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08 May 2019 13:10:42
Apparently we are after Zander Clark for £1m? Anyone else think that's madness when Liam Kelly is apparently available for £50k? Clark is decent but is he any better than Fod or Alnwick?

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08 May 2019 13:52:03
Agree mate.

08 May 2019 15:09:40
He got beat from 40 yards at the weekend so I hope we’re not paying £1m.

08 May 2019 16:20:23
Its'crazy' that would even have to pay 50k for Kelly!

08 May 2019 16:40:03
I would rather we re-signed our former young goalkeeper, liam kelly.
Said before on here that kelly should never have been let go to livingston. He's the natural successor to allan mcgregor as far as i'm concerned!

08 May 2019 18:23:49
Supercooper he was not let go. He left at end of contract as we signed McGregor.

08 May 2019 19:12:41
SC11 not one person in the coaching team gives two hoots who you think is McGregors natural successor. Your like a broken record going on and on and on about Kelly. HE LEFT, HE WANTED TO GO. Change the record.

08 May 2019 19:44:29
L17 correct mate. If we kept or signed everyone coops said we would have a squad of 80.

08 May 2019 20:29:34
JBoy 21 highly rates them all ;-) apart fae Shinnie he has always stated his dislike of Shinnie or has been consistent in saying he was not being good enough.

08 May 2019 20:40:38
Chill we have 2 McCrories lol.

09 May 2019 04:04:53
If we sign him it'll be for nothing remotely close to £1m. Behave.

09 May 2019 07:19:15
We aren’t after him for £1 million killie have priced him at that.

09 May 2019 10:19:54
Would help if he played for killie Dee haha he’s st Johnstone goalie, imo liam kelly would be ideal replacement, great keeper with a great attitude.

09 May 2019 10:22:24
Doesn't play for Killie mate.

09 May 2019 12:25:20
Exactly Jboy and in my honest opinion I truly believe that they’d all be future captains 🙈.

09 May 2019 18:59:17
I don’t believe that anyone on the coaching team gives two hoots about what anyone thinks on here!

Is SC’s opinion less worthy than the rest on here?

07 May 2019 19:46:29
The manager has been pictured with the centre back we are linked with Mexer. Looks like there's a bit of movement with the deal.

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07 May 2019 22:00:49
Did u c him with him? or did some 1 else c him with him?

07 May 2019 22:14:44

I’ve got the picture, I’ve just uploaded it. Hopefully Ed will pop it up soon.

07 May 2019 22:34:00
I've seen the picture also mate. I think it must be close to being announced we're signing mexer!

08 May 2019 06:49:56
The picture is onlinenon the Daily Record. It looks like its definitely going ahead. Never heard of the guy. Hope he has something about him. That article says he is suspended this weekend and might be in Glasgow to watch us pump the Tims!

08 May 2019 07:22:17
Let's hope this doesn't mean Katic will be back on the bench then next season.

08 May 2019 09:34:59
If he’s better than Katic then Katic will be back on the bench next season, that’s football mate.

08 May 2019 13:01:09
Rick, Worrall wasn’t better than Katic and that somehow meant Katic spent most of his time on the bench. On recent form I’d drop Goldson before I drop Katic.

08 May 2019 14:41:41
Agreed blue89👍.

08 May 2019 15:06:08
You would drop Goldson before Katic? That’s mental.

08 May 2019 15:30:13
Rick witter. goldson has had his fair share of horrendous games. seems undroppable though? his performances at Dundee and over in Moscow are some of the worst av ever seen in rangers jersey. I think Katic in time will be far better than Goldson ever can be.

08 May 2019 15:46:47
Katic > Goldson.

08 May 2019 21:48:04
Indeed Rick, Katic had one poor game against Livi that I can remember and he was dropped. Goldson is a good defender but has had a few poor games. Worrall has had maybe 2 good games and the rest have been rotten. Katic hasn’t complained, he’s got his head down and every time he’s came back into the team he’s gave his everything and been solid. Not to mention he usually pops up with a goal here and there. If Katic continues to play his confidence will grow and he could be sold for millions to the premiership. I really hope Gerrard sees this and doesn’t just drop him for the first new defender that comes in the door.

