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06 Sep 2018 17:38:09
I’m really concerned that we are required to play both Liverpool players in all old firms and European games. Both looked lost on Sunday and nobody in there right mind would have dropped Candeias for the lineup unless they had no choice. I’m really concerned that we’re just going to be a feeder club for Liverpool?

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06 Sep 2018 18:10:20
Hope that’s not the case I also felt the two loanees were out of there depth and posted it on here would like to think manager just got it wrong and by next OF game things will settled down a lot more and team will be a team.

06 Sep 2018 18:37:20
Lol good try timmy.

06 Sep 2018 18:40:52
No need to worry, no guarantee given to liverpool on starting games against Celtic. Barring injuries liverpool would have been given guarantee would make minimum number of games over the season, most likely 20. Having said that the carrot would have been dangled that could include Celtic. No commitment given though.

06 Sep 2018 19:18:55
Can't really blame kent. mibee if we never sat back so deep the whole game we might of seen more of Kent but he was bisically playn as a wing back.

06 Sep 2018 20:25:51
Not sure about Kent at all. Still no goals and I can’t recall any assists. Not enough creativity for me for a front man.

07 Sep 2018 08:13:42
It was madness to play both Kent and Ejaria against them last weekend. Our midfield 4 had a total of 1 old firm game between them whereas their midfield had plenty of old firm experience.

07 Sep 2018 08:41:56
Well now they have all got experience, so let's move on and build up a good winning run, come December take full points in the the league the Europa, and win first silverware of this season.

08 Sep 2018 09:53:32
I think starting both was probably the wrong call considering they both put in a massive shift against Ufa a few days before. It's not ejarias game to chase and close down although he does try, he might have been better coming on later if we'd found a foothold. Kent is not good defensively and a bit rough round the edges but his willingness to run and try things opens the game up sometimes.

09 Sep 2018 22:23:07
I like Kent great flair player unfortunately he was too deep against Celtic and he only hasn't scored due to a few decent saves from other keepers but he's a confidence player and he will keep getting us on the edge of our seat.

05 Sep 2018 22:18:34
i say get Rossiter fit enough to bluff his way through a transfer, he is costing the club a fortune in wages and medics.

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06 Sep 2018 01:29:15
Explain how you bluff someone through a transfer?

06 Sep 2018 06:55:07
well he did it to us!

06 Sep 2018 08:44:37
no; Warburtons scouse scout McParlan did that.

06 Sep 2018 09:07:47
Leave the lad alone, good player, we gave him a contract honour it.

06 Sep 2018 10:01:18
We signed him knowing the risks mate.

06 Sep 2018 10:24:20
Why do you think we got him. A fit rossiter would be playing for liver pool. That's how highly he was rated.

06 Sep 2018 10:25:29
If and I do understand it’s a BIG if we can get him fit then what a player we will have on our hands. I for 1 would def take a few difficult seasons with him for him the to get over his injuries and b a massive player for us for years to come! Let’s b honest if he wasn’t a risk then there’s no chance he would have came to us. I just no that if we let him go then he will come good and it will definitely b the 1 that got away.

06 Sep 2018 11:58:39
What a load of contrived mince that statement is Richie1
That’s the kind of logic that gets on my nerves. Get itthrough your head it’s not his fault and by the looks of it he could be on his way back. Clubs aren’t going to fall for that crap 😡.

06 Sep 2018 14:30:10
touched a nerve there Lego, oops its just an opinion just as yours is too. To me its £10k down the pan EVERY week, with nothing to show for it, oh yes I forgot, we have plenty cash to burn, I don't THINK.

06 Sep 2018 17:03:17
We gave the young lad a contract he deserves it to be honoured. I'm sure it's not nice for him either and he'd love to be fit and helping his teammates. hope if we get him fit and going he may repay our faith.

