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07 Sep 2023 14:05:11
Anyone heard anything about us approaching Birmingham City about their manager John Eustace?


1.) 07 Sep 2023 14:31:39
I read something about it yesterday mate but it wasn’t a rumour it was more of along the lines of if we were to, also read today Birmingham have identified Wayne Rooney as who they want if eustace was to be tempted away. Again though it was an if there was nothing in any 2 reports to suggest he would be leaving atall never mind to rangers.

2.) 07 Sep 2023 14:31:48
I'll be shocked if our club decide to part ways with Beale so early. If they do however, will surely be for an experienced managed and not somebody like John Eustace.

3.) 07 Sep 2023 14:32:37
Yes I have Highland, hope it’s not true. No no no, he’s at his level in the championship with Brum.

4.) 07 Sep 2023 14:49:18
Still waiting on him signing as a player.

5.) 07 Sep 2023 14:54:55
Brummie is the championship not a higher standard than SPL?

6.) 07 Sep 2023 14:58:57
If he becomes our manager we'll need to wait 7-10 days.

7.) 07 Sep 2023 15:03:24
??? that's cheered me up today?.

8.) 07 Sep 2023 15:10:47
I bloody hope not.
I was reading elsewhere that If the Eustace rumours were true, we'd be replacing a manager with a 44% win rate while he was the QPR manager with one who has a win rate of only 33% in the same league. That makes sense.

9.) 07 Sep 2023 15:22:03
Better, broader experienced manager required who has habit of winning - that may happen for Eustace in future but he is not at that stage yet - so we definitely don't need another fledgling manager walking through doors at Ibrox - we need a seasoned campaigner who has seen it and done it.

10.) 07 Sep 2023 15:29:53
Again if we go for an inexperienced manager again and again like we have been doing since mccoist should we be surprised that we are not going to win trophies.

Surely if something not working following same behaviour and choices often leads to sane results ?.

11.) 07 Sep 2023 15:31:52
How's about Michael Laudrup, some day my fiver on him will make money somewhere .

12.) 07 Sep 2023 16:38:19
Orygbmb answer to your question . The championship is a higher standard than the SPL. (I’ve left myself open for a good tongue lashing now) ????.

13.) 07 Sep 2023 17:54:14
Hiring a moosh from Shepherds Bush may well have been a mistake.

14.) 07 Sep 2023 18:10:02
If anything were to happen to beale, i think marcelo bielsa would get the rangers manager's job ?.

15.) 07 Sep 2023 18:24:23
Celtic hired a guy that had just been relegated to be their manager after Ange left. People keep talking about managers with experience, track histories of success, etc. If Beale goes we’ll replace him with a rookie, someone who is out of favour at the moment but had success in the past, or it’ll be a punt from left-field. Sometimes a punt can work like Ange did for Celtic. Of it can go wrong like Pedro at Rangers.

Rangers could very easily replace Beale and be in a worse situation. Unless there is a clear and obvious candidate out there the manager should not be sacked to begin with. A few years ago we sacked Pedro, had no replacement lined up, and had give the job to Murty for the rest of the year.

We need to give Beale time before making this next move. To rip up what Beale has done now sends us into basket case territory. If the next appointment fails, we’re a club in crisis again. We must let the situation with Beale play out and see where it goes.

16.) 07 Sep 2023 18:32:41
I think if Beale was going to get sent to platform 4. He would have gone by now . I only think Eustace has been mentioned because of the American ties with Birmingham owners and Wayne Rooney ties with the Americans league and he’s fell out with them over wage caps . Hopefully all the anger over the past week with Rangers will settle and the team can show us what they really can do and get 3 points at St Johnstone.

17.) 07 Sep 2023 18:44:38
If Beale gets sacked anytime soon I’d give steven Davis a crack as caretaker for a few games see how he goes but obviously actively look to get someone else in before January. You never know Davis might surprise us.

