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08 Aug 2017 21:51:46
Just got the snippets of the rumours kicking around over the 2003 league victory over the Fifers, what have the unclean been dragging up exactly?

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08 Aug 2017 23:59:46
Their usual conspiracy theories, c'mon bhampot, rayman or bhoywonder what did you write in them emails? Did chris sutton help you write them😂😉

09 Aug 2017 05:00:22
Apparently its something to do with dunfermline's relegation but the tinfoil hat wearing obsessed with rangers gang have assumed it MUST be something to do with title stripping us for cheating. This time by match fixing.

09 Aug 2017 07:33:52
Yip and as i told them on there site it was not rangers playing that day it was barcelona playing wearing masks and disguised as rangers players you no need to laugh it is always everyone else it is never the pathe-tic

09 Aug 2017 10:07:41
Match fixing 😂😂😂 when will these idiots just let it go. So what are we being accused of? Paying Alan Thomson to make an ar** of his penalty and ballooning it out of rugby park?

09 Aug 2017 10:11:00
The investigation centres around Dunfermlines finances from that time . It has nothing to do with Rangers

09 Aug 2017 10:15:30
Bears things are bubbling up nicely, all your club's dirty washing is now a matter of public record.
Watch this space

09 Aug 2017 10:51:39
The only dirty things getting hung out timalloy is you lot😁

09 Aug 2017 11:55:55
Cant remember our club ever putting out a circular having to remind fans who are attending games of their personal hygiene lol

09 Aug 2017 12:53:34
The tax case, administration and even liquidation are nothing compared to what's about to be revealed. i'm laughing at the complete ignorance here, its not going to be fun for you guys. Watch this space

09 Aug 2017 13:28:20
Remember being at Ibrox that day and we lost a goal to make it 3-1 and we were tottering. all over the place. Then the Pars boy shot from 30 yards out and it was flying into top corner when Klos somehow managed to fly across his line and practically clawed ball out from under the bar. finest save i ever saw. If it had went in we would have been lucky to win game at all. never mind 6-1. So the pars scored. Klos made that save from them. Sutton accused them of not trying. I watched celtic game on VCR and over 90 mins, Killie never had a shot on goal. Killie completely rolled over

09 Aug 2017 13:56:35
Celtic fans can't even behave themselves while in the grounds hospitality section. Fan was glassed or slashed in a 'premium section of the ground'. Best fans in the world, while the green bridage stayed away last night. Probably away solving political unrest on the Gaza Strip. 🤔

09 Aug 2017 16:57:01
Bampot, away and worry about your own team. On here giving it laldy, when your own swept Just "a few" things under the carpet.

Bam is definitely the correct term for you

09 Aug 2017 17:12:17
The pars scored to make it 1-1 not 3-1 Chinabairn

09 Aug 2017 17:30:53
Good one james2016 😂😂

09 Aug 2017 17:37:21
If you remember back to 2003 at rugby park it was an ex tim keeper playing for killy and he gave away two pens to them. They won 4-0 away from home and we won 6-1 at home and somehow we were cheating.

08 Aug 2017 16:29:31
Bolton Wanderers are interested in signing Rangers winger Harry Forrester, who is surplus to requirements.

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08 Aug 2017 16:48:55
I'd drive him to Bolton myself

Really disappointed in Forrester. I thought he had something about him when he first came to the club. Terrible attitude and too fond of a good night out. allegedly.

In time he will regret how he has reacted whilst at Rangers. He could have been a decent player and maybe got a move to a Championship or Mid - table Premiership club (Stoke, West Brom) .

It's a steep learning curve when U play for a big club like Rangers, and unfortunately, young Harry has let himself down.

He'll know it in time that he blew a great chance to have a good career in the game

08 Aug 2017 20:43:46
Think he has some sort of ability but not matched by attitude. One of those who will be looking back in 10 years time wishing he'd made the most of his talent. No sympathy for that type of guy.

08 Aug 2017 20:52:33
I always thought he was guff and will be glad when he's gone.

09 Aug 2017 13:24:12
I agree with most, if not all of the above. I have never been a huge fan of Forrester, though I do think he had a bit of ability. I always found his attitude questionable. I just hope he does the decent thing and moves to a club that wants him and does not just sit tight stealing wages from a club that clearly does not.

