14 Sep 2021 08:48:15
Okay everyone, just for fun so don't attack me, recently I have been more impressed with Morelos passing ability than his goalscoring prowess. He has superb vision for the accurate long pass too, great engine, and strong as an ox, so heres the question to consider, would he not be better played in midfield with a more prolific striker ahead of him? Now that's got you all thinking 🤔😏.

1.) 14 Sep 2021
14 Sep 2021 09:22:36
I don’t think he’s a midfielder mate, he leads the line great as a top of a three, the way we play we need another people to step up and score goals from the space created by Morelos. I think he would be best with another centre forward next to him and you can see the benefits of having Roofe next to him during selected games. If we had more players running into the box from midfield we’d score more goals (IMO) .

2.) 14 Sep 2021
14 Sep 2021 09:47:58
He needs to start doing what he's paid to do and start scoring goals again.

3.) 14 Sep 2021
14 Sep 2021 09:49:56
2blue not a chance.

4.) 14 Sep 2021
14 Sep 2021 10:05:50
I've been dissapointed With Morelos for a while now. I'm going to tell you why. Morelos carried us for months upon end with his goal ration. SG has asked him to play a different role now. For me it doesn't suit him. Yes he links the play up but his job as Sweep said is to score goals. He's not scoring enough. Link up play isn't stats and doesn't equate to goals. El Buffalo I want to see you do what you do best and that's put the ball in the net. He comes too deep at times.

5.) 14 Sep 2021
14 Sep 2021 11:38:24
That would never work.

6.) 14 Sep 2021
14 Sep 2021 11:41:25
2blue he either plays in a front three alongside Roofe and Kent or with Roofe if we go 4-4-2.

7.) 14 Sep 2021
14 Sep 2021 11:43:22
@bmg it's also not true. His stats v Saints were average in passing. 75% with only two accurate long balls. Also managed the second least number of passes of the ball of the whole team. Not sure I'm buying this.

8.) 14 Sep 2021
14 Sep 2021 12:03:22
Was actually watching all his goals for us last night as bored on nightshift. For someone who apparently isn't good in the air he's scored some good and very important headers for us.

9.) 14 Sep 2021
14 Sep 2021 12:37:59
He is doing what he is paid to do
That is perform in a winning team as a team player.

10.) 14 Sep 2021
14 Sep 2021 12:57:09
stats are stats they don't tell a full picture, of course he has less passes than the rest of the team because he is the front man and we play out from the back and often don't get it up to him.

11.) 14 Sep 2021
14 Sep 2021 14:34:13
Roofe had even less than Morelos but was a lot more effective. Worked harder and moved more.

12.) 14 Sep 2021
14 Sep 2021 17:48:37
It’s not got me thinking a all it’s a hell no he shouldn’t be in midfield as he isn’t a midfielder and that’s the role
sG is asking him to play.