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16 Jan 2019 09:33:44
Martin Skrtel being linked again as much as it's impressive getting high calibre players I think we have to be careful on the financial side these guys like Defoe Davis Skrtel must cost money I'm a little concerned how we are backing this up I'm not from the dark side either just surprised the calibre of player we are getting in . What's your thoughts?

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16 Jan 2019 10:28:36
Think we could get him in the summer, we need a clear out of players first get the wage bill down. Rossiter, dorrans, wallace ( asmuch as i would like to keep him he's not playing), pena. there's a lot players in the squad that are on high wages but don't play.

16 Jan 2019 13:08:50
What's wrong with Dorrans? He's a Scotland international who's just been out through long-term injury?

16 Jan 2019 13:29:02
Dorrans is a good player not saying he's not, but he's never available always injured! How much games has he played since He joined us in 2017? I think he's only
Played 7 more games than rossiter.

16 Jan 2019 16:44:54
Dorrans will return and if called on will play a significant part in second half of the season. Dorrans for the last 4 or 5 seasons has been injury prone and had limited game time. When we signed him this was well known and the then management decided to proceed with the signing.

16 Jan 2019 22:35:42
Not sure about Skrtel, but if it’s a short term deal it could work. Can’t be handing out long term contracts (not that we will at his age) . Davis and Defoe are loans, we can’t be paying any more than £30-35k a week for both, which is about £700k until the end of the season. Then next seasons finances will kick in with the season ticket renewals, sale of players etc.

16 Jan 2019 23:25:38
Will say it again. I would live to see Jordon rossiter get a chance. Think he’s a cracking player with superb attitude. I really think Stevie is nursing him back and building his strength up. Hope so.

16 Jan 2019 08:47:30
Seeing we are joint favourites to sign Lallana surely can't b true.

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16 Jan 2019 10:25:40
Asmuch as i would love it to be true, no chance we will get him.

16 Jan 2019 12:01:44
That would be amazing!
I’m no mathematician but I think Defoe + Davis + Lallana = 55.

16 Jan 2019 12:25:39
Absolute Colin Nish.

16 Jan 2019 12:27:24
The only problem with him is he is injury prone.

16 Jan 2019 13:09:20
Don't want him - he's dreadful, lightweight and injury prone.

16 Jan 2019 15:46:10
He's dreadful are you kidding? Aye he's had a few injuries but he is a top top class player and would be the best player in the league if the unlikely happened and he joined.

16 Jan 2019 16:46:04
He’s dreadfull what a strange statement we won’t get him anyways paper talk.

16 Jan 2019 17:57:29
colin nish!

hope were not signing him.

he's complete smelly fish!

or is he Christmas wish?

im getting mixed up.

16 Jan 2019 19:42:46
Hahah he’s dreadful away u go the guy is a right good player would breeze this league. Almost certain he will never come and it’s the papers just trying to sell more papers.

15 Jan 2019 06:24:07
Karlan grant of charlton tipped to be a long term replacement for Morelos.

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15 Jan 2019 16:15:41
Never heard of him.

15 Jan 2019 16:24:19
Tipped by who. The DR?

15 Jan 2019 19:06:26
Nah seen it on sky sports.

16 Jan 2019 00:31:38
in my opinion his strike partner lyle taylor ex afcw is the making of him - just an honest opinion but heavily biased.

15 Jan 2019 04:28:03
Ravel morrison? Anyone heard the rumours a loan deal from lazio? Supposidly just started following Rangers, the gaffer and a few players on social media.

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15 Jan 2019 06:01:26
Ravel morrison is an incredible midfield talent, but its getting his head right that's the problem, along with his off field stuff! Very similar attributes to our very own legendary geordie genius, paul gascoigne! Walter smith got the best out of gazza, by controlling him to an extent, maybe steven gerrard could do likewise, with ravel morrison, if indeed we are interested, in signing him. Talent wise, morrison would be the best midfielder, in the scottish premiership and capable of ripping it apart!

15 Jan 2019 06:27:28
No thanks, guys a nutter. If Fergie can't control him then nobody can. Plus, I follow Stevie G on twitter but I'm hardly going to sign am I?

15 Jan 2019 07:03:36
Read this earlier on sky sports newspaper talks segment don't know if there is much in it though, has he not kinda stagnated he was supposed to be the next big thing a few years back but I don't really know much about the lad.

15 Jan 2019 08:03:29
Read this last night could be nothing and does seem strange. The guy has major baggage but if he didn’t he’d be well out of our range, we could definitely do with a player in that position, I’d take a low risk punt on loan!

