25 Apr 2021 11:01:26
If you could sign any player from SPFL who would be on your shortlist?
Mine would be
1 Martin Boyle
2 Lewis Ferguson
3 Kevin Nesbitt

Love Boyles pace and directness
Think Ferguson would be good back up for Ryan Jack and he could be our good box to box midfielder who replaces Arfield in future
Nesbitt the most natural Goalscorer in league apart from Defoe and Thumbhead and could replace Defoe in future.

1.) 25 Apr 2021
25 Apr 2021 11:43:12
None off the free.
We don’t need another striker if sakala and mb alegria signing
3million plus for a back up, wee r skint
Boyle a cheat.

2.) 25 Apr 2021
25 Apr 2021 11:47:27
Doig would be on my list. Boyle i think like barker. Very rarely we play a side that's very open and get in behind we need to break sides down.

3.) 25 Apr 2021
25 Apr 2021 11:48:42
Possibly jamie Hamilton
Possibly missed out on Kieron Bowie think he signed for Fulham unders?
Just a few players who could have had cheap and had good potential and sold for profit?

4.) 25 Apr 2021
25 Apr 2021 12:01:53
Allan campbell? don't rate him in the slightest.

5.) 25 Apr 2021
25 Apr 2021 12:14:57
I’m guessing Celtic players are out the equation in this one? Lol I’d say Doig, I like Nesbit aswell there’s not a lot I would take in our squad tbh.

6.) 25 Apr 2021
25 Apr 2021 12:23:51
Paul a bit harsh mate 😂

He’s a grafter and got potential.

7.) 25 Apr 2021
25 Apr 2021 12:27:43
Paul 86 he would be good for European matches and in old firm where we have a bit more space to get in behind I take your point though as O’Halloran, Jones and Barker never really worked and all had blistering pace.
Just think he would be better than Barker if we get shot of him, suppose it depends on asking price.

8.) 25 Apr 2021
25 Apr 2021 12:52:16

9.) 25 Apr 2021
25 Apr 2021 13:01:40
ASA I’m told we r looking extensively at Cochran. Low risk.
I also like McCann.

10.) 25 Apr 2021
25 Apr 2021 13:37:22
Ali McCann looks a really good player certainly one Gerrard can mould into a top player.

Cochrane has stagnated but I can't name one player who hasn't under a Levein premiership.
He set Scotland back 10 years as you guys have had squads capable for many years in the early 2000s.

11.) 25 Apr 2021
25 Apr 2021 13:37:50
Ali McCann

That's all, and even then it would be signing potential, not starters.
As for Campbell, he's signing for Luton, which is a good level for him.

12.) 25 Apr 2021
25 Apr 2021 13:41:39
Cochrane totally fallen away at hearts. So much so he's on loan at montrose i think it is? a lot if folk expected him to kick on after makin debut so early. obv not happened for the lad.

13.) 25 Apr 2021
25 Apr 2021 17:01:16
Allan Campbell is awful, would be such a pointless signing.

14.) 25 Apr 2021
25 Apr 2021 17:022:11
Don't see the fascination on Lewis Ferguson at all, he's bang average with a bit of a nast streak. Doesn't possess much skill. Certainly no where good enough for Rangers.