10 May 2021 21:03:45
if SG was to leave would Callum Davidson be an option to replace?

1.) 11 May 2021
11 May 2021 05:55:23
Apart from him being a bluenose, i would say he won't be anywhere near the running for the rangers manager's job, if/ when steven gerrard leaves 🤔.

2.) 11 May 2021
11 May 2021 07:23:48
No he wouldn't be able to attract the players we would need to win the league and do well in Europe.

3.) 11 May 2021
11 May 2021 07:49:28
He would be an option along with many others. He's done a great job and If he could win both cups in the same season what an achievement that would be. He's also a Rangers fan so he's a good man in my opinion and fingers crossed they give hibs a doing in the final.

4.) 11 May 2021
11 May 2021 08:59:16
Not for me mate

Look at the puddle drinkers for example. Big name manager in Rodgers then they go miles backwards with Lennon . Players are used to working with a good coach and a big name then they get handed a glorified kit man.

Hope it’s not for a while but when Gerrard does move on our board need to pull out the stops to get a top couch big personality and a winner that will have the respect of a champions dressing room.

5.) 11 May 2021
11 May 2021 09:31:46
AnotherBear - DFS would be the best option, they always have sales on for top couches ;)

6.) 11 May 2021
11 May 2021 10:29:03
Completely agree wi all that Another Bear mate, especially the lenny kit man bit.

How that mob (well a lot of them) wanted the chancer back beats me, but great for us they did.

Thank you lenny, not forgetting our Manager Stevie would have beat them in any case.

7.) 11 May 2021
11 May 2021 11:04:21
Assuming we are in a good position as a club when the time comes, we won't be short of top quality managers interested in the job.

8.) 11 May 2021
11 May 2021 11:08:16
If he wins two cups and challenges for 3rd spot with hibs and aberdeen while playing nice football i would say yes he would be an option but probably not a popular one.

9.) 11 May 2021
11 May 2021 11:13:04
DoTheBouncy! You got me! Managers is always a better word to avoid autocorrect . We learn the hard way .

When Gerrard goes .

De Boer for me won three titles back to back with Ajax not a lot of money to spend and in a better league than our league in my opinion.

Or GVB one the league with Feyenoord for the first time in 20 years.

10.) 11 May 2021
11 May 2021 11:44:21
A club the size of Rangers and where our aspirations should be require a figurehead that can attract a decent standard of player and keep up the profile of the club.

11.) 11 May 2021
11 May 2021 11:47:09
That’s like owning a Rolls Royce and replacing it with a Skoda.

12.) 11 May 2021
11 May 2021 12:18:05
If anyone thinks Callum Davidson is good enough for Rangers manager they need to have a word with themselves, great job at a small club but even the way he carries himself looking scruffy is never Rangers standard! Callum will probably go as high as a Hibs or Aberdeen in his management career, maybe even a Championship side but never good enough for us, could you imagine the call to try and bring the likes of Defoe to the club, “Hello Jermaine, it’s Callum Davidson” “sorry Callum I’m not needing insurance and haven’t been in an accident, bye”.

13.) 11 May 2021
11 May 2021 13:21:48
Like to think we'd be aiming our sights a bit higher than him.
No harm to him but I'd be looking at a bigger name.

14.) 11 May 2021
11 May 2021 14:35:17
The skoda has been in more cup finals this season than the rolls Royce has in 3 seasons.
Skodas are great as I'm the proud owner of one. An estate and its got a radio and air con 📻🥶 yes I know I shouldn't boast but she's a real beauty.

15.) 11 May 2021
11 May 2021 15:39:10
Good for u three cheers.

16.) 11 May 2021
11 May 2021 16:21:03
Three cheers i agree pal Skoda's are terrific cars nowadays. I've had 3 skoda octavia's and each one was a brilliant car 👌I've now got a new skoda karoq (SUV), which is a superb car 👌.

17.) 11 May 2021
11 May 2021 16:39:21
Davis alongside McGregor and Beale would do for me.

18.) 11 May 2021
11 May 2021 20:44:31
I had a Skoda few years back nice car but wouldn’t want it as manager of rangers.

19.) 12 May 2021
11 May 2021 21:38:30
I suppose if he got the Barcelona or Real Madrid job after ST Johnstone he would have to be considered a contender.

20.) 12 May 2021
12 May 2021 07:05:41
This is a young manager showing an incredible ability in the job m a man with vast playing experience and obviously going to be a big success in management

Completely written off as not good enough, you couldn’t make it up.

21.) 12 May 2021
12 May 2021 10:14:30
Tomthumb- agree totally - what CD has done in such a short period is amazing- this guy has a great future in front of him yet many here dismiss him because he's not a big name former player. he's less of a risk than Stevie G was when we recruited him.

22.) 12 May 2021
12 May 2021 11:43:23
It’s the arrog That’s haunted rangers for a very long time

The reason why so many hate rangers is right here mate

Calum Davidson will be a great gaffer somewhere I’m sure.

23.) 12 May 2021
12 May 2021 12:12:29
Gbone, you do know that Davidson is a very well respected international football player don’t you, Jermain for example will know exactly who Callum Davidson is mate, most footballers aren’t as arrogant as that, particular about international former players.

24.) 12 May 2021
12 May 2021 13:22:33
Davidson is no where ready in his career right now as a manager to get the Rangers job. It would be suicidal for the club after the strides we've made under Gerrard on and off the park.

25.) 12 May 2021
12 May 2021 15:08:39
Nobody said otherwise.