08 May 2019 22:32:30
Get him signed we need at least 3 top CBS fighting out 2 spots next season. A 30 year old international valued at £3.6m who has played most of his career in Portuguese and French top flights on a Free looks good business.
Delighted to see us getting our business done early while that mob have t even appointed a manager yet.
Really looking forward to next season, genuinely think we have a right good chance of winning the league, only consistency has cost us this season.
Gerrard will be more experienced as will his side, another win on Sunday will give us the belief and confidence we need.

09 May 2019 18:56:01
Paul86 - I agree, Goldson performances are a bit up and down for me, but if you want a laugh (not really), watch him on the great scottish plastic pitches! Bambi on ice doesn't get a look in.

06 May 2019 22:49:25
Was at the Mar hall for dinner tonight and Morelos and his mrs were eating just behind us. Was speaking to one of the waiters and he said he was staying at the hotel. He sold his pad in the west end?

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07 May 2019 01:21:42
I know the head chef very well at Mar hall and was told last week first hand he was launching the first Columbian tasting menu in Scotland maybe that explains his visit. Valderama and Asprilla were guest speakers i believe.

07 May 2019 11:07:16
He's Baught 1 of the houses at marshal was talking to a relation of the marshal owner last wk n he told me that I didn't believe him at the time but maybe it's true maybe he's staying at ibrox noo.

07 May 2019 13:02:16
Irrespective of houses etc if an acceptable bid comes in he ll be sold
Simple as that.

07 May 2019 14:53:07
And there was me thinking he only spoke Spanish.

07 May 2019 16:31:40
Did somebody not put something up Last week regarding his house? I read that he never owned the house, and never extended the let on it. Maybe buying a house. I met a guy that worked at a supermarket who sold his house buy stayed in the same job.

07 May 2019 19:01:46
If he didn't get sent off this weekend he would have been sent off next week!
Brilliant keeper, but let's be honest, he has previous for being a Tit!

07 May 2019 22:38:51
Morelos was leading his house so you are talking complete nonsense and considering he hardly speaks English I'm astonished you managed to pick up his conversation think your nose is growing Pinocchio.

08 May 2019 12:16:50
DSGERSFAN I hope your wrong want rid of morelos asap before we have to pay somebody to take him.

09 May 2019 10:09:31
You'd pay somebody to take away our 20m rated top scorer? Holy cow, i've seen some looney-tunes comments on here over the years, but you sir, deserve some kind of award.

06 May 2019 21:47:09
Was listening to everyone involved in the media comments on McGregor's tonight and how he will be embarrassed and ashamed of his actions. He wasn't though. He was pissed in a Bearsden pub with Joe Worrel and two attractive ladies. Anger management on hold for now as the press suggested he requires.

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06 May 2019 22:38:06
Big Alan will not give 2 monkeys what the media say.

06 May 2019 23:27:34
U ask him how he was as u obviously saw him in said pub.

07 May 2019 01:06:37
As i was standing next to him at a piss pot i didn't think it was appropriate or wise to ask how he was tilla die. u familiar with Kung Fu?

07 May 2019 01:10:24
Said pub was 55 BC btw pal.

08 May 2019 12:19:25
CFBear he'd better pay attention to bears supporters who are ashamed of his actions that have no place in football you'll notice everyone has forgotten his save.

06 May 2019 20:34:37
Heard last night Kent deal has been done.
5.5 million, sell on clause, four year.

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06 May 2019 20:40:13
Hopefully true Jboy. Statement of intent if true!

06 May 2019 20:40:39
Hope so jboy👍.

06 May 2019 20:54:04
U all know I'm not sure, but lady who told me is certain. Also reckons ch from France coming, papers do say that.

06 May 2019 20:57:04
Never worth that tho.

06 May 2019 21:32:56
Think mexer from rennes is next in the door.

06 May 2019 21:39:10
Bit pricey Jboy but happy with that if true! Let’s push on and get more done!

06 May 2019 21:42:05
Folks I agree re price only sharing what she said. Also much better than the twelve papers quote.

06 May 2019 21:48:51
If you consider the prices in that league then I think that is a very good price for him. Remember Solanke and what he went for, and yes he did get an odd game I know but if the price quoted for Kent is correct then it's a good piece of business imo. Develop further and sell on for a tidy profit in a few seasons. It's the model we need to be following as we don't have access to the Sky monies or rich Arab's knocking on our door. The only billionaire we've rubbed shoulders with tried to ruin our club not build it up.

06 May 2019 22:34:03
Hope your info regarding ryan kent is spot on Jboy21. Would be tremendous news for all our supporters, if we sign kent permanently! Here's hoping.

