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12 Jun 2019 19:41:12
Kent a done deal for another year-long loan according to source from Hummel Academy. Here's hoping. Let's go.

1.) 12 Jun 2019 20:04:24
Kent for me would be the icing on the cake and the clincher for #55.

2.) 12 Jun 2019 20:10:34
Keeping scotty arfield at rangers and resisting any club wishing to buy him, will be just as important or quite possibly even more important, than signing ryan kent again, on another season long loan deal!

3.) 12 Jun 2019 21:06:25
Hope this is true.

4.) 12 Jun 2019 22:24:54
The both for me boys and we are flying . Think both boys realise how amazin it was at the end of last season with Kamara ect and everything fell into place . If we had been like that at the start of the season we all know we would have won that league hands down . Just took a wee bit of time to get there . but let's pick it up again this year. Bursting with optimism.

5.) 13 Jun 2019 00:30:51
Kent and keep tav and we are on our way!

6.) 13 Jun 2019 01:09:35
Great if true about Kent but I have to agree with coop, keeping arfield is more important.

7.) 13 Jun 2019 01:10:21
Kent played all last season he wasn't a clincher then either.

8.) 13 Jun 2019 08:05:31
Keep up Rayman, the guys are making the point that Kent is a vital cog in the wheel that steamrollered ovee your lot at Ibrox. Arfield, Jack, Kamara, Davis and Kent they are all key for us.

9.) 13 Jun 2019 14:21:05
I would keep all the first team regulars that have been linked. Tav arfield kamara morelos. Do that and add a few more players with that special talent to create something from nothing couple CB's and a LB we will have 55 no problem.

10.) 13 Jun 2019 16:51:05
Surely if it was a done deal the club would have announced it? That's when it becomes a done deal for me.



09 Mar 2019 20:02:19
What I have seen of Kamara he looks like a class act and will only get better. Great piece of business. I know we are not short of midfielders but for me he should be one of the first names on the team sheet.

1.) 10 Mar 2019 07:30:17
Totally agree bout KAMARA.

2.) 10 Mar 2019 08:44:35
i totally agree i thought he was man of the match at easter road growing more and more into the shirt with every game, great find.

3.) 10 Mar 2019 09:13:58
Not fazed by the fact he's playing for Rangers like a lot of good players in the past. He looks claas and is a tremendous signing.

4.) 10 Mar 2019 14:08:48
Spot on guys. Can't add much more regarding our midfielder glen kamara. Neil McCann did tell us all,
how good a player kamara was and how he would make rangers big money in the transfer market, when we eventually sell him. His awareness in midfield is tremendous and always looking up, to play the forward pass. Already looking an absolute steal. Truly think he will only get better and better with us, under steven gerrard.

5.) 10 Mar 2019 14:20:30
I think kamara looks good aswell but let's focus our efforts on actually beating the better sides in the spl before we go heaping our players with praise or talking about how much millions a player might make for us. I posted stats on here the other day that reflected our performance and results against the better sides, hearts hibs aberdeen killie celtic and they don't make for good reading. It astounds me how many overlook or are ignorant to the obvious👍.

6.) 10 Mar 2019 16:38:56
Kamara reminds me of Nigel Spackmam.

7.) 11 Mar 2019 08:55:29
Don't know if that's so good, punter!

8.) 11 Mar 2019 08:56:21
Coldo standing poised with the ice water as per! Incoming!

9.) 11 Mar 2019 09:38:04
I remember singing his praises on here when it broke we wanted him, has such a class act and it wouldn't surprise me if he ends up back in an EPL club in the future.

10.) 11 Mar 2019 09:43:57
No wonder seeker, some have our players going for millions and can't praise them enough yet anytime we come up against a decent SPL side we get found out👍.

11.) 11 Mar 2019 13:42:04
Hats off to Supercoop, Kamara is our Viera.

