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14 Jul 2021 18:46:50
It’s on the West Ham news (hammers news) page that they are in talks with Kamara valued at 8mil and describe him as a bargain. Surely he is worth more to that inflated market.

Charlie Chalk loyal

1.) 14 Jul 2021 18:53:28
Rangers would be crazy to sell him at that price we should be looking for more like 12-15 million for him as he’s a class act.

2.) 14 Jul 2021 18:55:56
Just read that Charlie, I’m with you, represent excellent profit but for me not enough.

3.) 14 Jul 2021 19:19:40
Yeah I don’t know why the press keep banding this figure about. 2 years left and very talented, proven on big stage. Should be looking at £15m minimum irrespective of what we paid!

4.) 14 Jul 2021 19:23:46
No way Kamara leaving Ibrox and certainly not for anything like £8m.

5.) 14 Jul 2021 19:29:02
The prices been flung about for our players is disgraceful!
I just read Celtic turned down 13 plus add ons for ajer.
We got a prolific young columbian striker, and a midfield rolls Royce and the prices are less.
Doesn’t matter what we paid!
But kamara is 20/ 30m
Morelos 20/ 25
Selling for less is ridiculous.

6.) 14 Jul 2021 19:55:15
15 million minimum every day of the week. Guy has been outstanding.

7.) 14 Jul 2021 20:13:31
Rangers know how muck Kamara is worth and no way will we accept £8 million.
He’s a £12-£15 million player and as we have seen with Alfie if the valuation isn’t met then it’s no deal.

8.) 14 Jul 2021 20:20:13
The story was lifted from Give Me Sport, who 'reckon' that talks may be taking place - and the valuation came from the Scottish S*n! The article went on to say if he really was available for that sum they should snap him up. In other words, clickbait for gullible Hammers fans, supported with nonsense from a Scottish rhag.

9.) 14 Jul 2021 21:33:34
Morelos is at least 20m
Kamara 15m.

10.) 14 Jul 2021 21:36:22
Behave mate, kamara worth nowhere close to 30m that's just crazy talk. 12-15 as quoted above is a fair price.

11.) 14 Jul 2021 21:39:46
15 million for me won’t get close to 20 million or more that’s just ludicrous.

12.) 14 Jul 2021 21:40:50
This is the exact reason why Rangers no longer want any of these outlets inside Ibrox.
Why welcome them into your home when all they do is print and report lies. If you are one of the people who actualy read their nonsense then be prepared for having the privilege of reading lots more fantasy stories in the future because our club no longer gives them any info. We don't need the media but the media needs us. Don't help them and avoid clicking on their sites reading their fake stories and starve them of any income.

13.) 14 Jul 2021 22:30:07
If reports or rumours are true and we are close to signing Veerman for me its the signing of the summer.
What a midfield we will have.

14.) 15 Jul 2021 00:05:53
On the last 2 seasons European runs and last year's League run we've had Porto, juventus, galatassarray, Leeds, arsenal, Everton plus more register an interest. He then went to the euros and was one of the outstanding players, not just midfielders, actual players as reported by many pundits and ex players. So why we would we sell him for a fee similar to aN error ridden defender who lost the league by 25 points last year? Take a donkeys figure and double it mate because he's worth it.

15.) 15 Jul 2021 01:45:35
Coldo of he wasnt banned would be fizzin.

16.) 15 Jul 2021 06:22:14

He is worth 30mil easy.

17.) 15 Jul 2021 13:34:33
What has he done to make him worth 30m can you show me how you work out that price without the blue tinted specs on.



14 Feb 2021 14:16:32
Just heard Patterson and Bassey caught at a party last night. Gerrard furious. New likely to break tomorrow. Anyone else heard this?

Charlie Chalk loyal

1.) 14 Feb 2021 15:09:39
Not saying you are wrong mate, just wondering why it wouldn’t be reported in news straight away? why wait till a few days later to report it?

2.) 14 Feb 2021 15:30:45
My thought as well. Last time rangers issued a club statement immediately.

3.) 14 Feb 2021 16:16:42
Been all over twitter and Facebook since this morning if true I would think the press would be all over it by now.

4.) 14 Feb 2021 16:43:19
Doubt this very much.
Considering the fall out from jones and edmunson party previously and what happened to them, i cannot imagine these 2 young guys would be so stupid as to put their careers on the line.

If they have, then they will be out the door.

5.) 14 Feb 2021 16:57:43
There’s zero excuses, been a year now, , going to a party is beyond madness.

6.) 14 Feb 2021 17:00:24
U would think so fifepl.

7.) 14 Feb 2021 17:34:44
It's on other forums from a few guys with close links to Rangers and it's apparently true. If it is, and I emphasise If, then their season is finished.

8.) 14 Feb 2021 17:36:15
They both have been that stupid and it's good they did get caught otherwise the squad would have been at risk.