06 Sep 2018 18:04:03
Likes he's done every transfer window.

06 Sep 2018 18:28:43
His contract is for playing is it not? which he hasn't done really. Should have cut our losses in the summer. Anyway I think the plan might be to use him only in the league if he manages to get injury free as there is no way he could play twice a week. I'm also aware that he will probably leave us in the summer go back down south and play 400 games without injury.

07 Sep 2018 13:26:00
Ps have any of you heard of encouragement and support . the boy is a born leader and inspiration on the pitch.

09 Sep 2018 16:30:59
I doubt very much that we are paying his full wages. The PA Insurance will be taking care of most if not all the cost. I for one want to see him fit and playing for us. With Gerard's guidance he would be one of our best players and has skill in abundance. We need to remember that he is only 21, I am hoping that Gerard is taking the best route forward with Rossiter and not pushing him to play until fully fit. We saw in that Hibernian Game the skill the boy has. Let's give him encouragement, not berate him for injuries that outwit his control!

09 Sep 2018 22:24:52
Was just about to say injured players wages are usually recouped via insurance.

05 Sep 2018 10:07:04
Anyone heard anything on the kits release yet? .

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05 Sep 2018 11:20:43
Not ah peep.

05 Sep 2018 17:06:02
Rumours are 20th Sep dunno how much truth is in it though.

05 Sep 2018 19:37:22
Silence from king on the whole matter has been shocking.

05 Sep 2018 22:33:01
Really Paul86, when we have a very litigious MA, and we are bound by court rulings! @
Waken up!

06 Sep 2018 08:47:28
Retailers have been told 20th September is launch date but I would guess that could be subject to change depending on other circumstances.

06 Sep 2018 10:02:54
When is the next am and does anyone think we will get to find out where all the money has come from.

06 Sep 2018 17:37:47
15 October rangers may only may be able to sell strips.

04 Sep 2018 23:41:37
Europa League squad includes Dorrans but not Rossiter or Wallace. Biggest hint yet that the lad Rossiter is finished and Wallace is finished with Rangers.

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05 Sep 2018 07:56:01
You are only allowed to name 22 A list players and as many B list players as u want.
Explains why no Wallace or Dorrans for me, as which aA list player would you leave out.

05 Sep 2018 07:56:20
Sorry meant Rossiter.

05 Sep 2018 10:43:46
What age is Rossiter? Would he not qualify to play as he’s under 21?

05 Sep 2018 11:06:30
Mprent i'm not sure Rossiter would be able to get to the airport without getting injured.

05 Sep 2018 11:46:04
Wallace ain't done yet at gers over past yr rossiter n wallace have has injurys here an there so dtevie prob left tgem out case they injured again then squad not short.

05 Sep 2018 11:47:47
Mprent would have had to come through our academy. This is why Middleton is an a list player.

05 Sep 2018 11:54:53
He can be added to the b list as he is 21 and has been on our books for two years.

05 Sep 2018 12:11:09
Why would you include an out for the season Dorrans?

05 Sep 2018 12:54:17
Dorrans approaching full fitness, that’s why included in registered European squad.

05 Sep 2018 13:14:04
Dorrans back in training.

05 Sep 2018 13:42:15
Jboy, you are allowed an A squad of 25, that's exactly why I believe the two of them are finished at the club for one reason or another. Either that or neither is expected to be fit for the rest of this year?

05 Sep 2018 16:59:09
Cool. UEFA web site says 22.

05 Sep 2018 17:40:30
Duty calls u r correct re 25, but on re reading it eight spaces must be kept for locally trained players, if u can't achieve this u can't register the full 25.

05 Sep 2018 17:47:50
Duty calls very good articl done by follow follow re what rangers are allowed. definitely is 22 mate.

06 Sep 2018 00:12:13
jboy21 Here's the Uefa rule - 42.02 No club may have more than 25 players on List A during the season.
You are correct about eight 'association trained' players, and Wallace fits into that category. Since we registered only 23 players in the A squad there was room for him. We chose not to name him.

