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26 Feb 2021 09:44:03
According to the Sun, Leicester City and Roma are preparing a bidding war at £20 million for Edouard. If he is worth that, El Buffalo must be worth £50 million!


1.) 26 Feb 2021 10:04:26
Professional coaches know what they are looking for and it may be that edouard is a superstar in waiting

It might be that Alf is also a prized target, last nig Will certainly help him in his aim to go, let’s hope that they want him as much as they want Ed our day, it helps Rangers go forward.

2.) 26 Feb 2021 10:13:20
Hope they get it, will help to pay Lawell's and Lenny's golden handshakes .

Well deserved golden handshakes , ha ha ha.

3.) 26 Feb 2021 12:19:57
Big secrets there i'm told, my best pal owns a sky box above the stand, always has former legends in for tea, , I know a few well, they have no doubt there's a major confidentiality clause for lennys silence thus the long drawn out sacking, they allowed him to embarrass himself every week in interviews broadcast nationwide, no club wants a manager who storms off duty during a media session, very strange that, very strange indeed that they let him carry on when he clearly cannot handle questions.

4.) 26 Feb 2021 12:23:22
We should buy eduard from celtic to replace the injury prone roofe.

5.) 26 Feb 2021 13:06:45
Being totally unbiased here guys, i honestly think that both rangers and celtic will lose their star strikers alfredo morelos and odsonne edouard for £20million upwards in transfer fees for both strikers in the summer 🤔.

6.) 26 Feb 2021 15:37:29
They will do coop.

7.) 26 Feb 2021 19:07:38
Think both will go for between 15 to 20 lads. Eduard down to last year come the summer his value will drop significantly in summer.

8.) 27 Feb 2021 15:43:02
Difference between Ed and Alf us Ed might be a superstar in the making but Alf us a superstar just now 🤩🤩.



22 Sep 2020 08:41:51
According to the Sun, it is looking likely that Preston's Daniel Johnson will join Rangers before the weekend, in time to play against Motherwell on Sunday. This feels like a good signing and will strengthen our squad, especially with Jack, Aribo and Roofe injured.


1.) 22 Sep 2020 09:03:14
Is he not injured then?

2.) 22 Sep 2020 10:08:00
I hope he does turn out to be a good siging but it does concern me that we seem to have signed a lot of players that that just look average and no better than what we have already or had.

3.) 22 Sep 2020 10:34:21
It's all about budgets these days craigs. Gone are the days when we could splash out £10 million for one player. Strength in depth is important as is being demonstrated with the injuries to Jack and Aribo in particular. I wish we had kept Docherty and/ or McCrorie though as either of them could have been a decent squad player. Also, I still say signing Shankland would bolster our attacking options, especially should Morelos go to Lille during this window.

4.) 22 Sep 2020 10:55:46
First hardie now shankland, do you want to win titles doiger? 👍.

5.) 22 Sep 2020 11:10:39
You probaly spot on regards to budget but for 3 million am sure if club looked abroad they could find better option for this amount money.
If we sell morelos this summer i think we will need to sign another striker who can slot straight in team in to replace him not another squad player he is our only striker that is scoring just now.

6.) 22 Sep 2020 11:13:49
Jack and Roofe in squad to travel to Holland Thursday.
Balogun not in squad.

7.) 22 Sep 2020 11:16:27
Hardie never got a chance so we'll never know what might have been and I'm not suggesting for a minute that Shankland is anything other than a squad striker. But if Morelos does go soon who have we got in the short term as a striker? Itten hasn't had a chance yet, nor has Roofe (who isn't a striker anyway) . My god, you are such a misery Coldo!

8.) 22 Sep 2020 11:53:34
If morelos goes who do we sign?

9.) 22 Sep 2020 12:59:04
I would rather we spent 10m on one player and built around that player with what we had/ have. The players we have brought in look bang average!

10.) 22 Sep 2020 13:06:22
Doiger if fredo goes then we should be signing a player that would be first team. How do you expect us to improve if we sign squad players? 👍.

