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11 Dec 2017 18:01:16
for Me the only real candidate left for the job is frank de Boer I know his last couple jobs haven't went great but surely he would command enough respect from the players and the board that they would give him what he asks for and he could unlock a eee gem from Holland just like JJ did in Finland and and then Allen has to help bring better quality in as well and we would be on a good level too challenge.

Antho we aren't to far behind just now if only we turned 2 defeats into wins we would be too lol.

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11 Dec 2017 18:33:25
is de boer even a good manager? he did what was expected at ajax and then his next 2 jobs bombed badly

11 Dec 2017 20:33:01
Lum. your joking right!? Done what was expected at Ajax!? The guy won 4 league titles in a row, making him the first manager ever to do that in the Dutch league and since he’s went Ajax haven’t won the title since. To say he bombed badly in his next 2 jobs also is extremely harsh. He wasn’t giving any time what so ever at these clubs. To sack a manager after 4 league games in charge which is what Palace done is unreal. I personally think De Boer would be a fantastic manager for our club, Big name in the footballing world and can clearly win trophy’s given what he done in a tough Dutch League. Having a Rangers connection is obviously an added bonus as he knows the size and history of the club. do I think he’d even take it though? Questionable.!

11 Dec 2017 22:30:34
I would definitely say Frank De Boer and Michel Preud'homme are very strong candidates at this stage.
The question remains. Do the board have the ability for such high profile appointments? I think not, though I would love to be proved wrong! These are non starters until the summer anyway. Something tells me Murty will be manager in August'18.

12 Dec 2017 08:05:28
I think because of how his last two jobs that it might give us a realistic chance of getting him, but who knows?

11 Dec 2017 18:00:14
Lenny new manager 😂😂😱😱😱👀.

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12 Dec 2017 06:50:11
I laughed at the above. then I thought Lennon loves nothing more that to be contreversial and be the centre of attention . he is always angling for a big high profile job.
Bigotry aside . what's Everyones thoughts?

11 Dec 2017 08:51:16
Herald carrying a story this morning about mcinnes meeting rangers board members last week which did happen and he did a u turn on becoming our manager i heard the meeting was at mar hall hotel

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11 Dec 2017 09:14:38
Aye apparently they went as far as discussing the team line up for the Ross County game. The compensation was agreed and DM was to meet the DOF to discuss transfer targets in January. We even had the good grace to wait till after the double header before making the approach official. I think DM will regret his decision. As i"ve said I'm delighted he turned down the job as I never thought he was the man for the job. I hope he does not get the chance again as if you are a real Rangers man you never ever turn down the chance imo. It is a pity the club did not release this story instead of the garbage they did come out with. Anyway we move on

11 Dec 2017 09:47:58
He would have fitted in nicely in the current set up let's be honest. He knows the club and the league. He knows what he needs to win this league, and didn't think he would get any closer to it with us. Fair decision made by an honest man. However the chance to manage on the hallowed turf should be gone forever. You don't get the opportunity twice if you have turned it down. McInnes knows that and won't expect it again. He knows he has to make it work with Aberdeen now, which should make our board bring in a proven manager to see off the threat. We wait in hope.

11 Dec 2017 10:44:13
I posted this a few times last week (kinda wish I hadn’t now) the deal was agreed in every way Inc compensation for Dons. It had pretty much all been sorted before the double header and contract was only thing needing signed. The players knew McInnes was coming before the first game. McInnes changing his mind pretty much with pen in hand shocked everyone inc Aberdeen who rumour had it were ready to make a move for Ross Jack. The board had not followed up any due diligence on 2nd or 3rd or any other options due to agreement and this lead to the piss poor statement being released.

11 Dec 2017 14:30:45
Well now, if all the above is true how do all you "fans" that slated the board for everything except being Celtic fans feel about this?
It, s a funny old world.

11 Dec 2017 17:13:57
I heard on Saturday that McInnes had spoken with DK prior to AGM and told him he was coming. Hence the reason the board seemed quite bullish about timeframes.
Apparently it was his wife who was against the goldfish bowl.

