25 Nov 2021 14:26:53
Time to calm down everyone.

We have a fresh manager who is 100% motivated to reinvigorate our squad and ensure that we win the league.

Our all conquering players of last season have not become awful players overnight but have lost their way possibly due to SG losing focus.

Lets see how we perform tonight but 2 days of new management cannot be a judge of things to come.

We ARE sitting 4 points clear of Celtic in the league having scored 1 goal less and lost 4 goals more than Celtic - whilst we are not at last years standard of play, it is hardly disastrous.

Give the boys credit for our league position, accept that SG's sudden departure would have a negative effect on the players and move on, supporting every player who wears the shirt no matter what happened in the past.

OR, you could continue to berate players, moan about team selection and repeatedly tell everyone how you know more that both SG and Gio.

1.) 25 Nov 2021
25 Nov 2021 15:12:00
Excellent post DK19. The point about SG losing focus is a good one. How long was he planning his exit and did the players get wind of that?

2.) 25 Nov 2021
25 Nov 2021 15:19:55
Tonight is a game which could bring us altogether! Come on Rangers we Love you✌️✌️🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧.

3.) 25 Nov 2021
25 Nov 2021 15:24:15
Good post dk19. I agree with everything you've said.

4.) 25 Nov 2021
25 Nov 2021 15:27:37
We'll probably never know if or why SG lost focus. Maybe not getting what he thought he needed in the summer, I for one don't want to speculate. But we all can see somethings affected the team. As for tonight the only stick ons, unfortunately are Goldson and Baloquen, unless he's seen something in Simpson, the rest is anyones guess. All we can do is wait and hope they all get behind the new management team 🏁🏃.

5.) 25 Nov 2021
25 Nov 2021 15:32:53
Simpson not eligible for European games.

6.) 25 Nov 2021
25 Nov 2021 15:56:23
Good post DK 👍.

7.) 25 Nov 2021
25 Nov 2021 16:21:36
Cheers John, forgot about that. Oh well G and B then.

8.) 25 Nov 2021
25 Nov 2021 17:43:26
Agree, you would think we were behind Celtic in the league given some of the reactions in here. We have not matched least years form but still top of the league and a chance of staying in Europe past Christmas.

Hopefully the new mgt team can motivate the team to go up a gear.