9.) 14 Feb 2021 17:47:06
Gerin2em how do you know it’s true mate and also welcome to the site don’t think I’ve seen you post before .

10.) 14 Feb 2021 18:02:17
They're young enough to be given a second chance if true. Say the same for Edmondson in my opinion. Not for Jones though.

11.) 14 Feb 2021 18:16:07
One of the posters I mentioned in my last post has just updated that it is true and they were at a party last night (squad not affected) Patterson, Bassey and 2 youth players.
This guy is well known to have insider knowledge and would not post without it being fact.
That's our fullback cover goosed for the remainder of the season.
When will these fuds ever learn?

12.) 14 Feb 2021 18:20:06
Send both players out on loan next season then sell they are probably worth a few million each if they play a full season next year sacking them is just stupid when even right now I would say they are worth 1 million each.

13.) 14 Feb 2021 18:20:21
If true ditch them.

14.) 14 Feb 2021 18:22:51
I agree BMGH01,IF it is true they should both be goners and shown the door, just like jones and edmundson 😡.

15.) 14 Feb 2021 18:26:35
If it’s true then both must be given the same treatment as the other 2, can’t have different standards for different players. Slightly different if we have injuries then let them play but other than that move both on in the summer.

16.) 14 Feb 2021 18:35:47
Aye OK mikeger.

17.) 14 Feb 2021 18:55:56
I don't think we'll sack them, but the must never play for us again. Same as the other 2, put them out on loan, then punt them If we get a buyer.
The chat is Dickson and Mebude are the 2 youth players, but not confirmed.

18.) 14 Feb 2021 19:06:24
AnotherBear, I know it's true because a mate that lives in the west end where the house party was told me, other youth players there too.

19.) 14 Feb 2021 19:26:47
Okay just strange no statement from the club, nothing on Skysports and nothing from the media in our country who never miss the chance to write damaging articles about us.

20.) 14 Feb 2021 19:38:21
This is made up nonsense. Same as the one about aribo smokin a fag outside pub 😂😂.

21.) 14 Feb 2021 19:40:12
Confused Valentines Day with April Fools Day.

22.) 14 Feb 2021 19:45:55
Report about it on football insider now, don’t know how reliable it is though. absolute joke if true, couple of @rseholes.

23.) 14 Feb 2021 19:59:00
Utter tosh the police gave them on spot fines and the story isn't in a paper or paper on line story started by Tim's and per usual rangers fans are clamering over each other to say they no its true because there pal told them any very good na bother all of a sudden a new user comes on group and his first post is its true he knows na bother timmy.

24.) 14 Feb 2021 20:34:48
Shame really. Although bassey not as good as barisic I felt he would replace borna in the summer if/ when he is sold to balance books. Wether anyone likes it or not young Patterson is way off replacing Tav.

25.) 14 Feb 2021 20:35:14
Zungu is another one selfish rats man.

26.) 14 Feb 2021 20:38:00
East Belfast has spoken so it must not be true after all then. When the story does unfortunately come out let's see how fast you're on with your words of wisdom 👍.

27.) 14 Feb 2021 20:47:30
This isn't made up rubbish! The guy who confirmed this doesn't make up rubbish. Unlike those who have declared this is rubbish and tosh this guy is in the know and has close ties to the club.
The club has now released a statement stating they are aware of an alleged incident and are investigating.
We are 4 wins away from our biggest achievement in a long, long time (or maybe even ever) and these fools still manage to make a balls of it for themselves.

28.) 14 Feb 2021 20:53:11
Apparently the clun have issued a statement. Not good.

29.) 14 Feb 2021 20:56:12
Deano, have you heard anything else on the Zungu rumour?
Apparently there's a photo going about of him at a party, but there's a Christmas tree in the background. Now, If this is true, we either have someone who has forgotten to take the tree down. Or we have evidence that he has attended a party over Christmas and hid the fact.
If he has done this, what sort of punishment are we looking at and how bad is this for us?

30.) 14 Feb 2021 21:44:52
Mikeger why you discriminating against jones. Its in rangers interest to treat latest breach in exactly same way as jones and edmondson sent out on loan and get rid.

31.) 14 Feb 2021 21:53:34
Mikeger, are you for real 🤔If ANY of our players have broken these rules,
we get them to f**k, end of, no f*****g 2nd chances! 😡.

32.) 15 Feb 2021 07:02:04
I agree with you sgl, absolutely.

33.) 15 Feb 2021 07:33:20
Bet these two get treated differently than the other two, more money in Bassey and Paterson then jones etc money talks!

they should be placed on the transfer list asap.

wonder what Nicola is going to say lol.

34.) 15 Feb 2021 11:27:39
@6counties because Jones is older with a history of having a bad attitude and generally being a clown. I'm not condoning it in anyway and they deserve to be severely punished. Bassey 21, Patterson 19. Just young idiots probably doing their thinking with their second brains. I think they should get another chance once they've served their punishment.