09 Aug 2017 13:25:10
Harry forrester is a terrible player lads, let's be honest here! Quicker all the dead wood is away the better

07 Aug 2017 22:35:01
Forrester being linked to burton Albion for free as he is told he's allowed to leave source news. news. co. uk but for sure the only person left to go is doodo my opinion is to be loaned out but probs will be sold.

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07 Aug 2017 23:27:09
Agree with Dodoo going on loan think I would rather a loan than prob taking a Fee less than we paid.
Only other from 1st Team would be Holt on loan as I don't think he will get many chances.
Said before that after Walker any business will be Loans coming in.

08 Aug 2017 12:43:55
He was one absolute waste of space. Magnificent opportunity for someone with obvious skill but he just mucked it up believing he was up here to stroll it. Can't forgive him for laughter gate or failing to pass in the old firm game.
However, having said all that, good luck to him wherever he ends up. The top was just too heavy for him I guess.

08 Aug 2017 18:42:23
Players like Forrester should never be allowed to exist at rangers totally full of himself and thought he was a lot better than he was (totally average) make room for walker! First choice Weiss no it won't happen tho

08 Aug 2017 18:50:32
Dodoo is better striker and finisher than Herriera, Morelos, Dacio and Pena. Of the Mexican/ Portuguese signings only the 2 lads at the back and Candeias have shown any potential and value. If Pedro has any humility, self awareness and football judgement he will bring Dodoo back into the fold and included in the first team squad.

08 Aug 2017 21:44:13
FD what are you talking about Dodoo is a shocking player two goals Against Partick that's it. Can see just by Herrera touches and lay offs he has more quality in his big toe than dodo has. every time he has played has showed nothing I take it you never watched the game against Aberdeen at ibrox at the end of last season? He got the start that people wanted and was by far the worst player on the pitch absolutely shocking think the paper give him a 2 out of 10 that game. Warburton never started him murty never and now Pedro don't they work with him every day but yeah there all wrong and your right he is class and there all missing it 😂

09 Aug 2017 07:38:20
Big herrera created 6 goal scoring chances on saturday, in dodoos last game against aberdeen he created 0

07 Aug 2017 19:50:05
Was told this morning from two guys who are on commities within Heart Walker is going nowhere unless the asking price is paid this was before the Waghorn news broke, also not Rangers related but the are after Michael O'Neall as there next manager. I've had info before from them that was correct just gave to wait and see only passing it on.

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07 Aug 2017 21:44:57
Really think they will let Walker go for less than 1m Bongo BUT I could maybe see them asking for a loan on top of Fee without reducing the Fee as this may feel like a win. We've prob agreed to pay at least 40-50% of O'hallorans wages and could see us paying 30-40% of a Player going to Hearts. Think this is a win win for both Teams and do not understand why Hearts do not agree as it seems clear to all the Player is not happy and not playing him just tells EVERYONE exactly this!

07 Aug 2017 22:20:15
M o neill will do well for them b4 joining the gers lol

07 Aug 2017 22:38:08
His family are all die hard Jambos his dad's not happy with him but the lad does want to come to Rangers I fear that the unwashed may do a Scott Allen I'll keep you updated if I hear any more. They say he's well worth 1 million

07 Aug 2017 23:05:20
So Bongo a couple commitee members at Hearts are telling you this, well shame on them, why couldn't someone from the committee just contact Rangers and tell them this, they will not be paid 1m for Walker be assured of this and they are aware of this, in five months time the lad who wants to play for us will sign a pre contract anyway, if Hearts want to lose this player for nothing then so be it, all I can say from a business point of view is silly beggars, I'm sure they can use 650k or there abouts to bolster their team and I think they need too, Walker has made his position clear and in the end vhf will play for Rangers.

08 Aug 2017 00:07:32
His dad must be a die hard moron to not want his son to advance his career.

07 Aug 2017 15:37:56
Walker moult naismith all in by the end of the window.

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07 Aug 2017 16:32:16
Hope you are correct

07 Aug 2017 17:36:25
Absolutely not. Moult should have walked in the game against Motherwell.

He isn't the type of player we need. Motherwell is his level.