12.) 11 Mar 2019 16:34:45
Coldo to be fair we did hammer Killie at Ibrox and also pumped them in the League Cup. Rattled the sheep with 10 men first league game of the season and only lost a last second goal for a draw. Should have beaten them at Hampden. Played both Celtic and Hearts off the park at Ibrox and was by far the best team both times in the league at Easter Rd. So it's not as if we have been found out. We've played well but haven't converted the chances. If we weren't making the chances i'd be worried.

13.) 11 Mar 2019 17:43:22
Seeker killie had 10 men for 70mins👍 we could have, we should have but we didnae👍 games and titles aren't won on chances created👍 celtic being quite pi$h this year is the reason we don't look as bad in the table, otherwise the points difference would be about 20👍.

14.) 11 Mar 2019 18:15:28
Seeker we have played 29 games and have 59 points, last season after 29 games we had 55 points (tables taken from Goal live) . We are 4 points better off at this stage than we were last year, that's 1 win and a draw better than last year. If that's what you or others consider as domestic progress or closing the "gap" then god help us. We had a great run in europe but domestically its the same old. We still struggle against the bigger SPL sides and that is worrying. Facts don't lie👍.

15.) 12 Mar 2019 00:15:42
ffs coldo. 4 points better off and played 12 more games than last season in europe. like it or not that IS progress. Celtic have been there for the taking. Celtic are top because they've won all their home games up until the draw against aberdeen. their away record is worse than ours, and we beat them, and beat them well. A little perspective here coldo.

16.) 12 Mar 2019 08:48:53
Really, if people can't see we're night and day from last year re the quality of the squad then i'm amazed. If anything Stevie has been guilty of inexperience and naiviety but then that's what you get with a rookie manager. In How many games have we been the better team and deserved to win but didn't? A few tweaks are all we need not a complete overhaul as you suggesr Coldo. Would you prefer Pedro back? If so god help us.

17.) 12 Mar 2019 11:52:20
If the quality of the squad is night and day then why are we only 4 points better off and 8 points behind a very poor celtic side that is there for the taking? that's perspective. Why you blabbering about pedro seeker? 4 points is not progress👍 Yip we had a great run in europe but that is clouding your judgement. Our league position only looks decent because celtic have been poor. As I said 1 win and a draw better than last year is not progress. 👍 We better win tonight👍.

18.) 12 Mar 2019 12:02:11
Being the better team and not winning is not progress either seeker. And brian celtic have played more games than us and are still 8 points clear for being very poor. Playing an extra 12 game as you say is just another daft excuse that I'll add to the list of daft excuses that I have read on here. The list -
Being too rough✔
The ref✔
An off day (again) ✔
An extra 12 games✔

19.) 12 Mar 2019 16:04:13
What's your solution then coldo? Another change of manager? Obviously he has not been good enough so must go?

20.) 12 Mar 2019 16:20:52
Coldco u baffle me, obviously not a realist.
We have progressed, albeit slowly.
Hand on heart did you expect us to win league.
I remember two years ago just after Morelos signed, u ripped him apart, one of worst strikers you have seen.
All quite nowadays.

21.) 12 Mar 2019 16:59:24
A year ago morelos couldn't hit a barn door from 5yards and was one of the worst strikers jbhoy21👍. I never expected to win the league but I expected more consistency against the better spl sides, 4 points better off is not progress and if you think it is then you are deluded. My solution seeker would be to be a lot more clever in the market. We have wasted 2mil on grezda 2mil on barasic 2mil on katic (should be playing) but a waste on the bench. Flanagan mccauley coulibaly davis ejaria waste of money. Defoe doesn't look worth the outlay either. Mcgregor goldson arfield kent kamara are the only ones really to improve us yet have struggled against the better spl sides. that's less than 50% of the signings that have worked out. We can't afford 1) financialy and 2) competitively if we want to stop celtic to be wasting money on mediocre signings. So to summarise, the facts say that we have wasted a lot of money, we continue to stuggle against the better spl sides and we are only 4 points better off than last year so how is that progess? Off the pitch financially we are making progress, the youth set up looks great and obviously I hope we win the cup and hope celtic drop points and we beat them in the two old firm games, but up until today you can't argue with the facts so far👍.