35.) 15 Feb 2021 13:29:21
U can't treat players differently because of age, that's called discrimination👍.

36.) 15 Feb 2021 15:53:46
Mikeger bassey Patterson membuda dicksen apparently and Dickson has already been told he'll never play for 1st team by Gerrard for lies.




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22 Jun 2021 17:31:17
We training kit looks good. Looking forward to seeing new strips.

Charlie Chalk loyal

1.) 22 Jun 2021 19:08:41
New strips been leaked online mate. I’m not impressed. It’s got white sleeves n white collar. Go have a look. Gold castore, gold 32 red and gold old style-rangers badge with a wee fancy scroll under it sayin 1872-2022. It’s quite underwhelming mate considering it’s our anniversary year.

2.) 22 Jun 2021 21:48:04
New strip from what i have seen am not keen in it. White training kit looks class.



14 May 2021 20:24:34
Has anyone received the champions souvenir programme yet? Ordered ages ago and 55 charity badge and nothing arrived. Be selling 56 ones before I get at this rate.

Charlie Chalk loyal

1.) 14 May 2021 20:35:10
Arrived today. Moray is blue.

2.) 14 May 2021 21:07:48
Mine arrived today aswell.

3.) 14 May 2021 21:38:10
I also received mine today 👍🇬🇧.



26 Apr 2021 07:31:30
Reflecting on yesterday’s performance and then watching match of the day and other European football, in comparison to all other teams we never shoot from outside the box. Other sides have at least half a dozen pops at goal and for the majority one proves lucky. We just go side to side looking for that killer ball.

Charlie Chalk loyal

1.) 26 Apr 2021 08:07:42
That way of playing has delivered 55 at a canter so no complaints from me. The reason we went out last night is because the players have failed to reach the standards set in the first half of the season since the league was wrapped up. Even in the Celtic game, we won the game but we were well below our normal level in my opinion.

The players have been terrific all season and if you had offered me the league but no cups at the start of the season I would've bitten your hand off. Double or even Treble would have been lovely but the league will do for this season.



19 Feb 2021 17:59:33
With Patterson playing or being in the first team squad this season who has been playing full back for reserve side.

Charlie Chalk loyal

1.) 19 Feb 2021 18:30:56
When was the last time the reserves or under 19s played?

2.) 19 Feb 2021 19:11:39
Regardless when the youths last played, they must have a right back?

3.) 19 Feb 2021 22:18:30
Sweep you are wanting Hutton when was the last time he played 🤭.



18 Feb 2021 22:04:02
What a game. Never seen a match where the team need applauded in so many fronts yet good kick up the arse is many others.

Charlie Chalk loyal




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28 Jun 2021 09:21:58
Bisgrove seems to be bringing in loads of sponsors and expanding the name of Rangers even further afield. It will always be Ibrox to us all and if the coffers are lined with more money as a result of naming rights being sold then I’m all for it. We are moving with the times and it looks good.

Charlie Chalk loyal



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14 Feb 2021 22:17:40
It’s now on sky sports with club making a statement.

Charlie Chalk loyal



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15 Jan 2021 09:34:06
My mate a Coventry season book holder and says he is the best player in the championship. They certainly don’t want to lose him.

Charlie Chalk loyal



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11 Jan 2021 19:13:02
I am glad we never signed cosgrove. Big useless lump who just fouls and tries to be the big bully boy centre forward.

Charlie Chalk loyal



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09 Oct 2020 09:54:09
Fingers crossed Clarke will get us to the finals. The team is a couple of good centre halves and a good striker away from being half decent. Not exciting to watch but then we struggled against his Killie sides. He sets up not lose and hopes for a nicked goal. Least the players there want to play for Scotland

Glad we never went for Dykes though.

Charlie Chalk loyal




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22 Jul 2021 08:05:53
Just had another look at pic and I think your right. It’s black. I initially thought navy blue but in pics some cameras make black look blue. I’m guessing it will be a white third strip then and the supposed 150 year strip will follow.

Charlie Chalk loyal



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21 Jul 2021 13:13:40
I like it but surely a blue alternative strip defeats the object of change of colour rather than shade of it.

Charlie Chalk loyal



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03 May 2021 09:21:24
If Bassey was available we would have left back cover. Having flexible midfielders that can drop back Loke Jack and Aribo gives us potentially 3 for both full back positions.

Charlie Chalk loyal



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11 Apr 2021 10:29:20
We need to be able to play our strongest 11 in the cup games as the St Mirren game proved any slackness will be punished. The double and run in Europe we had will prove a very successful year.

Charlie Chalk loyal



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10 Mar 2021 10:56:00
Been benched last 4 games inc last night. Hard to perform in a side struggling in a league too tough for them.

Charlie Chalk loyal