11.) 22 Sep 2020 17:12:19
Ben Lora where we getting ten million to sign one player.

12.) 22 Sep 2020 20:19:41
Doiger we do know how Hardie would have went if he got his chance he was is and never will be good enough for us.

Shankland is a no for me we need better.

13.) 23 Sep 2020 17:21:17
Coldo how much do you think it would cost to buy a striker that will score 30 plus goals in Scotland and Europe?

14.) 23 Sep 2020 21:10:35
If morelos goes we need someone the quality of nsamee we would need too spend at least 8 million too bring in a top notch first choice striker not a squad player an absolute banger of goals.



07 Aug 2020 11:08:48
Rumoured that newly-promoted Leeds United are interested in Barisic. Hope he doesn't move this window. Do we have natural cover for left back?


1.) 07 Aug 2020 11:42:01
Bassey but other than that I don't even know any players out with the club I think could replace him.

2.) 07 Aug 2020 11:45:10
Could maybe get Douglas as part of it, Barasic would be a big loss to us as I’m sure the gaffer wants him pinging those crosses into itten.

3.) 07 Aug 2020 12:13:07
Douglas certainly isn't as creative.

4.) 07 Aug 2020 13:27:13
I hope not

There is a lack of creative left backs and especially ones we could afford and entice to Scotland

I honestly can’t think of one

The pulling power of Arsenal came for tierney - yes he’s good but I think it also shows there wasn’t a lot of creative LB they could even think of bringing in?

I think we will see a massive gap left if Barasic left?

5.) 07 Aug 2020 13:36:01
i agree about douglas but he would be the minimum we would need.

6.) 07 Aug 2020 14:24:56
I don’t really know if Douglas is good or not just heard him mentioned by bears before and Leeds currently have him. I think we need to try and keep Barasic but he is now at a keep him for keeps or sell now sort of age.

7.) 07 Aug 2020 15:32:55
Could be why we were linked with the left back whose name escapes me, for 5 or 6 million the other day sure he was middle Eastern playing in Europe, did Douglas not start at Dundee United than go to Poland and onto wolves before Leeds.

8.) 07 Aug 2020 15:46:09
Mohammed something was the LB we have been mentioned with.

9.) 07 Aug 2020 18:17:32
Douglas and 12m would be minimum we should be after.

10.) 07 Aug 2020 20:26:22
Would take the lad from derby that was at Aberdeen. Looked not bad anytime I saw him play. But with 8 figures could bring decent quality replacement in but hopefully keep borna.

11.) 07 Aug 2020 22:44:22
You talking about Lowe Bellshill, yes, he wasn't bad.



29 Jul 2020 15:40:04
Looks like Zungi is on his way and might play on Saturday.


1.) 29 Jul 2020 16:28:08
Doiger. Think he will need work permit first.

2.) 29 Jul 2020 18:23:55
Now John25, that WOULD be better announcement if it were to happen.

3.) 29 Jul 2020 18:51:29
I missed this one . ?

Have we signed Zunga - if so this is the creativity I have been shouting about we need this guy looks class?

All we need now is another top striker and I think we will be sorted.

4.) 29 Jul 2020 18:57:14
No we enot signed him.

5.) 29 Jul 2020 19:29:28
Thestigno imminent. He has apparently turned down Celta Vigo and Strasbourg and is another who wants to play for SG.

6.) 29 Jul 2020 19:35:26
Not agreed yet but all sounds promising. He is a regular international so wouldn't imagine work permit would be an issue.

7.) 29 Jul 2020 22:22:35
Huey, u won’t have it before Saturday imo.

8.) 30 Jul 2020 02:10:49
Zungu isn't a creative midfielder so don't know where Thestigno1 is getting his facts from another fan who just jumps on bandwagon kidding on they know all about him when 99% of us had never heard of him until few weeks ago.

