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12 Dec 2020 05:27:43
Wee story on glen Kamara.

I heard that Neil McCann was pivotal to Kamara signing. Any Dundee fan knew at the time there was a player there. There were a lot of teams sniffing at the time including Celtic and McCann was aware of the contract situation. He talked rangers into taking him. I wonder if any truth in this?

Is it a case of the Celtic board doing a John McGinn lol. Anyway all worked out good in the end. 😎.


1.) 12 Dec 2020 07:21:52
McCann was an influencer, and Stewart Robertson was too, he has a great relationship with bomber brown from they’re days there,

Alth I don’t get the Celtic mcginn part at all.

2.) 12 Dec 2020 17:44:19
Neil McCann did indeed have an influence on the signing of Kamara.



04 Dec 2020 22:48:57
First time poster.

Friend o a friend is an ex ger. buff and Kamara will be going in jan to balance books £30mil if a couple of fringe players are moved on, expect to see 1 x 3/ 4 mill signing coming in.

All the best. Team looking great.


1.) 05 Dec 2020 08:29:37
Welcome friend. Hope you're wrong aa this would seriously weaken us at exactly the wrong time. I can see it at the end of the season tbh. At the moment Kamara going would be the bigger loss.

2.) 05 Dec 2020 10:52:00
Selling both would damage our chance of winning the league so hope it’s false.

3.) 05 Dec 2020 11:09:10
Kamara is arguably our most consistent and reliable midfield players this season to move him on unless for crazy money would be madness. Buff on he other is not on form however he's a game away from starting to bang them in. If we got say 30-40 million for both and brought in ready to go x2 10 million replacements, then maybe but we don't need to balance any books!

4.) 05 Dec 2020 12:54:47
Would bet he is wrong Seeker the board are no daft, no first team top players will be sold in January, not sure about summer tho as that will depend on our position in the SPFL before it.

5.) 05 Dec 2020 14:04:02
Could you please ask your friend of a friend who is buying Alfie because his valuation wasn't met in the summer when he was scoring. Now he's not scoring this must have caught the eye of a potential buyer on the lookout for a top striker who doesn't score. Why would we sell kamara who is going to the euros and potentially champions league football next year where his value will be much higher. My friend of a friend says he doubts any of our first team will be sold this window. But in all fairness sometimes even friends of friends can get it wrong now and again.

6.) 05 Dec 2020 16:13:05
Welcome klubdfut first and foremost 👍. Unless its an astronomical bid for glen kamara, i would doubt very much we'll sell him, or any of our main first team players in january mate! I do however think like i said in a previous post the other day, that borna barisic, glen kamara and alfredo morelos will all be sold in the summer IMO. 🤔.

7.) 05 Dec 2020 16:29:24
The books will not need balanced by selling players in January, we will not have budgeted for getting to the last 32 of the Europa league winning 3 and drawing 2 (so far) and the revenue that brings. Our players are an asset so by keeping the squad intact and winning the league and who knows, progressing in the EL, their value will only increase.

8.) 05 Dec 2020 17:43:45
Think we will sell but in the summer.

9.) 05 Dec 2020 18:52:09
I know it's not a very friendly welcome after your first post on here, especially at this time of year, but I'm calling BS on this!
Can someone open a window please? This post has just stank out the forum!

10.) 05 Dec 2020 18:55:23
I love kamara but but Ryan Jack is our most consistently good midfielder . imo . yes kamara will make us lors of money that is for sure.

11.) 05 Dec 2020 19:49:09
The only problem with Ryan Jack is he is our most consistently injured midfielder. Fingers crossed that Zungu turns out a good player. What a player Kamara is and undoubtedly when he is sold it will be for a high number with a tidy profit.

12.) 05 Dec 2020 20:09:49
New poster stinks of Tim.

13.) 05 Dec 2020 20:14:03
I was told that rangers received a number of enquiries about Kamara and wanted him tied down to longer term contract. This won’t happen. Kamara indicated he would be interested in move. Buff, well your all aware that it was just his valuation wasn’t met.

14.) 05 Dec 2020 20:22:32
Glen kamara is a very good midfielder, with tremendous technical ability 👍For me sometimes ryan jack doesn't get the credit he deserves and for me is a superb midfielder 👌Does the donkey work in midfield superbly well. When fit he plays, simple as that for me! Stevie G also thinks the world of jacko and i think jack will finish his career with rangers and is a future captain for me 👍🇬🇧.

15.) 05 Dec 2020 20:32:41
There is talk on another Rangers forum that Kamara has indicated he wants to move. How much of that is true, who knows?
Look, If a player wants to move, and he doesn't want to stay, he should be moved on. There's no point keeping hold of an unhappy player, but you must sell him for what he's worth.
If any of our players are wanting to move, and they have no interest in signing a new deal, they're going about it the right, and professional way to do it. Right now every player looks like they want to play for the team (yes that includes wee Alfie) unlike some of the Celtic players who have downed tools because they want out.