06 Sep 2018 09:08:40

06 Sep 2018 09:12:50
Sorry duty calls wrong you can name eight local trained players.
Four must be associating trained, i. e. Dorrans, Arfield Halliday and jack
Four must be club trained, we only have one, mcgregor so lose three places, can only name one
I suppose people say why Dorrans, that's the manager decision
Interesting this will be same next season as we have a lack of club trained players who don't falll into b list players.

06 Sep 2018 14:47:01
You're right, Jboy, I misread the ruling on local trained players and indeed four places must go to club-trained players. Maybe next year that will be McGregor and McCrorie only?

06 Sep 2018 17:09:52
Probably although Mccrorie has two years.
Hence why we need to develop our own going forward. Albeit only four.

04 Sep 2018 23:16:42
Rossiter not included in the Europa league squad. I thought he was expected back in a matter of weeks?

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05 Sep 2018 05:07:26
If he gets fit to play, at least we will have a first team mf that is fresh for weekend games lol.

05 Sep 2018 06:15:32
"Expected back in a matter of weeks". Think we all took that with a pinch of salt. I'll say it right now, he won't play this season. Get rid, the boys no use to us.

05 Sep 2018 08:20:37
Rossiter must be made aw glass😭😡.

05 Sep 2018 09:11:36
Jordan Rossiter is 7-10 days away from full fitness.

05 Sep 2018 09:43:11
i Feel sorry for Rossiter bags of potential just made of paper.

05 Sep 2018 14:30:39
Pity because he’s looked a talent when he’s played especially in the 5-5 game against Hibs. Hate to say it but looks as if he’s done.

03 Sep 2018 13:53:03
Gareth McAuley signed for on year! hopefully do a job up here, bundles a prem experience! happy with that bears?

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03 Sep 2018 14:12:40
McCauley useful addition, will allow rest and cover for goldstone. Also current international, good business again.

03 Sep 2018 14:17:55
Before any haters say anything just think of Davie Weir! Solid pro, had a good career, still fit and ready for the rough n tumble of the Scottish Premier league. welcome to Glasgow Rangers Gareth 💙❤️🔵⚪️🔴🇬🇧.

03 Sep 2018 14:31:23
Goldstone? I love the different spelling of player names on here.

03 Sep 2018 15:01:22
Welcome to the famous.

03 Sep 2018 15:37:14
Not buying the 'BORN UNDER A UJ' 'DYED IN THE WOOL BEAR' type propaganda the official site is coming out with though. Happy with the signing, but funny how none of the stories linking him to Rangers mentioned anything about him being one of us.

03 Sep 2018 16:25:10

Propaganda? The guy said in his first interview him and his family are bears and the street he was born in had the kerbs painted red, white and blue.

So just clarify for us all, are you claiming the club told him to say this? Also, show me where this ‘born under a UJ’ propaganda is please?


03 Sep 2018 16:47:03
i hate all this 'born under a union jack sh! te' sectarian bile. grow up. move on. knuckle draggers.
i am a born rangers supporter, but i was born in scotland - where we fly the saltire.

03 Sep 2018 16:59:20
Marty, I’ve not got a problem people flying a Union Jack or a Saltire, it’s their right to fly one or the other, or both.

I’m wondering why our fellow supporter believes our club is pushing ‘propaganda’ which is entirely false.

03 Sep 2018 17:02:55
We also fly the UJ in Scotland martyb and Mcauley is from Ulster so what's your point?

03 Sep 2018 17:15:31
UJ and proud. if some people believe my knuckles should sore because of that? then so be it.

03 Sep 2018 17:34:22
Martyb125, I was born in Scotland and proudly fly the union flag, my great uncle died on the fields of France so that headaches like you can voice your opinion without fear of recriminations, i however am no knuckle dragger, i'm a loyalist who believes in the institutions that make our country great, I'm a lifetime supporter of rangers and my loyalty to queen and country will never falter,

03 Sep 2018 18:18:17
Yeah guys it’s the Union Flag for me 🇬🇧🇬🇧.

03 Sep 2018 18:29:06
Hey Marty boy everyone’s intiteld to there opinion but to call fellow Rangers supporters what you did a smell a bit of green.