11 Dec 2017 18:06:50
Also saying that rangers offered him less wages than what he is on at Aberdeen. It didn't even get to the stage we were allowed to talk to him so how was he offered less wages. Everyone just seems to do anything to bring us down so we get laughed at I've had enough of it.

11 Dec 2017 18:06:25
Seeker, the board could not, and would never, be able to admit to this unless they had the explicit permission from the sheep to make such an approach - and I don't think they had that. It therefore could be construed as tapping up McInnes.

11 Dec 2017 18:07:02
Nowhere in this 'report' does it say the board met with McInnes. The board certainly did not. All conversations were through intermediaries and as I posted last week one of them was a former Rangers player. Everything else is true, though - he left our club hanging out to dry whe his bottle crashed. Fitted nicely in the current set up? He will never have the guts, temperament, presence, authority, charisma or character to ever be a Rangers manager. Time to move on and look to the future under a proper Rangers manager when that appointment is made.

11 Dec 2017 18:12:04
It sounds like the board have laid down their expectations he agreed thought about it and bottled it the irony is 2 trophy less seasons with the sheep finishing below us and he is out the door then where will he go

12 Dec 2017 08:03:07
Dutycalls. That does make sense tbh. If the club was to issue a statement like that we would leave ourselves open to a law suit.

11 Dec 2017 01:32:33
Heard a rumour that Moult to Celtic is a real possibility in January. Came from a Motherwell u19s player. Hope it's not true but even if it's not I'm not sure I have much faith in our board to secure his services right now. Would definitely be a good addition to us too.

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11 Dec 2017 08:36:05
its a cert he’ll go there they’ll cash in on dembele in january and get moult for cheap our only hope is a pre contract can't see us being in with a chance

11 Dec 2017 09:16:48
Especially with no permanent manager. Who"s to say the new man will want Moult. Anyway he is not the be all and end all. There are other good players out there. If he goes to them then aye nae bother

11 Dec 2017 11:38:44
they’ll cash in on dembele.

aye just like they were going to do in summer and then last january

won’t hold my breath on that one the 25m+ bids have strangely failed to materialise

i don’t think moult will sign for them as he’s got dembele and griffiths ahead of him as well as the french lad who just scored a hat trick

canny see it - hope Mark Allen gets his finger out &’he comes to us

11 Dec 2017 17:11:09
Trev, I was agreeing with your post right up to the part when you say Mark Allen gets his finger out. Does anybody know what he does? We know what he's meant to be doing but, what does he actually do?

11 Dec 2017 18:01:43
He won't get a game there. Dembele value dropping in my opinion. Good player but doubt English clubs will pay out for spl striker. Come to Gers and get a game. He definitely would score lots for us.

11 Dec 2017 18:08:02
Aye, some wee YTS kid is privy to this information. Get a grip of yourselves, guys, even giving this credence! As the Seeker says, Moult is anything but the be all and end all. In fact, he's not good enough for the future we should be planning.

10 Dec 2017 21:01:29
Whats your thoughts on Joe Dodoo and michael o'halloran coming back in january?

You think they will come in and make a difference or go straight back out?

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10 Dec 2017 21:30:14
Dodoo can't get a game in league 1 and is terrible and ohalloran is a decent player at st Johnston level so if we are to finish second and then kick on next season both of them nowhere near good enough.

10 Dec 2017 21:30:39
Ohalloran if played as a striker could be a useful asset in an open game but limited when the other teams park the bus, that's why he is successful at a diddy club and not at Rangers. Doddoo, not sure
but could be handy, if fit, and we suffer injuries to our main strike force. However I don't think either player has a long term future with us.

10 Dec 2017 22:03:01
don’t know about dodoo or MoH or forrester and halliday are their loans for 6months or a year . i wonder if murty would consider recalling any of them?

Id have them in ahead of herrera pena dalcio hodson etc

Given our injuries to wallace rossiter dorrans etc and looking at our bench yesterday it was very thin and if money is tight maybe recalling a loan or two might be worth considering

just sayin

11 Dec 2017 17:54:01
Would get Dodoo back and in the first team squad. He has had injury problems whilst at Charlton and has not played much, but his pedigree is strong as an explosive goal scorer. Don’t think MOH is good enough so would let him stay at SJ in hope he can find a club and we can recover some money.

