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30 Aug 2017 14:57:19
Gelson Dala from S Lisbon, attacking Mid on loan is coming. Likes to go past people, dribble.


1.) 30 Aug 2017 15:44:36
Was going to mention that if Ped were to bring a Player from Portugal that S. Lisbon has an excellent Youth System and would be worth a shot looking at anything they may have to offer!
Never heard of this guy Dala but is he from their Development Squad? And what age?



11 May 2016 19:55:33
Football Insider claims we are in for Pritchard, but surely we don't need another attacking mid as we have Windass.


1.) 11 May 2016 21:23:59
You're right, mate. We have Windass so the top-tier is already won. We should end our transfer business now.

2.) 11 May 2016 21:51:01
And if windass gets a knock or he not working hard enough.

3.) 12 May 2016 09:52:47
I would happily take Pritchard any day fantastic players when warbs had him a Brentford it convinced Spurs to give him a new deal I think windass will be a big player next year so I don't think it will put him off and we will have a few attacking players leaving so I think with his quality it would be a steal to get him on loan.

4.) 12 May 2016 21:44:14
Windass is injury prone as is Crooks. This is his second ankle op in a few years, not sure if its the same ankle twice though.



03 May 2016 23:16:39
Rangers interested in Ipswich winger Ben Pringle - Daily Express.


1.) 04 May 2016 11:24:49
Just talked to a mate whose a Fulham season ticket holder. He says Pringle is a good player - control and distribution is good, but lacks a bit of pace tho'. He's surprised he didn't get more game time. Sounds ok?



04 Apr 2016 17:01:02
Warbs said Forrester close to signing long term deal.


1.) 05 Apr 2016 17:51:18
fellow bears good news warburton has promised he's going to bring in defender for the spl next season and i'm glad because our defence has been weak in that central area experience would be great in there to help danny wilson. and as for ryan gauld who agrees do we really need him let's be hoenst we have holt and halliday who get forward? then again only my opinion pretty sure MW will decide tht himself but we need a defencive midfielder big time somebody to sit back and break up play we have missed it all season. that crack pot robbie neilson sayin rangers need 24 million to challenge celtic who agrees? its debatable but money doesn't allways garuntee u success look it celtic in the champions league speaks for itself 'malmo' sharp reminder. again MW knows a player when he sees one he's found gems since he was at brentford and now us so i'd be happy for him continuin doing so!

2.) 05 Apr 2016 18:55:54
Robbie nelson talks through a hole in his ####. lol
TBH i would always go for the desire and will to win in players over value anyday.
I think warbs is this type of manager to see this, i don't disregard a players value and if the right one is there and he's worth it then we should invest.

i myself would love to see us developing our own players. ie. murdoch, makay, thompson, hardie, walsh. etc also our u20's have some decent players in the making.

if there is a possibility to keep/ buy dominic ball that would be great not sure if a deal would be in place for king?, also with windass and crooks coming the future is looking great and i feel confident for the return the the spl.

3.) 06 Apr 2016 12:47:01
Personally I think neilson has a point, we do need to spend some cash and bring in some higher calibre players- even MW has said as much. Where I think neilson is wrong is in his figures, it's not about hom much we spend but how wisely we spend it. Although I do think at some point we are going to have to spend close to a million on a few players- assuming DK will keep his promises about investment in playing squad.

Let's congratulate the players on a job done (but be honest it's not been plain sailing) and remember that most of our team has just had its first experience of winning anything. With the right additions, some patience and time hopefully more will follow.

4.) 06 Apr 2016 13:48:30
I don't understand how Neilson is a " crackpot " seems a very good young manager to me, and a former bluenose in case you didn't know? You do know how the newspapers work don't you? The guy was asked a question and gave an off the cuff answer, how that makes him a crackpot says more about you than him mate
Having won the championship by a distance, with Rangers and bibs in it he then took hearts to 3rd in the premier, not too bad eh?
Anyway Rangers do need to invest, and I think they will, WW and
mcParland ain't here for nothing, we will sign some youngsters, and hopefully a spine of experience and hardness, and a lethal, hopefully tall striker.



26 Nov 2015 14:49:50
Apparently 17 yr old Moroccan striker Tarik Fagrach is close to signing for us.


1.) 26 Nov 2015 15:06:38
First time poster. Seen this and could go two ways regarding his motivation and a poor attitude to quote the evening times but still very young. However it might take a good coach that believes in youth to change that which I think we have. Coming from an academy in Holland I should think he will be a decent player. i'm sure they have an A, B and C team leading up to there first teams.




