09 Jul 2019 11:48:27
Sergio Quintero possibly going to the east end
To be honest this is someone Rangers should have been looking at if there is the chance he would move to glasgow
I think he could be a very good signing for them unfortunately and slightly jealous he could be playing for them
Bright future ahead of him this lad.

1.) 09 Jul 2019
09 Jul 2019 12:46:06
We all know what happened the last time we signed a South American attacking midfielder.

2.) 09 Jul 2019
09 Jul 2019 12:51:11
I agree would be a good signing. That said we are signing some of the brightest prospects around at our various youth age groups . Just shows how good a set up we have . Hopefully in the next few years the first team and the club in general will benefit from the investment.

3.) 10 Jul 2019
10 Jul 2019 00:08:30
Mexico isn't South America if you are talking about Pena.