11 Dec 2017 18:05:07
Moult should have been bought in summer and not herrara. He is murder. Prob struggle but why not offer him contract and see what happens, nothing to lose. Guys on loan maybe deserve another chance. Pena s driving me nuts, definitely a player in there but needs the right manager to get him going I think.

10 Dec 2017 13:31:41
Michael O'Neil will be approached again soon about taking rangers managers job, he is reported next on the list.

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10 Dec 2017 16:39:42
I was told at the agm that the McInnis approach would in their opinion more than likely fail, and that they had been told that O'Neill was considered but Alex Neil was the next one on the list. Not sure how true this but the chaps I spoke with over coffee seemed to know a lot that was going on.

10 Dec 2017 17:07:48
Would you come knowing your 2nd best?

10 Dec 2017 17:17:00
I hope not.

10 Dec 2017 17:20:26
michael oneil the former Brechin and shamrock manager . part time northern Ireland manager. if he's coming to us then we are in trouble.

10 Dec 2017 17:41:15
alec mcneil no thanks

10 Dec 2017 21:03:42
McNeils a big Celtic fan don’t think he would come

10 Dec 2017 21:05:55
Alec McNeil. Who he?

10 Dec 2017 21:08:14
Alex Neil would likely cost more in compo than McInnes since he only went to Preston in the summer and more to the point isn't he one of them? No thanks to him

11 Dec 2017 17:51:37
I would take either of them. I do like Neil. Personally doesn’t matter to me if he supported them before. Will take anyone who can take us forward.

10 Dec 2017 09:58:52
Kenny miller done?

my view is never had him back but I respect.

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10 Dec 2017 17:00:38
I'm not sure what you are saying

10 Dec 2017 16:54:35
Kenny miller has scored vital goals and won vital games for us. Yes he's slowing up but to say that we should never have had him back is just nonsense. It wasn't that long ago that most on here were saying where would we be without millers goals.

10 Dec 2017 17:09:05
Father time is catching up with him.

10 Dec 2017 17:44:32
Pedro was right not playing him. We will never know about the dramas that went on but whatever went on it’s clear miller was playing poor and deserved dropping. I just hope Murty isn’t playing him as he feels he should to please the crowd.

10 Dec 2017 22:02:37
thats exactly what murts is doing. miller will play wherever he wants in murtys team. he should be coming off the bench if played at all

11 Dec 2017 18:03:52
Who else is going to step in right now with injuries etc if millers out, Herrera? i'd have Miller in my team before him.

09 Dec 2017 14:28:19
I have said it before we need Walter to come back for a couple of seasons to steady the ship and no he's not too old this guy will get us going again.

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09 Dec 2017 14:48:04
We need to learn to live without Walter. What happens when he’s not here? You can’t keep going back to yer auld da every time something goes wrong.

09 Dec 2017 16:00:42
Walter has gone above and beyond the call of duty. Just let the man enjoy his retirement!

09 Dec 2017 19:27:54
walter ain't happening mate
he doesn't rate the board set up for starters

09 Dec 2017 20:10:22
tilla die- walter sat on a board with a bigger load of numpties than this lot

09 Dec 2017 20:19:49
didn't last long when he realised
that TB

09 Dec 2017 20:41:42
One of the boys saying today Walter has been helping out Murty. Apparently in the dressing room before 1st Aberdeen game.

Just guys talking over a few beers today before the game today so no inside info or any rubbish like that.

09 Dec 2017 22:20:37
Blue 89 am sorry but when the chips are down I know that me personally I do go back to my Auld da for advice and believe we should do it!

10 Dec 2017 07:47:06
We can't keep looking for Walter to bail us out all the time. Let the man enjoy his retirement.

10 Dec 2017 08:10:32
Jesus christ. Walter has retired and hopefully enjoying his life. We will get a manager don't need to continue living in past glories.

10 Dec 2017 08:16:05
for god sake your talking as if he’s sitting in a old folks home in his wheel chair he’s at the game every week anyway right I will ask you if Walter said he’d come back for a season or 2 would you take him or not?