07 May 2019 12:33:32
i think 5.5M is too high. even developed i can't see major clubs looking at him, else why aren't they just now to buy at 5.5 as a potential.

07 May 2019 13:33:37
I want Kent permanently but at 5.5 million with Hastie, Jones and murphy to comeback in. a just don’t know . If he had more end product then definitely but think the price is a bit much.

07 May 2019 14:45:09
I agree with you Gersdaft, regarding the steep price, if it is £5.5million to buy ryan kent permanently! His ability ain't in question for me. Kent will only get better and better and thinking longer term, it should be money very well spent! Kent will get rangers a helluva lot more than the speculated £5.5million, we rumoured to be paying liverpool, to buy him permanently! We would probably be well into double figures, if we sold kent, a few years down the road. He can tear defences apart on his game, as of course the song goes!

07 May 2019 14:55:24
So we can sell Morelos for £20M and players go for hundreds of millions but Ryan Kent at £5M is too pricey? He's not worth that?

In this market that's a great price for him.

07 May 2019 15:18:06
if this is true then its 5.5m wasted

whats makes this a great price? 6 goals and 4 assists in 24 league games for a team who dominate most games is a poor return

id be expecting at least double that.

07 May 2019 15:46:49
Totally agree with jbf500
Kent can’t beat any man not questioning that but his goal and assist ratio is pretty poor.

07 May 2019 17:34:42
A message for both jbf500 and Deemc22.Kent was easily the best player on show, in the last 2 old firm games! He's a terrific winger and will only get better and better.
So capable of tearing teams apart.
What are some of you guys watching?
Its certainly NOT ryan kent your watching, with statements like that guys.

07 May 2019 18:06:21
Kent IS capable of tearing teams apart coop but over £5m for a lad with a lot of potential but far too often no end product seems a bit steep.

07 May 2019 20:55:53
Ok blueberry, do you reckon ryan kent isn't capable of tearing teams apart in the scottish premiership? I agree that if true, £5.5million is a lot of dough for us to fork out for 1 player. On the flip side of that, I can only see kent getting better and better and without question as far as i'm concerned, will make us big money in the transfer market, a few years down the line! Isn't it enough also that our manager rates him so very highly and is desperate to sign ryan kent?

07 May 2019 22:20:18
He's a talented lad with bags of potential. £5m+ for the boy is a lot of money. Yes our manager, Steven Gerrard rates Kent! So do I! I merely pointed out that £5m is a lot of money for our club to spend on one player!

07 May 2019 22:38:08
Blueberry, i agreed it was a lot of dough for us to spend on 1 player mate. I did state that!

08 May 2019 05:45:43
Am not arguing with you coop, merely expressing an opinion.

08 May 2019 11:02:38
Fair enough blueberry. We're all entitled to our opinions mate.

08 May 2019 13:00:21

im not saying that Kent isn't a good player. Yes he has ability and yes he can beat men left right and centre. but then what? final ball is more often than not a waste or he tries to beat him again and loses ball

yes he was good in last 2 old firm games but he is not consistent enough with assists and goals to splash that kinda money on him.

08 May 2019 14:06:06
Jbf500. You are correct Kent has the ability But 5.5 m Maybe 2.5 m SC11 as for tearing teams apart 6 Goals in 24 games Says it all really.

09 May 2019 18:52:11
while the rumoured fee for kent is a big fee it is probably a fair fee for the lad considering teams are already looking at him if we can improve his game and he adds more goals and assists the lad will be sold for at least double this fee if not more.

09 May 2019 18:55:12
maybe just me - but can someone actually tell me when he beat a man? or 'tore anyone apart' as the song goes. He flatters to deceive and does a lot of nice stuff without damaging teams.
He may have potential but 5.5mill for me is a risk.

06 May 2019 11:46:26
Absolutely an Exclusive Gerrard to be given 15M for transfers DK has stressed he wants trophies this is yet to hit the press.

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06 May 2019 12:38:32
What if he sells Morelos for 20M. will that be 35M then?

06 May 2019 12:40:44
Exclusive from where?

06 May 2019 14:18:07
Jim09 I want to believe you, I really do - but where is that money coming from, if not the sale of Morelos?

06 May 2019 14:44:33
sputnik probably not no as I don't think all the money from transfers would be allowed to be spent. With 15 million I expect nothing less than winning the league that is a significantly large transfer budget for our league especially after the amount we've spent last couple windows.

