can also drop into LB to give us a bit of physicality and experience in there if required.
Tbf Halliday has totally surpassed my opinion of his ability in there from Tynecastle display to Old Firm he has really stepped up and played!
IMO I like Docherty and McCrorie but think Shinnie is better than both sane as Halliday (in CM) and Rossiter, not seen much of Polsner to give honest opinion.
Maybe Gerrard likes Shinnies versatility to play back up LB the way he does with Polsner as RB back up.
Rumour will be confirmed shortly, shoot me down if it doesn’t become true but I’m confident what Iv been told is factual.
Enjoy weekend, 2-1 tomorrow 8/ 1 fill your boots 👍🏻.

23 Feb 2019 23:20:43
I posted this in the window and was shot down in flames . He’s the type of player the manager referred to last week - a leader . Would be a welcome addition.

24 Feb 2019 00:03:39
Shinnie is a leader and real competitor and his original position is left back. On a free I would take him as he would make the squad stronger.

24 Feb 2019 06:59:13
Graeme shinnie IMO won't sign for rangers to just be a squad player.
He's in his peak years as a footballer and will want to play at his next club, week in week out! For me he wouldn't get that at rangers because for me both ryan jack and glen kamara are better than him and that's why i just can't see us signing him! We've got too many similar midfielders at our disposal and badly need a very creative no.10 midfielder, first and foremost!

24 Feb 2019 08:23:33
I can actually see this being true. We had signed jack on a pre contract long before it was announced. I think Shinnie would be a good addition to the squad. Can play several positions and knows the Scottish game.

24 Feb 2019 15:25:00
I heard this as well and posted it in January. Apparently he told his neighbour who passed on the info. Must be trying to kerp it under his hat as he doesn't want a Ryan Jack situation where that shower will make his life hell while he is still at the club. Just passing on what i'd heard. On another note, just how good a footballer is Ryan Jack? First name on the team sheet for me.

24 Feb 2019 15:27:49
Don't want Shinnie. What a bang average player.

24 Feb 2019 16:42:27
Surely signing someone at his 'peak' is better for the club than signing players towards the end of their careers? Like I've said I have no idea if shinnie will sign for us but if he does. I think he'd be a handy player to have in the squad.

24 Feb 2019 18:46:37
Shinnie being signed for the left back role.

27 Feb 2019 13:18:16
If this was true why would we want to wait until after the cup game to announce?

04 Mar 2019 02:35:17
Our midfield is, bulging with players better than Shinnie. Even if we get rid of Coullibally, Dorrans et al he's not going to get a regular game.

18 Feb 2019 22:25:26
MajorWhitey, the London Road bus coming pal, good try though. Steven Gerrard will be here for at least 3 seasons, probably the 4 he signed up for.

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23 Feb 2019 10:15:04
Why is there no fresh rumours on here since 18th feb.


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