13 Sep 2021 19:45:53
Evening guys.

As not much is happening on the footie topics just now.

I'm not long back from a trip up to Glasgow.


After the joy of us winning on Saturday, just had to let you know things are getting even brighter for me .

Got a phone call from my boss today saying he has secured a refurbishing job in Glasgow starting next Monday estimated 3 weeks minimum with overtime.

A great boost for my funds and great to be fitting out a shop rather than boarding them up.

That's not all Guys, I got a letter on Saturday from my old works in Bristol that I left to come back home 7 years ago with my new wife.
They too are having problems finding qualified fixer's and were wondering if I would consider a return to them .
I have not shown her the letter as she has been feeling homesick for months and would jump at the chance to go back.

And believe it or not, my Brother phoned me from Portsmouth last night saying my moans about Sturgehole's Indy stuff got him to enquire about work for shop fitters in his area .
He says there are at least 3 looking for qualified 2nd fixers .
Should my threat to leave Scotland again become a reality, I should easily get work near him.

Just to confirm "good things" do come in three's (or even four's) guys.

The moral is "KEEP THE CHIN UP GUYS IT'S NOT ALL DOOM AND GLOOM", you could be next on the good news front.

Ps:- just remembered, Ed001 also had recent good news guys.

{Ed001's Note - congrats mate. I hope whichever path you choose works out well for you.}

1.) 13 Sep 2021
13 Sep 2021 19:57:21
All the best for the future BlueBilly whichever road you go down. 👏👍👏.

2.) 13 Sep 2021
13 Sep 2021 19:59:07
Thanks Ed, will be taking the Glasgow job for now, so no hurry to leave the sinking ship if it can be helped.

Good luck with your impending move as well.

Cheers again Ed mate.

{Ed001's Note - cheers mate. At least you have options if Glasgow goes sour.}

3.) 13 Sep 2021
13 Sep 2021 20:09:27
That's brilliant news Billy I'm made up for you mate. The way things are going with this bloody country I'd be for the off If I was in your shoes. You do what's best for you, and best of luck whatever that is.

4.) 13 Sep 2021
13 Sep 2021 20:39:52
This time next year Billy you'll be a millionaire, good luck mate whatever you choose ☺.

5.) 13 Sep 2021
13 Sep 2021 20:49:15
Good luck Bluebilly hope things keep smiling on you, nice to here someone getting some good news, all the best regardless what you do.

6.) 13 Sep 2021
13 Sep 2021 20:51:27
Good news blue Billy.

7.) 13 Sep 2021
13 Sep 2021 20:58:58
Great time to be a joiner. 3 or 4 of my friends are price work in tayside. 1200-1300 a week in hand. If i was to start out again and go for a trade would definitely be a joiner. All the best billy.

8.) 13 Sep 2021
13 Sep 2021 20:58:59
Many thanks again Ed, BMGH and a special thanks to you mph (you know why) water under the bridge.

Cheers, Rangers supporters to the end.

And I really believe we will "all" get over this horrible horrible time in our lives.

9.) 13 Sep 2021
13 Sep 2021 22:03:55
Pleased for you Bluebilly, all the best pal whatever path you choose.

10.) 13 Sep 2021
13 Sep 2021 22:08:36
Nice one billy.

11.) 13 Sep 2021
13 Sep 2021 22:19:15
Billy if things get tight mate I need To painter and decorator.

12.) 13 Sep 2021
13 Sep 2021 22:33:13
Just saw this and wouldn't blame you if you baled, bluebilly. All the best with whatever you do pal. Keep us updated 💙❤🇬🇧.

13.) 13 Sep 2021
13 Sep 2021 22:55:00
Awe guys, you really have made me feel like a big softy with all your wellwishes.

I really do appreciate your messages and can't thank all of you enough .

It makes being a member on this site feel like we really are all Jock Tamson's Rangers bairns.

Hope you all get to be as fortunate as I have over the last few days guys.

Cheers guys and thank you all again.

G'night for now tho.

14.) 13 Sep 2021
13 Sep 2021 23:11:57
Great news BB. All the best my man wherever you go 👍.

15.) 13 Sep 2021
13 Sep 2021 23:12:07
That's magic news Billy go and get those shops fitted out and get your beer tokens mate.

16.) 14 Sep 2021
14 Sep 2021 05:55:27
All the very best Bluebilly for the future mate 🧲.

17.) 14 Sep 2021
14 Sep 2021 09:51:44
Great news for you bluebilly.