17 Jul 2021 16:03:19
Nnamdi Ofoborh Has a heart condition hope the boy gets all the help he needs sadly don't se him playing for us now.

1.) 17 Jul 2021
17 Jul 2021 16:43:14
Why? Goldson had a heart issue.

2.) 17 Jul 2021
17 Jul 2021 16:55:33
Can you explain why he won’t play for us RFC? When Goldson one of our best players last season has a heart condition.

3.) 17 Jul 2021
17 Jul 2021 16:56:23
RFC gerrard says ecg showed up. Something, never said he had a heart condition.

4.) 17 Jul 2021
17 Jul 2021 17:14:09
What the gaffer said was something has flagged up on his heart so he prob won’t play for a while now. The experts are trying to get to the bottom of it.
Hopefully it’s not too bad and he can get the all clear.

5.) 17 Jul 2021
17 Jul 2021 17:31:43
Nnamdi Ofoborh best wishes.
Got to wonder why his ex club didn't find his issue.

6.) 17 Jul 2021
17 Jul 2021 17:46:55
It could be something that has occurred recently.

7.) 17 Jul 2021
17 Jul 2021 18:15:47
I have heart problems, Angina, but I still play 11-a-side at age 56, there is hope!

8.) 17 Jul 2021
17 Jul 2021 20:01:40
Many people have recovered from a heart issue and have gone on to be stars in various sports. Asa Hartford won more than 50 Scotland caps after being diagnosed with a hole in his heart and Goldson had a heart op just four years ago. I wish Ofoborh a full and speedy recovery and hope he goes on to be a player for us.

9.) 17 Jul 2021
17 Jul 2021 20:06:23
Goldson was a blocked valve I believe which is a pretty easy fix. All depends what it is that has flagged up.

10.) 17 Jul 2021
17 Jul 2021 21:55:49
They originally sayed it was a knock now it’s a heart condition by the time they get to the bottom of doubt he will make the team this season we will just need to wait and see at least it has been found.

11.) 17 Jul 2021
17 Jul 2021 22:03:45
Also goldson had a heart condition but was sorted when he came to us he was also bought in as a starting 11 player Nnamdi Ofoborh was brought in for the future think with our midfield and possible looking at 6 month to a year out the odds of him making it now are slim hopefully it’s minor and in January he can go on loan to get some game time.

12.) 17 Jul 2021
17 Jul 2021 22:05:48
Bizzmy a don’t know how you can manage it I played 5 a side last week n thought a could taste blood after 5 mins got the lungs of a 80 year old 😂.