06 May 2019 15:28:48
Stevie has just denied an Express exclusive about Maric, and confirmed only two days ago he doesn't yet know his budget.

Express doesn't have a clue.

06 May 2019 16:14:17
I don't get my information from papers or online I've been correct with my previous posts never wrong yet before the press got it (my close friends tell me things don't ask who I'd NEVER tell.

07 May 2019 14:57:12
Apologies on one level Jim, thought you said 'Express' not 'Press' in your OP. Misread.

That said, Gerrard did say he doesn't know his budget.

05 May 2019 18:49:55
Matej Mitrovic is on the scouting teams radar. The centre half will be looking for a move out of Belgium and could link up with fellow Croatian Nikola Katic.

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05 May 2019 21:53:08
Big connor best ch at the club.

06 May 2019 04:33:56
Have you just realised that?!

06 May 2019 06:53:28
Do you think there would be any chance in signing Gary Cahill? Out if contract and only 33 surely got a few years left at a good standard.

06 May 2019 08:53:14
Rick i was responding to original post.

06 May 2019 13:38:29
Tilla die and goldson not all that either.

06 May 2019 15:29:22
Goldson is not a great defender. None of our CBs are remotely convincing quite honestly.

07 May 2019 13:55:00
Would rather have Goldson/ Katic than Cahill, any day of the week.

04 May 2019 21:04:24
So there is interest in morelos for reported 20mil from betis. Tav and arfield for 11mil combined from Southampton. That's 31mil for all 3. Personally I would take that money for all 3 and start with buying Kent. Any thoughts.

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04 May 2019 21:27:23
Wouldnt take anything less than 15m for tav and arfield. Going rate for players now.

04 May 2019 21:50:55
Bellshill all three have scored significantly more than Kent.

04 May 2019 22:07:27
Jboy if Kent is bought and kicks on more he will demand bigger fee than morelos.

04 May 2019 22:16:56
I agree with you bellshilllad83.Our main aim should be to signing ryan kent hopefully permanently! He's a terrific winger and like you say, if this young man continues to kick on and i honestly think he will, he will eventually get us a much bigger transfer fee than morelos will command! Kent has all the natural ability in the world, to become a really special winger. We have to do everything humanly possible, to make sure ryan kent is playing in a rangers jersey next season and hopefully beyond!

04 May 2019 23:13:06
So basically get shot of 3 of our main attacking threats? Count the goals/ assists between them.

04 May 2019 23:46:57
15 mil for tav and arfield. lol u can't be serious.

05 May 2019 07:11:39
Bellshill crux as u say. If he kicks on. He is an average player I’m afraid.

05 May 2019 07:12:38
Exactly sharpshooter.

05 May 2019 07:43:31
Morelos can go Arfield and Tav must be kept. Kent is an average player in a poor league 6 goals 6 assists in what 35 games? I’d 100% have him on loan again but spending anymore than 4 Million on him absolutely no chance. Liverpool know with the current inflated prices in the summer they’ll get double that.

05 May 2019 08:21:06
Can’t see any of them being allowed to leave on the cheap.

Arfield £5m +
Tav £8m
Morelos £16m

Kent, I would not be too concerned if he doesn’t stay. We have a few others coming in who can give us good options.

05 May 2019 08:49:55
Arfield rumour 3M no way we'd take that, and the lad and his family are happy here. Tav rumour 8M tempting but good luck signing a replacement with 20 assists this year and every year he's been here. If Betis would really part with 20M for Morelos we have no option but accept as I see it.

05 May 2019 10:27:10
If someone is stupid enough to pay £8m for Tav, the worst Rangers captain ever in the top flight, take the money and run. Being able to hit a penalty does not cover up his other many deficiencies.

05 May 2019 10:54:12
morelos should never wear our jersey time and time again he has let us down and cost us massively i'd bite the hand off any bids above £15m for a guy with no old firm goal to his name as for tav and arfield we shouldn't be entertaining bids for either we need to take the armband off tav i actually think he would be relieved to have the responsibility taken off him we should be looking to move on grezda barasic rossiter lafferty before we sell first team regulars for all tavs flaws somebody name me a realistic target who could give us the same goals and assists return as tav.

05 May 2019 13:41:07
Still amazes me how many experts on here slag off our Captain.

I can’t think of any professional who does not rate him very highly, all stats say that he is always in our top 4 performers.

