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20 Jan 2020 18:12:23
Only sharing with you all, a report from football insider i just read. Now i like many don't believe a lot of social media speculation about us, unless its from stevie clifford of fourladshadadream. But here goes anyway guys. Football insider saying that inter milan manager conte wants to sign alfredo morelos and will make his move for him this week. Hope to god not!

Steven Gerrard Loyal

1.) 20 Jan 2020 19:32:06
Wouldnt be great for his career to go there and sit on the bench. Lukaku absolutely tearing the serie A up at the minute. Doubt any truth in that.

2.) 20 Jan 2020 20:09:27
I can't see it SGL. Inter are a team I've followed for years and i still try to get to a few games each year. I know a lot of fans that i speak to and they know that Rangers are my team so i'm sure they would have said if they'd heard anything. Lukaku and Lautaro Martinez are the main 2 strikers and play every week. they're both playing very well and Alexis Sanchez is just back from injury. they're also apparently just about to sign Giroud so I just can't see it mate.

3.) 20 Jan 2020 21:28:55
Neither can i MOCBear to be honest mate. Was only sharing with all, a report i read. 👍.

4.) 21 Jan 2020 10:45:23
The star are reporting it today.



18 Jan 2020 18:41:08
Hearing rangers will be well represented at tannadice tomorrow, running the rule over lawrence shankland again. Sure as hell we won't be the only club watching shankland tomorrow.

Steven Gerrard Loyal

1.) 18 Jan 2020 19:05:21
Who in there right mind would pay two million for him.

2.) 18 Jan 2020 19:07:59
Supercoop, the boy is decent but not any better than Hardie or Rudden. Not good enough.

3.) 18 Jan 2020 19:30:17
Bankie, i'm not disagreeing with you and my gut is with you however the comparison is wrong, Shankland has a far greater scoring record then both you mention at a similar level. 207 games, 126 goals.

4.) 18 Jan 2020 19:53:56
I totally agree with you bankie.

5.) 18 Jan 2020 19:54:18
Hearing? Where are you hearing that, SGL? I'm 'hearing' that we have no interest in the player because he's been officially scouted four times and not once was he recommended as a signing, thankfully.

6.) 18 Jan 2020 20:56:36
I don’t know about Shankland he is certainly one for the future but £2mill I don’t know, but we need a striker who is ready to go we have two strikers one is suspended for two more games and the other is 38 years old it’s a shocking state for a club our size and with an eye on the title be be in this state what if Morelos got injured we would be down to a 38 year old striker up front on his own not good enough.

7.) 18 Jan 2020 21:42:46
Twacoos 1 for the future? he's 25.

8.) 18 Jan 2020 22:06:33
Yes he may be 25 but he hasn’t played in the top flight so we don’t know for sure if he will cut it so we need someone that can play right now we are in a good place right now win our game in hand and we can go top but there is no guarantee we will be in same position next year so we need that striker now just in case god we have four central defenders but only two strikers.

9.) 18 Jan 2020 23:27:23
Surely if Rangers were interested in Shankland they would of made their move when he was at Ayr United.

10.) 19 Jan 2020 08:30:56
We need to remember that come the end of the season we may have no strikers Morelos will likely be sold and Defoe is 38 we need to have a squad as much as I wouldn't want to give Dundee United anything I think £2m for a guy who has scored 58 goals last two seasons makes sense.
The guy is a natural goal scorer the amount of chances we create think he woul do a great job.

11.) 19 Jan 2020 08:44:01
Twacoos again. Yes he has played top flight with 2 different clubs. Aberdeen and St mirren. was still only 19 but done nothing. he's is clearly a better player now to be fair to the lad. I think he's decent striker but not the level we require.

12.) 19 Jan 2020 09:47:17
That is what I’m saying I’m not convinced on him we need someone who is ready to go someone who is ready to go and fight for a place goals wins games we desperately need cover up front if we are going to win this league.

13.) 19 Jan 2020 10:47:55
No better than hardie or rudden? Have either of them got international caps in the championship? Get a grip man.

14.) 19 Jan 2020 16:42:06
Amount of chances we get he would bang a few in for us. Not good enough to be number 1 striker but would be a decent option.

