09 Jul 2021 15:21:45
Our marquee signing is spanish striker morata on a season long loan deal from juventus 🤔Glen kamara possibly signing for juventus for £12million🤔Watch this space 👀Big itten going out on loan to who i don't know yet 👍.

1.) 09 Jul 2021
09 Jul 2021 15:41:46
It's a rumour site so why not mate.

2.) 09 Jul 2021
09 Jul 2021 15:49:25
Sorry SGL I just don’t believe this one, if I’m wrong I’ll happily be the first to say! He canni finish anyway, would be better off with Ced.

3.) 09 Jul 2021
09 Jul 2021 15:56:29
Morata is on loan at Juventus from Atlético Madrid? So how can we loan him from Juventus as part of a Kamara deal?

4.) 09 Jul 2021
09 Jul 2021 15:57:40
As he’s reportedly on around £4m a year I just can’t see that one. Plus I just don’t really rate him. Obviously he’d probably score for fun in Scotland (not that I can see him wanting to play here) but he’s kinda flopped just about everywhere he’s been and just isn’t worth the wages. Not saying I wouldn’t still take him, just can’t see it myself.

5.) 09 Jul 2021
09 Jul 2021 16:04:10
I never said part of the kamara deal paulyrangers 🤔I know he's on loan from atletico madrid also but juventus are considering other strikers and he's coming to rangers on a season long loan deal, instead of staying at juve for his last season on loan 👍GovanFront 7,
morata can finish alright pal, don't fret about that 👌.

6.) 09 Jul 2021
09 Jul 2021 16:07:13
I think by reading your post Ger1978, you're kinda wanting morata mate 🤔.

7.) 09 Jul 2021
09 Jul 2021 16:08:00
Belter of a rumour coop. 👍.

8.) 09 Jul 2021
09 Jul 2021 16:08:06
12 mil if we let him go for that we are a laughing stock 25 min for that Standard of player. Sick of our fans lowering the price of our players! To me your not fans!

9.) 09 Jul 2021
09 Jul 2021 16:10:10
If making up a rumour atleast make it aboit a half decent finisher. Morata is one of the most over rated strikers in the last 10 year.

10.) 09 Jul 2021
09 Jul 2021 16:16:24
SGL Deary me. That’s all I have to say 😂.

11.) 09 Jul 2021
09 Jul 2021 16:27:28
I'm sitting back here chuckling coldo, waiting for the usual suspects pal about to complete the proverbial dive 😂😂Two already have mate 🤔.

12.) 09 Jul 2021
09 Jul 2021 16:30:42
Paul86 my good friend, i agree morata is slightly overrated but still a really good striker and finisher in my book anyway 🤔You don't play for the clubs this guy has played for and not be good mate! There's always interest in morata and that backs my assessment of him as a striker, i would imagine, don't you think so 🤔.

13.) 09 Jul 2021
09 Jul 2021 16:32:38
As I said, I wouldn’t say no, he’s certainly a marquee name. However I don’t think he’s really worth blowing our wage structure for and I’ve never really been overly impressed watching him, whether that was for Chelsea, Madrid, Juve, or Spain. Misses way more than he scores. For someone who’s constantly played for top clubs his strike rate is around 1 in 3. Not bad but really should be better.

14.) 09 Jul 2021
09 Jul 2021 16:40:38
4 million a year no chance max we prob would pay would be around 2-3 million.

15.) 09 Jul 2021
09 Jul 2021 16:48:59
😭😭😭😭 The reality is nobody knows anything now but that one gave me chuckle SGL😋.

16.) 09 Jul 2021
09 Jul 2021 17:36:38
You'd have morata over fredo everyday of the week . I know coop, I liked it😂😂👍.

17.) 09 Jul 2021
09 Jul 2021 18:04:22
Sgl morata would do a turn! Certainty not the worst rumour I've seen on here!

18.) 09 Jul 2021
09 Jul 2021 18:26:56
He’s an improvement on Dykes that’s for sure 🙈.

19.) 09 Jul 2021
09 Jul 2021 18:49:25
Coops just getting ready for Euro final on Sunday.

20.) 09 Jul 2021
09 Jul 2021 19:08:41
All the haters on morata he would literally break the league but let’s be honest he ain’t coming unfortunately. We’ve all got ideas of what we want or need me personally I would go for a guy called Rey manaj very similar styles but without the huge outlay.

