09 Jun 2024 10:08:32
Reports everywhere saying Rangers looking for a fee of around £2.5m for Sam Lammers! Surely we’d be asking for more considering his performances for FC Utrecht? Fed up seeing us being short changed.

1.) 09 Jun 2024
09 Jun 2024 10:54:38
If true, which I doubt given who’s been reporting it, it’ll likely be the starting price but given we already know Utrecht are interested along with a few other Eredivisie clubs I can’t see it being as low as that.

If we make our money back then great but I’m hoping for some profit given those stats in the later end of the season.

2.) 09 Jun 2024
09 Jun 2024 11:25:37
Lammers scored 11 league goals for Utrecht with 3 assists. He scored against Champions League opposition in Feyenoord, and he’s taken Utrecht up the table in to the European spots. I think the guy won POTM and some other award for breaking a goal scoring record. He’s just entering his prime years. He’s got to be worth more than the £2m many on here quote.

A lot of teams from the top 5 leagues actively scout the Dutch league looking for talent. He must have a few clubs interested in him.

3.) 09 Jun 2024
09 Jun 2024 11:35:25
this is a guy we were ready to pau to leave so 2 and a half is a bonus.

4.) 09 Jun 2024
09 Jun 2024 12:15:38
2020 most would have paid for him to leave 2020,but not a chance do we only receive 2.5m for him.

5.) 09 Jun 2024
09 Jun 2024 12:32:24
Highest paid player at Feyenoord is on 19k a week . When Danilo seen what Michael Beale was offering for wages he broke the record swimming the English Channel. Netherlands is not awash with cash most clubs have wage ceilings. There was some reported interest outside Holland but nothing concrete I've heard of. The interest is there In Holland but you can't get blood out of a stone. They will need to get Sam to agree on a wage cut and probably offer him a fat signing on fee. I don't see any reports saying Rangers expect 4-6m anywhere outside a guy at Rangers Review blowing smoke out of his own ass. Theo Bair got 2 goals before Christmas in SPL after Santa brought him new boots he scored 13 and had 5 assists should we go in and offer 4-5m?

6.) 09 Jun 2024
09 Jun 2024 12:42:52
Most people would have been happy not to see Lammers back and off the wage bill, to now say we should get double what's on offer is crazy stuff. 2.5 + 1mill? Saved on wages. take it.

7.) 09 Jun 2024
09 Jun 2024 12:54:22
If You don't think we'll get more than 2.5m for him, they i can see where the smoke is coming from Robert.

8.) 09 Jun 2024
09 Jun 2024 13:10:30
My Star if you are expecting 4 or 5m for Lammers I'll call the fire brigade you can make your way to the window.

9.) 09 Jun 2024
09 Jun 2024 13:17:32
Lol Robert ? we'll get 4m for Lammers fgs man.

10.) 09 Jun 2024
09 Jun 2024 13:19:08
That's our biggest problem paying inflated wages to bang average players then you can't get rid of them, players like Lammers, Roofe, Dessers, lundstrum, Danilo must have thought all thier birthdays, Xmas had come together when they saw what we were offering, would be interesting to see what they were on before signing for us.

11.) 09 Jun 2024
09 Jun 2024 13:52:11
My Star I hope Beale gets a new gig in Saudi and we cash out at 6m but it's Lammers we are talking about here and if we blink we'll have him for next 3 years taking home some serious bacon.

12.) 09 Jun 2024
09 Jun 2024 14:02:15
Robert Feynoords highest paid player for the season just finished was Justin Bislow or whatever their keepers name is, on about 48k a week so where you're getting 19k from I have no idea.

13.) 09 Jun 2024
09 Jun 2024 14:20:11
Robert they are 6 players at feynoord getting more than 19 k a week and the lowest of them are 33k rising to 50k so I don’t know where you are getting your figures from but they are wrong.

14.) 09 Jun 2024
09 Jun 2024 14:50:57
Defo agree we should be looking for nearer 3.5m the alleged amount we paid.

