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18 Nov 2020 13:24:09
Anyone know what's up with Steven Davis? Withdrawn from NI squad for personal reasons along with Lafferty and another player. I know about Laffs sister but hope everything ok with Davo.


1.) 18 Nov 2020 15:31:17
This morning’s rumour on Instagram said all had C.V.. I’ll wait till rangers say one way or another.

2.) 18 Nov 2020 16:09:18
Family reasons I heard.

3.) 18 Nov 2020 16:12:36
We've all heard it's for family reasons 🤔.

4.) 18 Nov 2020 16:48:04
thought he had a hammy injury?

5.) 18 Nov 2020 17:30:02
Davis an lafferty are family reasons why they have with drawn we no off laff sis etc am sure it will come out somewere why davis withdrew.

6.) 18 Nov 2020 21:53:01
No matter what. He'll be fine andn its good that he's not risked injury in a pointless game. Sheep admirers coming up.

7.) 19 Nov 2020 13:32:15
At Sonia Laffertys funeral, both families very close friends.

8.) 19 Nov 2020 14:10:41
Heard his nanny and wee boy were involved in a car accident.

9.) 19 Nov 2020 17:15:07
C.V., funeral and car crash, think il wait for the club to say if anything wrong.

10.) 20 Nov 2020 09:27:50
Can we just not leave Steven to some privacy ✌️.

11.) 20 Nov 2020 09:53:41
My own thoughts, the game was meaningless and he hadn't seen his family for a few days. I know he loves representing his country and is proud to do so but family will always come first.

12.) 20 Nov 2020 17:16:41
Yateley, I don’t think anyone’s camped outside his door mate, what a very strange thing to say, does that mean you want us not to talk about Davis, ?

13.) 22 Nov 2020 22:13:52
correct tt that's what he's saying.



03 Oct 2020 08:49:56
Very interesting thread below. Got a bit heated😂 I have heard that there is very serious interest in Campbell from Rangers but not sure whether to sign now or on a pre contract for next season.

If people say they know coaches at various clubs then let's just accept that that is true. Sometimes from experience these youth coaches etc like to give the impression that they are in the loop with potential signings etc just because they have a job at their respective club. They may well do or they may be spouting rubbish but the guys on here are only passing on what they've heard. I know a current player reasonably well and I can honestly say that he has never told me any gossip, has never confirmed or denied any transfer rumours or indeed gave any opinions on who he thinks we should sign etc. Infact its quite the opposite. He has told me that players more often than not read the speculation the same as the fans.

Let's try to get on lads and respect one anothers opinions.


1.) 03 Oct 2020 09:11:17
Good post MocBear 😊.

2.) 03 Oct 2020 09:52:31
MOC You are right we need to believe them why would they lie.

3.) 03 Oct 2020 10:22:40
Hope we don't ruin him like Hastie, If I was a young Scottish player I'd come nowhere Rangers, SG has given none of our own youngsters a proper chance. Wee question is this young boy any better than Docherty, McCrorie, Hastie, Kelly, Middleton if not his career will stall here and before anybody says this is a negative post it isn't its a facts based post.

4.) 03 Oct 2020 10:58:47
Campbell isn't any better than who we have or guys like Lewis Fergus on is a better shout.

5.) 03 Oct 2020 11:21:09
Mccrorie did have opportunity’s, so did Middleton to say he’s not gave anyone a chance that’s nonsense.

6.) 03 Oct 2020 11:26:57
Onewaltersmith, if steven gerrard thinks allan campbell is better than lewis ferguson and who we currently have, then that's all that counts and i'll trust him on it 👍Allan Campbell imo is better than lewis ferguson, simple as that to what i've seen. Superb post MOCBEAR, as i know one of the motherwell youth coaches, who in turn told me that the word in there amongst them at fir park is that rangers are very interested in young allan campbell and it had got as far, as figures had been discussed, ie. seemingly 750k rising to £1.5million in add ons.
This may or may not come to fruition, but i'm only sharing with fellow bears on here, to what i've been told! 🤔.

7.) 03 Oct 2020 11:39:19
When did McCrorie get opportunities?

8.) 03 Oct 2020 11:42:47
Good post Coops, don’t believe boy coming to us this window.