15 Jan 2019 11:07:58
Everyone keeps rattling on about how we need a number 10, well this guy is as talented a player as you are likely to see. We wouldn't get the chance to sign a player of his talent if he didn't come with baggage. I seem to remember signing another English midfielder with baggage from Lazio, didn't turn out too bad.

15 Jan 2019 11:08:33
Honestly think that someone just went on his instagram and looked. He could have been following us and few players for ages. But and a big but if we do get him and Gerrard can get his head straight what a player he would be. What a talent.

15 Jan 2019 12:09:45
Theswagman your spot on mate. that's how we were able to sign a midfielder in the class of paul gascoigne, way back in 1995!He was the most talented midfielder, i've ever seen in a rangers shirt! Totally world class, what a player gazza was! I most definitely see where your coming from, with the similarities between paul gascoigne and ravel morrison mate!

15 Jan 2019 12:13:44
have to remember when he was at UTD with fergie he was a kid, given the area he grew up in and his families background it was no surprise he went off the rails

hopefully he has grown up a bit and realised he's running out of chances

if he was to come to us it could be a masterstroke.

15 Jan 2019 12:14:44
Also he's not just starting following them all on instagram as av just checked myself. he's been following those lads and the club for ages. someone has obv just spotted it the other nite.

15 Jan 2019 13:48:29
He’s damaged goods. IF Sir Alex couldn’t tune him in then most will struggle. He’s best avoided.

15 Jan 2019 17:10:51
Gazza went to lazio and played. This guts been loaned out. Can't compare him with Gazza.

15 Jan 2019 17:45:15
Very similar to Gazza? Oh, my! Even for you, that is a beauty.

15 Jan 2019 19:00:49
i know a few hammers fans and they all say ravel has great ability but is daft as a brush

not in gazzas class if you ask me

few were.

15 Jan 2019 19:31:32
Paul gascoigne i rate as the best midfielder i've seen in a rangers jersey, so if some of you on here take my post regarding ravel morrison, out of context, then it says all i need to know about you! Guys engage your brain and read the post carefully! Similar style doesn't mean i'm saying morrison was better than gazza, because in my book, nobody is better than paul gascoigne!

15 Jan 2019 20:13:11
You are wrong in so many ways.
Don't get so precious because some don't agree with you.
The mere fact you used Gazza and Morrison in the same sentence tells me all I need to know about you. Well, I already knew anyway. This just reinforced my opinion.
Gazza, as much as he was daft, was always 100% committed to his profession.
He gave 100% in training.
He gave 100% on the field.
He was world class.
He had charisma.
He was loved by his teammates.
He was idolized.
Morisson? Well, he's just a waster. No comparison at all.

16 Jan 2019 01:17:39
I love Gazza as much as the next bear but 100% committed to his profession?

That's simply not true mate.

16 Jan 2019 05:42:11
correct me if I'm wrong here but was Steven Davis no pictured recently in Tenerife holding up a no.10 Rangers jersey.

16 Jan 2019 06:45:09
Of course it is! Forget what he done outside football - that's not the point I'm making. When Gazza stepped onto the pitch he was 100% committed. Regardless of whether he was hungover, still drunk, or had been slaughtered in the press, Gazza gave his all on the pitch. That's the only commitment that matters.
Do you think Morisson would give us that? The guy couldn't lace Gazza's boots. Just because someone has a bit of talent, and has off-field problems, doesn't mean he can be compared to Gazza. That's just ridiculous.

16 Jan 2019 09:22:44
Of course Morrison has nowhere near the ability of Gascoigne just as we are not able to at the moment to afford to buy guys like him again.
Every window we have improved our level of talent we can attract from lower leagues in England to Championship players to average SPFL players to BPL youngsters on loan to being able to attract decent BPL players and the best SPFL players.
When we win league again and get back into Champions league that’s when we will hopefully be able to bring in a £5m type player.
So unfortunately we have to take a punt on players who have lost their way that if they hadn’t would be way out our price range.
Ravel Morrison falls into that category, he was described as best player they had ever seen for his age when 18-19 at Utd when in same side as Pogba. High praise considering the class of 92 squad aswell so yes he has been comparable to being as good as Gazza at 1 stage but as the likes of Pogba and Gazza were household names, and International regulars by the age Ravel is now unfortunately his career has stagnated.
He’s been in Italy for a few years, cane through 1 of the best academy’s of World Football in recent times and been a regular for West Ham in the BPL so if he has now matured as most people do by his age we could be getting a highly talented midfielder who really wants to prove his ability again working under Gerrard who most British footballers idolise.
I think he would be a great fit personally with his best years ahead of him. Gerrard will be quick to send him packing if he doesn’t think he’s right mentally it’s 1 of the 1st things he looks at when considering a signing.