03 Sep 2018 18:42:01
Calling a Union Jack sectarian is simply ignorant. Dare I say speaking so harshly too, also smacks of being a bit bigoted itself?

04 Sep 2018 02:46:45

I’m for the union but the Saltire has nothing to do with he SNP. That is Scotland’s flag and makes up a large portion of the Union flag.

The Saltire is flown at Ibrox alongside the union flag.

You don’t have to support independence to claim the Saltire.

04 Sep 2018 06:43:42
Martyb125 funny you using the term knuckle draggers so often used only by celtic fans your lucky your allowed to fly whatever flag you want there are many places here in Ulster you cannot.

04 Sep 2018 13:59:58
Ultimately we are a Scottish club, the saltire would be my choice, however we are also British so the Union Jack is also used. Nothing to do with politics, no matter how much you hate the tories/ SNP/ labour etc.

05 Sep 2018 00:43:18
Exactly Souness.

05 Sep 2018 10:19:32
Just a wee point fellow bears of which i am sure you are all too aware of. You can only call it a Union jack when at sea. Its the Union flag 😆Lets go!

05 Sep 2018 11:27:25
Come on lads saltire is the one but queen and country what have they done for us corrupt lot.

06 Sep 2018 10:18:57
Hate living in a country that doesn't get what they voted for i. e tory suck in power twice we voted and twice we have been denied the governance that we selected because we are out numbered by the English it's not that great a union anymore and whilst I respect what it has done in the past the catastrophic way this country is fun in the present for me we should have got out whilst we could.

02 Sep 2018 21:49:25
So I have had some time to chill calm down after todays result/ performance and I found out some interesting facts.

This is the worst start to a league for Rangers since 1989 but. who won the league in 1989 still, Rangers! And who was our manager in 1989 none other than an ex Liverpool player.

Is history about to repeat itself? I certainly hope so!

Yeah we have had a tough start to the league some hard away games against Aberdeen (with a player getting sent off that wasn’t a sending off and then scoring late on in the game) against Motherwell (there pitch was dreadful slipping all over the place few males made and them scoring in the last minute) we have been been pretty unlucky but today’s performance was dreadful no denying it but we have done a a lot of traveling and games in Europe. I believe we will come back a stronger team after the international break. It’s still very very early on in the season I believe the more the season goes on the stronger the team will get his team has only been together a short period of time. Rome wasn’t built in a day!


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03 Sep 2018 08:01:07
You've gone already lol.

03 Sep 2018 11:16:52
after yesterday i'm convinced my original thought on team correct still to lightweight in midfield ejaria is ok for the likes of hamilton dundee but against tougher opponents like aberdeen motherwell celtic he is too lightweight. i know he scored against motherwell but they dominated our midfield for last half hour. our midfield are one type. ex. jack purely defensive ejaria purely offensive then look at celtic ntcham more balanced player rogic ore balanced and if you look at our midfield they are all like that.

03 Sep 2018 11:46:47
Whilst I think that Ejaria is good with the ball at his feet, he is a luxury player and without it, he is no where to be seen. Missed Coulibaly that can break up play and get stuck in. This isn't me being pessimistic or on the teams back, its a complete fact.

03 Sep 2018 20:19:30
Ejaria was an absolute stick on to underperform as supercoopereleven was on here just before the old firm stating that this guy was the next big thing. Time and time again I have politely asked this guy to keep his trap shut as he always gets ahead of himself and the opposite happens.