15.) 09 Jun 2024
09 Jun 2024 15:54:55
We pay inflated wages cause unfortunitly its one of the only ways guys will come too scotland
Look at the lifestyle in europe
You don't have two bad games n become instantly hated by fans

N even when you are semi decent
N have decent return ie sakala
You still gey guys peltering you on focial media cause you didn't score against themor miss a sitter

N its sad too say but our fans here scars players off the only way too temp is by decent wages as our culture is second too none

Just look at some playerrs instas n that its vile.

16.) 09 Jun 2024
09 Jun 2024 15:57:35
Justin Bijlow £8,100 £421,200 25 GK Netherlands

That guy Ger88 . I just take it from Salarysport rather than out of the sky . Sorry I should get a better source obviously he's on 40k a week more now . Have you got a better updated source?

1 Santiago Giménez £19,000 £988,000 22 ST Mexico
2 Ayase Ueda £16,000 £832,000 24 ST Japan

That's who they have listed as highest earners at Feyenoord . Ajax and PSV pay more. Smaller clubs tend to struggle more.

17.) 09 Jun 2024
09 Jun 2024 16:14:28
Robert your correct, Rangers wages are double feyenoord wages, just had a look, they have very good players on under 20k, we have average ones now on 38k, we certainly need this sorted now.

18.) 09 Jun 2024
09 Jun 2024 16:15:15
Psv have a few around 50k.

19.) 09 Jun 2024
09 Jun 2024 16:19:08
As stormtrooper correctly mentioned, there are 6 players in the squad for the season just finished that earn way more than 19k per week, so perhaps if two of us are refuting your source, it may be time to check others.

20.) 09 Jun 2024
09 Jun 2024 16:22:46
Double yearly.

21.) 09 Jun 2024
09 Jun 2024 16:46:35
Salarysport is just completely made up numbers.

I'm not sure why we're talking about Feyenoord, but salarysport have the Feyenoord wage bill is about £12.3m? The last set of Feyenoord accounts have the clubs entire wage bill at £49.5m! While that includes all staff, the idea that the first team would be under 25% of all staff costs is just stupid.

Teams like Utrecht wouldn't be able to afford Lammers wage, I doubt that Twente could. AZ could, but he'd be at the very top end of their salary structure. Feyenoord wouldn't have a problem.

Don't be surprised if we hear of interest from outside the Netherlands in Lammers.

22.) 09 Jun 2024
09 Jun 2024 16:47:58
Three separate sites I've looked at say Bislow is on around 48,657 per week, a couple others in the 40+k a week bracket aswell.

23.) 09 Jun 2024
09 Jun 2024 16:51:03
I think Phil and Nils are working overtime My Star to remedy things. They don't strike me as being good losers like some of the players in our squad.

24.) 09 Jun 2024
09 jun 2024 16:51:45
blue dreamer

i’ve followed rangers 70 yrs and never ever known a player have two bad games and instantly hated by fans, utter drivel man, , some people simply cannot differentiate between criticism and the word “ hate”
pathetic nonsense, i’ve never hated a player in my life and never known anyone else who did.

25.) 09 Jun 2024
09 jun 2024 16:53:55
and by the way, try asking players in spain, turkey and italy if they’ve never suffered real terror, like attacked in traffic or cars burnt out, think you need to understand what your talking about before accusing our fans, this is an online site not ibrox stadium.

26.) 09 Jun 2024
09 Jun 2024 17:18:34
I would hope we would get more than that but it is rangers were talking about lol

Or maybe it’s 2,5 up front rest in appearances.

27.) 09 Jun 2024
09 Jun 2024 17:35:32
Astos i must be looking at that site mate.

28.) 09 Jun 2024
09 Jun 2024 17:41:05
Prytz, Danilo came from The Netherlands so doubt he swam the English Channel ???.

29.) 09 Jun 2024
09 Jun 2024 18:16:51
Seems like your salary sport website gets their info from out the sky, three separate websites I have looked at claim he is on 48k a week.