07 Jun 2024 12:09:44
Who would you Rather have Rrahmani or Miovski? The safer bets Miovski IMO he's quality with plenty of scope for improvement aswell!

1.) 07 Jun 2024
07 Jun 2024 12:46:42
Yeah and prob 3 mill more of an outlay, as the sheep will want close to 8 mill for Mioski. So for me it would be Rrah and that 3 mill will provide funding for another player.

2.) 07 Jun 2024
07 Jun 2024 12:57:06
R1,the rangers journal compared both miovski and rrahmani earlier on and said it was very difficult to split them, as both were very good, similar styled strikers ?They however went on to say that rrahmani was faster and better technically than miovski ?I would honestly love us to sign either one, as i really like both.

3.) 07 Jun 2024
07 Jun 2024 13:02:16

4.) 07 Jun 2024
07 Jun 2024 13:03:29
Miovski for me, the vast majority of us will have seen nothing at all of Rrahmani so to say he's the better option is guess work.

5.) 07 Jun 2024
07 Jun 2024 13:12:20
Take the one that PC wants,

6.) 07 Jun 2024
07 Jun 2024 13:25:14
If both are the same fee and financial package then it’s a decision. sheep apparantly want close to 8m for miovski and apparantly Rrahmani is closer to €5m.

7.) 07 Jun 2024
07 Jun 2024 14:13:09
Hard to judge when not seen one play, Rrahmani on few radars so must have done something right hopefully we get him and he proves that he is the right choice.

8.) 07 Jun 2024
07 Jun 2024 14:19:01
Unless PC is able to sell what we have - I do t think we’ll be signing another striker unless it’s a loan deal.

We already have Danilo, Dessers and potentially Lammers and Lovelace vying for 1 position.

9.) 07 Jun 2024
07 Jun 2024 14:20:16
does not matter who we want miovski
does not want to go to rangers and
is from the sheeps mouth sorry should say horse mouth lol.

10.) 07 Jun 2024
07 Jun 2024 14:25:23
Zikos Lammers is leaving.

11.) 07 Jun 2024
07 Jun 2024 14:27:13
Fair play to Aberdeen if they get someone to pay €8m for Miovski I will be very surprised if anyone does.

Good player though and at least they are trying to value their players highly.

12.) 07 Jun 2024
07 Jun 2024 14:29:46
Rrahmani for me!
Miovski and him are similar but Rrahmani is younger and cheaper and I think even more potential!

13.) 07 Jun 2024
07 Jun 2024 14:40:33
R1 probably miovski just because don't know much about Rrahmani.
It's just for discussion 2020.

14.) 07 Jun 2024
07 Jun 2024 15:17:23
Take either so happy with whoever the manager wants

Zikos bit of a stretch saying Lovelace vying for a spot.

15.) 07 Jun 2024
07 Jun 2024 15:41:45
I like miovski too but we should be picking these players up on the cheap before Aberdeen.

16.) 07 Jun 2024
07 Jun 2024 16:09:06
You’re missing the point. We have a limited budget and won’t want to spend it on areas of the pitch we’re well covered. If Lammers
Goes like John has said, then it would free up some cash. But personally think it’s more likely to be a loan deal. Unless we can sell Dessers as well ?

Priority for me will be to replace what’s left with better and also a goal scoring RW.

17.) 07 Jun 2024
07 Jun 2024 16:36:45
If we are spending £5-£6m on another striker then I would imagine lammers + one of Dessers or Danilo would leave as 3 strikers with fees of £4m is a lot for one space. Then maybe bring in another younger cheaper striker or promote Lovelace.

18.) 07 Jun 2024
07 Jun 2024 17:24:19
Zikos 2 of the best ITK guys on here have both said we are looking for a striker so I would tend to believe them.

19.) 07 Jun 2024
07 Jun 2024 18:44:42
I agree with storm as in CoplandFront5 and John227,we most definitely have2 of the very best regarding info on our club ???.

20.) 07 Jun 2024
07 Jun 2024 18:56:02
Bee, …we had roofe dessers and Danilo this season.

21.) 07 Jun 2024
07 Jun 2024 20:33:05
Lammers is off ski soon and was there not murmurs before injury of Lovelace wanting away.

22.) 07 Jun 2024
07 Jun 2024 21:05:06
The sheep will sell miovski for 3 mill to championship team down south, while demanding 7-8 mill from us
Tell them to take a hike.

23.) 07 Jun 2024
07 Jun 2024 22:48:30
Think we'll see Lovelace wide.

24.) 07 Jun 2024
07 Jun 2024 23:47:22
Difficult to split them but one is faster and better than the other ??.