26 Apr 2021 14:00:25
Going forward SG has a problem because Tav is captain. We have a potential superstar 19 year old who is an all round better player than Tav and in Goldson a better leader. I get he scores a lot of goals but he takes nearly every set piece on offer including penalties. I'd personally prefer Patterson at RB and Goldson as captain.

1.) 26 Apr 2021
26 Apr 2021 14:13:00
I agree goldson be better captain but would keep tav and start to faze him out helping patterson to establish himself as our first pick right back.

2.) 26 Apr 2021
26 Apr 2021 14:39:24
What has tav done to deserve being treated like that
Utter rubbish imo.

3.) 26 Apr 2021
26 Apr 2021 14:41:04
I would sell Tav in a heartbeat. Also roofe and Hagi. That would balance some books and still allow something to spend.
Considering we are looking at a few out of contract guys, then we can spend on someone that isn't.

4.) 26 Apr 2021
26 Apr 2021 14:57:51
Now all of a sudden we are turning on Tavernier who not long ago was being put forward as Player of the Year. How fickle some of our so-called supporters are at times! For goodness sake, get a grip. We lost on penalties to St. Johnstone - so what? Move on. We are CHAMPIONS which is what we wanted most, wasn't it?

5.) 26 Apr 2021
26 Apr 2021 15:13:47
I'm not turning on Tav I'm saying Goldson is a better captain and Patterson is a better right back. What's wrong with that?

6.) 26 Apr 2021
26 Apr 2021 15:21:16
One player who seems to be evading criticism last night is joe aribo who i thought was poor! If gerrard is starting aribo, for me it has to be in our front 3🤔I don't like aribo in our midfield beside davis and kamara!

7.) 26 Apr 2021
26 Apr 2021 15:24:33
Sweep how do I know goldson is a better captain? Are u privy to the goings on of rangers behind the scenes dressing room organising of team meetings etc. How do u come up with your theory mate.

8.) 26 Apr 2021
26 Apr 2021 15:25:37
Nothing SWEEP mate.

Think a wee bit hostility cause we got beat.

"Tav scored what should have been the winner if not for our failed defence again.

9.) 26 Apr 2021
26 Apr 2021 15:32:47
Sweep Patterson has the potential to and probably will be a better right back but he isn’t atm, tav provides more going forward and more from set pieces. He has a better delivery, by miles, and he’s our captain show some loyalty to the guy, he’s constantly getting slated on her he’s our top scorer with 19 goals. He’s a right back. Enough said.

10.) 26 Apr 2021
26 Apr 2021 15:34:53
sweep1 how do you know Goldson is a better captain? Do you have the word of the dressing room on that? Have you heard him or Tav interact with the other players on and off the field? Are you party to all that happens at training? No you don't and that's what's wrong with that. And while Patterson is rapidly improving, I doubt if he'll be ready to go a full season as he has not yet got that in the tank. We need both next season.

11.) 26 Apr 2021
26 Apr 2021 15:50:29
Didn't you want to throw Paterson under the bus, sweep1🤔.

12.) 26 Apr 2021
26 Apr 2021 16:06:46
I was very harsh at the time on Patterson because I had my reasons MPH, I'm in a career that's been in the forefront of the battle against C.V. not sitting on a computer everyday like you waiting on trying to pull people up at every opportunity. Give me peace as I've had enough I can take of you.

13.) 26 Apr 2021
26 Apr 2021 16:12:11
Tav couldn't even deliver a corner kick last night never mind score from the spot. I agree the full team were poor.

14.) 26 Apr 2021
26 Apr 2021 17:51:39
Sweep what’s wrong with what MPh said he is 100% correct.

15.) 26 Apr 2021
26 Apr 2021 17:56:59
Tav scored our only goal from open play bigiks so what is your point tbh mate?

16.) 26 Apr 2021
26 Apr 2021 18:45:00
Didn't Tav also cross for Morelos when he hit the post? Or was it the one he headed back across goal and the keeper saved?
Anyway I don't think Tav was the issue last night if you look at the game objectively.