16.) 05 Dec 2020 20:35:18
New poster stinks o Tim? Friendly indeed lol. I can assure you I’m nae Tim.

It’s a rumour site. Only passing on what was said. The friend o a friend has played at highest level. He sometimes says stuff in the media himself. I’m from Dundee ;-)

17.) 05 Dec 2020 20:41:56
Oh no, it's Charlie Adam, isn't it?

18.) 05 Dec 2020 21:13:48
Bmgh01, Just my own opinion. If rangers were thrown into epl right this minute, I think Kamara would be the standout performer. I think clubs acrosss Europe now will be seeing this. Zungu I believe was his replacement and I think Roofe was Buffs. The C.V. C.V. is going to have a huge bearing on transfer fees and this will be used to players advantages!

19.) 05 Dec 2020 21:32:30
BMGH no need to be like that to a new poster some people must put people off actually posting on here.

And to the guy that says it stinks of tim get a life.

20.) 06 Dec 2020 01:36:27
As I’m only getting this 3rd party I asked my mate what was actually said as I was originally just told, would be away In jan’.

The craic is. Morellos was going and a deal was close so Roofe and Itten were brought in. This required more investment with morellos staying. Rangers are confident that his valuation will be met in jan.
Kamara has wanted to play epl ever since he came through the doors at Ibrox. Rangers made him a priority for new contract but his shutters keep growing and all party’s are aware he has serious interest from epl. They are confident his valuation will be met in jan. let’s hope he stays at least till summer.

21.) 06 Dec 2020 10:33:24
Jyf the money we earn from qualifyimg out that group in minimal.

22.) 06 Dec 2020 12:28:02
At this point paul we will have made about £5 mil and a win on Thursday we are guaranteed another £1.5 mill. We are not going to be able to go out and buy Messi but it will pay the bills and remember this money will not all have been budgeted for.

23.) 06 Dec 2020 17:37:17
Kamara wad best man on park against Standard Liege so hope he stays. Buffs been a passenger for a while now, he thinks he's a roving midfielder.

24.) 06 Dec 2020 18:13:25
Sell Morelos but no way regarding Kamara.

25.) 06 Dec 2020 19:02:57
yeh kj right. not happening.




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17 Dec 2020 07:52:32
The S. A. S. And I'm not talking sutton and shearer.

Want to know peoples opinions on recruitment?

Over 600 recruits attempt The sas every year. Although the majority of these guys are para and commando trained and are as fit as f&@k only 25 pass. Even then the ones who pass are on probation.
However once a guy is through this, he is @messi level.

Football teams pay for the privilege before we know what we're getting in terms of quality of individual. With all technology's such as gps and such, I struggle to understand how so many big signings don't look up to scratch?

If someone can't run, has no pace ( my major issue) or head goes down easy. Why do recruitment teams not know this?

I'm talking all teams. Not just rangers.


1.) 17 Dec 2020 08:50:55
Perhaps why so many big signings don't work is because certian players went to a certain team for the money rather than picking a team more suited to their style, ambition culture, location etc.

Also how many times has the decision on a player purchase been left to someone who has no clue in terms of direct football knowledge/ playing experience, for example liewell at celtic (not having a dig Tainted crew, I'm having a day off it! 😂) .

Money talks and it has seduced many a player into the wrong move and will continue to do so!

There is only 1 Messi though, not 25 a year coming through, he's in the ateam with pele maradona and best!

2.) 17 Dec 2020 11:03:07
Messi is in the A team brilliant 👍
"I ain't going in no plane sucker"
Soldiers of fortune
And if you can find them then some day maybe you could hire the A team
Waler Smith would make a good Hannibal.



17 Dec 2020 06:32:39
We are still at a level where certain players rely on others for instruction regards to position. These guys are not finished articles and it is clear some have a bit to go. You can see the anxiousness entering certain players play and this can make the team look tired and labouring.

I Personaly think when Steve G is saying out loud this is the best he's felt, that's just a message to the board not to sell any top players in January. We clearly still only have 15 that can be proper trusted before that telepathy goes if you know what I mean.




16 Dec 2020 08:11:10
One last attempt to change the morellos haters minds.

For me mike Tyson was the best heavyweight fighter there's been. I'm not saying boxer, I'm saying fighter. !

For me, if Mohammad Ali fought Tyson, both in there prime in a world title square go, Tyson's knocking Ali out nae bother because his animal type quality would outrump Ali's skill. No question. The thing is Tyson' wasn't a bad boxer, it was just that his strength, power and aggression was unmatchable.

I see Morelos in a similar way. It's not that he has bad technique or limited abilities, it's because his strength power and aggression are so so strong and people concentrate on.