15.) 19 Jan 2020 18:50:08
Celtic scout at Dundee game looking at shankland again
Goal against spl side hibs
This boy will score where ever he goes n at Celtic or rangers the chances that are created will score a barrow load
Honestly wish gers would take a punt
Cause would hate too see him in hoops banging them in
This could be a major regret if we miss out
N if he dose not cut it would rather that than celtic trying n he dose
He will bring 15 a season too either.

16.) 19 Jan 2020 19:48:37
Blu Dreamer, really? That's your ambition for us, Shankland? Because he scored one goal against Hibs? He's never shown it at any level than the one he is at now. It will not ever be a major regret to 'miss out' on a player who is 2-3 levels below our requirements. We've moved from Moult to Walker and now this boy - all of a similar level. As for 'Celtic scout looking at him' how do you know that? We had a scout there, too, so did about 16 other clubs. It's called doing your job, due diligence on ALL players. And the other mhob have just signed a striker. Stop panicking over nothing and trust in our brilliant background team.

17.) 19 Jan 2020 19:58:06
Oh, and Blue Dreamer, Defoe, our second choice striker, already has 15 goals and it's just January.

18.) 20 Jan 2020 10:46:37
I personally think 2 million for Shankland is a steal, as much as we don't want to pay Dundee United money - he's scoring goals for fun just now - yes he didn't do well at Aberdeen and St Mirren when in the Prem however he was still - look at Salah - flopped completely 1st time around at chelsea and came back more experienced and is tearing it up (not saying they are the same standard btw) however Shankland is proven that he knows where the net is and taking a gamble on a decent back up like that certainly shouldn't be sniffed at - Morelos more than likely to move in the summer and JDF hanging up the boots - be good to have someone to fall back on NO?

19.) 20 Jan 2020 23:15:48
Clinthillsmaid, do you really think that a player capped by his country would come to us to be a backup striker at the age of 24? No chance! And he will never be able to step up to the level we require, he is far too limited in technique, energy and intelligence. He scores goals where he is because that is his level.



07 Jan 2020 21:09:59
Being reported by fourladshadadream that rangers have secured the signing of motherwell 16 year old kyle semple. Reports suggest this left back/ left centre half, has a very big future in the game. Really pleased that ross wilson and steven gerrard hoovering up the best talent within the scottish game. Most definitely the way forward!

Steven Gerrard Loyal

1.) 07 Jan 2020 23:01:21
Have heard about this lad. Good potential. Just need to keep hold of the lad king now.

2.) 08 Jan 2020 16:08:32
Might be King's replacement if he is not staying. Been playing regular for u18's so at a good level for age.
We ate starting to have the best youth players in country now. could end up with a fab young homegrown side if they keep up their progress.

3.) 08 Jan 2020 19:51:50
May finally see the same results as ajax. Well maybe not that scale but have a team where most players came through youth ranks. Sell on and replace with next academy graduate.

4.) 08 Jan 2020 22:55:14
Struth, that's on the botten mate, see what happens when. The right people get involved, brilliant. button.

5.) 09 Jan 2020 18:16:02
You don't sign a youth player as a 'replacement' for another youth player!

6.) 10 Jan 2020 07:43:49
Always hearing about club signing these super kids when is one going to get in first team we bought edmondson last year when he going to get chance.

7.) 10 Jan 2020 21:19:33
Kings replacement? surely we aren't signing players to replace 15 year olds? think its more the fact the boys got potential.



05 Jan 2020 09:59:51
Has anyone else heard that the 17th of january, is when our kit situation with ashley and sports direct, will be fixed out? I've heard an announcement will be made on that day of a settlement between all parties!
God i hope so and feel so sorry for hummel in all this and puma before them! 🤔.

Steven Gerrard Loyal

1.) 05 Jan 2020 10:37:35
yea that's the final court date of how much we owe Ashely round about same time King about to bolt that's a worry.

2.) 05 Jan 2020 10:42:27
Coop how reliable is your source? That sounds like an ammicable resolution which would be great news unless of course we end up with SD logo's everywhere, which I doubt as King wouldn't entertain that. You need to expand a bit more mate. 👍.

3.) 05 Jan 2020 10:47:35
Big blue, is that right enough that the 17th is the final court date, I wasn't aware of that. Does anyone have an idea as to the compensation figure? 👍.

4.) 05 Jan 2020 10:49:17
Coldo i've been told this by an ex employee of rangers mate. He's usually quite good with his info and still has good contacts himself, within the club.

