21 Nov 2023 09:52:15
Oh for a Richard Gough or Terry Butcher in their prime, l suppose in this day and age we most likely could not afford any of them. I loved watching big Lorenzo, could be a tad erratic but loved the big man.
My first memories of Ibrox is my old man lifting me over the turnstile, p#$h getting poured out of empty McEwans export cans, but, it was worth watching big Ronnie McKinnon wee bud and of course the majestic and no nonsense Mr Greig.
Scotland at that time could've been called RanCel United.
Ok time to wake up.

1.) 21 Nov 2023
21 Nov 2023 10:19:48
Unfortunately we can’t afford them, there r reserve players moving around England for in excess 20 million.

2.) 21 Nov 2023
21 Nov 2023 11:58:08
Butcher was England captain at that time, would be like us signing Harry Kane just now. Although he’d struggle to get in ahead of big Dessers to be fair ?.

3.) 21 Nov 2023
21 Nov 2023 12:12:16
I take it you're referring to Kane not being able to get in front of Dessers in the dinner queue Alloa.

4.) 21 Nov 2023
21 Nov 2023 15:02:13
Tjm ??.

5.) 21 Nov 2023
21 Nov 2023 17:32:31
Or the que for extra pudding. I’d be at the front of that to be fair.