16 Jan 2019 09:49:21
TheCampbell - correct mate. If he was 100% dedicated to his profession, with his talent, we would never have had the chance to sign him. He would have been at Real Madrid or somewhere. We only got the chance to sign him because of his many flaws, hence the relevant comparison to Morrison. Nobody is saying Morrison is at the same level, but to deny the parallels is just wilfully ignorant.

16 Jan 2019 13:10:54
Good player, TERRIBLE attitude - basically the English version of Pena (maybe a bit more talented)

14 Jan 2019 21:59:51
Young Shankland is desperate to join us.

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14 Jan 2019 22:58:28
So am i mate. Doesn't mean i'm good enough. Not good for either party. Why would he want to come and sit in the stands.

15 Jan 2019 06:44:49
That would suit me. I have to pay for the pleasure though.

15 Jan 2019 11:56:50
Still think Shankland worth gamble🇬🇧.

15 Jan 2019 13:31:03
I wish people would shut up about Shankland, he's not anywhere near the quality yet to be a Rangers player, he needs a stepping stone into the Premiership before we think about signing him. Cumdog scored for fun in that league and he couldn't cut it either.

15 Jan 2019 13:47:38
People keep talking about Shankland, but they seem to forget that Rangers have young players on their books who are scoring in the same league, Rudden etc. They must get their chance?

15 Jan 2019 15:03:27
Ulsterman I said this weeks ago, sends out poor message to academy players if we sign average players like shankland
We have hardie, rudden and Dallas.

15 Jan 2019 16:46:08
Need to move conversation on from Shankland, not good enough and sends terrible message to our own young players. I wish Shankland well but it won’t be at Ibrox.

15 Jan 2019 19:52:31
Players like these we should sign and loan back.

16 Jan 2019 09:26:35
He would cost very little, I would sign him and loan him out to other SPFL team. If he continues to progress we can recall him in summer.
If not I’m sure we will be able to sell him for similar fee as what we purchased him for.
He’s young and knows how to finish, and he could bang in goals against all our rivals in league but be ineligible against us so for me I’d do a deal.

14 Jan 2019 21:11:02
Pictures on Twitter of Ravel Morrison following (don't know how recent or not) Rangers/ Stevie G/ Ryan Kent etc on Instagram 👀 thoughts? Reckon he's a great player, just been off the rails a wee bit.

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14 Jan 2019 21:33:58
Is he no meant to be a bit of a prick? Supposedly had all the talent as a youngster but attitude was all wrong.

14 Jan 2019 21:56:31
Plenty of youngsters are pricks, fortunately for the human race they all grow up at some point. He seems to be doing aright in Mexico but as we all know that is by no means a good rule of thumb. They've only just started the season so he should be fit and fresh. Perhaps the SPL will be his shop window for an eventual return to the EPL.

14 Jan 2019 22:09:09
Was meant to be the next big thing but attitude was all wrong. Maybe SG can get the best out of him.

14 Jan 2019 22:33:38
I seen that but it’s only meant to be a 6 month loan I think we should steer clear of that we have some good young players and don’t need any bad influence in the squad.

15 Jan 2019 00:15:44
I remember Sir Alex saying he was the best he’s ever seen! I also recall him saying he was the biggest waste of talent he’s seen!

15 Jan 2019 08:15:11
I never knew Lazio where from Mexico. Learn something new every day.

15 Jan 2019 09:38:51
I see he was on loan there last season, my bad.

14 Jan 2019 15:00:44
Golfing at Turnberry today, my football friend reckons Skirtle a serous option to sign two year pre contract.

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14 Jan 2019 15:39:34
According to the journos on The Totally Football show he's really slowed down recently and has been poor in the Turkish league this year.

He would also want huge money so we would be better off going for someone a bit younger.

14 Jan 2019 17:15:29
Don't think he offers any value at the wages he will command. We have a fair bit of experience we need to start adding players in the 22 to 25 age bracket who we can develop a bit more then make a profit on. It's how we should be working to trim the debt.

14 Jan 2019 17:21:50
Jboy21, i didn't go golfing today, however i did read that report online regarding Skirtle in the comfort of my home. I not sure Skirtle is right for us, to expensive with no sell on.

14 Jan 2019 17:55:10
He would be a brilliant player for us, he could play for a good few seasons yet.

14 Jan 2019 20:58:22
Anyone heard anything about ravel Morrison? Seen something on twitter saying he’s started following a lot of the current squad.