9.) 03 Oct 2020 11:43:01
Ferguson is scoring goals every week for the sheep, even if some are pens. I don’t think he is good enough never mind Campbell to get in our 11. We need people to push for starting 11 not guys lucky if they get in the squad.

10.) 03 Oct 2020 11:48:33
The maddest comment I could see was comparing Iain black to Gazza.

Not in the same league at all- Gazza has never done an undercoat in his life.

11.) 03 Oct 2020 12:01:19
I don't think any of the names mentioned are or will be any better than what we have so would be pointless signings. Any signings should be immediate first team starters👍.

12.) 03 Oct 2020 12:24:19
great post moc but i can't respect that one by sweep.

13.) 03 Oct 2020 12:29:21
Lewis Ferguson is a hell of a lot better than Campbell how can anyone watch these two players and think it’s close is beyond me

14.) 03 Oct 2020 13:05:23
I can't respect your opinion aswell then Eric Blair.

15.) 03 Oct 2020 13:43:38
Did you see any of the recent aberdeen v motherwell game KJA9?
Allan Campbell ran lewis ferguson ragged my friend. Said on here before lewis ferguson very overrated and some folk on here only want him incase he could get near to what his dad and uncle was in ability 😂 He'll never be anywhere near them,
trust me!

16.) 03 Oct 2020 13:59:50
Ferguson is no better than McCrorie, would be madness to let 1 go for 250k and buy the other for a couple of million.

17.) 03 Oct 2020 14:37:10
Both players have potential They won’t be signings for now tho they would be with an eye on the future. I really like Ferguson definitely has more to his game than McRorie as a Cm no doubt.

18.) 03 Oct 2020 14:41:37
Campbell is a very different player to Ferguson, it depends what the gaffer believes we need in the middle of the park. Personally I’d be going for Campbell for 500K or getting him on a pre contract. He’s aggressive with a swagger and best I could compare him to in style is a Stuart McCall or dare I say it Scott Brown. I wouldn’t be paying 1M+ for Ferguson .

19.) 03 Oct 2020 14:43:08
Ps. Good to see you back Coop 🍻.

20.) 03 Oct 2020 14:47:21
@SGl got too agree mate I don’t and have never fancied Ferguson coming to us

I would have liked to see Zunga from Amiens though coming
His passing ability looks awesome and he can put a tackle in too

Look forward to see who ever comes in and hopefully they can hit the ground running. Assuming we do actually go for one more transfer.

21.) 03 Oct 2020 16:43:28
SGL who would Campbell replace in the Rangers midfield.

22.) 03 Oct 2020 16:55:16
Cheers scotty123 much appreciated pal 👍.

23.) 03 Oct 2020 18:43:29
I’ll answer that John nobody! I know people are sick of hearing Mccrorie but if Mccrorie went to Motherwell he would easily be their best midfielder and we’re practically giving him away. I’ve nothing against young Campbell but guys like that stick out at Motherwell cause he was given the chance to play regular football with very little pressure as he started so young that’s something you’ll never get at rangers regardless of age. Best of luck to him but not going to get near our starting eleven and he was poor against us last week also.

24.) 03 Oct 2020 18:52:04
Says a lot about you Eric eh? If you can’t respect another guys opinion,

Sweep I believe McCrorie has had about 50 games.

25.) 03 Oct 2020 18:58:16
John25,if we were to sign campbell it would be for the future mate or if we sold a midfielder. I've never once said i think we should go all out and sign campbell, i've been told we're interested in signing him that's all pal. The answer to your question however would be i wouldn't drop anyone for campbell, but that would apply to zungu, lewis ferguson or whoever also, as we're looking very good in that department. The old saying, 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it'! Hope that answers your question 🤔.

26.) 03 Oct 2020 19:00:03
John25,who would lewis ferguson,
zungu replace in the rangers midfield mate 🤔🤔.

27.) 03 Oct 2020 19:07:02
Csmpbell wouldn't even make our bench at this moment in time

28.) 03 Oct 2020 19:22:40
Ferguson will not be coming to us, as neil lennon has enquired about him and we all know he is a celtic fan and even barry said the other day that celtic are intrested in lewis.