18.) 07 Sep 2023 19:20:42
Lets end the experiments for god sake . the Daily Mail said that Eustace fits Rangers profile as " a young upcoming manager" . How many of them need to fall on their arse before the board hire a real manager . We are a big club, its time we acted like one. As for the suggestion we give it to Steve Davis and see how he gets on, I just despair . Sometimes I think our fans get what they deserve.

19.) 07 Sep 2023 19:36:35
I was just reading that news about John Euastace and first thought I had was will he be ready in 7 to 10 days or longer.

20.) 07 Sep 2023 19:37:18
Verdant we are a basket case right now and that's down to that clown Beale.

21.) 07 Sep 2023 19:48:50
If Beale was going be away by now. Got to Halloween I say.

22.) 07 Sep 2023 19:52:52
Steven Davis as manager wtf is wrong with our fans any ex player who wants to coach shouldn’t be getting the rangers job.

23.) 07 Sep 2023 19:55:07
Graham Potter is the quality manager we need at Ibrox. I hope our board sack Beale and we go all out to bring him in.

24.) 07 Sep 2023 20:07:49
WTF is wrong with people.
Sack Beale and replace with another inexperienced manager!
If Beale goes I am sure the board will go for so done who has experience and preferably winners experience.

25.) 07 Sep 2023 20:23:16
So many want Beale out - no chance before Jan unless results are horrendous (more so than recently) ??????.

26.) 07 Sep 2023 20:39:07
What makes you think he will his job with the national team he is at coops?

27.) 07 Sep 2023 20:41:07
Been expecting the `Trust In Beale` boys to be up in arms about all this sacking talk.
To my mind he had it all to prove coming out of Gerrard`s shadow.
Most of the successful Rangers managers in the past commanded respect, which is why I was never convinced by our current incumbent as a candidate.
Now that he`s in the job though i'd like the boy to be given a fair crack at the whip, give him till the end of the season, see if he can bag us a trophy or two.

28.) 07 Sep 2023 20:43:38
“ If Beale gets sacked anytime soon I’d give steven Davis a crack as caretaker for a few games see how he goes but obviously actively look to get someone else in before January. You never know Davis might surprise us. ”

Does Steven Davis even have the coaching badges to manage Rangers? I think you need certain ones to be a manger in European competitions. Steven Gerrard was still working on his when he joined. I think the fact Beale had all his was a sort of work around at the time.

29.) 07 Sep 2023 21:24:41
Superally72, yea lots of new posters want Beale sacked, funny thing that, don’t you think, mb must be givin time, or we could end up a right basket case.

30.) 07 Sep 2023 22:03:51
@Old Blue Eyes - I seen you mention Beale’s win rate at QPR.

Do you know what Beale’s win rate is at Rangers? 71.5%. It’s the highest winning ratio of any manager in the history of Rangers football club. It’s even higher than Brendan Rodgers winning ratio during his first spell at Celtic.

31.) 07 Sep 2023 22:52:31
As some have said, far too many projects. We need a solid, experienced manager with presence, something about him. A clear playing style, hopefully who has won things.

32.) 08 Sep 2023 00:38:26
Good Stats verdant on Beale win ratio, think the points we finished on last year would have won most leagues. Managed a win against them at end of season, beats me why he didn't play same way with Cantwell further up and all over CMac, but hearing Cantwell been playing with injury might explain it? Think he needs a bit of time, the final hurdle is to win the big games, if he can start doing that more often, things start to look different.

33.) 08 Sep 2023 05:04:20
No quality manager will come, we don't have the funds needed, the squads jaded and confused, has no shape, 3 different sets fo coahing tactic, and people wonder why players like alfie and kent had enough and left, we will end up woth another numpty coach, that wants to do his rebuild few bad results, and chop, start again.
Since the gerrard rebuild, which he was thanked for by the previous board by being forced out of the club.
Would you want to manage a club who's board of directors run there club like that.

34.) 08 Sep 2023 06:43:35
Bielsa is a great tactical manager - who has had money for players at every club he has managed apart from his International stint - He is super temperamental and not what we need from a stability point of view - also he would be scouring in bargain basement for players so would say that is not his bag- IMO not for me thanks.