22.) 13 Mar 2019 02:58:47
'Couldn't hit a barn door and was one of the worst strikers' - he was second in the SPL Coldo.

I'm done with him, personally, he can leave now and give us big profit, but to suggest he was absolute trash last season is beyond lies.

23.) 13 Mar 2019 10:22:22
No its not rfcrb. 1st half of the season he was doing well then after that he was rank rotten, missing sitters right left and centre so don't pi$h👍.

24.) 13 Mar 2019 12:37:57
I love the fair weather supporters on here, one week a player great next week not so.
Back our club.

25.) 13 Mar 2019 13:03:22
I back our club jbhoy21👍, I just don't form an assessment through blue specs. Last season for the first half morelos was doing well then the second half of the season he was rank rotten. This year he has been on fire👍 it seems to upset the snowflake supporters when they can't handle facts👍.

26.) 13 Mar 2019 16:23:25
U are entitled to your view as is everyone else. Read my historical posts that says we will win nothing with our squad last two years.
We are six players away from being a team, we need physical players who are not alaways byllied.
Why do you persist in being offensive by calling me bhoy, it is boy.
We have a much bigger worry after today's court case re costs and compensation to be awarded to SD.
Also I have no doubt Steve Gerrard is the man to win league.

27.) 13 Mar 2019 19:12:47
Coldo - you said a year ago he was garbage. That's March 2018 when he was banging in goals 'left right and centre' and the team was on fire. If you're going to make a nonsense argument, at least get your timeline right :TWO THUMBS UP WITH BIG SMILE:

28.) 13 Mar 2019 19:30:26
Again rfcrb, no he wasn't 😂😂, he was hitting the bar from two yards against ayr and hitting the post from 3 yards against celtic. He was missing sitters and taking pelters right left and centre. 👍👍😁.

29.) 13 Mar 2019 19:38:39
The team was on fire in march 2018. We lost to celtic kilmarnock and drew with motherwell. Aye we were on fire😂😂😂🤡🤡🤡.

30.) 13 Mar 2019 20:07:56
Morelos never scored a single goal in march 2018 and he played in all four games in march 2018. Next time if you're going to come to the party do your homework Rfcrb1872 🤡🤡🤡👏👏👏👍.

31.) 14 Mar 2019 21:07:57
He also played with that Finnish mob right up until he signed for us with no pre-season. So basically his season lasted about a season and a half so let’s forgive the man for running out of steam in the 2nd half of our campaign lads.

32.) 15 Mar 2019 02:56:58
Coldo, You're now erasing January to March 13th (which is when I posted btw - you're the one who said a year ago) last year? He scored 5 league goals in 12 appearances between January and April. And the team was on the best run it's been in the past 7 years at this level - one that still hasn't been bettered by Stevie. Are you honestly now telling me we were terrible between January and March?


PS I agree 100% with you on Davis.

33.) 15 Mar 2019 02:59:54
Sharp - he didn't really. In the first half he scored a glut of 6 goals over 4 matches, then went 10 without scoring before having a strong 4 in December.

Second half it was 4 league goals total. But to suggest he was rubbish that season isn't true.

34.) 15 Mar 2019 11:51:39
Rfcrb, january was never mentioned, but from the middle of feb until the end of the season morelos was missing sitters and getting pelters. He was poor, everyone was saying his confidence had taken a knock. You are right tho the team was playing well until we lost to celtic 3-2, and when you say gerrard hasn't bettered that run it backs my point that 4 points is by no way an acceptable measure of progress from this year compared to last year. You told me I was talking crap about march last year, hence why I provided the stats for march 2018 above😁😁😁👍👍👍.



10 Jan 2019 21:11:55
Don't know if there's any truth in this. Heard from 2 different people that an unnamed Turkish team are interested in Barisic and if the price is right we are looking to replace him with Shinnie from the sheep. Hope it's not true however. Just passing on what I've heard guys.