He is no John Greig as a captain but then again, how many captains are there like Greig or McNeil in the modern game?

05 May 2019 14:07:28
DK 19 everyone is entitled to your opinion.

05 May 2019 14:25:46
If Liverpool want 12m for Kent I’d be looking for at least that amount for Tav let’s get some of that premier league money and I like Kent but he’s not worth more than 3m for me 40 games 6 goals and 9 assists not exactly ripping it up is he? anyway I think Jake Hastie could prove to be a better player, his goal return is far better than Kent’s and as for Morelos I think we should keep him I know he’s been a liability at times but I can’t see us getting a better striker cause he is a top top player just needs to control himself better.

05 May 2019 15:21:55
Jboy, I get that but no one listens to the guys who say the world is flat because the evidence provided by experts say otherwise.

Same goes for Tav, the guys who know what they are talking about all agree that he is one of our best players, our manager believes in him and that is good enough for me.

Not sure where the naysayers get off.

05 May 2019 18:00:24
I think Kent is decent and can develop but he is not worth any more than £4m for me, we need 15 goals each from our wide men and 20 from a striker, Tav has his limitations defensively but he is terrific going forward in this league and the crucial thing with him is he is always fit and available, never misses games with a knock Altima sure he gets them. I like the signing of Hastie, we’ve worked the Bosnian market well, i’d definitely go for Turnbull at Motherwell as well as another striker to replace Morelos. Think we’ll be surprised by the work done in the market this summer and hopefully we can be as consistent next season as we’ve been since Parkhead.

05 May 2019 18:48:54
I think kent is must for next season, he is a key player for us and is only going to get better👍.

05 May 2019 19:04:22
DK if as u say he is one of our best players we won’t be winning league any time soon.

06 May 2019 08:55:48
I did not mention Tav taking penalties. His 20 assists every year are not peoples ideas they are FACTS so indeed everyone is entitled to their opinion even blind idiots.

06 May 2019 09:06:32
DK19, your sound in your assessment of our captain james tavernier mate.
Some on here can't see woods for the trees! I read an article regarding former arsenal and england right back lee dixon and how highly he rates tav. He reckons tav could easily play for most english premier league teams, that's how highly he rates tavernier. The few games that tav has missed for rangers shows you how badly he's missed when he's not playing for us. The best right back in scotland by a country mile! If any other club wants to buy tav from us, we should be commanding a fee of at least £10million. Even that would be a bargain to what tav brings to the table, of course mostly in the attacking sense! Practically all the best full backs these modern days, are far better at attacking,
than defending. Its just the way football is now. If current man city right back kyle walker is worth £50million, i ask you what tav is worth? There's no way that walker is 5 times the right back tav is!

06 May 2019 09:49:33
And how many goals does he cost us a year with his shoddy defending? How many attacks break down when he does one of his league 2 level passes. Amazing how many people can be seduced by stats. It’s all well and good playing like a star against Hamilton and St Mirren, he’s not good enough defensively when it matters and teams will always target him.

06 May 2019 11:25:50
Not as many as people think pal! Have a wee read at the FOURLADSHADADREAM cracking article on james tavernier mate! Its all there!

06 May 2019 12:58:14
kyle walker is 10 times the player tav is coop. I like tav but you are talking pure p1$h when you say that walker is not 5 times the player tav is.

06 May 2019 13:04:41
Thewags man and cooper, never Mind reading people's opinion, go and look at montage off goals lost in league last season.
50. More than 25 down to Tav. May I remind u he cost us cup final against hibs,
This season several goals, Aberdeen, hibs, Celtic to name threee. He is a defender first and foremost, so far Rangers have only conceded 25 goals with two matches to go, so Tav and defence ARE doing better.
Next year we need to concede less than twenty, then the league is a real possibility.

06 May 2019 14:13:04
No chance for me regarding kyle walker in your as per usual, over indulgent statement coldo. Kyle walker costs man city goals, as admittedly tav has cost us at times.
Not wearing that one at all, that walker is 10 times the player that tav is, attacking of course. 😂😂.

06 May 2019 15:47:30
Sad to see the decline in Kyle Walker went from 10 times better to only 5 times better in one Coldo post :) . I would not swap Tav for any right back in the SPL.

06 May 2019 16:07:04
Bluepete, The 5 times was a quote from coop, can't you read? the 10 times was my statement. Coop, walker is probably in the top 3 right full backs in the world, winning prem league titles and qtr finalist in champs league, semi finalist in the world cup, tav couldn't lace his boots. if you think that walker is not 5 times the player tav is ( his own words bluepete) then you are deluded, but we all know that you are anyway. walker is on a different planet compared to tav.