9.) 30 Jul 2020 12:52:53

Never said I knew all about him

From what I’ve read and seen of him he can spray the ball about the park and very comfortable with the ball at his feet - can pick out passes etc

So lose the attitude

And if anyone jumping on the bandwagon it’s you buddy with your rubbishty attitude

Don’t like what I post don’t fecking read use the swipe down method!

10.) 30 Jul 2020 19:34:56
Signing Dykes no chance of lazy slowcoach Shankland, he makes Kris Boyd (right now) look like an Olympic sprinter.

11.) 31 Jul 2020 02:37:47
I'm a realist not a fantasist so I won't lose attitude it's fans like you who when we get linked with anybody you go on YouTube watch a 2 minute compilation and come on here and say yeah that would be a good signing when you have never heard of player or know anything about him because he sprays couple of passes about you come out with statement of that's the creativity we have been lacking when that isn't even his game so that tells us all how much you actually know.



19 Jul 2020 08:36:00
Does anyone know anything about or seen videos of the Bulgarian midfielder Kristiyan Malinov? Rumours that Gers are interested in signing him. He is a Bulgarian international apparently.


1.) 19 Jul 2020 09:18:52
Doiger, he is the one player we have been linked with that even You Tube videos are unimpressive. He gives me the fear.
If we do go and get him I hope I'm proven wrong but I prefer ANY other player we have been linked to in that position recently.

2.) 19 Jul 2020 10:37:29
Thanks Bluegenius, doesn't sound very inspiring does it?!

3.) 19 Jul 2020 19:01:55
Best player in the Bugarian league

Dont know how good he would be for Rangers he's a player we need though as he brings an aggressive style and he has a great range of passing Passing ability looks great!

4.) 19 Jul 2020 20:32:31
Aye ok kaz do you follow Bulgarian football a lot like? You are the same person that said windass was worth 15 mil so will take that with a pinch of salt.

5.) 19 Jul 2020 22:34:15
I'm told ajer or one of them was suspended last season for same thing. so if French fa report it, then we have one person to blame. kent.

6.) 19 Jul 2020 22:27:09
My words were that Windass can potentially be 10-15m player when he leaves Rangers and plays down south.

Not exactly impossible when you see the money banded in the English game.

7.) 20 Jul 2020 00:04:38
Just out of curiosity kaz, where do you watch the Bulgarian league?

8.) 20 Jul 2020 13:00:37
Herewego55 I don't mate Doesn't mean to say you don't know a bit about the player! I've seen flashes of him play in Euro internationals

I did mention above that he was the best player in Bulgaria but dunno how he would be in Scotland Yes? His range of passing is great and he plays with aggression which is what we badly need in the middle of the park since Barry Ferguson.




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07 May 2021 08:27:03
I see that Rangers have been named as the highest-scoring team in the top 20 leagues in European football ahead of Bayern Munich and Ajax. Yet another great achievement by Gerrard and the team. I know some might say that the SPL is not as strong as other leagues in Europe but you can only play what is put against you and we've done that brilliantly all season.


1.) 07 May 2021 12:32:56
Not bad achievements if we can finish the season with that accolade, keep under the 15 conceded British record set by Chelsea, and get to 102 points. What a eemarkable season that would be.



05 May 2021 10:53:31
Morning Bears. I just watched the re-run of the Sportscene highlights of Sunday's game and thought all four of our goals were top class. Roofe's first goal was improvisation of the highest order. Morelos's strike after he nutmegged Broon was superb, Roofe's header for his second was brilliant and Defoe's trickery to score the fourth was top-drawer. Nothing lucky about any of these goals. Michael Stewart reluctantly conceded that Rangers were far better than the Tims though he still can't resist making comments like Celtic had 10 men, blah, blah. Bitter, sad wee man.


1.) 05 May 2021 12:36:52
Doiger I thought roofes second goal was the best. the way he played the ball out wide then made the run into the box. at the time I seen him make the run and thought this is a goal here. alfies goal was up there but just thought roofes was forward thinking from his part.