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22 Aug 2017 23:01:33
We are in for Man C winger Arron Nemane on a loan and he is coming up to Glasgow to sign before Sunday's match




12 May 2016 07:28:50
I would never compare football to war, but as I am a bit of a ww2 enthusiast, I can't help thinking that in terms of being weakened the last few years in demotion have been similar to the weakened state of the US after Pearl Harbor. We lost our top players and couldn't acquire the type of players we wanted, but stage by stage we have re established ourselves and have played some quality football in the last season while attaining notable triumphs, (battles) ie promotion to the Premiership and beating Celtic to get to the cup final.
We are now a lot stronger than we were a few years ago and while the ultimate triumph maybe winning the Premiership, (the war) we are now on a firm footing and are back where we belong.


1.) 12 May 2016 09:28:13
As I'm sure MW says when he addresses the troops, The Corps, The Corps and The Corps!

2.) 12 May 2016 09:57:19
Do you Really think you should be comparing a football team to events that killed so many people during a war?

3.) 12 May 2016 12:00:45
Biffo did you not read his first sentence?

4.) 12 May 2016 13:27:32
His first sentence said he'd never do "it", then he proceeded to do "it".

Biffo is right to take exception to it. It's one of the most cringeworthy things ever written on here.

5.) 12 May 2016 13:46:36
there was no malice in his statement biffo!

6.) 12 May 2016 15:46:31
Poetic: You obviously haven't read it correctly either, as a rule I wouldn't compare the two, I was thinking of the numbers and capacity in the sense of the loss and the comeback that had to be made.

7.) 12 May 2016 15:49:05
Cringe worthy PP?
He was having a laugh is all.
Still not found your sense of humour since the semi?
Normally your posts are better than that, worth a read even.
As 'Big Jock' says, come on now, I could buy and sell ye!

8.) 12 May 2016 16:04:30
Thought it was general Douglas MacArthur who said that, don't think he played for Gers.

9.) 12 May 2016 17:41:59
Here we go.


I read it fine. Read my reply. I was saying Biffo has every right to take exception based upon what you said. You've actually just done it again: I wouldn't compare the two, BUT. and then you compare the two. That's your privilege, just as it's Biffo's to take exception to it. A prefix of, "I wouldn't compare them. " doesn't change that.

And I was cringing at the ridiculous comparison, nothing else.


See above. He can have a laugh. I can say it's a cringe worthy comparison. What's the problem?

As for your comment on the semi final, I'll say this once more as it's boring me now: I was on directly after the semi final. I was conversing with any and all. I gave props. I took the hits. Many other posters will testify to this. So your go to is as redundant as it is erroneous. My sense of humour is fine. Infact, your entire reply seems to be working on the (mis) understanding that Scotjo made a joke and I took it (too) serious. Not at all. Scotjo made a comment (I have no idea if it was a joke or not) and Biffo responded. I was defending his right to such a response given Scotjo's comment. I found the original comment neither funny nor offensive. It made me cringe as a comparison. That is all.


I genuinely can't remember a time I have ever used the phrase 'panty wetters'. Maybe you could find one? I doubt you can but even giving you the benefit of the doubt on that, I can safely say I don't do it at "any opportunity". So you have either mixed me up with someone else, or you are talking nonsense. Either way there is little point in engaging any further except to say, read my replies above: I never said Scotjo intended any ill will. I said Biffo has the right to say what he said.

10.) 12 May 2016 18:12:02
Sea of Ibrox

Yeah I read the first sentence then read the rest it's very clear you did compare the 2.

11.) 12 May 2016 18:26:23
Patient : I don't think it was cringeworthy, that is my privilege also, I also pointed out I wasn't actually comparing it to war, mire the mechanics as I already explained.

12.) 12 May 2016 19:01:59
Biffo: Didn't actually, I wasn't trying to directly compare the two, if I was I would have said football and war, bloodthirsty tackling, people trying to kill each other, this is war.
It was an aspect of the aftermath of Pearl Harbor I was trying to get across, like often people will compare topics totally different but with certain aspects that can be compared, like (and I agree this ain't a great comparison to what I mean) the manager is a genius, does this actually mean the manager would win Mastermind?
Certain things like that, not quite the same as I said but there are certain situations that can be light years away from each other but certain aspects can arise which are similar and when someone draws attention to it they are always labelled as simply comparing the whole topic to the other.