Naismith isn't the goalscorer we need but would be a clear improvement on most of the players in the league including those that play in the east end of Glasgow.

Walker will happen eventually. Best player in the league outwith our team and the lot mentioned previously.

07 Aug 2017 17:48:26
Utter fantasy.

07 Aug 2017 18:05:01
Can't see why not - Naismiths apology paved the way
Moult would be a decent squad player and only 400k
Walker a stick on
Only forester to leave

07 Aug 2017 18:45:11
I would be happy if that was the case, and actually fancy our chances on the league. As it stands, there's nobody who will score us 25+ goals, and we won't win anything without one.

Herrera looks to be a poor man's Garner

07 Aug 2017 18:46:27
Does ANYONE know how much Norwich want for Naismith? How much is he on at Norwich as I've heard its 50k! So how much would we need to pay him?
I do think he could do a job but it comes down to finances.

If we could get Dodoo off the wage bill it would help as even with Wags away we still have Miller Morelos Herrera AND Hardie as choices up front!
Think it would be ideal if we could include Dodoo OR Hardie in the Walker Transfer.

07 Aug 2017 18:53:12
Naismith wouldn't get near our bench thorn76. But you keep telling yourself that he can, if it wasnt for hope and all that eh.

07 Aug 2017 18:56:13
The 3 of them would be standouts in our team.

07 Aug 2017 19:45:51
Bhampot you are joking right?

07 Aug 2017 19:57:04
Moult was doing what any one of us would do trying like a bear to impress and it backfired trying to hard, a proven goal scorer with a duff team he could do the business with us and wouldn't cost the earth!

07 Aug 2017 20:44:37
Bhampot u r seriously obsessed pal, u must spend more time on this page than u do on your own, and u know Naismith would get a game with yous lot YOU keep telling yourself he wouldn't 😂😂😂😂the team of invincibles would keep him well away from the senior squad right? I've just got this sense of misplaced arrogance from yous lot, look yes yous won the league and went unbeaten etc etc etc but let's face facts .
The league was piss poor and I mean piss poor, we were probably at a point where we were so rubbish thinking about it we ain't ever going to be that shite again as it's surely impossible to be so . This season we have to and WILL mount a serious challenge this season (I'm not saying we will win the league ) but a bit if pressure will be added and this season the invincibles 😂😂will have this bit of pressure to deal with so we will see how they get on because the main reason yous went unbeaten was that through the entire season u played with absolutely none What so ever, the only time yous probably did was the cup final v Aberdeen when that one off game where a bit of silver ware was to be won and in my opinion Aberdeen tore u a new one and had you by the balls and were unlucky not to have won, yes you won the game but when these games with a bit of pressure become a regular thing, games that u can't afford to lose because the Rangers are breathing down your necks will u get so lucky in all these games? I don't think so and 55 not come this season but it's coming and u know it is because u bein on here is just another version of u either sleeping with one eye open or looking over shoulder everywhere u go .

07 Aug 2017 21:26:40
Pena will be a revaluation
Morelos will score at least 20
Herrera will do a job
Give them a chance

07 Aug 2017 22:31:45
No g4arry i'm not joking. he's had his day, and even at his pinnacle was average. I understand why your slabbering at the thought of him going to Rangers though, the level there is pretty low at the moment, so he would raise it a bit their.

07 Aug 2017 22:37:57
Yeah. I really do think Pena will come good, has Pedro said anything regarding his fitness and how long till we see him in action?

07 Aug 2017 22:45:46
He's only here to see the rangers

07 Aug 2017 22:46:02
Fleetwood, Aberdeen tore us a new one 😂😂😂, oh dearie me. They spent the last 20 minutes breathing out of theirs. They crumbled. What game did you watch. Rangers were cronic last season, they don't look any better so far to me this season. I come on here to provoke conversation or a bit of banter, i certainly don't worry or keep one eye open for who may or may not be leading the chasing pack to catch us, to busy keeping 2 eyes on the road ahead.

08 Aug 2017 03:57:04
Got your fishing rod out more like haha.

we'll need a few competitive games with a settled squad before we can gauge the quality of the team.

08 Aug 2017 06:56:30
Mclean instead of naisy

08 Aug 2017 10:04:53
Bhampot slabbering no but regardless of what you think of Naismith he still better than McGregor and probably Armstrong who are first team players in your squad.