5.) 05 Jan 2020 10:59:17
SGL I have heard similar as court papers we served on SD and my means Ashley would need to take the witness stand. Something he does not like doing.
Here’s hoping we get a good outcome and can move forward.

6.) 05 Jan 2020 11:06:40
I'm confused lads, how can we serve papers on SD in an ongoing court case or is this two seperate things? 👍.

7.) 05 Jan 2020 11:16:23
Coldo. Papers are available on line, Rangers news site.
It extends to 106 pages where we challenge a number of facts, allegedly portrayed by SD.
It is backed up with emails sent by SD, RFC, elite and Hummel, it also clearly states that RFC are seeking considerable damages for frustration of trade.
I think both sides have been economic with version of dealings, papers make it clear SD were asked to match or better offer made.
The main reading is at end of papers highlighted in green, once again it’s for the lawyers to argue re level of damages.

8.) 05 Jan 2020 14:29:12
Right so the papers are the defence to the SD compensation claim. When you said court papers were served on SD it gave the impression that there was a new law suit about to happen. 👍.

9.) 05 Jan 2020 15:50:37
Sorry coldo, sometimes my dyslexia gets in the way of writing clearly.

10.) 05 Jan 2020 16:05:16
Don't need to apologise mate, I was just trying to understand what was what. I thought for a minute that there was another court case on the go. 👍.

11.) 05 Jan 2020 18:07:50
well technically new since its a countersue. but is aligned to the original case where we are using it not only for our defence to either win or reduce payout and along with the countersue if successful may actually not only release us from SD but put some money in the coffers.

12.) 05 Jan 2020 20:41:00
Coldo, a few months back it was on lots of sites, predicting the outcome would be quite trivial, saying it will cost dave king just under 1 million, don't know how these people work it out, lol.

13.) 06 Jan 2020 19:24:31
if countersuit involved then good news. indicates a repositioning may be more fruitful.



03 Jan 2020 23:08:55
Just after reading an article from the sun that newcastle utd have stepped up their efforts to sign our right back captain james tavernier.

Steven Gerrard Loyal

1.) 04 Jan 2020 11:13:54
If tav is going to Newcastle it will only be for night out lol
The guy is hardly Scottish premier league class never mind english.

2.) 04 Jan 2020 11:30:02
As much as tav is probably our weak link in defence I struggle to see who in the current squad could replace him. I’d hate to see him go and like a few have said I think Wel see what he brings to the team when he isn’t there. If he is to leave I can accept in the summer but we need to do our utmost best to keep everyone in that starting line up together.

3.) 04 Jan 2020 11:34:24
Still the best in Scotland so if that's the case it doesn't say much for the rest of the r b's in this country.

4.) 04 Jan 2020 11:36:36
That's a bit unfair Mac. He is without doubt the best right back in the SPL and could easily play in the EPL. If SG sees something in him to make him our captain then I'll stick with his assessment.

5.) 04 Jan 2020 12:01:37
Tavs good days at Ibrox are gone I fear. I would cash in if we get a decent offer. We all know he struggles in defence. Tav was also great at dead balls. Think he struggles now. Give him his due he's an athlete.

6.) 04 Jan 2020 12:10:22
Every day the sun links another of our players out.

7.) 04 Jan 2020 12:18:40
Same old nonsense from FIFA experts on here.

Rangers captain, trusted by SG, allegedly scouted by an EPL club - think the experts on her know nuffink!

8.) 04 Jan 2020 13:06:48
Just to pick up on your dead ball comment as1974. Tav is probably still quite good in a dead ball situation, however we now have better (Barasic), so again, a bit unfair.
Yes he's had a dip in form but in the old firm game he was absolutely magnificent, don't remember much getting past him.
The guy is a beast, never injured and always gives his all for the jersey.

Lapses, yes, dips in form, yes bit finished, absolutely a big fat no to that one.

Just for fun, tell me who you would get to replace him and at what cost!

9.) 04 Jan 2020 13:27:06
Macbow are you ok? have you not came out of the early 2000s yet and understand that Wingbacks like Tav are extremely important to the game. Wingbacks in a lot of free flowing attacking style teams are extremely vital and Tav does that better than most even In the English game theirs only about 5 players i can think of that could do a better job.

