02 Dec 2019 21:31:01
On a more sad note fellow bears, i was sad to see gazza was on the drink again, up in glasgow. I know, in fact we all know with gazza's illness, he's always going to be tempted at anytime, to have a drink again.
I absolutely adore this magical, maverick footballer who i called god in the rangers no.8 jersey. Paul Gascoigne was a big hero of mine and I'm so proud a footballer of that ilk,
played for our great club! I wish gazza all the best and hope and pray he can get back off the drink, as he was looking really good and healthy again, for a time there. God bless the geordie genius we all know as the absolute one and only paul gascoigne. It brings tears to your eyes and a massive lump in your throat, to watch gazza and what fame and alcohol has done to him. He's a genuine working class lad, with a heart of gold, deep down.

1.) 02 Dec 2019
02 Dec 2019 23:15:03
SGL, so well put and so heart felt. Word for word am with you on your words of pain and sadness. Well put my friend.

2.) 03 Dec 2019
03 Dec 2019 10:20:47
Well said coop👍.

3.) 03 Dec 2019
03 Dec 2019 10:47:45
SGL, well said. As an alcoholic myself I know only too well the dangers and temptations he is facing, and like all right thinking people I wish him all the best in his recovery fight. Believe me it is hard.

4.) 03 Dec 2019
03 Dec 2019 12:51:55
I have said this many times - I would love us to find some role for Gazza to give him purpose. He always said the football helped keep the demons away and it was when his career ended he really went down the tubes. I’m not saying a coaching role or anything, but some kind of meet and greet role on matchdays or something?

5.) 03 Dec 2019
03 Dec 2019 12:56:29
Best of luck to you ger4life, takes a brave man to put his hands up the way you have👏👍.

6.) 03 Dec 2019
03 Dec 2019 16:00:06
All the very best ger4life, hope you're keeping well mate. I wish some folk would recognise that an alcoholic is an illness and nobody sets out to become one. You take care pal and i echo coldo saying it takes a very brave person to post what you post regarding your personal life mate. Keep your chin up ger4life!