21 Nov 2023 07:48:21
Right guys let's say we hypothetically get £8million in January to spent via selling 1/ 2 players and the board have had a few Sherrie's before the manager ask them for cash ? what 2/ 3 players would yous go for and buy
/ loan.

1.) 21 Nov 2023
21 Nov 2023 08:48:41
Shankland is a definite.
Improves our attack with a proven goal scorer (plus big Gers fan) and also hurts Hearts team big time.

Dessers is trash and Danilo is still unproven, misses a lot of chances but could come good.

And/ or a left back or LCH but no names come to mind.

2.) 21 Nov 2023
21 Nov 2023 08:52:44
Barron from Aberdeen on a pre contract
Right winger

3.) 21 Nov 2023
21 Nov 2023 08:58:53
RFC we don’t have a player worth 8 million imo.

4.) 21 Nov 2023
21 Nov 2023 09:30:57
I think we do john. considering celtic will get between 20-25 for likes of hatate kyogo o reilly etc.

5.) 21 Nov 2023
21 Nov 2023 09:32:22
We could bundle up a few and sell as a job lot ?.

6.) 21 Nov 2023
21 Nov 2023 09:40:05
I think Danilo will come good. Their striker has played 13 games and scored 6… Danilo played 9 and scored 4 so yeah needs a chance. Shankland a good shout though.

7.) 21 Nov 2023
21 Nov 2023 10:00:06
Probably only player others would want would be Butland and that would seriously weaken us.

8.) 21 Nov 2023
21 Nov 2023 10:17:54
Butland going nowhere in January, I do t see him moving in summer either.
He’s here to win trophies and play games.
Unless top half epl club come in I don’t see him moving in summer.

Shankland for me is the signing of go for but would be capped at £3m max.
We’d have to move dessers or Roofe on first, likely Roofe will see out his deal so need to be dessers.

We need to free up wages, even if we had £8m to spend we can’t afford to add anything to the wage bill until we move players out.

By the sound of Barron he’s a must sign. Tie him doe on pre contract and try get him on the cheap as their fans will turn on him if he signs.

I’d like a centre back but would have to move one out first.
May need to go with mostly what we have tol the summer clearance.

9.) 21 Nov 2023
21 Nov 2023 10:22:26
Paul who at present, ie January window do u think we would get 8 million for

Gers he has a 4/ 5 million sell on clause.

10.) 21 Nov 2023
21 Nov 2023 10:23:13
After the latest set of books we won’t be signing any players and possibly need to release a couple to save cash! The board will have to explain how we can survive running the club the way they do?

11.) 21 Nov 2023
21 Nov 2023 10:54:22
Celtic's recruitment has been much better than ours.

12.) 21 Nov 2023
21 Nov 2023 11:20:03
Yately keep in mind the financial accounts were from 30th June not when they were released. A lot has and will have changed by then.

13.) 21 Nov 2023
21 Nov 2023 12:28:37
Butland, cantwell, raskin, danilo easily. and believe it or not cifu tramsfermarkt valie is 12 mill.

14.) 21 Nov 2023
21 Nov 2023 12:29:54
The only way to compete with our pesky rivals is to win trophies consistently and continue to beat them on the park =at this time home and away . the money will then come in bundles.

15.) 21 Nov 2023
21 Nov 2023 12:36:19
You are talking nonsense Ally.
Shot to goal conversion.
Danilo - 14%
Dessers - 13%
Shankland - 11%
In the SPFL.
Danilo scores every 85 minutes
Dessers scores every 116 minutes
Shankland scores every 216 minutes
So you want to buy a player who takes more shots to score and scores less frequently than our current 2 strikers.
Thank goodness you aren’t Director of Football.

16.) 21 Nov 2023
21 Nov 2023 13:19:46
Paul at these prices I’d sell all tomorrow.

Good stats ph.

17.) 21 Nov 2023
21 Nov 2023 13:33:03
davidb, so you are telling me everything is ok after blowing £13 million on players in the summer? Am I missing something or is there other cash coming in?

18.) 21 Nov 2023
21 Nov 2023 14:19:03
I view Butland as our prized asset, and must be kept.

19.) 21 Nov 2023
21 Nov 2023 14:40:26
Raskin isn't even shining through in spfl games.

20.) 21 Nov 2023
21 Nov 2023 14:50:39
Why would Butland insist on sell on of 4-5mill? Because he is putting himself in the shop window for a move back to EPL (imo) .
Unless we have a run to the latter stages of the EL, he is off.

21.) 21 Nov 2023
21 Nov 2023 14:53:34
Shankland, 20 games started 19, 11 goals marginally better than 1 in 2

Dessers, 22 games started 15, 6 goals.

22.) 21 Nov 2023
21 Nov 2023 14:58:20
Yately - The word "Players" is taking the definition to the extreme I would say mate?.

23.) 21 Nov 2023
21 Nov 2023 16:00:01
Yes, I remember when those were the parameters to measure goal scorers in the good old days but yourself and others brought in the ones I mentioned above to make Colak's tally look amazing last season, Boy Blue?
And Shankland has scored 2 penalties in that total.
Give Dessers, Tavs penalty goals and he would be on - Dessers, 22 games started 15, 12 goals. Marginally better than 1 in 2.?
That's the beauty of stats - we can manipulate them any way we like.
Always better though to stick to the same parameters - wouldn't you agree?
And didn't you also champion it was SPFL goals where we needed a 20+ goal striker, BoyBlue?
This season so far in the SPFL:-
Shankland - 5 in 12
Danilo - 4 in 9
Dessers - 4 in 11
Sima has 5 in 12 ( same as Shankland ) without penalties though.
But if penalties are a parameter they are all beat by Tav who has 6 in 12.
Shankland is not of the standard required at any price.