I have heard that gerrard has spoke to liverpool about a few loan players.

29.) 03 Oct 2020 20:56:18
Everybody is very wrong then eh .

30.) 03 Oct 2020 21:25:35
Not that one tom, which i pointed out, and definitely not yours cause you don't read. or should i say oldo. another one.

31.) 03 Oct 2020 22:44:17
SGL. They would not replace anyone in our midfield because none of them r better than who we play in first team.
Why buy Campbell for future, when during C.V. money is tight. Campbell can be signed fir bosman in January with a development fee.

32.) 04 Oct 2020 07:49:04
John25,i didn't say for us to buy campbell, i merely stated that i was told we have an interest in signing that's all mate.

33.) 04 Oct 2020 19:49:34
You quoted prices we discussed, blah blah blah.



25 Aug 2020 21:36:25
First night back playing 5s tonight. Great to get a run out but didn't miss the car park chat from the know it alls. Chat tonight from one of the Celtic supporting lads was that Chilwell goes to Chelsea and Leicester sign Barasic for 10m. He apparently has this in good authority lol. When asked who his source was he refused to answer and went on the defensive. I nearly hooked him for even suggesting that 10m would get Barasic. It might buy his right leg and that is only for standing on. What a load of Barry White🤣🤣🤣.


1.) 26 Aug 2020 08:49:28
Personally wouldn't even do a straight swap with no cash involved. Chillwell is vastly overrated price wise primarily because he's English. A good attacking left back who can also defend are hard to find in today's market and big borna has it all. Look how far he has progressed since he first signed, he looks a different player since banging in his first free kick. But yeah 10mil is laughable in today's market for a proven 1st choice International with European pedigree. Let's get behind every bear on the field unless they are not putting 100 percent effort in. We may have more bornas in the team this season that click into gear n start to flourish. Let's give the lads confidence n not slate them if they have a bad 15min spell. That could force players to hide in fear of making mistakes. If they are giving their 100% effort that will do for me. Leave Gerrard to sort the slackers out and the fans to give nothing but support. Support breeds confidence, and football is a confidence based game.

2.) 26 Aug 2020 09:01:29
Have leeds not already looked at barisic for 17.5?

3.) 26 Aug 2020 09:59:14
Paul no they haven’t.

4.) 26 Aug 2020 10:13:16
I thought I had heard that about Leeds too paul86 but could be mistaken. Not one thing spoken about Celtic last night. All this guy wanted to do was talk about Rangers. Its so funny.

5.) 26 Aug 2020 10:20:53
Kja was all over paper start of the month wasnt sure how far it went. Saw 17mill suggested in most papers.

6.) 26 Aug 2020 10:38:32
MOCbear. Standard issue Celtic fan then. Know plenty of them.

7.) 26 Aug 2020 11:38:29
The papers said 17mil must be true🤭👍.

8.) 26 Aug 2020 12:12:03
Have to agree with coldo.

It’s in the papers it must be 100% factually correct then.

9.) 26 Aug 2020 12:58:05
Coldo sure you quoted the DR this week? 😂😂👍👍👍. I never said anybody bid said they were looking and that was numbers been touted. How does anybody actually know what we paid for itten and roofe, fees were undisclosed so folk just pluck a number out the air cause they know a coach 😁. How does anybody know what price leeds bid for kent? Aww aye cause you read in in the tabloids. Funny how u all pick and choose when to believe the papers and when not to. The paper said kent says he want to stay that go u all excited yet a bid for one of are players. na its in the paper i don't believe it 😂😂👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍.

10.) 26 Aug 2020 13:14:02
Paul read the thread below. You'll see what I have said about the media. Don't be so gullable👍👍👍👍👍😂😂😂👍👍👍👍👍.

11.) 26 Aug 2020 16:59:22
Selective reading i think its called 👍👍👍.

12.) 26 Aug 2020 17:03:00
You do have a bad habit of that paul, a few others have the same problem aswell👍.