{Ed001's Note - had money? Wow you really have no idea about Bielsa do you? He has never had big money to spend.}

35.) 08 Sep 2023 08:02:38
He (Bielsa) also had variety of contractural/ litigation issues at Marseille Lazio and Lille prior to Leeds - dunno if that is really the requirement for success either for our club at present - also he was on around 6 mill per season at Leeds for his 2 year deal.

36.) 09 Sep 2023 13:38:58
Brummie ger what does championship being a higher level than spfl got to do with a manager's ability ?????

Some could argue that a manager from those leagues have a better budget and would struggle with budget that rangers could afford

And I ask what has Eustace done to merit the rangers job.



09 Aug 2023 13:07:39
Anyone know if there’s any truth in Morelos coming back?


1.) 09 Aug 2023 13:26:09
Nope it’s not happening.

2.) 09 Aug 2023 13:44:54
I hope not, a total shadow of the player he was in 2019, offered absolutely nothing in the last 3 years apart from a 6 week run in Feb/ March 22 when he became almost unplayable again then changed his agent, and his diet.

3.) 09 Aug 2023 14:15:25
If he`s fit and come to his senses, I would have him back in a minute in front of Dessers, Roofe and Sima . He has been accused of putting the tools away and maybe that's true but he would have given us far more threat on Saturday than any of the three or four we had up front . Even if it was just niggling and upsetting the central defenders . Watching how easily they dismissed Dessers presence was embarrassing.

4.) 09 Aug 2023 15:34:57
Can’t believe we have fans who are adults that believe this nonsense up there with the jota rumour.

5.) 09 Aug 2023 15:47:33
Not going to lie, I love the grumpy wee bugger and would take him back in tot he squad if the deal was right for Rangers. Sadly I don't see it working out if he's not a starter given recent history points to him letting himself go.

6.) 09 Aug 2023 16:10:30
Raskin you can’t believe that an adult would believe these rumours? Go on then Mr grownup why is it so unbelievable? He’s not found a club yet, early signs are that we haven’t found anyone that can do what he’s capable off when fit and to put up there with the jota rumour is just ludicrous!

7.) 09 Aug 2023 17:32:33
? how desperate would that be from us ?.

8.) 09 Aug 2023 17:47:27
I’d take him back 1 year rolling contract.



12 Nov 2021 17:16:26
I’m passing on a rumour here I’m told it’s on great authority not sure I believe it, I wouldn’t normally pass on something I thought was nonsense but I was told by someone I trust, so here goes, apparently Gerrard asked if he could speak with Villa about the managers job before Dean Smith was even sacked and Rangers were more than happy to let him on condition that he would take a couple of players with him that would wipe out the clubs outstanding debts, Kent and Kamara are meant to be the players he would take in January for fee's in excess of £25m make of it what you will.


1.) 12 Nov 2021 17:29:30
So Gerrard has jumped ship and now wants 2 of our best players for a cut down price of 25 million. 25million each.

2.) 12 Nov 2021 17:29:33
Hard to believe! Wipe out our debts and our chances of winning the league. Just No!

3.) 12 Nov 2021 17:35:35
Do you really think that he would honor that agreement i'm not so sure with the transfer money he will have at his disposal.

4.) 12 Nov 2021 17:42:04
No chance villa would go for that for a start, being told they had to buy certain players.

5.) 12 Nov 2021 17:54:31
Even so 25 mill each is peanuts for anyone in the EPL.

6.) 12 Nov 2021 18:02:54
Great goal from Patterson the one that Gerrard wouldn’t play brilliant son.

7.) 12 Nov 2021 18:15:39
Two words, Harry Maguire.
If a cart horse like that can command a fee of 80m, then a couple of thoroughbreds like Kamara and Kent must be worth much more than 25m for the pair.
The EPL calculator says minimum 100m each lol.

8.) 12 Nov 2021 18:24:16
That’s BS am afraid SG may well come in for a player or two but don’t believe a word of that.