07 Aug 2017 14:49:09
Rangers in talks with mwell and moults agent, thoughts lads?

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07 Aug 2017 14:58:19
If true then I hope he learn some to keep his arms down. Lucky to have stayed on if you ask me. If price was right (500k) I'd bring him in as back up. Has a proven record in spl.

07 Aug 2017 14:59:07
If true then good. Just what we need for this league.
I would also like to see Cadden and Walker signed.

07 Aug 2017 15:25:19
Where are you hearing the Moult rumour Adamchook?

07 Aug 2017 15:36:58
If true could be a good signing along hopefully with walker

Any no what's happening with holt etc i canny see him or dodoo etc in pc plans windass yes played last few games etc less he doing it to put him in shop window for hull etc?

07 Aug 2017 17:36:37
Agree I can't see Holt getting a place in the starting 11.
Do we offer 750k for Walker plus Holt?

07 Aug 2017 18:40:50
Think he would score goals, not the best player but makes good runs and has scored against us and them.

07 Aug 2017 18:46:24
Think that if we were to include a Player like Holt or Dodoo then the Fee should be reduced as Hearts would probably only pay between 65-75% of the Players wages. I would think that 500k plus a Player for full Season is fair especially due to the fact Walker has 1yr left on his Contract.

07 Aug 2017 18:47:34
Think that we would have seen Players like Holt Barjonas Burt Dodoo etc getting, loan moves by now if it were not for the fact that the development Team having games with Bayern Lisbon etc lined up as this would seem to be better in terms of development than a loan to a Championship Team.

07 Aug 2017 19:09:13
Hearts got rid of Holt to us for the princely sum of £65k
Why would they now find the possibility of him being part of the deal for Walker in any way exciting.
If they valued him so low they won't want him back.

07 Aug 2017 19:35:13
Ah, that would explain him skying that sitter in the first half and rescuing a penalty to win us the match. now it makes sense, I thought he was just being a donkey 🤣

07 Aug 2017 12:41:43
On sky wags signs for ipswich.

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07 Aug 2017 13:44:01
Just seen it Kaymer, 1 Million good bit o business, Hopefully now get Walker

07 Aug 2017 13:53:37
Rangers social media have confirmed it also.

07 Aug 2017 14:54:41
Good luck to waghorn but I'm surprised we got anywhere near a million for him.

07 Aug 2017 17:38:36
Give Hearts the 1 million to sign Walker if that's the fee we got for Waghorn.

07 Aug 2017 17:42:23
Well done to waggy good words about rangers

07 Aug 2017 17:50:05
Jaws, we didn't. It's around £220,000 and a few add-ons.

07 Aug 2017 18:38:44
If it was 1m or near it then it is a great bit of business but it was an undisclosed fee and I think its prob more around the 500k mark but could be wrong.
Imo after Walker the only other business we will be doing is arranging loans out and in.

07 Aug 2017 18:50:32
Wee-ecky always thought 1m was a high valuation and something around 500k was more realistic.
How do you know the figure was 220k though?

07 Aug 2017 19:34:04
Andy1872, two sources that I trust, but one of them is now saying that it was £220,000 up front with another £240,000 over two years, taking it to £460,000.

08 Aug 2017 01:23:00
Yeah 460k sounds right but 2 YEARS to pay 240k that 10k a month! Thought Sunderland would've been able to pay the remainder quicker than that.

07 Aug 2017 01:17:54
Waggy is off to ipswich £1 million.

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07 Aug 2017 07:13:46
I'll drive him there If we get £1m

07 Aug 2017 09:23:19
Better get to the garage and fill up

07 Aug 2017 10:28:06
Good bit of business we still need a striker

07 Aug 2017 10:55:02
Thank God! Now get walker and naisy signed

07 Aug 2017 12:21:15
Million quid? Fair play. Should cover the loss we ll make on o halleran and the 500k on garner we didn't get back. Would have bit their hand off for 250k

07 Aug 2017 13:10:30
Dangerous game letting him go. New boys up front yet to show any goal scoring potential. We know he was not the best player but did work hard and was good for 10-15 goals a season.