1.) 10 Jan 2019 23:31:09
That would be the most awful decision I’ve sent in a long time and one our management team would not allow. Barasic if fit will be key to a title challenge.

2.) 10 Jan 2019 23:57:46
U do realise he just signed a 4 year deal with us right?

3.) 11 Jan 2019 00:08:14
Well that makes a lot of sense.

4.) 11 Jan 2019 00:23:00
No player can register and play for 3 teams in one season so wouldn’t lose much sleep over this one.

5.) 11 Jan 2019 09:58:53
Can't remember barasic having a single good performance for us yet.

6.) 11 Jan 2019 10:18:24
^^^ what matches have you been watching then? His crosses into the box and passing have been flawless! Just a shame he has been injured a few times.

7.) 11 Jan 2019 10:37:14
Maybe the two lads Barisic and Gedza are not used to British game and the physical side to it? Time will tell✌️🇬🇧.

8.) 11 Jan 2019 10:41:51
Was thinking the same Kenny, he has a wicked delivery into the box and although Andy has done an admirable job in his absence, he won't keep the left back position. Barasic is by far the best left back at the club (when fit obviously) .

9.) 11 Jan 2019 12:30:54
Barisic has a torpedo on his left foot but unfortunately his submarine is pretty much permanently in need of repair. He's been a waste of cash and he can't stay fit.

10.) 11 Jan 2019 13:25:57
Barasic hasn’t had a single good performance? Eh? 😂😂.

11.) 11 Jan 2019 14:07:03
Rfcb1872 - how can you say that after a few months? Some folk are keen for players to fail.

12.) 11 Jan 2019 15:25:48
So72, yes, especially the timmy kind of people masquerading as Rangers fans to wind everybody up.

13.) 11 Jan 2019 15:39:52
Totally agree with 6counties, he's not been particularly poor but I can't remember a really good performance from him that merits this opinion that's he's an excellent player. The only real noteworthy moment of his time with us is losing his man in Villareal for one of their goals. If anyone can remind me of a solid 7/ 8 out of 10 performance then please do.

14.) 11 Jan 2019 15:50:50
Steven Gerrard says barsic is our best left back. I'll trust his judgment.

15.) 11 Jan 2019 17:07:07
The best 2 performances Barisic has had this season was against us in the Europa qualifiers 😭🇬🇧.

16.) 11 Jan 2019 19:38:00
See some of these comments for a start are a joke 6counties u clearly don't go to the games because bbs left peg is sweet and he will be a good asset for the run to 55.

17.) 11 Jan 2019 19:56:01
Need to agree with you there, Yately1. Although there is a player there, he has still to deliver such a powerful performance as he did against us. Once we get a fully fit Barisic, then we'll see what he's really made of. Barisic is a class player.

18.) 11 Jan 2019 20:00:46
I'd like to add to the comments regarding sweet deliveries, Cadden is another whom I admire and can do the same. Just saying, not making comparances or anything.

19.) 11 Jan 2019 23:46:53

100% correct mate.

20.) 12 Jan 2019 07:20:26
For me he’s too predictable, he always wants down the outside to put a ball in and we don’t fill the box enough for that to be successful. Halliday currently is our strongest LB without a doubt and plays for the jersey.

21.) 12 Jan 2019 09:19:13
Love how I stated a rule that’s actually listed on Uefas website and still get 5 disagrees. Must be the puddle drinkers on.



26 Apr 2018 22:06:16
Gerrard 3 year deal. Word on the street.

1.) 26 Apr 2018 22:22:25
Word on what street mate! Was told him and his agent left murray park tonight with nothing signed but possibly more talks ongoing!

2.) 26 Apr 2018 23:00:36
Are people happy with this or is just me honestly we need a proven experienced manager in

3.) 26 Apr 2018 23:06:55
I still don’t think Gerrard will be manager. I don’t think he will get the transfer funds he wants.

{Ed0333's Note - what does Gerrard know about a transfer kitty?