His fighting qualities cannot be taught. It's dna. Once that aggression becomes controlled Morelos will kick on.


1.) 16 Dec 2020 09:29:03
There is another comparison, and that is the both Tyson and Morelos let themselves down with their personal goings on in their sport, I have never hated any Rangers player, Alfie simply frustrates out of me, and I agree with a few others that his temperament has cost us last season, and to some extent this season. We ended up with a narrow win on Sunday when Alfie alone should have had a hat trick. He needs dropped from the starting 11, and Itten given given a run in the team, just my opinion.

2.) 16 Dec 2020 09:34:47
Couple of things, Tyson would be lucky to lay a glove on Ali in his prime.

Secondly, you can't separate the sides of Morelos' character, he will cost us dear unless he changes his ways. I personally don't think he can control his agression, I would move him on in January.

3.) 16 Dec 2020 09:35:11
You can't compare two fighters of different generations, and kinda foolish to definitively claim Tyson would beat Ali who defeated Foreman, the baddest man on the planet at the time. Today you've been the scholar of boxing, 5 star general and yesterday it was gegenpass out the karma sutra of football.

I do enjoy a different point of view so keep them coming!

4.) 16 Dec 2020 09:44:42
Aye mate but the lads only 24. I see a player who’s trying so hard to do well and knows he’s playing well dealing with it in a way that he’s always done which is to lash out. We see this as pertinence. He’s acting like this because of pressure. In the same way someone works themselves up into a frenzy if they don’t like heights water spiders. They start acting irrational. This is what happens to some players who play on the edge.

I take it you rated luis Suarez?

5.) 16 Dec 2020 09:54:30
I agree with Irvger. I have never hated any Rangers player and want anyone in a Rangers Jersey to do well. Morelos has only himself to blame for his loss of form. He downed tools last January and has never rediscovered his form. I do see that he has improved his link up play at times but even that is inconsistent. Klubdfut, you mention Morelos fighting and battling qualities and I agree with you that when he's on it then these are his best qualities. Unfortunately I have mainly seen a player who huffs and puffs his way through games and can't be bothered at times. There has been the odd exception in the last year. Time to give Itten a run. He is a much better football player than Morelos and if he has the battling qualities that Morelos used to show regularly then he will be some player. I think he will prove he has both over time.

I've said on numerous occasions over the last year that I fully support any Rangers player when they take to the field but when someone's form has slumped badly like Morelos has since last January it's time to take him out the team and give someone else the chance to prove themselves.

6.) 16 Dec 2020 09:56:32
Only Morelos can change our minds by stopping the nonsense.

7.) 16 Dec 2020 09:58:35
The major incidents with Suarez were intentional- forced moves from both Ajax to Liverpool and then Liverpool to Barca. Hope Morelos isn't doing the same!

8.) 16 Dec 2020 10:11:34
We're not Morelos haters. Crazy comment as is your boxing comparison. Ali would have thumped Tyson with ease. If you think Morelos living on the edge full of aggression is okay you're entitled to your opinion. He cost us big time last season and it's rearing its ugly head again which is worrying and we don't need it. Fortunately this season we have Itten and Roofe who we can count on staying on the pitch for 90 minutes.

9.) 16 Dec 2020 10:36:56
I agree with MOCBear, time to give Itten a run. He is a Swiss international after all. Use Morelos from the bench for now and of course we have the magnificent Defoe to call on. Roofe is also settling in nicely and grabbing goals. Morelos's problems are all about his poor, petulant attitude. Also, the ridiculous comparison between Tyson and Ali is laughable. Tyson wouldn't have been able to catch Ali had they fought when both in their prime. Ali was easily the greatest heavyweight boxer of all time.

10.) 16 Dec 2020 10:41:47
to all you with the holier than thou attitude, if alfie had smashed broonies jaw with the forearm he would be a hero, some of the comments on here are farcical and are bordering on delusional.

11.) 16 Dec 2020 10:56:27
Tyson would kill Ali tyson had superior punching power speed and movement never mind his body shots that would slow Ali down go watch 2 videos of them fighting people always look at the older football players like that as well let’s face it pele just is not as good as messi or Ronaldo either never mind their fitness levels vs peles.

12.) 16 Dec 2020 11:05:57

I totally agree in what your saying ref older players mate. It’s romantic to claim best Baxter Mathews were better than today’s players. They wouldn’t be able to keep up for a start. They were all smokers back then 😏.

{Ed001's Note - Stanley Matthews was never a smoker and was fitter than most modern day players. He was fitness obsessed, which is why he could play until he was 50.}

13.) 16 Dec 2020 11:27:46

Sry buddy. I wasn’t insinuating the 3 I mentioned. I meant as a whole.

In the movie the dammed Utd, they made a point of clough putting out the ashtrays. There was no “elite” level back then I’m trying to say.