07 Aug 2017 18:14:48
Saw this too, Sunderland interested in him too

07 Aug 2017 18:17:34
Hopefully buy some firepower with the dough. Buy Walker or put cash towards Naismith will do nicely. Naismith would definitely make the other side think. Any transfers need to be done quickly now to allow teams time to replace.

The correct move in terms of cash would be to buy Naismith and loan a young winger from the prem. This would allow us to sign Walker on pre contract in January and save us £1m in transfer fees. The only gamble would be that interest in Walker increased in the run up to January.

07 Aug 2017 18:44:25
Ohalloran is on loan till january onky I think.

06 Aug 2017 23:55:10
Bid accepted for Waghorn from Ipswich apparently.

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06 Aug 2017 23:16:54
Looks like waghorn is off 2 Ipswich bid excepted. now get walker signed this week!

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07 Aug 2017 00:05:02
if waggy goes we need another striker

morelos and herrera ain't scored yet, pena ain't played yet millers 37 he can't go on forever so we need goals

doesn't look like pedro will give hardie a go so we must bring in another no9

signing walker too wld be nice

07 Aug 2017 00:14:28
Now we go and get Naismith and walker and we are ready to challenge.

07 Aug 2017 00:33:02
I know it's early days but Morelos and herrera don't look up to it!

07 Aug 2017 09:06:41
We need May, Naismith, Walker and McLean. they should have been in before Morales, Herrera and Pena. these players area luxury we could take or leave. They won't grind u out results in the hunt for silverware.

07 Aug 2017 09:55:19
After 3 pre season friendlues and one league match our experts already writing off the Mexicans and the Colombian.
I rue the day Championship Manager was invented, so many Ian Cathro type experts in our support these days.
The same guys were writing of Windass and now saying what a great player he is.
The reason football clubs pay huge money for managers is simple guys they are professionals we are merely fans with laptops

07 Aug 2017 10:57:25
How very dare u rue the day champ manager was invented! Life wouldn't be the same without it!

07 Aug 2017 12:31:37
I'm not writing them off Scotty. just think the SP tried and tested players should be in there first mate. Also don't like Champ Man or Ian Cathro. Just love the famous. Better having players you can relate to and identify with then adding the likes of Pena and Morales. A trait that has won titles and cups over and over in the past. Again, just an opinion.

07 Aug 2017 13:21:48
Players you can relate to and identify with? SPL tried and tested?
Like Shota Averladze? Like Dado Prso? Like dozens of others? What are you on about? Are you saying fans can't relate to Fod, Tav, Jack, Dorrans, Wallace, Miller, Windass etc then add a few others? Contradicting yourself there.

07 Aug 2017 18:18:58
Stupid statement to make considering we ground out win yesterday with 2 out of 3 mentioned you haven't even seen Pena play yet so how can you judge on whether he isn't up to it

07 Aug 2017 18:19:29
ha ha didn't know this page was full of negativity as well lol.
pena hasn't played and he is being written off and morelos got 6 mins so how are they not goods enough or should i say how did u even come to that conclusion.
herrera for me need to get much better than yesterday though as he was worse than a man down

07 Aug 2017 18:24:48
Wholeheartedly agree Bluebaws. Plus Morelos is cracking in my save lol

07 Aug 2017 19:11:07
Why are you foaming about Averladze and Dado Prso Wee-ecky? I said I would like to see players who are already proven in Scotland before adding foreign players in the window. The comment also had nothing to do with squad we had before the window opened.
Stiv65. I never judged anyone. simply said what I reiterated to wee-ecky. I would also like to point out the 2 u mentioned never contributed to the result yesterday. That's not the point I made however. The point was homegrown players grind out results. Just like Dorrans did yesterday.

07 Aug 2017 19:44:47
I'm not foaming about anybody, merely pointing out the total contradiction apparent in your post. You said it would be better if we had players we could 'relate to' then add others. We have, as I said, a lot of players we can 'relate to' (unless you only count Scots, which is rather racist) and we've added a few foreigners. Isn't that exactly what you want? Player like Prso, Averladze and many, many others were also brought in under these circumstances, but remember we've fielded teams before consisting of 11 foreigners and it did us no harm. I still don't get your post, which smacks of nationalism and not much else.

08 Aug 2017 12:13:51
Nationalism. get to your bed hen.


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