13.) 12 May 2016 19:54:31
I am also a WW2 enthusiast and your comparisons are extremely confusing and pretty much totally wrong. Your comparison is we both "lost our top players and couldn't acquire the type of players we wanted"
The U. S Navy didn't lose any of it's top players during the strike on Pearl Harbour. It lost some ships but none of the crucial Aircraft carriers which were not in port that day. Most of the lost ships were also quickly repaired and salvaged with no great loss.
America was also the most industrial country in the world at the time and the attack on Pearl Harbour did nothing to weaken the country's production. They continued and advanced in production of weapons and machinery with the "type of player they wanted". before, during and after the attack on Pearl Harbour.

I truly am at a loss as to your logic behind this comparison?

14.) 12 May 2016 20:06:31
Dunc: I am at a loss to your loss, if you can't see any comparison there then there's not much I can do. So are you saying the USA wasn't seriously weakened?

15.) 12 May 2016 20:16:54
How did the loss of a few insignificant ships, which were easily replaced damage the greatest military power in the word?

I have done a lot of research into this and have found no evidence to back up your theory.

16.) 12 May 2016 20:34:26
It put a delay on the US entering the war and ultimately succeeding, this was my point in comparison to Rangers.

17.) 12 May 2016 20:58:02
The attack on Pearl Harbour is widely accepted as being the catalyst for America entering WW2. It delayed absolutely nothing. If it had not been for the attack on Pear Harbour, the U. S. A might have taken a lot longer to enter the war.
So once again you are completely wrong.

18.) 12 May 2016 21:08:47
And they weren't delayed by the attack? Every historian seems to think so, so once again you are completely wrong.

19.) 12 May 2016 21:27:57
So there was no delay due to the recovery from the attack? Once again I suggest you are completely wrong.

20.) 12 May 2016 21:40:53
As I have already stated. No they were not delayed by they attack as before the attack there was no agenda. It was the attack itself which prompted their inclusion in the war.
I would love for you to tell me which part of the attack on Pearl Harbour set back the inclusion of the U. S. A. And please name me one historian who backs up your agenda, As I have read many and am yet to find one.

I am starting to think that either you are extremely young, or extremely not worth giving a logical and factually correct argument against.

21.) 12 May 2016 21:47:43
Essentially my post was about recovering and re-establishing power, I saw some similarities in each topic, sure we can all pick the bones when we research these things but I have always seen similarities as there will always be differences as these aren't like for like topics.

22.) 12 May 2016 23:31:48
I am not extremely young, your missing my point, it was about a team having to recover itself and get itself back on it's feet, we can all look up books and nitpick and as the two sepcenaros are totally different then there will be differences, doesn't mean to say there are no similarities.

23.) 12 May 2016 23:37:54
Everyone knows that is what brought about their entry into the war, I was not disputing that, I was liking that entry to the fight back Rangers had to show to recover from the demotion.

24.) 13 May 2016 07:23:52
Cringeworthy? Only to you Poetic.

25.) 13 May 2016 08:49:05
Apparently not.

26.) 13 May 2016 10:26:23
Apparently so, I agree with him.

27.) 13 May 2016 13:38:53
Well Poetic, your the only one who mentioned cringeworthy.

28.) 13 May 2016 13:58:41

I may be the only one who used the word cringe worthy, but I'm not the only one who disagrees with the comparison - evidenced by the ongoing disagreement with you and Dunc. It appears he has had some comments removed (for whatever reason) but he clearly has/ had issue with your original comparison and your (apparent lack of) knowledge re the incident. I'd argue that this disagreement and my original statement about your comparison being cringe worthy, are largely the same thing. Perhaps not. Perhaps he only finds your comparison/ post redundant.


Not much to say here other than you agreeing/ disagreeing means nothing in relation to what we are talking about. Scotjo is claiming that only I find his comparison cringeworthy, I am saying that's (apparently) not the case given his 12 hour debate with Dunc. You're assessment that you don't find it cringeworthy proves very little. It certainly has no merit it terms of debunking my aforementioned claim.

29.) 13 May 2016 15:05:08
Why does someone agreeing with it prove any less than you calling it cringeworthy?
It's a banter page, you don't own it, as for You thinking your assessment was near the mark because Dunc disagreed is also neither here nor there as that disagreement was more to inaccuracies although there was a certain similarity.

30.) 13 May 2016 15:54:06

Serious question - what do you think this debate is about?

"Why does someone agreeing with it prove any less than you calling it cringeworthy? "

It doesn't - but that's not (nor has it ever been) the argument. I said Dunc's disagreement and fervor meant it wasn't just me who found it cringe worthy. Scotjo claims otherwise.

