30 Mar 2020 09:20:28
Any truth in the spat between alfredo n kent? Rumour circulating that kent had an arguement with alfredos missus at a get together after returning from dubai. apparantly kent says something provocative to her after having 1 too many so she started arguing with him. Fredo got involved obviously and the 2 of them have not spoke since? possibly a lot of sh#te but could that be a reason why he wasnt banging them in since the winter break?

P. S don't shoot the messenger just passing on what I've heard.

1.) 30 Mar 2020
30 Mar 2020 10:02:07
Wait a minute. Has Leon rebranded again? Lol can't see it mate.

2.) 30 Mar 2020
30 Mar 2020 20:23:34
scouser chatting up a columbian, he wouldn't know where to start.

3.) 30 Mar 2020
30 Mar 2020 21:22:33
There might be truth in the fact that they don't get along although I don't know the reason for that. At the start of each game when the players are going around each other trying to motivate each other and high fiving etc Kent and Morelos have ignored each other the last couple of games. A pal pointed this out to me and i never thought anything of it until iggle just posted this rumour.

That said, its still no excuse for the drop in form. Sheringham and Cole hated each other but played brilliantly together for years.

4.) 31 Mar 2020
31 Mar 2020 09:56:04
He had an argument with Kent and that’s how he’s stopped scoring goals, ?
does a brickie forget how to lay brick when he faws oot wi his pal?
BTW, he stopped scoring goals to spite Gerard for not letting him go, he went away, got fat, came back like a pig and the gullible flocked when he patted the badge . Just like they did when sebo milked them for applause while openly laughing at us in the dressing room, He didn’t try a leg, he should have been sold and replaced in January, when the money was good, it won’t be now believe me, , I was at the Leverkusen game and he was pathetic, yet still they bowed, some of us can see a player who doesn’t want to be here


5.) 31 Mar 2020
31 Mar 2020 14:56:24
Wolves would never take a rookie manger like Stevie boy they more likely to attract a far higher calibre manger than that, after their recent escapades in premier league and Europe. ……. let's not be silly and talk up our managers abilities please,