9.) 12 Nov 2021 18:33:14
These are questions I asked when I was told about this. Meant to be in excess of £25m for the pair and I believe Villa weren’t involved in the discussion and player are Gerrards choice not Rangers. Like I say I’m sceltical myself, but football is loaded with shady deals. I do agree that it would be more important to celebrate our 150th birthday as champions but he’s p. ed off now anyway so 🤷🏽‍♂️ Who knows.

10.) 12 Nov 2021 19:08:13
Charlie 202

Thought Patterson was excellent against Moldova.
A player with a big future. 😀.

11.) 12 Nov 2021 19:26:56

12.) 13 Nov 2021 00:09:46
How can villa not be involved in the talks or agreement if its them that has to pay out the 25m for them 😂😂.

13.) 13 Nov 2021 10:19:43
Sounds like nonsense but I can't see it Rangers have to demand better fees other wise we are no better than Doncaster who undersells spl.

14.) 13 Nov 2021 11:24:57
It's a nice conspiracy theory but equally seems a bit far fetched! I can't see anyone currently at Rangers being that clever, or is it devious! Still, it would be nice for us to collect something like £40m for the two players mentioned since that would give Gio a good war chest to bring in some quality players and given GVB's CV he will have a longer reach than the lower English leagues!

15.) 13 Nov 2021 14:57:06
Have you all noticed that when one person posts a rumour on here, and even says himself that he's not sure he believes it, that the loon team over on the Celtic page decide that WE ALL are saying this? Is that how they find their "facts", by reading mince and believing the bits that fit their agenda?
To all the Celtic fans trawling this page. this is a rumour site. One person posting his rumour or opinion does not equate to that being the belief of every Rangers fan.



30 Jan 2021 21:29:32
I think most of us are in agreement that the leagues over we’re champions in waiting so next year do we go straight into the champions league group stages? After our Stellar work in the europa league the last couple of seasons or is there still work to be done there? Also for an assault on the CL we’re going to need to strengthen yet again what do we think the main areas that need addressing?


1.) 31 Jan 2021 01:15:11
If Scotlands coefficient stays above Ukraines we do, Scotlands 11th Ukraines 12.its very tight and Ukraine also have 2 representatives still in the europa league but as it stands we're automatically into the group stages 😊.

2.) 31 Jan 2021 01:20:03
We go into 3rd round in the champions path so should be seeded, then there's the knockout round but unsure if we will be seeded as not sure how it works then.

3.) 31 Jan 2021 01:31:46
1 qualifying round, but we might be seeded.

4.) 31 Jan 2021 03:01:30
Highland, third round wualifier,i'malmost sure on it mate.

5.) 31 Jan 2021 09:51:00
We don’t go straight in the best that can happens is final qualifying depending on what teams win thru the 1st few rounds.

6.) 31 Jan 2021 10:33:06
Moss blown ger. that doesn't start untill next season. the team finished 11 in co efficiant only directly qualifies for the group stages if the winner of the cl has already qualified for the following years cl through there league position. normally it's the case but not gaurenteed.

7.) 31 Jan 2021 16:46:56
No matter what happens we play in the third qualifying round and will be seeded if one off six clubs don’t make it that far
Win that we play in knockout round, won’t be seeded
Get knocked out in either round we drop into europa league.



03 Aug 2020 18:05:54
Anyone else seen the Bongani Zungu messages saying that his signing will be announced on Wednesday? Looks gen but who knows just thought I’d pass it on.


1.) 03 Aug 2020 18:09:46
Wish I could upload the picture, everyone could make up their own mind.

2.) 03 Aug 2020 18:29:31
I was thinking wed earlier to tie in with store opening thurs, maybe pictured wearing some new gear etc.

3.) 03 Aug 2020 18:47:46
Maybe too positive for some on here. Tone it down a bit lads.




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29 Oct 2023 17:06:32
Great result but a really poor performance I don’t think we win that game under the old regime so credit to the manager January can’t come quick enough.