14 Jan 2019 21:24:15
I posted, before SG had signed anyone, that most of our signings would be done early in the window. Obviously with other teams signing players some fresh players may become available. Skrtle will have been scouted diligently by us, if he's a target, we have taken a small punt on Defoe cause he ain't been playing. So if we sign him he will be good enough.

13 Jan 2019 19:27:31
This young 18 year old kid who plays for iraq looks superb. According to the daily record,
we're in dialogue to sign playmaker mohanad ali, who's currently playing for iraq in the asian cup! I'd imagine we'd have to move very fast here, as undoubtedly, there will be a multitude of clubs chasing this young man's signature.
He scores goals, makes goals, very creative and terrific in the air. He dribbles past defenders with ease!

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13 Jan 2019 19:40:45
How often u watched him coop.

13 Jan 2019 20:09:19
I've only seen him and his goals on YouTube, why mate?

13 Jan 2019 20:18:46
Where does he keep his boots? In Iraq (a rack) 🙄.

13 Jan 2019 20:21:57
Just read that on news now. Sounds interesting but would be paying for potential cause i can't see iraqi league being top quality with them playing in a war zone. Also can't see him costing a lot.

13 Jan 2019 20:41:20
Ah YouTube. The only place on the planet that can make any footballer look like messi or Ronaldo on a few minute show reel. I know nothing about the boy I’ll just wait to see if we sign him then I’ll judge him after that.

13 Jan 2019 20:52:36
Looks superb on YouTube? Brilliant!
Once again a typical OTT response from our resident sycophant.

13 Jan 2019 21:03:57
Coop as u seem to think u know about him, forrester looked great on u tube, so did zelalem. Oduhau.

13 Jan 2019 21:12:09
Looks great in the Iraq Pub League! 😭🇬🇧.

13 Jan 2019 20:54:00
Could be our number 10👍.

13 Jan 2019 21:43:42
In fairness i'm sure the scouts are delighted there is a highlight reel on youtube - Who fancies going for a couple of weeks to Scout this new wonderkid? where is it boss? Iraq, ehm il pass.

13 Jan 2019 21:52:52
Iraq might play in a war zone but I bet they would still hump Scotland.

13 Jan 2019 22:02:02
An 18 year old on loan? Seriously?

13 Jan 2019 22:37:30
Youtube. Hahahaha i remember folk sayin how good pena looked on youtube before he arrived in Scotland.

13 Jan 2019 23:43:49
I mind being super excited about joe garner after watching a YouTube video haha that went well didn’t it.

14 Jan 2019 01:58:46
Pena the great example. Stop forming opinions based on YouTube.

14 Jan 2019 06:44:45
Whats the matter with you people, a rumour gets posted and you slaughter the poster! Where else would you see clips of an 18 year old Iraqi? If he looks good on you tube why not say so?

14 Jan 2019 07:03:49
Well said jyf. a wee bit of respect for fellow supporters would be nice to see.

14 Jan 2019 09:57:36
To be fair I read online we were interested in this guy, don't ask me where, I read to much online rubbish.

14 Jan 2019 10:50:53
Looks like a Dele Alli sort of player. Wouldn't be the worst signing. he was playing professional football when he was 13 years old so he must have a bit about him.

14 Jan 2019 11:15:18
Can’t judge anything by YouTube, but he has 8 goals in 13 caps for his country. If a Scottish 18 year old did that, the media here would be falling over themselves to talk him up as the next big thing.

14 Jan 2019 12:49:01
My only major concern here is would he get a work permit? Remember Manchester City previously tried to sign Iraqi playmaker Naskhat Akram, who was highly rated after destroying Real Madrid in a pre-season friendly. Couldn't get it through as Iraq weren't in the Top 100 FIFA Rankings I believe. Anyone know if they are now?

I would assume he will end up in the Saudi or UAE League, where any decent Middle Eastern player ends up as huge money to be made for them there.

14 Jan 2019 14:46:59
Daveboydave. It is supposedly easier to obtain a work permit to play in scotland than in england. No idea why just is plus he is current international playing in asian cup which would go in his favour.

14 Jan 2019 15:21:19
well sadiq and herrera both looked gash on youtube but we still signed them DOH.

14 Jan 2019 16:23:54
Iraq are currently #88 in the FIFA country rankings. If it turns out to be anything more than paper talk, and he’s played the requisite percentage of games, then the work permit should be okay. My guess it’s just an agent drumming up interest though.

14 Jan 2019 17:59:39
Daveboy this summer's window will be interesting as every European player will need a visa because of brexit.