2.) 05 May 2021 13:10:17
Did I agree. Excellent goal.

3.) 05 May 2021 13:25:10
I agree m roofers 2nd was great.

4.) 05 May 2021 13:33:33
DD, I thought Roofes goal said more about the Celtic defence - he should not have had so much space.

Alfie created it himself through a tight defense whilst ridiculing Brown into the bargain - payback time for all the winding up Brown did and cards received.

5.) 05 May 2021 13:43:38
Morelos goal was all the sweeter because Ajer actually ducked and turned his back to the shot!

6.) 05 May 2021 13:57:30
Barasics cross for Roofe’s second goal was perfection.

7.) 05 May 2021 13:57:42
Both of Roofe's goal were top class. His first goal was the best goal of the game. The skill to do that was top drawer. 👍.



02 May 2021 11:19:18
Roofe playing with Hagi and Wright on the bench. Maybe Simpson can show us what he is made of today in his Old Firm debut. We don't concede many goals but we need to take our chances today. I'm going for 3-1 to the Famous. Enjoy the game Bears!


1.) 02 May 2021 11:31:35
To counter the jinx you have made DOIGER mate, I predict tims win 3 - 0.

Also to the non believer who sarcastically predicted a 7 - 0 win by us to mock the jinx theory, hope your happy when we get beat.

2.) 02 May 2021 11:43:35

3.) 02 May 2021 11:50:32
Whatever my predictions Bluebilly, let's hope for a good solid performance today and 3 more points. Enjoy the match.



01 May 2021 08:04:10
Morning Bears. Regarding tomorrow's game we clearly have injury problems with Helander, Arfield and Jack all out. Can't Bassey play in central defence? He seems a decent defender.

My team:






1.) 01 May 2021 08:14:13
Bassey is banned.

2.) 01 May 2021 08:20:40
DOIGER no Aribo?

After his performance in the cup game Aribo has to play but I do prefer him higher up the pitch, Arfield and Helander don’t make headlines like some other players but both will be missed on Sunday.

3.) 01 May 2021 08:33:04
Cheers sweep, I wasn't aware that Bassey was banned which is a shame! I guess Simpson then? Could play Aribo instead of Roofe BRW11?

4.) 01 May 2021 08:56:56
Wright/ roofe

Can't see anything but this side we've no other options at CB or CM.

5.) 01 May 2021 10:29:31
I don’t even think we can fill the bench tomorrow.

6.) 01 May 2021 11:55:05
Jzer team will be closer.

Doiger what formation are you playing a 4222?



27 Apr 2021 08:38:57
I see the ex-Tim so-called pundits are jumping all over Rangers already with Nicholas the latest to say that Rangers' deficiencies have been covered up by their title win. I expect that nonsense from the likes of Nicholas, Sutton, Walker and the muppet Stewart but what I can't accept is the over-the-top comments by our own 'fans' after losing to St. Johnstone. We are all of course entitled to our opinions but surely we should rejoice in winning title #55 instead of saying that we have only won one out of nine trophies under Gerrard? I'm not deluding myself, I know Gerrard will have to rebuild the squad to some extent in the summer and he can't be complacent but we have still been playing catch-up in terms of our financial muscle compared to Celtic. We can't win the treble every year and Celtic's tainted success between 2012 and this year was down to Rangers' absence from the Premiership. Rant over!


1.) 27 Apr 2021 09:13:42
I actually think we do have deficiencies 🤔.

2.) 27 Apr 2021 09:24:15
Of anything this shows gers are no finished article and with a good possibility of automatic champions league group stage qualification if we win the league next year hopefuly more work will be done to bring a higher qaulity of player in.

3.) 27 Apr 2021 10:02:36
Ah DOIGER mate.

I believe there are more of us who are disappointed with our Scottish cup exit than not and we do have deficiencies but are overall content to bask in our champions league glory.

Some on here have said a few times the mark of champions are those who scrape wins and draws from the jaws of defeat.