06 May 2019 16:44:59
Tav is mediocre. He is one of the biggest weaknesses in the team. You can go on about his assists if you like, but we shouldn’t be relying on assists from a right back anyway. Once we get some better attacking players, number 10 etc., then we can all go back to judging him on his merits as a DEFENDER (which is what he is supposed to be) at which he is AWFUL.

06 May 2019 16:46:51
I think we could change formation to suit tav style if we keep him. Would love to see us try 343 with tav as a right wing back.

06 May 2019 18:12:55
Did you see the smiley face Coldo? twas a joke Not a very good one I admit. theswagman Our next best assist is Morelos on 11 then Arfield with 7. You do realise That's a lot of goals we have to make up from somewhere? would you not rather we get a number 10 and add his assists to Tavs? You do know what assists are? shall i get crayons and draw you a picture? Tav is 100% a wingback a lot of you argue we don't play wingbacks well Tav does and SG seems very happy for him to continue. Coldo I know I've had a pop at you for being so pessimistic and doom and gloom, you call realism, about our beloved team. I have a friend I often go to matches with who is precisely the same and if we have not set the heather alight in the first half he usually adjourns to the pub.

06 May 2019 18:34:14
Had a laugh when coop started having a go at someone for 'over indulgent statements'😂😂.

06 May 2019 20:51:04
Bluepete, I have nothing against tav, I was just pointing out coops ridiculous statement regarding him and walker. Your mate is obv a clever guy, he knows aswell that up until the split the majority of our football was p1$h and inconsistent. Tav is the best rb wb in scotland but to suggest that kyle walker isn't that much better than tav is just pure and utter p1$h👍.

07 May 2019 13:58:55
Kyle Walker? Listen to yourselves - he's probably the most over-rated player on earth, he only gets a game because he is one of like 8 above average English players in the EPL. If Tav was down South, they'd be talking £20million, his assists and goals have broken records this season. You don't know what you've got until it's gone.

07 May 2019 14:06:08
Well said Coldo.

04 May 2019 16:26:20
According to the Scotsman Greg Stewart has agreed a 3 year deal with Rangers, nothing signed yet but deal made. A few posts yesterday said it wasn’t happening.

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04 May 2019 17:05:40
Sorry cato but we are going to have to let you go😕😂👍.

04 May 2019 17:14:14
I hope not What does he add?

04 May 2019 18:07:46
He would add more than grezda coming off the bench👍.

04 May 2019 21:29:29
Stewart is a very good player who will prove it next season.

04 May 2019 22:19:38
Seeker watched Stewart today against scumtic he no better than grezda.

04 May 2019 23:51:20
Hopefully we don't sign Stewart.

05 May 2019 08:51:48
Stewart's never good enough.

05 May 2019 09:27:38
Watched Greg Stewart against Celtic today.
He looked Aberdeens best player at times.
Think he would be better playing were Arfield plays.
Difficult one, not sure if he is better than what we have but don't agree with all the negative posts about him.
If he signs of course.

05 May 2019 11:42:15
Players often look better playing in a better team, you just need to look at kamara, I didn’t think he would add anything to our team yet he’s became one of the first names on the team sheet.

05 May 2019 14:44:48
Coldo - I have NEVER said that Greg Stewart won’t sign. - I have stated that he hasn’t and he hasn’t and I hope it stays that way.

The DR stated a week ago that he had signed! If he had signed it would be on RFC website and it isn’t. Don’t really care what an anti Rangers Edinburgh newspaper says!

05 May 2019 18:21:44
It’s imperative we keep Arfield in my opinion.

05 May 2019 18:52:33
Cato, no it wouldn't. Jack signed long before it was announced on rangers website. 👍.

04 May 2019 11:35:35
Zander Clark signed for rangers.

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04 May 2019 11:55:22
Is he no sh@te.

04 May 2019 12:30:52
We’ll have as many goalkeepers as midfielders.

04 May 2019 13:21:22
I actually have no idea how good he is to be honest. Haven’t seen much of him. Have absolutely no clue about any other signings but been told by a family member of his that he signed yesterday. We will see if it comes out in the next few days.

05 May 2019 08:52:15
Very very good goalkeeper. Fod on way out?


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