06 Mar 2020 14:46:07
Ive been hearing a lot about how Morelos was promised he would be sold in January and when he wasnt he downed tools. There has been various conspiracies about this and how Ross Wilson and SG have fallen out over this. i'm not buying any of that. Ross Wilson was in the door 2mins when the last AGM was held. All he had had the chance to do in preperation for that AGM was evaluate the squad and provide a market value and a future market value. At that very same AGM Dave King stated that no amount of money would be able to buy Morelos in January so I very much doubt any promises were made to Morelos about being sold by Wilson or anyone else. I appreciate its a rumours site and all i'm saying is i'm not buying that one. I may be proven to be wrong. Morelos definitely isn't the same player since winter break though.


1.) 06 Mar 2020 15:07:56
Think it’s got more to do with keeping it zipped away and being more honest with his wife. Baby on the way I know how stressful that is especially if labour is rough
You know when I went through similar with wife, labour that is not the keeping it zipped up, it affected my work as well. Just an observed opinion.

2.) 06 Mar 2020 19:45:53
Yes . I think this is nonsense too. Morelos hit the bar and the keeper from Hamilton made a world class save plus I think he is trying . it will come back . Eddie not scoring either but because focus is different no one notices .

Circumstances dictate moods . It’s funny that Lemmon is Waxing lyrical about his team after a draw at livvy. I am wondering what the reaction would have been if we were in front and that was more points they dropped . but because we lost, everything in their garden is Rosie lol.

3.) 07 Mar 2020 14:31:36
Im not worried about morelos. He is getting in the right positions and getting on the end of things and i honestly believe if he gets 1 the confidence will return and he will hit 40 this season.



14 Feb 2020 17:12:44
Lads I have a bit of a story about a potential problem in the dressing room between some of the players. I've thought about whether or not I should post this as I don't know if I believe it or not.

When Tav had his appendix problem the captaincy obviously went to Connor Goldson as he is the named vice captain. Apparently nobody had given this a thought until Tav was unavailable. Connor Goldson is supposedly a guy who doesn't really mix with the other players on a personal level and keeps himself to himself off the pitch. When he took on the captains duties in Tavs absence he was supposedly playing up to it in the dressing room and giving it the big uns and calling everybody out for their mistakes. Some of the other players took exception to this and told him that Davis or Mcgregor should be the vice captain and not him. This has meant to have caused a bit of unrest.

So my source is someone who is friendly with Brandon Barker. She is not into football and doesn't ever talk to me about it but yet she has come up with this story. She wouldn't even know any of the players names i wouldn't think unless someone told her.

Im leaning towards this not being true but because a few on here have heard that SG has lost the dressing room I thought i'd post this as a potential explanation. I don't believe SG has lost the dressing room but maybe just maybe there are a few problems between the players themselves.


1.) 14 Feb 2020 18:49:17
No way Greegsy should be vice captain, he should be captain. He knows what it's all about.

2.) 14 Feb 2020 19:02:42
And that makes them all rubbish? This lassie knows nothing but knows all the names,

Problems in every dressing room in the country, same as all workplaces, personalities clash.

3.) 14 Feb 2020 20:28:11
That story is utter bs. there are no player issues and no issues with players and coaching team. The players are still 100% behind the management team and answers will be found to address the form and confidence slump. It’s time for our so called big players to take on the responsibility and get us back to where we were heading and that was clear to see in every aspect of team as improvement. We have improved but unfortunately so have Celtic.

4.) 15 Feb 2020 01:17:39
Hans Christian Andersen's publisher is interested in you writing for them, MOC Bear. This is the best fairy story of the season so far.

5.) 15 Feb 2020 09:27:09
GIve the guy a break. He’s just posting a rumour on a rumours site. why always the need to cry B. s?

6.) 15 Feb 2020 12:15:33
Cheers gersdaft. i'm a big boy and can take the responses that anyone wishes to come back with. I rarely post any rumours or things I've heard unless i know there is a bit of substance to them and i said that i didn't think what she was saying was correct. However if the covenanter enjoyed the story that much i'd happily make up more for him. Infact he could just continue writing some of his own BS he seems quite good at that. Goldson still with us no bid in January from Leeds or Fulham and no rumours of the bidding war happening between them for the summer. The egyptian winger we were supposedly interested in wasnt even spoken about. Now that I think about it did you not win the turner prize covenanter for best fiction😛😂.