03 Sep 2018 22:00:46
Might not be this year but that titles not far away with Stevie at the helm. Fully believe that.

04 Sep 2018 14:00:50
I felt it was just too soon, particularly after the Russia trip. Next time Rangers will be better.

04 Sep 2018 15:04:12
Souness next time rangers must be better.

05 Sep 2018 00:55:11
It's like 1995 SG is Tommy Burns and Brenda is Walter. We need. a Mr Bunnet. pronto.

02 Sep 2018 15:09:46
Sky news reporting McCauley to rangers this week.

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02 Sep 2018 15:34:12
Not required.

02 Sep 2018 16:25:59
Good. We can't go through season without cover for both centre halves.

02 Sep 2018 16:40:06
if were planning to play with 3cb’s he’s required he won't be a regular starter but great experience for katic and worrall to lean on.

02 Sep 2018 16:48:46
Need a striker as Morelos is a liability.

02 Sep 2018 17:27:43
4 centre halfs vs 2 strikers


02 Sep 2018 17:42:25
We need a poacher, worst start to a league in 27 years.

02 Sep 2018 18:09:02
We have three strikers.

02 Sep 2018 18:20:01
It’s 29 years Mcc if you’re going regurgitate media frenzie guff get it right.

We won the league that year as well btw.

Plus, a poacher? And wit use would that have done today? 🤦🏻‍♂️ Honestly.

02 Sep 2018 18:44:29
Bearmode the panikers are out in force. Can't see our progress which is worrying.

02 Sep 2018 18:44:37
None, I cannot be as auld as you can’t remember that long ago. Wee joke.

02 Sep 2018 18:51:07
Mcaulay is cover for the 2 centre half’s they can play every game.

02 Sep 2018 20:01:38
Well said jboy21 to much negativity being posted or nonsense.

02 Sep 2018 20:03:34
Put the knife away mac. we will come good . The circumstances played into their hands without a shadow.

02 Sep 2018 20:47:21
Some people are unreal . We have just played our 14th game and travelled thousands of miles and it's just the start of Sep and how many losses. One. today. Our players are knackered give them a break. i looked at fixtures earlier and after the break My money is on us winning next 5 league games. Maybe that will be good enough for the lynch mobs. .

02 Sep 2018 22:51:14
A bit gutted about today but we’re a work in progress and I think we’re ahead of schedule maybe team selection was a bit wrong playing Kent and Ejaria this is a blood and snoters game and rest of squad would have seen that today this break will do us good come refreshed and ready to go no panic.

02 Sep 2018 22:02:35
CF bear spot on can't believe some the abuse the truth is Celtic had no excuses today that was there best side and they were at home also they had a far easier tie in Europe than us people need to calm down.

02 Sep 2018 23:31:19
Staggers me that morelos is a target for some parts of our support again the day. He was isolated most of the game due to lafferty and Kent being focused on the defensive side of the game but still made a nuisance of himself. Managed to fashion a chance for himself that on another day he might take and held the ball up well at times, most notably in the move that created tav's chance. His temperament can clearly let him down at times (Thursday ) but anyone who can't see what he offers, even on days like today, doesn't understand the game. Haven't heard a word of criticism aimed at lafferty today and for me he was far more ineffective than Alfredo.

03 Sep 2018 04:03:09
Where's the 3 strikers? Sadiq was signed and he didn't make the bench so Gerrard seems to be doubting his signing.

03 Sep 2018 09:48:10
Caw6 only allowed seven subs, its about the squad over the season.

03 Sep 2018 11:22:46
forwards are not problem strikers can't do anything if they can't get the ball from midfield morelos more often than not had to come into his own half to get the ball midfield not strong enough for me. ejaria skillfull but lightweight for tough games. jack defensive lacks courage or composure. halliday. squad player. arfield. don't think he has had a good game yet. coulibally is he another injury prone one? . there is nosteven davis, barry ferguson, type who is tough enough to hold the ball and dictate play.