14 Jan 2019 22:30:16
To be fair while I wouldn't take much from youtube, since coop mentioned it I though I would have a watch. There were quite a lot of goals in the video, now if it was a 28 year old and the video showed 15 or 20 goals, those goals could be across a decade, but this lad has scored all of these goals in the past few seasons. What I did notice was he had some leap on him scored some good headers, can beat a man got a bit of pace. At the end of the day the club will scout him properly if they are interested and if he Is indeed talented then maybe look to get him, but if they do like him they should try and sign him permanently not just on loan.

13 Jan 2019 13:39:48
Gregg Docherty interesting Hull and Rotherham in the championship and both are looking to sign the player. Don't think he would want to leave but how much do you think he is worth.

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13 Jan 2019 14:10:07
1 million is all we'd get for him atm at the very most. Feel he could grow up to be a cracking player and gerrard spoke highly of him during pre season. Won't be picking up much wages either so won't be happening.

13 Jan 2019 15:38:51
We may as well wrap our players up and give them a way as a free gift
with some of the valuations i have seen for our players on hear.
docherty 1 million morelos 10 million tavanier 7 million it is all English clubs that are meant be interested in our players so should achieve more than the above figures mentioned look at what clubs down south are paying for average players.

13 Jan 2019 16:18:01
Docherty has s bright future. he's as fit as a fiddle and has actually qualified as a fitness instructor. I wouldn't be in any rush to sell him as i see him as a great player for us.

13 Jan 2019 18:15:56
Both clubs reported as looking at loan deal till end of season.

13 Jan 2019 19:41:57
Yes either move would be a loan, would be good for him to move to a better league to test himself as he has showed up well in league one!

13 Jan 2019 20:18:48
Would only be a loan move to either of them. SG and GM highly rate him and see him as a future mainstay in our midfield. Possible future captain eventually. This boy will dominate our midfield in a year or 2. Get him back next season let him learn from davis with view of him being starter following season.

13 Jan 2019 21:41:24
Apparently its loan deals the clubs are looking at. I'd go for it, get him up a level to the championship rather than league 1 down there. It would benefit him and the club.

13 Jan 2019 21:46:18
Gerrard just isn't interested in Docherty - if he was he wouldn't have brought in Ejaria and Coulibaly on loan last window then signed Davis and Kamara this one.

A real shame because Docherty is evidently good enough to play for us. But for whatever reason Stevie isn't interested.

13 Jan 2019 22:19:44
I don't think you can say he is not interested, he sent him out on loan so he can play regularly without being under the pressure playing for us right now. Send him out on loan get him playing get his confidence up, comes back a better player, I think it's unfair to suggest that SG just isn't interested.

13 Jan 2019 23:33:40
I think Mr Motovatot was a qualified fitness instructor! Should we have him as captain next time out?

14 Jan 2019 02:52:02
I hate this nonsense about 'get his confidence up' and 'good for his development'. That rule only seems to have appeared for 21-year old Greg Docherty since Gerrard sent him out. It doesn't appear to apply to our other players of the same age and it doesn't apply to loan players he brought in of the same age who've played tonnes.

Why is it only Docherty?!

14 Jan 2019 06:36:19
If steven gerrard wants to keep greg docherty out on loan, which looks very likely, for the rest of the season, then it probably would be more beneficial, to see young doch going up to a better league. Nowt against shrewsbury town, but going to hull city or rotherham utd on loan,
would test docherty even more, as the english championship, is a high standard league! It would be a win situation for rangers i feel.

13 Jan 2019 12:57:19
Anybody have any update on situation with Hardie. Seen him training with squad in Tenarife. Is he being loaned back to Livingstone for remainder of season?

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13 Jan 2019 13:37:41
I think Gerrard took him away to have a proper look at him during the training camp. It is more than likely he will return to Livingston for the remainder of the season unless Gerrard plans in playing 2 up top then I imagine he would stay as our 4th choice striker,
Livingston boss stated a couple of days ago if he is being loaned back out they would want him back, I expect that he will return to them. Would be good for us aswell if he is scoring against the rest of the teams they play but ineligible against us as well as obviously continuing his development by playing.

13 Jan 2019 14:44:59
Makes sense for him to go back on loan for the remainder of the season.
I wouldn’t be surprised if with Hardie or Rossiter end up on loan at Dundee as part of Kamara coming early.

13 Jan 2019 18:21:10
I'd put Hardie third choice ahead of Lafferty any day.

13 Jan 2019 19:56:19
I really haven't noticed how good a player Kamara is. The boy Greg Doc is Kamara any better than him? I thought Docherty would see his loan out and come back ready to fight for a place in squad for next season but it doesn't look like its going to turn out that way. Its a shame I had high hopes for the boy.

13 Jan 2019 19:53:45
Ahead of Lafferty? Absolute nonsense.


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