02 Nov 2019 12:28:37
What players if any do you all think will move on in January? Going by financial report would be good to get rid of a few that are stealing a wage. And possibly some sales? Possible Wes will move on maybe?

1.) 02 Nov 2019
02 Nov 2019 13:10:39
I’d imagine there could be a few Paul, as it stands players who don’t make squad and then there’s some that make the 21 match day squad but don’t make the bench these players will be the ones who could be moved on as well as som youths. Maybe foderingham, pollster, docherty, Murphy, geezda, Andy king, maybe some young players on loan.

2.) 02 Nov 2019
02 Nov 2019 13:33:03
I wouldn’t let any player who is a regular starter leave in January unless it’s a crazy offer and have a replacement available to bring in.

3.) 02 Nov 2019
02 Nov 2019 13:33:30
Yeah docherty doesn't really seem to have a future. He could probably move on. Murphy aswel might now struggle to get in. Andy king on loan? Grezda is the main one i think whos on a big wage. Claw back some sort of fee.

4.) 02 Nov 2019
02 Nov 2019 14:19:55
Would think that if Andy king fails to get more game time he’d be sent back also think we could now be holding docherty back. I’d like doc to succeed but he can’t get a sniff right now so I’d rather he went out again. If the coaches at rangers think he can improve and be a ranger then maybe loan him out otherwise try and get some money for him.

5.) 02 Nov 2019
02 Nov 2019 14:38:50
Can we afford to let Foderingham go before the summer? How good is Firth, can he replace McGregor when required? As for Polster is he not the back up for Tavernier? whom a lot on here want dropping. Docherty, Grezda and Murphy yes.

6.) 02 Nov 2019
02 Nov 2019 14:39:59
My opinion clearing number of players in January does not raise money. May save some wages.
At end of season guys like Herrera, Holt, Halliday, foderingham, Alnwick, firth, contracts end, would not renew any off them.
McGregor, Davis Defoe also out off contract, renew

Grezda, Murphy, sell but we won’t get much.
Then sell one or two off Morelos, tav, Kamara.

7.) 02 Nov 2019
02 Nov 2019 15:01:11
I’d say flannigan is above pollster in the pecking order blue toon👍.

8.) 02 Nov 2019
02 Nov 2019 15:27:03
Oh and I forgot rossiter, 10k a week saving.

9.) 02 Nov 2019
02 Nov 2019 15:55:31
You can only move players on if:
A/ someone bids for them.
B/ they want to move on.
C/ the club decides to sell.

10.) 02 Nov 2019
02 Nov 2019 17:03:53
Exactly poppy, that why I say look at those whose contracts end.

11.) 02 Nov 2019
02 Nov 2019 18:29:58
Flanagan another one whose contract up in may.

12.) 02 Nov 2019
02 Nov 2019 18:55:23
Correct John25, the savings alone in some of the players you have have mentioned above will save the club a small fortune and eradicate some of the recruitment errors of the past.

13.) 02 Nov 2019
02 Nov 2019 21:24:48
The main cause in my opinion is poor recruitment something like 30 million spent in past few years with most getting their contracts terminated by mutual consent. That has to stop. Paying millions in fees then same in paying them off. Secondly it will be the excessive legal fees caused by the sports direct twat taking us to court every time his dinner is cold.

I think with wilson in our recruitment will improve buying low improving and selling for profit with sell on clauses in the likes of morelos, kamara, aribo etc. Pretty much copy what Celtic have done with there players for years now.

14.) 03 Nov 2019
03 Nov 2019 08:49:52
I agree john with your list of players to sell, although I'd keep kamara. I think we will get offers for morelos in january, the type we can't refuse. 👍.

15.) 03 Nov 2019
03 Nov 2019 10:13:41
If we sgree a fee for him in jan we csn kiss goodbye to league. Its so important to keep him till end of season, i love defoe but we need fredo more.

16.) 03 Nov 2019
03 Nov 2019 10:50:02
I would want to keep him aswell mate but money talks and we can't afford to knock back 20mil plus which I think is the magic number. 👍.

17.) 03 Nov 2019
03 Nov 2019 11:10:26
we can if it means the difference of possible champions league or Europa. ok so we don't know where we would get to in CL but surely that's what our aspirations need to be then we can start showing profits.

18.) 03 Nov 2019
03 Nov 2019 12:04:42
It has to be our aspirations but I would be staggered if we knocked back that kind of money in any transfer window if I'm honest. As for the champs league, we would be very lucky to make the group stages when you see calibre of teams that go in at the 3rd qualifer. I think if we qualified for the knock out stages of the europa, with the extra cash generated, then that could allow us to knock back bids until the summer. I would be staggered tho if we knocked back in the region of 20 plus. 👍.