03 Sep 2018 13:47:51
Let's all take a rain check, we have made great strides in a short period of time since SG and his management team came in.
We cried out for better defenders, we certainly have that, we have made small improvements up front. The midfield is ok but needs more work. In one window my and SG have moved on 20 plus players and bought in 15.
Let's see what next two windows bring us.
We will have played 14 euro ties by Xmas, with millions coming in which can be reinvested in our team.
Let's get behind our team, Rome was not built in a day.

04 Sep 2018 09:00:06
I agree getforlife. If only we had a young Barry Ferguson coming into this squad. How good would that be? The best Scottish midfielder in the past 40 years imo.

02 Sep 2018 11:31:21
Why no grezda on the bench?

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02 Sep 2018 11:39:06
Dunoon injured not played since may.

02 Sep 2018 11:39:42
No got clearance yet .

02 Sep 2018 12:00:33
Yeah he has clearance but he's hardly played since last season, badly needs fitness and guessing he's not anywhere near ready yet.

02 Sep 2018 14:15:43
He doesn't have clearance until after international break.

02 Sep 2018 14:29:22
He has clearance, u can't sign if no work permit. Unless off course gerrard wrong.

03 Sep 2018 07:41:27
If you listened to Gerrard post match, he mentioned about getting a few injured bodies fit and available after the break, those being coulibally, grezda, Dorrans and somebody else. So he has a permit and clearance, he's just been injured.

04 Sep 2018 09:01:16
And he didn't mention Rossiter, unfortunately.

01 Sep 2018 23:02:12
I’ve been told by another Professional Footballer that Southampton are about to release Steven Davis from his contract, by mutual agreement.

He is then free to sign for another Club outside of the now closed, Transfer Window.

Not sure how much to read into this but heavy rumours he was in Glasgow last night, so perhaps this is the only path that we could now sign him

Would make sense as he’s a big earner at Southampton but not playing. A sure fire way of getting him off the wage bill

Thoughts bears? 🇬🇧.

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02 Sep 2018 01:10:30
Wouldn’t believe that mate. He was part of the Saints squad today.

02 Sep 2018 01:10:58
Absolute nonsense. Not playing as been injured still the club captain and was back on the bench today after making his come back mid week.

02 Sep 2018 03:02:13
I find this hard to believe, your saying Southampton gave up a selling fee for Davis and are now going to release him for free. doesn't make sense.

{Ed001's Note - more to the point, he couldn't sign for you because he would be released after the window shuts.}

02 Sep 2018 04:48:08
Would that not make him a free agent ed? If so, I believe there would be no restrictions on when you could sign him as it wouldn't be a transfer.

{Ed001's Note - there are restrictions and I have just told you what they are. If he wants to go to China or some other club outside of the UEFA umbrella such as, for instance a non-league side in England ie Salford City to play alongside Adam Rooney, then he can do that. However he can not join any side under the UEFA umbrella until the next transfer window. If he had been freed before the window shuts, he could sign anywhere he wanted in the world. That is why so many, such as Caulker, make sure to end their contracts before it does so.}

02 Sep 2018 06:44:46
A very detailed and accurate explanation Ed.

{Ed001's Note - thank you. Bit early in the morning for explanations really though, was difficult trying to wake meself up enough to write it in any semblance of proper English!}

02 Sep 2018 08:32:02
So would say the boy caulker be able to sign because he terminated his contract prior to the window closing? I think he would be a decent back up.

{Ed001's Note - yes.}

02 Sep 2018 09:40:19
If he is in Glasgow as of last night, it’ll be to go to the old firm game- lots of ex players regularly do it!

02 Sep 2018 10:44:03
On bench yesterday’notbgetting freed. Just blah. Can’t sign for us.

02 Sep 2018 11:13:16
Tell him he’s talking rubbish!

02 Sep 2018 15:11:40
Fair Shout Ed. wasn’t sure of the rules

Perhaps in January 🔴⚪️🔵🇬🇧.


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