4.) 26 Apr 2018 23:55:19
The thing that Gerrard will bring to the gers is professionalism. I say that because he has come through one of the best academy in the country and has worked under some excellent managers and he is a winner who has played under Brenda so know how he plays.

{Ed0333's Note - you want Brenda’s style of football? Be careful what you wish for mate

5.) 27 Apr 2018 00:35:00
I’m sure that it would not only be Gerrard discussing things like the transfer budget available. I’m sure whoever he was to have as part of his management team would have had a say in the sort of funds they will expect to have available.

6.) 27 Apr 2018 05:28:28
Morning troops well things are on the way new investors will be happpy to come in a Canadian consortium will team up with king don't no if this is 100% accurate but next few weeks will tell

7.) 27 Apr 2018 06:21:22
Can someone please tell me who all these ‘experienced’ managers are?

Luis Enrique, Zidane, van Bronckhorst all came through youth and look what they have done. Some people are just never happy. Aye Steve Clarke has done a job at Killie and a great one at that but do we really want to play that kind of football? Cause I don’t.

8.) 27 Apr 2018 06:32:51
I think stevie g could bring in good players not just older ones but young out of contract stars in England's would love to come up and play for SG. he's no experience managing but it's football and he's lived and breathed it his whole life at the highest level. And would command instant respect

9.) 27 Apr 2018 17:11:23
I've said on other posts mate all these managers walked into a club with solid foundations and a good starting point. A lot different from coming into the turmoil of our club for a firstrip time job



24 Mar 2017 23:32:25
Do we think the DOF role is essential? With Kings recent statement that an appointment is not imminent could there be second thoughts regarding it? It may be a wage that we can ill afford at the moment. Also I think Alex Rae would have made the biggest impression on Pedro for the coaching role. Wouldn't be a bad shout in my opinion.

1.) 25 Mar 2017 07:25:40
he said it was not imminent but would be sooner rather than later its still the plan to have a DOF

2.) 25 mar 2017 11:09:07
perhaps waiting for the right man who is not free at the moment

3.) 25 Mar 2017 13:03:24
How much does a DOF get a week in wages? Maybe better to put money towards a player OR could we not use it towards keeping Gilmour.




Gon4 55's banter posts with other poster's replies to Gon4 55's banter posts


15 Aug 2020 08:25:36
Sad news on the passing of Rangers legend Tam Forsyth. Many fond memories. R I P Jaws.

1.) 15 Aug 2020 08:54:08
Would always have Forsyth in my Gers defence. His timing in a tackle was just perfect and had much more skill than perhaps he got credit for but was a hard no nonsense defender when required. Grew up watching him with many found memories. RIP.



17 Jun 2019 23:45:46
Read earlier that Kris Boyd hanging up his boots. Probably divides opinion with his media statements but the boy knew where the net was. All the best to him.

1.) 18 Jun 2019 06:07:05
Boydy has always divided opinions, but he doesn't divide mine.
You get what it says on the tin with kris boyd. An absolute goalscorer and goal machine, an 18 yard box striker for me. You make chances for boydy and 9 times out of 10,the ball is in the back of the net. His awareness of where the goals are with not looking, is a main attribute of his.
Afterall, he's the record spl goalscorer of all time. He must have something to be that. He's not the most mobile i grant the doubters that, but if you supply him, he's an absolute finisher all right, no doubts about it. Big Kris Boyd has had a very good career and i certainly wish the big fella all the very best in his retirement. He's without question a glasgow rangers legend, whether folk want to accept that or not!

2.) 18 Jun 2019 08:12:33
Fair play, an out and out goalscorer. Annoying with some of his punditry but can't question his love for the club.

3.) 18 Jun 2019 08:24:40
He done well against the smaller teams as his record states, all the best on his retirement. I think hell look back with a bit of regret that he didnt working harder on his overall fitness as I personally believe he could have played at a very high level if hed had an engine behind him. Great finisher none the less!

4.) 18 Jun 2019 08:58:20
100% right coops, all day every day .