7.) 15 Feb 2020 12:38:02
So she's no into football, doesn't know any players names but she's sat and had a conversation with Brandon barker about in depth info at rangers in dressing room first team goings on? That's like trying to put square pegs in round holes. I get its a rumours site etc and people pass on "what they have heard" and also from " people who wouldn't make stuff up" but something's are just silly. If this was to turn out to be a correct and confirmed situation the. Il happily come back here and eat humble pie.

8.) 15 Feb 2020 18:23:28
Kri55, don't know who or if you have a circle of friends that you completelty trust but sometimes pals talk to each other about things they know aren't of interest to the people they are talking to but want to get things off their chest. I know i do it. I re-iterate that I don't think this would be true but the girl is a decent person and knows BB very well. Like i said, i thought about whether i should post this or not and the only reason I did was because people on here had said they heard SG had lost the dressing room. This happened to be related to that thought process so i posted it. Simple as that.

9.) 15 Feb 2020 18:31:11
Oh and another thing kri55. What ever happened to Sturridge after he did his medical with us😂😂😂 Its a rumours site mate and I enjoy your input.

10.) 15 Feb 2020 19:35:55
Dunno about sturridge mate I've never mentioned his name lol
That's a fair enough point Mocbear and il retract my last statement. If its true its not a good sign however il take your word for it. As I say, last comment retracted and no hard feelings mate. Don't take it personal. 💙.

11.) 16 Feb 2020 08:38:43
Hugh Burns alluded to some friction in the dressing room. The problem started on the dubai trip.

12.) 18 Feb 2020 17:55:27
Any bears know what Hugh Burns was on about when he said something unsavoury happened in Dubai? He's a true Rangers man which makes me think he must know something for him to say that publicly.




MOCBear's banter posts with other poster's replies to MOCBear's banter posts


25 Nov 2020 00:42:07
Hi guys. Just catching up with the chat below. John25, thanks for the recommendation of the video about our finances. I must admit I'm slightly in the minority here. As someone who understands intricate financial details of companies I do agree with the business model we currently operate under. I see where we are trying to go but I didn't really enjoy the video. I felt as though the expert in the video was pandering to the crowd. Wearing the Orange top and also jokingly exclaiming to enjoy the presence of hookers and drugs just took away his credibility. He is trying to sell books and will pander to whatever crowd will listen.

For what it is worth I do agree with most of what he was saying about our finances but I just think his credibility is shot by the way he presented himself. I have the feeling that any company that wanted him to speak as a so called expert would hear what they wanted to hear.

Thanks again for the recommendation John25. Well worth a watch but just not for me pal👍.


1.) 25 Nov 2020 08:56:14
MOCBear, good to hear you agree and consider our business model to be sound.



19 Nov 2020 14:14:21
7 game bans for the Corona Virus 2.




14 Nov 2020 20:24:17
So we qualified for the Euros👍 This Nations league game on Sunday, what is this for? The next Euros or the 2022 World Cup? what's the game on Wednesday with Israel about? I'm totally confused by all these tournaments. I genuinely don't know what we are playing for🤣 As long as we keep winning.


1.) 14 Nov 2020 21:07:09
Nations league is every two years. Played when there is no qualifying matches for the euros or the World Cup. First event the group winners get a second attempt to play off for a place at the euros. Next event (current matches) gives the group winners a second chance to qualify for the World Cup. Next one in 2022/ 2023 will go back to the Euros and so on. The four tier A group winners play off the Nations Cup. Played in and won by Portugal.

2.) 14 Nov 2020 22:09:38
Cheers Greigs11👍 Still a bit lost but understand a bit better.



08 Nov 2020 16:22:21
Jermain Defoes overall play today has been unreal. Wee man deserves a goal.


1.) 08 Nov 2020 16:56:30
Been awesome.

2.) 08 Nov 2020 18:00:10
What a player!

3.) 08 Nov 2020 18:41:20
Defoes reverse pass to Kent for the cross for the 1st goal was absolutely top drawer.

4.) 08 Nov 2020 18:45:53
Moc Defoe so unlucky not to score, but he delivered.

