09 Apr 2014 18:56:32
i was told just this afternoon that j daly was on £1600/week with dundee utd was signing for english third league eam £3600 macoist came in offered £6000 and signing on fee from the man who stated he didn't know budgets oe anything to do with what players are paid

1.) 09 Apr 2014
I can beat that! Cribari is on an incredible £8000 per week (revealed on radio at weekend).

2.) 10 Apr 2014
He isn't worth 8000 pence /week if that's what he is paying he should be run out the door now he is an apology for a centre half and I think he still can't speak english a case of person signing a person

3.) 10 Apr 2014
Chief executive handles the contract and wages offered. Manager manages the team. About time prople realise this.

4.) 10 Apr 2014
I can assure u macoist done the deal with daillys agent without fear of contreception tha tcame direct from the said agent

5.) 11 Apr 2014
@connor the manager has some input with the figures for players wages as barry robson stated in his story a couple of days ago Derek mcinnes will tell him what his wages will be also its the managers wage budget so I take it he must decide how most of its spent

6.) 11 Apr 2014
Rangers kitman earning £60,000 per year. No wonder we're in this hole!

7.) 11 Apr 2014
Thats a fact that's what the wee man gets mind u will get better value him than u will from some of the others

8.) 12 Apr 2014
I used to go to school with his son and he's not only the the kit man he has various jobs around the club and kit man andteam coach driver are only one well don't know if he still drives the bus.

9.) 12 Apr 2014
Lbj d, is mccoist sha***ng daly without fear of contraception? Maybe that's why he always gets a game and he's mince!

10.) 14 Apr 2014
Could be better ask him doubt if u would get truth from either