Your agreement with Scotjo is fine. It's your right. But Scotjo is claiming no one (but me) finds/ found it cringe worthy. I am NOT claiming that no one agrees with him, so your agreement means nothing to the argument. That was my original point. If I was, then your agreement (with him) would immediately end my claim. I wasn't. It doesn't.

As for the "it's a banter page" statement, I agree - but insinuating that I think I own it is ridiculous. I can only assume it's because I dared put forth my points and actually read the context/ content of the posts before responding.

"You thinking your assessment was near the mark because Dunc disagreed is also neither here nor there as that disagreement was more to inaccuracies although there was a certain similarity. "

Again, see above. My point was that if Scotjo's claim was that only I had an issue with his statement/ comparison, then Dunc's disagreement puts paid to that claim. The end. There is no debate - other than to the degrees of which Dunc disagrees, which becomes an exercise in semantics.

31.) 13 May 2016 14:16:59
Hardly a 12 hour debate and to me there was no apparent lack of knowledge as I found some of the comparison accurate.
Only apparent lack of knowledge, well maybe better than Dunc.

32.) 13 May 2016 17:05:04
I honestly don't even know what you are trying to say anymore.

FYI Dunc posted his first message at 8pm last night, Scotjo's last response before mine was at 7.20am. Hardly 12 hours right enough.

{Ed001's Note - just to point out johnblue and scotjo are posting from the same IP.}

33.) 13 May 2016 17:55:11
Thanks for the heads up ED. I guess with that, I'm out!



03 May 2016 17:45:40
Warbs said he would look at the Scottish Championship, could be he is definitely looking at Cummings/ Vaulks.


1.) 03 May 2016 18:57:35
I would be shocked if both these players do not end up
in English championship
I have heard that the tic are looking to send scot allan
back to hibs on loan
the boy knox has been offered to west brom with livi cash
problems a fee of 100k supposedly agreed and the boy to stay
on loan at livi.

2.) 03 May 2016 19:49:05
How can you say that Celtic want to put Allan back to Hibs on loan when they haven't got a manager yet? When they eventually get one I would imagine he will assess the squad before deciding who goes where and who comes in.

3.) 03 May 2016 22:16:55
Time the boy Allan or his Agent put his foot down.

Hibs and Celtic have shafted him?

Time for him to free fall?



02 May 2016 22:26:29
Congratulations Leicester, does anyone else think they will be fighting relegation next season?


1.) 02 May 2016 23:26:28
Congratulations and a brilliant achievement by leicester city, we'll never see anything like it in the next 100 years in football that's how big and surprising this is! Over the moon for leicester city manager claudio ranieri who's a total gentleman, really have a soft spot for him, he's very dignified and humble!

2.) 03 May 2016 09:17:07
Yes scotjo i'm with you I read there something like 50/ 1 to be relegated if so well worth a bet.



27 Apr 2016 17:58:37
We ARE limping over the line, maybe not as good as that.


1.) 29 Apr 2016 18:39:06
we are already over the line Scotjo, form always dips after the league is won half the players are thinken about the final and not getting injured, but agreed when you hit bad form it can be hard to get out of, the tempo should have been kept high and go into the final with a winning mentality, I have to admit since celtic game the team have been pish, a wee bit worrying for me but it will work out it has all year.




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10 May 2016 15:59:35
Bosnian: Agree, I am more cautious about young players now after our loanees, but he does sem to be a very composed player.




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10 May 2016 15:41:52
5ive: He's a deep lying playmaker so maybe pace not so much of an issue.




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06 May 2016 23:38:31
Rossitter is on his way.




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05 May 2016 19:26:00
Transfer, a Liverpool web page states it's as good as a done deal.




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02 May 2016 18:14:50
Garratt is a goalie.





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13 Sep 2017 18:38:46
It's Jack I hope keeps cool.




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12 Sep 2017 20:51:34
Still can't catch the battered old Morris though Bhampot. 😀
That's the point.




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24 Aug 2017 15:17:21
I say give him time or else we will be taking on and getting rid of manager after manager. Would be worth keeping him on for another season just to shove it up the mhanky media if nothing else, would hate them to feel they had played a part in his exit. Half the time it's as if they decree if he should stay or go.




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11 Sep 2016 22:33:35
Who says we won't have shirt sales a lot sooner than that, like next season?




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11 Sep 2016 22:24:58
I always look at it in terms of players we lost before we went down the leagues and what we could get in as far as scrambling players in who weren't the standard we would normally have got due to our finances at the time and who could we attract being out the top league and wondered how would Celtic have done in that situation, so I would take 2nd place because of all that it would be a roaring get success.