24.) 21 Nov 2023
21 Nov 2023 16:49:19
MPH i'd rather Shankland than Dessers by far if given the choice but i wouldn't buy Shankland for 3m.

I trust my eyes more than stats, Dessers is an absolute donkey.

25.) 21 Nov 2023
21 Nov 2023 16:53:39
Yately where did I say that? Never even said they’d have changed for the better. However do you think PC would’ve came in without some sort of assurances that he’d be backed in January? No chance.

26.) 21 Nov 2023
21 Nov 2023 18:02:08
Dessers ability ( or lack off ) isn’t the question, Dado.
It’s that some would spend £5 million on another striker who statistically isn’t any better than someone you class as a ‘donkey’.
So what does that make Shankland? Arse end of the donkey?

27.) 21 Nov 2023
21 Nov 2023 19:02:44
So tattie heed, your saying I manipulated the stats to make colak look good? Now your using the same manipulated stats (your words) to make dessers look good? That makes sense. When I put colaks stats up I was told by yourself and others I was manipulating the stats, when that isn't true, I've not once said your manipulating stats, there's just different ways of looking at it. Please show me where I manipulated the stats, are you saying my post is wrong? Of course I've championed a 20+ striker in spl do you not? Is the season finished? What's your point? If penalties are a parameter? What you on about do they not count as goals in your world? Give dessers tavs penalties? And he would be a 1 in 2 striker ??? coming from the guy who's favourite phrase is "mental gymnastics" am not sure that's allowed ?.

28.) 21 Nov 2023
21 Nov 2023 19:55:09
Yateley, you have to remember that although summer transfers in might not be included neither is the transfers out. No club pays all the fees up front and every club is carrying moneys owed in their accounts . I read that our friends across the city owed £50million on fees due to other clubs, that's much more than us.

29.) 21 Nov 2023
21 Nov 2023 21:04:49
Agree dado we can put up all the stats we want, the eyes don't lie.
A hope and pray dessers can be the striker we want him to be, definitely won't give up on him, as long as he's giving his all, imo he hasn't shown anything to suggest he can be the stiker we need, sometimes think he maybe tries to hard. Not sure where the figure of 5million for shankland is coming from? Is someone in the know? Or is a complete guess?

30.) 21 Nov 2023
21 Nov 2023 23:29:31
I've watched Shankland more closely after being linked with us MPH and for me superior in a few areas.
Holding the ball up,
Aerial ability,
They both aren't the quickest.
Tell me 1 single thing dessers has done well in all his games?
Hes constantly offside or fouling.
He can't run, jump or bully defenders.
His touch is awful.

What does he do? He made 1 good pass against PSV at home that's all I've seen. i'd love to hear your answers. Without using pointless stats.

31.) 22 Nov 2023
22 Nov 2023 05:09:33
Thought he played well on Scotland debut few years ago.
A lot better than I thought and as u say dado very good at holding ball up.

32.) 22 Nov 2023
22 Nov 2023 09:49:18
He’s scored 1 less goal than Shankland in the league having played a game less.
He scores more frequently than Shankland than having played less minutes.
He takes more of his chances than Shankland.
He offers more to the team - 3 assists - Shankland has 2.
He has a higher pass accuracy than Shankland - 73% to 66%.
He wins more aerial duels than Shankland - 48% to 39%.
He also loses possession less than Shankland - average 6 per game to Shankland 18.
I think you should get yourself along to spec savers, Dado.

33.) 22 Nov 2023
22 Nov 2023 13:33:30
He is playing in a team who create far more chances and possession than Hearts. If we all went off stats surely we would have signed Kevin Van Veen?
You can only compare Rangers players stats with Celtic stats to have a closer comparison.
I am in no way saying go all out to sign Shankland but Dessers has not had a single game where he has been on fire or made you think there might be a player in there. An honest tryer but anyone can do that. Woefully short on talent. It can only be described as another failure in recruitment.

34.) 22 Nov 2023
22 Nov 2023 14:54:15
You are wrong though about creating chances, Dado.
Shankland has more shots at goal than Danilo and Dessers.
He just fails to convert them.
And I'm talking about losing possession. Who you play for shouldn't hinder your ability to pass to a team mate?
Plus I'm not saying Dessers is the real deal - just pointing out for someone that is a 'donkey' according to some then his game stands up to Shankland statistically.

35.) 22 Nov 2023
22 Nov 2023 16:48:53
You can look at it like this, how many shots has dessers taken? I feel like he doesn't pull the trigger when he should and takes too many touches or it gets trapped under his feet. i'd rather my striker taking a pop more often maybe that's why shankland has a lower conversion rate?
Danilo has a lot of shots that miss the target too but his all round game and threat is far greater than dessers.
You may well be proven right if we did sign Shankland mate. Just not a fan of big cyriel at all. i'd love him to turn it around but i can't see anything to indicate it will.