{Ed001's Note - no worries, I know as a usual the fitness levels were lower, but they were playing on quagmire pitches, so the skill level was much higher.}

14.) 16 Dec 2020 13:45:28
What you on about klubdfut 🤔 There's no true rangers supporter hates any rangers player! Have a good word with yourself pal 😡.

15.) 16 Dec 2020 15:24:21
Sgl. Nah mate. I’ve just checked again. Definitely some on here.

Maybe check your cookie settings? 🤪.

16.) 16 Dec 2020 16:46:30
Sgl look at bluewoulddo posts for a start.

17.) 16 Dec 2020 17:29:19
SGL. Herewego is correct.



16 Dec 2020 03:18:47
Football can be like the army in many ways. We have our regular soldiers who I would compare to journeyman players. Players who will have good careers but we know what level we're getting. Within this band of players however there are some who for whatever reason could have went on to better but just didnt. This can just be down to even lack of ambition.
Then we have our paras/ commandos which I would compare to the level we are at. These are players who not only have excellent basic skills, but are much superior not only physically but mentally. Having a strong mental toughness is very underestimated. Royal Marines motto is "state of mind". This is about players operating at a real high intensity and being able to have That composure no matter what is going on around about him. About making the correct decisions under intense pressure. It takes time and experience to get that proper mental toughness. Some take longer.
Finally we have our tier 1 special forces which I would compare to world class Footballers. There aren't thousands of these guys About and for a very good reason. The bar is set THAT high. I think We have 2 or 3 that at the moment that might be close to this but fans sometimes need to realise how rare and lucky we have guys like this. To have a team full of commandos is still a cracking level to be at in my book.


1.) 16 Dec 2020 05:24:05
Here's hoping our soldiers win the battle tonight and all the upcoming battles and eventually win the war.
They can all collect their hero's medals and wear them with pride.
Captain Tavs 55 brigade marching onwards with the troops.



15 Dec 2020 00:54:44
Tactics can be like stone paper scissors. You have counterattack vs long ball vs gegenpress vs expansive vs tiki taki

We play a type of gegenpress which is my favourite style.
One of the reasons I believe we have improved dramatically Is because this system allows us to play with players who not only have quality but it's there physical attributes which are blowing people away. What I'm saying is, I think this tactic more than others allows players of a certain quality still succeed whilst not have the best of games because of work rate and discipline alone.


1.) 15 Dec 2020 07:38:26
For those of us who are born before the late 90's 'gegenpress' is german for counter press and yes I had to Google it🤭 my favourite style is doggy🤣🤣.

2.) 15 Dec 2020 08:18:37
Lol bob. That gave me a good laugh.

3.) 15 Dec 2020 08:48:19
Woof woof Bob attacking from the rear. Any idea where the tiki taki style comes from?
Sounds like an exotic style of play from a Pacific beach bar.

4.) 15 Dec 2020 09:39:14
All I know cheers is it involves a false 9 dropping into the hole!




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20 Dec 2020 11:26:02
Is that all John?

I just took it he was like £ 4/ 5 mil or something. 😂

I’m sure we could afford the £500k if he’s good enough.




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20 Dec 2020 09:43:37
Also reckons we won’t pay the fee/ valuation? 😳

Strange comment? As this comment came from the player himself, I wouldn’t think their would be anything in this but you never know.




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20 Dec 2020 03:21:37
Bassey is a nightmare mate? 😳

Is this based on just the st Mirren game or do you have inside info?

I personally think there’s a real player there, let’s hope he redeems himself 😉.




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18 Dec 2020 08:19:50
Get since.

My understanding is that before talks broke down, he had been offered same as Patterson but used the fact that other teams were interested for more money. If he is that good Byern or Man City would of signed him. Just like gilmour left for Chelsea and dapos brother left for city.

I understand he might be a talent and I understand the lad might be looking after himself but in my eyes anyone who desperately wants to be here signs the contract like Patterson without issue.

After this, my opinion he’ll be gone at his soonest if he does break into team.




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17 Dec 2020 07:12:42
Inger trust.

Cheers buf. I’ll see if I can find something on it. 👍.





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20 Dec 2020 11:44:13
6 counties Inverted full backs just like our wingers 😂.




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20 Dec 2020 10:05:07
Yep bmg.

Itl not be the last we see similar tactics. We just need to find solutions.




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20 Dec 2020 08:31:29
I like the look of Ferguson. I think he could come and step up. I wouldn’t really want to sign any of the other 3.

I would like to see a big powerful cm being signed. Box to box type or a Matthias sammer type cb/ sweeper who can bolt up the park and shoot.




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20 Dec 2020 08:21:03
Yep. Totally agree doiger.




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20 Dec 2020 04:37:42
Did he aye? 😂😂

Sry rangers but had to Laff at sirs comment ✌️

Let’s hope he comes then 👍.