10 Dec 2017 09:41:09
walter always on phone to advise GM, not sure about dressing room.

10 Dec 2017 09:53:49
The advice is already there, from Walter and others. Why is there this great need to make it official? It's working the way it is.

10 Dec 2017 10:02:20
say it again

10 Dec 2017 10:10:50
Walter is not sitting in his chair looking out the window in a old managers home he goes to Ibrox every week he’s the man to steady the ship for a year or two if he said yes would you take him?

10 Dec 2017 10:19:20
There's a difference between attending a game and being around club, to getting involved with 1st team affairs. Of course most would take Walter in a heart beat but think it's pretty sad to keep depending on the guy in hour of need.
We need a manager and to move forward. Stop living in the past.

10 Dec 2017 16:55:07
Right who do you want every name that’s been mentioned on here gets shot down in flames ie McLeish, Smith, Davis, Ferguson, Mcall, butcher, Wright, McInnes, O’Neil, Clark, neil, McLaren, pardew, Pulis, Coleman so fireaway who do you want?

10 Dec 2017 17:11:10
Why would Walter want to tarnish his legacy?

10 Dec 2017 21:11:16
Why are some fans asking fur Walter back when king has already said the people that's not currently in a club will not be reaching the next of the interview process so that rules out the legend

09 Dec 2017 12:02:19
Heard that someone saw strachan leaving ibrox with gough.

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09 Dec 2017 14:16:59
Maybe he did. but it's not about him being our next manager that's for sure

09 Dec 2017 14:35:01
Hope not. Don't think he would bring anything.

09 Dec 2017 14:40:12
The mind boggles!

09 Dec 2017 19:35:00
tell your mate to stop drinking
clearly didn't happen
Richard has better company

09 Dec 2017 09:56:08
does anyone else think it might have been ashley who pulled the plug on mcinnes as we all keep seeing once newcastle been sold he rumoured to want rangers?

If that's true them he going to want his own manager in no mcinnes etc?

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09 Dec 2017 10:23:15

09 Dec 2017 11:13:42
Don’t want that guy any where near us man honestly he’s bad for our club if he comes in a will never step foot inside ibrox again until he is gone the guys a horrible virus you can’t get rid of a can’t believe there’s fellow bluenoses on here wanting this guy in after how he shafted is in the retail deal am no saying king is a saint but please no Ashley at ibrox

09 Dec 2017 11:33:24
Look Mcinnes rejected us, time to accept it.

I was in the Mcinnes camp but tbh after watching that utter dross last night vs Dundee, might be a blessing in disguise. fair enough they got the win but Mcinnes was screaming for the fulltime whistle 30 seconds before injury time was up against Dundee. Honking side, we should finish 2nd comfortably if we get a decent manager in.

Ps. Ashley isn't coming back, it cost the board millions getting rid of him, why do people keep thinking this is an option.

09 Dec 2017 14:19:52
What has Ashley got to do with anything. he doesn't even have any shares anymore. as for him coming back. pure nonsense. no chance our fans or board would let him back in the door. it's took us 5 yrs to get rid of him. he's not coming back under any circumstances

09 Dec 2017 14:30:15
Your joking right?

09 Dec 2017 14:32:02
No away and howl at the moon do you seriously think Dave King is ordered around by Mike Ashley? Are you mental!

09 Dec 2017 14:33:07
Seriously kaymer?

09 Dec 2017 19:36:16
del didn't speak to gers
his mrs canned it

10 Dec 2017 08:14:05
Haha fantastic 😂

10 Dec 2017 09:45:04
in 5 words;
nothing to do with ashley

10 Dec 2017 09:50:10
Ashley is coming back. The fans have no day in that. New shares will be issued. King and the 3 bears will acquire the majority and will sell to Ashley and recoup their loans. that's the plan but still waiting ruling re the concert party so nothing is agreed at this point.

Only way the 3 bears can get their money back. Also Murty will be appointed till end of the season. I posted that 10 days ago. The only way the McInness deal worked was if he walked out on Aberdeen and ripped up his contract and he did not want to do that. So that being the case Rangers were not able to do the deal as the Bears would not put any more cash into the club.


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