5.) 18 Jun 2019 12:04:07
Now that Boydy hung up boots I actually look forward to his media comments wherever because believe his comments have always been worth listening to. He seemed to be only reliable comment regarding Mcgregor S/ O.

6.) 18 Jun 2019 16:14:09
Boyd did well for us, scored a lot of goals but legend? Naw, not for me.

7.) 19 Jun 2019 01:43:42
Also quite fitting that his top scorer record can't be beaten.

8.) 19 Jun 2019 01:45:58
boyd was a great player for rangers and he scored a lot of goals. Legend? naw not for me.



03 Jan 2019 18:38:38
Just witnessed the pictures beamed back by the Chinese rocket from the dark side of the moon. Am positive a could make out Bhampot and a few other of them hiding in a crater😂.

1.) 03 Jan 2019 19:38:10
And the moon howlers are back to stripping of titles, they certainly are rattled😎.

2.) 03 Jan 2019 20:17:53
They found the ball fae the Tom Rogic penalty in the semi final.

3.) 04 Jan 2019 13:47:56
You sure it’s pictures from the DSM is it not Celtic Disco lights for the champions league.



26 Aug 2018 14:21:34
Have Motherwell just won the World Cup? All that was missing was a pitch invasion. Defencivley poorer today than other matches but with them having half a team of WWE wrestlers it was always going to be tough. Seems to me back to the usual teams raising their game against the mighty. Thought we could and should have seen the game out but still unbeaten so we march on!



28 Jul 2018 01:01:41
Lafferty for me is a no brainer. Forget the past if you can. he's getting paid peanuts (in relative terms) at Hearts. Can, has and will score goals. Right Rangers man. Forgive and forget.




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13 Jan 2020 23:26:55
Had the chance to get Shankland last year for peanuts then loan him back to Ayr for their run in. Could have got him for nothing at end of last season also. We've had a look at him and obviously don't fancy him so why bid silly money for him now. He might prove me wrong as he certainly knows where the net is.



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10 Jan 2019 00:57:03
Cooper Fan welcome. There's not many captains of the mighty that don't make the Hall of Fame. As for Tav in my opinion he has not progressed as much as I thought he should have. If a sensible offer came in in this window then I would sell. Shagger should have the armband or Davis when he signs full time after his loan.



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10 Nov 2018 21:37:32
Hope no. Shouldn't be welcome anywhere near the club. Cut losses and get rid.



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02 May 2018 23:10:38
Hong Kong Phooey more likely to invest in the current cartoon catastrophe that is our club!



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20 Apr 2018 17:12:02
Whoever comes in as manager it will be the biggest name we can afford and the one that will get bums on seats again. The usual from this board. Also whoever comes in has a helluva work to do. The champions league money Celtic will likely coin in again puts them another 5 years ahead of us. So unless the new manager can work miracles or another wealthy Rangers fan with money to burn comes in we are still I hate to say it miles behind them. I am getting sick of the comments or lack of from the current board. The direction of the club is awful. De Boer is the name I’m hearing as well. Rangers man, big name equals bums on seats whether its the right choice or not.




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27 Jun 2019 18:00:24
Can't always take the word of the medical staff as gospel. Remember Hartson and how that decision bit us on the arse many times!



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25 May 2019 22:28:05
Yes C. That appointment is what we've been waiting for. Divided opinions amongst the unwashed.



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17 Mar 2019 21:11:45
Yes. Hopefully he is OK. Met and spoke to him once at a sportsmen's dinner. Absolute gentleman. It was a privelage to meet him. Keep strong Billy.



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19 Jan 2019 23:54:40
Rangers reserves.



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19 Jan 2019 23:51:59
Obviously hope he wins the league up here before he moves on. This season would be fantastic. If not next. I feel he thinks he needs to be a success up here but I also fear that if a top half EPL team come in for him he would welcome the "challenge". No doubt he will manage Liverpool one day but sincerely hope he leads us to a title or three before he moves on.