27 May 2024 09:11:59
Are we as fans now looking to blame officials for our teams failings on the pitch or are we being short changed by officials? The disallowed goal was correct although taylor has 2 arms around raskins waist before that, sterling was clearly pushed by scales in 1st half but ref gave a bye kick then sterling was booked for a great tackle on taylor, were we lucky not to concede a pen when the ball hit Davies arm?

Personally I thought no as his arms are not in an natural position and even going back to the 1st game when roofes goal is disallowed for a dessers foul than no1 I know thought was my point I'm reading articles from fans who want a boycott of next season Cup or who want some kind of inquiry into officials, are we not overlooking the glaringly obvious that as a team we are poorer than them and have been for 3 years and if we focus on other things and blame them for us losing rather than focus on the team we are kidding ourselves on.

1.) 27 May 2024
27 May 2024 09:21:20
Officials making poor decisions need called out. You can’t let poor decisions go without voicing concerns or we’ll never improve quality of refereeing. Not saying we lost on Sat due to Walsh but he wasn’t great.

2.) 27 May 2024
27 May 2024 09:26:43
My first instinct was it was a penalty, OWS.
And in that respect we've seen plenty given or not given for all varieties of hand ball this season.
But I read online that it isn't a penalty as it hit Davies stomach first before hitting his arm and apparently going by the rules that isn't a penalty?
As for the ref - he ruined the game from some strange decisions point of view. But I wouldn't say the quality was on display from the players that the refs display shouldn't have mattered.
We need to get players with a winning mentality who have a hunger and desire for success.

3.) 27 May 2024
27 May 2024 10:29:34
For me it wasn’t a goal and wasn’t a penalty either. Those were the two big calls and they were called correctly. Whether some foul wasn’t given or a booking didn’t deserve one was irrelevant, they didn’t cost us in terms of a goal or a sending off. Bearing in mind it wasn’t the ref who called the push it was VAR and when you see it back it was a clear push, if it were us we’d be screaming for it to be disallowed. I think we all just need to stop looking at the ref and get our big boy pants and admit that the reason we lost the league and the cup is because we failed to beat celtic all season, end of story.

4.) 27 May 2024
27 May 2024 10:32:54
That's 4 goals chopped off against them in 5 games against them.

5.) 27 May 2024
27 May 2024 10:41:10
Ok so what about Morelos chopped off goal park head
What about the offside goal that won Celtic cup vs us
What about roofe/ dessers goal chopped of start season
What about handball not given at park head and the coverup around that decision
What about Brenda only getting one game ban for his textbook accuseing ref an linesman of cheating received no punishment for insinuating Beaton cheat
What about the ref in hibs game that kept giving hibs feee bounce ball uncontested when rangers were in possession

Open your eyes

Some of the decisions have been outrageous the league body hates us and have made that obvious with their choice of sponsors they instigated that whole legal case knowing fine well their choice was a conflict to rangers sponsor.

6.) 27 May 2024
27 May 2024 10:41:21
Rant over lol.

7.) 27 May 2024
27 May 2024 11:19:52
worst professional football referee on this plant. should never ref an o/ f game again.

8.) 27 May 2024
27 May 2024 11:20:38
Great post Alloa.

9.) 27 May 2024
27 May 2024 11:34:54
Go for spot on calling out all those incidents but I don’t think there’s something more sinister at play. When it’s the other mob calling conspiracy I say the same thing so am not going to change my tune when it goes against us. Plain and simple the refs are nowhere near good enough.

10.) 27 May 2024
27 May 2024 12:08:14
Officials are poor but our players are poorer and until we get better quality we will be 2nd best fgs we've won 3 trophies since we came back up so let's get recruitment right and put in a proper challenge.

11.) 27 May 2024
27 May 2024 13:41:37
Gofor. add in mcgregor chasing the ref around the whole game, and getting in his ear! What was our captain doing?