1.) 29 Oct 2023 17:17:15
Well he's given dessers plenty of opportunities now is the time to play wee Danilo. We are a totally different proportion with him up front. The players will know themselves that with dessers om the pitch there is nothing available for them to play into.



30 Sep 2023 16:51:22
Anyone still backing Beale now? Absolute disgrace! Get this balloon out now!




03 Sep 2023 17:39:20
Graham Potter anyone?


1.) 03 Sep 2023 18:21:37
I’d take Harry Potter at this rate. Need some magic to help the strikers actually score a goal.

2.) 03 Sep 2023 18:24:29
Yea please, would take me bean right now tbh!

3.) 03 Sep 2023 18:26:22
Hell no need to go away from failure English route.

4.) 03 Sep 2023 18:36:55
Stuart Kettlewll.

5.) 03 Sep 2023 20:16:36
Blue89 ???.



30 Aug 2023 21:41:45
Stormtrooper you still think we were better with lunstrum? He’s done absolutely nothing! At least Jack puts a shift in!




30 Aug 2023 19:07:26
Can’t believe he’s starting with lunstrum ahead of Jack ??‍♂️ other than that I like this lineup.


1.) 30 Aug 2023 20:18:04
Lundstrum a much major technical player HB better suited to European football.

2.) 30 Aug 2023 20:54:38
I can’t believe anyone would want Jack to start with the way he has played this season.

3.) 30 Aug 2023 21:43:23
Eat your words guys.




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12 Nov 2023 11:28:11
I hope this isn’t true! I live in Inverness and have encountered John Robertson on a number of occasions and he comes across a right arrogant pleb of a man. Not to mention that he’s not really done anything to speak of in football since he finished his playing career! Also I think he’s been raced by ICT as he was thought to be a waist of resources by the board and big Dunc!




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31 Oct 2023 21:54:47
Storm you really think Gio was worse than Beale? I find that hard to take for me Beale is the worst thing to happen to us since 2012 he’s set us back that far! Gio won the Scottish Cup and made a fortune for the club in Europe in less than a year! And WSL plenty of coaches agree to manage teams with little influence on signings it’s modern day football it’s obviously better if a dof and manager work together but it’s not always the case!




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07 Oct 2023 13:47:19
Anyone involved in this season’s signings should not be allowed near the DOF position!




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04 Oct 2023 23:14:44
The bookies must be absolutely loving this the amount of names that have gone from long to short prices overnight tells me they are making a killing!




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03 Oct 2023 22:49:21
Braid, Clement has won nothing ain’t his own right as a manager!





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12 Nov 2023 11:48:52
Couldn’t agree more storm especially with Cifuentes loads were putting him straight in the 11 before he even signed! Don’t look like Clement fancy’s him much either, makes me wonder how many of these players will be made available in January.




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11 Oct 2023 23:11:07
I must admit none of these guy would be my first choice I was hoping for a British manager. Their both decent candidates I think I’d probably have Muscat over clement but I hope he’s not planning bringing loads of Asian players nothing against them I’d just personally prefer we try and get a Scottish spine to our team over more foreign players. Probably wishful thinking ??‍♂️.




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07 Oct 2023 20:15:27
Coisty I agree DOF is not an easy job but there was some rotten signings I can handle the likes of Itten, sakala sands because at least he tried really hard it’s the signings like Ramsey, Simpson, bucanna, zungu, ofoborh, zukowski, the list goes on these guys were never ever going to be either good enough or fit enough for Rangers not in a million years not even good enough to be squad players and we can’t be spending money even on wages for guys like that I mean Ramsey I cringe when I think about how much he cost us!




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07 Oct 2023 17:07:42
Can’t believe people are still putting Cifuentes in the team he’s absolutely awful! Beale56 we’d get murdered with that team, Ferguson said it in the paper this morning it’s not fair on the young players throwing that many in at once.




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07 Oct 2023 16:53:46
To say his signings were as bad as Beale’s is laughable! I wasn’t a big fan of Wilson but I don’t think for a second that he would have signed 3 forwards with a combined 16 goals between them for £14m! Wilson had some bad signings but he also had some great ones.




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