5.) 08 Nov 2020 19:09:25
Defoe was ex as was Kemar.



05 Nov 2020 21:54:57
Some of the criticism going Neil Lennons way is absolutely ridiculous. As a support let's back this man to the hilt🤣🤣🤣🤣.


1.) 05 Nov 2020 22:04:15
I think we should arrange a doorstep clap for lennon to show our support. What do you think?

2.) 05 Nov 2020 22:28:14
Yeh BMGH01, I agree, afterall it is Thursday.

3.) 05 Nov 2020 22:57:09
At BMGH 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👍😃.




MOCBear's rumour replies


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01 Dec 2020 21:17:15
55rangers I was thinking the same thing. From what i'm lead to believe the fans group have 3 years to acquire his shares if they can raise the capital to do so. They have been offered the same opportunity as others to purchase more shares in recent share issues and to the best of my knowledge they didn't buy many if any. This leads me to believe that its a gesture from Dave King with the probability that they won't buy them out completely and he will either retain some shareholding or other investors will purchase what the fans group dont. In any case its a great gesture from Dave King and allowing them 3 years to complete the transaction is telling me that he is willing to remain involved during that time.




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04 Nov 2020 19:28:11
Absolute nonsense. The obsessed brigade heard during commentary that it was Arfields birthday on Sunday and have put 2 and 2 together and are circulating that virtually the whole team were there. Its absolutely ludicrous. Still not a word from Celtic on Frimpong. Still no result of internal investigation on Griffiths but they think they can make up rumours and deflect as usual. When we beat them to the title this season it will be even more sweet because of their antics.




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22 Oct 2020 15:53:03
😂😂🤣Been reading the disagreement above re Arfield and pmsl.

Rangers play a 4-3-3. Arfield is definitely playing in the midfield 3. He is the one from that midfield 3 who breaks forward to support the front 3. Gersgeo I know you were only voicing where you thought Arfield played best and it turned into that😂 I do disagree with you though pal. I definitely think Arfield is better running from deep.




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10 Oct 2020 16:14:52
Bluedreamer you are dreaming about Alfredos stats. 5 goals and 1 assist.




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10 Oct 2020 11:11:00
Alfredo Morelos prior to the turn of the year has been a superb Rangers signing. He has been here a few seasons and I can remember him getting 3 new contracts. I can't pretend to even know what he is on but I am lead to believe that he is Rangers top earner. I know that extending his contract protects his value to a degree but his performances this year don't merit him getting a new improved contract. If he waere to get an even better deal and continue his poor performances his value would plummet and we would be left with a very expensive player sitting on the bench.





MOCBear's banter replies


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24 Nov 2020 12:00:56
Well said Broxxibear👍 Your point about backing players that give 100% even if they are having a nightmare is exactly how I feel. In the past we as a fan base have been too quick to jump on players backs when they are having a bad game. Remember Maurice Edu? I actually quite liked him but he used to get pelters from the fans which I thought was wrong because the lad gave 100% every time. If a player is giving 100% and isn't good enough then that's on the manager to take him out the team. Back all players who give max effort👍.




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16 Nov 2020 16:25:59
Tend to agree with all that's been said above. Things look great just now but let's wait to see the season out and that will be the ultimate test. Either way though there has been definite progression yet again. I don't know if it was the board or Ross Wilson who brought James Bisgrove in as commercial director but what a job that guy is doing. The amount of extra partnerships that have been announced since he has come on board can only mean financial gains which gives us more buying power. The Castore deal, Tomket Tires, DCP partners and the Swiss Energy drink partner I think are called 81. These companies all paying us money to have link ups with us. Onwards and upwards.




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14 Nov 2020 22:09:38
Cheers Greigs11👍 Still a bit lost but understand a bit better.




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05 Nov 2020 23:20:15
😂Great Post Scotty. i'm so happy tonight👍.




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05 Nov 2020 23:08:34
Helander made a couple of mistakes mate. Unlike him to be honest but he's be solid for us otherwise. McGregor couldn't do anything about the goals.

I've criticised Goldson for slack defending in the past but he was great tonight again. Him and Tav have stepped up massively this season. Alfie was back to something close to his best tonight. Great to see. We need that every week from him now.