21 Apr 2020 22:02:50
UEFA stating the leagues can be ended in' 'special cases'. I take it that's a code for if uncle peter decides that its finished.

1.) 22 Apr 2020
22 Apr 2020 08:07:06
Couldnt have says it better myself mate. celtic get what celtic want. that's the reality of playing in a league run by mhanks. give or take a couple.

Never has the term "NO ONE LIKES US" been more true.

2.) 22 Apr 2020
22 Apr 2020 11:51:52
I see Lennon has changed his tune from a few weeks back.

3.) 22 Apr 2020
22 Apr 2020 13:50:27
a decent choir is conducted properly.

4.) 22 Apr 2020
22 Apr 2020 14:33:26
Hi guys, I'm beginning to think best outcome for us is for them to be gifted the unearned title.

How much of a humiliation would we suffer if we did not win the league if play was to be resumed.

Be honest guys.

5.) 22 Apr 2020
22 Apr 2020 16:47:40
Why would we be humiliated BB? IF they win it on the park then fair enough, that's all we are asking for. If its not won on the park then null and void and play again next season. There are a few teams in Scotland that have humiliated themselves but we are not one of them.

6.) 22 Apr 2020
22 Apr 2020 17:10:17
Wouldn't be humiliated at all mate. Don't follow?

7.) 22 Apr 2020
22 Apr 2020 20:38:44
I was humiliated enough by my mhanks workmates when we got beat by bottom of league team . Not just the usual banter but laughin their heads off for days on end.

Immagine they gub us in our next games it would no be just me who would get loads o stick.

8.) 23 Apr 2020
23 Apr 2020 09:10:41
Bluebilly what happens to you if we gub them, mate?

9.) 24 Apr 2020
24 Apr 2020 11:37:06
Oh just like the last time we did gub them Paul, "NOT A PEEP OUT O THEM THE SILENCE WAS DEFENING" mate.

Anyhow they have the title being confirmed later today I believe as UEFA gave consent.

10.) 26 Apr 2020
26 Apr 2020 06:10:57
How can people say this pandemic has been blown out of proportion? . You should be embarrassed by saying that highland bear. Football rumour page and you come out with crap like that.