28 Aug 2020 20:50:00
Seen big boss Walter around the place recently. No wonder we've been good since the start. The cavalry has arrived to point out Stevie and co's past mistakes. Walter Smith doesn't just show up at training for the last few days, just to pass the time of day. He's having input and by looking at what's going on, Stevie is man enough now to accept his mistakes and is trying to improve and change. The RFC board is pushing out the boat this season to give us 55. There is no alternative. We will win.

1.) 28 Aug 2020
28 Aug 2020 21:42:43
Smith has had no in put at all.

2.) 28 Aug 2020
28 Aug 2020 22:13:46
KJA9 - prove that statement. How do you know? Always badgering people who post. Give it a break.

3.) 28 Aug 2020
28 Aug 2020 22:20:59
Pure fantasy.

4.) 28 Aug 2020
28 Aug 2020 22:30:01
if we were going to let sir Walter dictate how things were going to be done, he'd be back in his brown brogues. Let him enjoy his retirement, he's earned it.

5.) 28 Aug 2020
28 Aug 2020 22:33:05
I’d be surprised if that was his motive and no manager would put up with someone brought in to point his mistakes out. it’s only a good thing for our club tho if Legends like him are around and I’m sure SG enjoys and listens during the convos. Can’t get enough legends like Mr Smith around training complex and Ibrox.,

6.) 28 Aug 2020
28 Aug 2020 22:50:01
SG admitted at the start he'd talk to Walter. Who wouldn't?

Consulting and chatting with a club legend is a completely different thing to Walter being the coach behind the scenes.

7.) 28 Aug 2020
28 Aug 2020 22:50:56
I'm quite sure Gerrard has had input and advice from smith and many others in the game. Maybe not during training sessions though to be fair👍.

8.) 28 Aug 2020
28 Aug 2020 23:00:10
You hear in interviews with managers all the time that they speak with other managers, ex managers/ team mates etc. i'm sure Walter and others will talk to Gerrard, offer advice but not formally and not bluntly to point out his mistakes.

9.) 28 Aug 2020
28 Aug 2020 23:15:55
100% gerrard and coaching staff will have been happy to have sir walter on the training pitch and steven gerrard has stated before he picks sir walters brains on football what footballw man wouldnt.

10.) 29 Aug 2020
29 Aug 2020 00:20:23
Didn't say anywhere that Walter was a behind the scenes coach. To the doubters, kja, Snell, sir Walter, etc. look at today's training photos released by RFC. Uploaded by RFC. On RFC official website. Walter is there beside stevie. Training pitch. Today. Photographs of them. Together. Players close by. If it's fantasy and he has no input, why is he there? Just to pass the time of day? He's just there to look at the grass and pissy clouds and not pass comment on anything? I'm just an old retired successful RFC manager with no helpful suggestions whatsoever because I'm retired. Any help to win the league is imperative. He can say anything he likes to Stevie because he has earned the right. Anyhoo, the whiners on here don't bother me. its all keyboard banter. I can take a pisstake.

11.) 29 Aug 2020
29 Aug 2020 01:20:10
Im 57 in the building trade for 40 years and still learning even more from older people

The old saying "The day when you know everything is the day you die"

12.) 29 Aug 2020
29 Aug 2020 07:33:38
Who cares? He either gives advice or he doesn’t.

Either way, it’s not really something to get all excited about on here.

This I’m right your wrong, my dads bigger than your dad just gives the Celtic fans ammunition to say that our fans are thinker than theirs.

13.) 29 Aug 2020
29 Aug 2020 09:11:25
Well if any of you listen to Stevie G. He has stated many times that he has phoned Walter for advice etc throughout his time as manager so he must be lieing eh. Its isn't an official capacity or anything its simply advice. and let's be honest he would be silly not to ask this legend for advice.

14.) 29 Aug 2020
29 Aug 2020 09:24:58
Correct Kri55. SG recognises Sir Water as source of immense experience and wisdom to tap into. Sir Walter loves the club, brings no ego and is available for a quiet word of advice if called on. Absolutely love pic of SG and Sir Water together.

15.) 29 Aug 2020
29 Aug 2020 09:53:30
Lets hope when we win the league this year we can ask Sir Walter to do the trophy presentation or the flag unfurling!

16.) 29 Aug 2020
29 Aug 2020 10:13:31
Walter has seen and done it over the years. Stevie is a very smart and knowledgeable young manager who is driven and, in his own words, not averse to consulting the old fox from time to time. Put two and two together. Not saying Walter is picking the team or anything as ludicrous as that, but obviously Stevie gets some very useful pointers from time to time.

17.) 29 Aug 2020
29 Aug 2020 10:51:41
I think there is a bit of truth in there somewhere of course SG would listen to WS of course he’d listen but each manager has his own ways of managing and to say SG has accepted his mistakes and WS is there to correct them is wrong in so many fronts, if that was the case WS would day be the manager he would take responsibility for his decisions and I can’t see SG allowing someone else’s ideas to be used on his team and rightly so can we not accept that WS can walk in and out of our training ground as he pleases he is a legend of our club and while he is there they will chat and SG will listen and if they both agree the advice may be used but to say he’s there to point out SGs mistakes is wrong.

18.) 29 Aug 2020
29 Aug 2020 11:51:08
Everyday is a school day 🔴⚪️🔵.

19.) 29 Aug 2020
29 Aug 2020 13:44:05
Baz . u don’t know he has, so now you badger ka. As I try to say on here many times people should try respect opinions or as all just closing site down.

20.) 29 Aug 2020
29 Aug 2020 16:18:44
That was a long debate on nothing then, he’s been talking occasionally with Walter for 3 years,

21.) 29 Aug 2020
29 Aug 2020 17:11:11
seriously, if you have met walter while talking to sandy jardine, class does operate that way.

22.) 30 Aug 2020
29 Aug 2020 23:29:30
It was leaked last week that walter comes into training to talk to the players about what rangers means, this season in particular and that the players are "terrified" of him. No tactical input, just motivation.

23.) 02 Sep 2020
02 Sep 2020 12:32:49
Having Sir Walter around the club has to be nothing but a positive thing. He got the best out of every player in his teams. Players would run through brick walls for him.