07 Jul 2018 22:59:25
Aston Villa must sell players to meet FFP should we enquire about Hutton and drop Hodson out the squad . really don't see Hodson and Halliday having a space in the squad and think they were only used to keep key players legs fresh for Europa League

1.) 08 Jul 2018
08 Jul 2018 05:27:05
Hutton just signed a new deal with Villa so that’s a Bonn starter. Totally agree about Halliday and Hodson and it’s concerning that both are still hovering round the first team both utterly dreadful players

2.) 08 Jul 2018
08 Jul 2018 07:20:39
Is FFP rules not only for teams that are in European competitions?

3.) 08 Jul 2018
08 Jul 2018 07:44:39
Nope championship take FFP very seriously so no team can go out and buy promotion same thing happened to QPR when they spent a fortune in 2 very unsuccessful seasons