22 May 2017 17:36:38
Right bears. on this my own opinion. slay me if you want.

1, wanting old players back. i. e laffeety, naismith, wiess, Adam. good players at their own. would have wiess and Adam back. but not one for players taking a pension.

2, let Pedro bring in his own team. we let that Harry potter hat bring in his. so why not get behind Pedro like we did valdermult ( lol )

3, Pedro not scared to put youth on the team sheet. where most manager are.

4, alves ( great player but old pension player ) jack ( potential and constant ) Patterson ( would love him at the team ) kalas ( don't know nothing about him ) mount ( would be an ok sub )

5, get rid of. Garner. Tav, waggy, holt, hailday, McKay, fod, hill, miller, Wallace, alwick,

let Pedro revamp our team and try more approach to the game. he's one for changing players and style that's what we need.

thoughts guys.

1.) 22 May 2017
22 May 2017 18:08:40
Foderingham? get aff the glue man. One of our best players this season!

2.) 22 May 2017
22 May 2017 18:41:42
Fod is a decent keeper no more. If monies as tight as it is then I would keep him as we have other areas in more need of attention. Not sure I would get rid of Wallace either. What I would like to see is the young keeper on loan at Livingston maybe go on loan to a premiership side and see how he goes

3.) 22 May 2017
22 May 2017 19:45:48
Fifaguys getting rid of both keepers mibi he's hopeing pedro pulls back on the gloves himself lol madness

4.) 22 May 2017
22 May 2017 19:47:08
Miller? Are you mad, he's a model professional and covers every blade of grass every week. If it wasn't for Miller where would we be today?

5.) 22 May 2017
22 May 2017 21:50:34
Fod is average at best. No where near good enough to be wearing the rangers NO1.

6.) 22 May 2017
22 May 2017 22:02:31
Waggy and tav will be here next season fact

7.) 25 May 2017
23 May 2017 17:45:38
my days another load of rubbish. Miller signed a new contract, PC said Garner will be a key player in attack next season, what's the point in getting rid of fods or even alnwick. Got finance to replace all those players? No

8.) 25 May 2017
23 May 2017 18:08:17
Why does everyone want wallace n mckay out i certainly dont

9.) 25 May 2017
23 May 2017 22:12:09
Most of them will be here next season if they refuse to move on, they have 2 and 3 year contracts on decent money, this is the reality of where we are under Mr Kings reign