11 Jun 2021 14:42:16
Do we keep itten or sell him and try get around 2 million. sell him and we have Defoe to play a slightly more dominant role if need be while the new incoming striker to replace itten has time to settle. For me itten hasn't shown enough. i'd be happy with Alfie, Defoe, roofe leading the line but if all were out I'd fear the worst with itten leading the line, thoughts.

1.) 11 Jun 2021
11 Jun 2021 15:35:28
It quite often happens that it takes a foreign player time to settle into a new country and new club 🤔I wouldn't give up on cedric itten yet and personally i'd give him another season, as i've seen in parts he could well go on to be a good striker for us 🤔.

2.) 11 Jun 2021
11 Jun 2021 18:01:35
Sgl to a point I agree. look at barasic for instance. itten tho just doest look comfortable to me wether that's out position, clubs too big or whatever, whenever he gets the vmvall he looks clumsy and a rabbit in the headlights. my thoughts only tho.

3.) 12 Jun 2021
11 Jun 2021 22:45:21
I really want Itten to be successful and I'm sure he's trying hard. There is something there to like, maybe he needs a little more time.

4.) 12 Jun 2021
11 Jun 2021 23:15:23
Good team player, never moans and silks when not playing unlike some others in the squad.