21.) 09 Jul 2021
09 Jul 2021 19:10:27
Never happening, Morelos is staying anyway.

22.) 09 Jul 2021
09 Jul 2021 20:04:25
Last summer Dykes, this season Morata, you're on the up coops me old son 😉😂.

23.) 09 Jul 2021
09 Jul 2021 20:22:15
Dykes couldnae finish a happy meal!

24.) 09 Jul 2021
09 Jul 2021 21:39:50
For those saying they don't rate morata, i have to strongly disagree, i can't see thing one happening but boy this man on his game is different gravy. Worldclass 👌💙💙💙.

25.) 09 Jul 2021
09 Jul 2021 21:56:20
Better with nicki manaj.

26.) 09 Jul 2021
09 Jul 2021 22:04:09

27.) 09 Jul 2021
09 Jul 2021 22:09:13
When dykes signing and when's the under armour deal starting?

28.) 10 Jul 2021
09 Jul 2021 22:52:25
Last loan cost juve 18mil fee according to transfermarkt for morata.

29.) 10 Jul 2021
09 Jul 2021 23:14:08
SGL and John25 have usually got same info from same source
John25 have you heard this is true or not?

Morata I think would tear the Scottish league up no matter what you think of him
and I mean would tear it up if he indeed came here to really play top of his game and not for a wage and a stroll about
if he’s seriously came here to play his football think it could be a top quality signing to be honest

SGL are you winding me up I’ve been drinking tonight so can’t really tell if your joking or not 😂😂.

30.) 10 Jul 2021
09 Jul 2021 23:29:20
SGL is tht a real Rumour? Or u made it up for bites? He’s top class player IMO 👌🏻.

31.) 10 Jul 2021
10 Jul 2021 00:17:00
ooft that’s an absl belter coop!

cat amongst the pigeons - luv it.

32.) 10 Jul 2021
10 Jul 2021 06:19:17
Stig, SGL knows my source, not sure if he gets info, u would need to ask him.
Not a story I had heard.

33.) 10 Jul 2021
10 Jul 2021 07:00:56
love this to be true, takes a set to post this poss transfer story for poss ridicule.

Just can't see him playing against Livi on a cold jan evening running about on a plastic pitch at -5 time will tell.

Fingers crossed but had to check it wasn't April fools day.

34.) 10 Jul 2021
10 Jul 2021 07:30:43
Thestigno1,I enjoy your input on here and it was a wind up pal,
regarding morata possibly coming to the mighty glasgow rangers, i wish it was true mate 🙏It was for the usual suspects on here who contribute very little of their own, but constantly have a go at others posts, as that's all they want to do, very sad people really 😞SirWalterMcCoist 😂😂😂
One of a few guilty members and always bites 🎣🎣My phrase to you is 'on a string pal'! 👌.

{Ed001's Note - if you are going to troll like that, then I will have to ban you. This kind of idiocy is just wasting my time. It is not funny or clever, it is just being a selfish a-hole. Like I haven't enough to do with 70+ sites to look after and the hundreds of articles people have requested that I am unable to get round to writing because idiots think it is funny to post crap like this!}

35.) 10 Jul 2021
10 Jul 2021 08:19:21
And then there was silence. Couldn’t agree more.

36.) 10 Jul 2021
10 Jul 2021 08:25:41
Was about to comment then saw your post Ed - who/ whicomment are you referring to?

Just want to check in case I was about to post something similar!


{Ed001's Note - my comment was addressed to SGL.}

37.) 10 Jul 2021
10 Jul 2021 08:38:10
Lol this one should have been posted in the "banter" section clearly 😮.

38.) 10 Jul 2021
10 Jul 2021 08:52:00
Cheers Ed, glad I didn’t post that a Messi, Ronaldo and Zlatan were in the car behind me at the KFC drive through in Govan👍.

{Ed001's Note - welcome mate.}

39.) 10 Jul 2021
10 Jul 2021 09:19:21
SGL u need to be careful, Ed is fed up, and I agree with him.
These guys r busy, don’t need wind up merchants, u stick to contributing good stuff.

40.) 10 Jul 2021
10 Jul 2021 09:52:27
I do apologise and i'll make sure it doesn't happen again ED001!So am i still banned 🚫 and is it indefinitely 🤔Can you please let me know one way or the other ed, would be much appreciated 👍.