Well not me, true champions are those that can win comfortably against lower down the table teams and dominate and win against strong opposition, (that's why celts were not real champions in our absence) .

Yes we did well in Europe and were unlucky not to progress further than we did but as far as I'm concerned as a supporter the domestics is priority.
Europe is our much needed cash cow though.

Our games against Saint Johnston are perfect examples plus our other struggles recently confirm we have a lot to do to be that champions powerhouse.

However I feel confident when this season is behind us the manager and board etc realise this and are already planning to fix the problems for next season.

Also feel the team are in holiday mode after achieving the championship.

4.) 27 Apr 2021 10:17:03
I agree with bgate w, yes we are short in few areas, and yes in Europe we maybe punched above our weight again. However this still a work in progress, improve year on year is what is required, so a big jump needed for next year to get 56 and CL slot if that competition is still going at that point.

5.) 27 Apr 2021 11:06:15

6.) 27 Apr 2021 12:09:10
Ryan Jack has been missed since he was injured as he added a bit of aggression to our midfield and we need to look at bringing in a similar type of player for next season.
Aribo is better deployed further forward.
The squad needs a bit of fine tuning so hopefully that will happen in the next transfer window.

7.) 27 Apr 2021 12:26:26
cups are a different type of game. players have to get that. they will. let's go.

8.) 28 Apr 2021 02:05:02
of course we have definciencies, rather obvious that, many times since xmas actually

nick gives them a very hard time too, as does davie provan,




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22 Sep 2020 11:16:27
Hardie never got a chance so we'll never know what might have been and I'm not suggesting for a minute that Shankland is anything other than a squad striker. But if Morelos does go soon who have we got in the short term as a striker? Itten hasn't had a chance yet, nor has Roofe (who isn't a striker anyway) . My god, you are such a misery Coldo!




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22 Sep 2020 10:34:21
It's all about budgets these days craigs. Gone are the days when we could splash out £10 million for one player. Strength in depth is important as is being demonstrated with the injuries to Jack and Aribo in particular. I wish we had kept Docherty and/ or McCrorie though as either of them could have been a decent squad player. Also, I still say signing Shankland would bolster our attacking options, especially should Morelos go to Lille during this window.




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31 Aug 2020 16:11:34
Jack, Aribo, Hagi, Kamara, Davis, Arfield. They are all very good midfielders much better than Ferguson or anyone else in Scotland in my opinion. We seem to have the best defence for years and it is iron curtain defences that win titles. No point scoring 4 and conceding 3. Get Morelos sorted one way or the other and give Itten and Roofe a chance. By Christmas, we may well be out of sight (ahead, I mean lol) .




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24 Aug 2020 08:00:18
What a load of el crapo!




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23 Aug 2020 10:48:32
Totally agree Section Red. We can't start selling players now if we are to have a real chance of winning the title. Surely the Board/ investors can reassure SG that no players will be sold until the end of the season? Exception might be Morelos if he continues to sulk and be disinterested. That money (maybe £20m) might keep the Board happy for now. I hear that Celtic weren't that good against the Arabs yesterday (my son watched the match - he is a Dundee Utd fan! ) and were rather lucky to win, so I don't think it is beyond Rangers to win the title this time.





DOIGER's banter replies


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12 May 2021 21:13:14
Ignore the BBC. Their leftist WOKE agenda is pathetic and outrageous for a publicly-funded organisation. They'd be over the moon if the Tim's won the league.




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12 May 2021 10:20:16




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12 May 2021 09:57:15
Get better soon Ed, you do a great job managing this site and some of the weird posters (no names) .


{Ed001's Note - I know what you mean mate, that DOIGER fella for instance! ;-)



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11 May 2021 21:18:37
Simple. Reinstate the reserve league. I am entitled to my opinion.




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11 May 2021 10:59:47
Don't see the point really. As Deemc22 says, how far up the pyramid could they be promoted? Into the Premiership alongside the first teams? Silly idea.