{Ed001's Note - it was a warning SGL, you are not banned.}

41.) 10 Jul 2021
10 Jul 2021 10:29:15
About time Ed that’s absolutely terrible patter 👎🏻 already enough bikering on this site with you making more!

42.) 10 Jul 2021
10 Jul 2021 10:41:01
I appreciate that ed001 and i don't usually do that as any rumour I post on here i've heard or been told by a contact 👍I shouldn't have done it and only did it because of the usually suspects on here who post nothing useful themselves and only attack other good posters posts, no matter what! I appreciate the fantastic site you guys provide for us ed001,i hand on heart do pal 👍.

{Ed001's Note - which is why you got a warning rather than just being banned. Unlike coldo, who is banned.}

43.) 10 Jul 2021
10 Jul 2021 11:27:59
I know Ed 001 you must get totally fed up especially on this site.
I along with many others greatly appreciate the work you and other Ed’s do, the small minority don’t get without you guys there would be no site.
So thank u very much.

{Ed001's Note - they are all the same to be honest, it is just that the busier they get, the worse they get, rather than one set of fans being any worse than another. This is one of the busiest so it is one of the worst because of that.

Thanks John. I appreciate that mate.}

44.) 10 Jul 2021
10 Jul 2021 12:55:48
Coldo banned? Music to many ears I suspect.

45.) 10 Jul 2021
10 Jul 2021 12:58:38
You do a cracking job ed. i'm not long back after a couple of months as I got fed up of some of the nonsense on here. can't imagine how much it takes to hold back when we only see probably half the stuff that gets sent in. We Appreciate the hard work of all the ed's without whom there wouldn't be a site.

{Ed001's Note - you are right mate, it is difficult to say nothing, especially as it is the same on site after site and it beats you down at times.}

46.) 10 Jul 2021
10 Jul 2021 14:22:24
I hope coldo isn't banned indefinitely Ed001🤔.

{Ed001's Note - why? He doesn't learn and just comes back posting exactly the same ignorant boring nonsense on every single thread. There is no point because you can't have a discussion with someone so shockingly arrogant and pigheaded.}

47.) 10 Jul 2021
10 Jul 2021 14:42:59
Agreed Ed, was getting ridiculous. And coops you should be seem and not heard just now mate, you're on a warning 😉😂. Anyway decent workout today for the players results will come plenty to come back into the team.

{Ed001's Note - it is a shame as I like to have someone giving the opposite viewpoint but some people just get entrenched in it and have to shout it over and over to try and bully others into agreement.}

48.) 10 Jul 2021
10 Jul 2021 14:54:58
Fishing line will be out soon 🎣 no wonder no one takes him seriously.

49.) 10 Jul 2021
10 Jul 2021 16:01:57
Ger88,as ed will verify, i've been on this site for many a year and if i'm out of order and wrong i'll say so and i'm sure ed will back me up here 🤔KJA2.0,when you change your username you start off very polite and respectful and then after a few posts with your new name, you go back to square one 🤔Of course i would never try and contemplate telling the Ed's their jobs, but you're worth the watching pal and i'm sure the ed like me will have noticed this in your posts by constantly digging at other posters 🤔.

50.) 10 Jul 2021
10 Jul 2021 16:57:58
Shut up you guys and just treat each other a little better Everyone is allowed their viewpoints, opinions and you can say on here how you think its right or wrong but let's not have a serious hate debate or snagging about it WE ARE ALL RANGERS 👍.

51.) 10 Jul 2021
10 Jul 2021 18:01:26
KJA2.0,it was only about a couple of weeks ago that you were completely arrogant telling me and whoever else france would win the euros plain and simple and you slag off coldo for being arrogant 🤔Well pal france are in the hoose!

52.) 10 Jul 2021
10 Jul 2021 20:40:49
SGL, yellow card has been issued - you don’t want to be Coldo in disguise so best pipe down and let everyone else have an opinion even if it disagrees with yours.

Debate is good, repeatedly forcing opinions on everyone and repeatedly telling everyone they are wrong whilst posting made up stories is bad.

Don’t be like Coldo😂.

53.) 11 Jul 2021
11 Jul 2021 01:59:42
"Of course i would never try and contemplate telling the Ed's their job"

then proceeds to do exactly that