10.) 04 Jan 2020 14:45:24
You’re clueless Macbow. Barely even Scottish Premiership class hahahaha

11.) 04 Jan 2020 15:27:26
They do say that when you reach 28 years old you begin to lose your dead ball skills and your crossing and passing ability. Brilliant.

12.) 04 Jan 2020 17:18:41
Macbow, I assume you’re either ‘at the madam’ or are genuinely hrs of thinking. That comment would never come from a genuine fan.

13.) 05 Jan 2020 01:12:41
Macbow he's better than the wee diddy celtic have at rb. Who has olayed 8 games n mark wilson thinks is the best in scotland 😂😂😂😂 based on wit All he can do is run fast. He can't defend, leaves massive gaps in behind and he can't cross a ball. Tav has strengthened his defensive game massively and we all know hus abilities to cross a ball score free kicks and penalty. He won't be going to newcastle because he's not for sale and we woukdnt sell to mike ashley.




Steven Gerrard Loyal's banter posts with other poster's replies to Steven Gerrard Loyal's banter posts


20 Jan 2020 15:01:58
Here's a question to all my fellow bears on here. Do you not think that martin boyle of hibs, would be way better on our right hand side than ojo, barker, jones etc? Because let's be honest no player is going to play on our wide left position, in front of ryan kent and may i add rightly so!

Steven Gerrard Loyal

1.) 20 Jan 2020 16:01:44
Boyle is of a similar standard to our players you mentioned mate. Punting one of them and bringing in Boyle doesn't strengthen us and if it does then it's not by much.

2.) 20 Jan 2020 17:20:40
Agreed c of ibrox. Another squad player wed hsve to look at loaning out next season.

3.) 20 Jan 2020 17:42:35
IMO boyle is better than all 3.I said before and it now looks like gerrard thinks the same, as i never really wanted us to sign jordan jones.

4.) 20 Jan 2020 18:32:18
SGL I agree with you and have been saying similar for a while. I think Boyle would be a fantastic signing. Kent on the left, Boyle on the right and Morelos through the middle for me would practically guarantee 55! He has good technique and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a faster player in Scottish football. Easily the best player in the league outside the old firm.

5.) 20 Jan 2020 19:00:13
He's not even the best player at Hibs lol.

6.) 20 Jan 2020 19:09:59
Take Boyle, get rid of Jones, Barker and Ohno. As SGL says it would give us pace with a footballing brain on both wings. Jones and Barker have pace but that's it.

7.) 20 Jan 2020 19:18:43
Boyle is bang average. That’s a Warburton era signing. Got to be aiming higher than that lads.

8.) 20 Jan 2020 19:38:04
Swagman he's better than barker ojo and possibly jones tho who are all gerrards signings.

9.) 20 Jan 2020 19:43:44
Would rather we kept Jamie Murphy he’s a better player thanJones or Barker imo.

10.) 20 Jan 2020 20:58:42
Jaws 👍.

11.) 20 Jan 2020 21:09:29
Jaws the next loan at Burton will determine if Murphy has a future at ibrox next season.

12.) 20 Jan 2020 22:29:36
Only his knee is the issue. If he csn play to the form he did before his injury he's twice the player of martin boyle 👍.

13.) 20 Jan 2020 23:17:06
Give Jordan jones a chance lads . he played great in Dubai. even if it was a friendly . wingers notorious fir having three good games and one bad.

14.) 21 Jan 2020 07:04:28
Since some if our fans are so desperate to sign Boyle let's go full hog and get Susan Boyle in Jesus the standards that some our fans are willing to drop to is ridiculous

15.) 21 Jan 2020 09:22:25
Guys, IF SG fancied a player we wouldn't know about it until he was signed, so let's just wait and see what Stevie and Ross Wilson are doing, don't forget, money is not freely available for a major purchase, and trimming the squad was SG's first priority. Why do we always criticise players because we don't think they are Rangers Class. us older guys will remember Bobby Russell, signed from Shettleston Juniors for £200, and, I personally don't think he would have looked out of place in our current midfield, so, a player is born with class and instinct.

16.) 21 Jan 2020 09:50:21
Irvger. U could have put together a team from junior football in the 70s that would qualify for Europe.

17.) 20 Jan 2020 17:15:06
I think Boyle is decent but nothing special. As the guys have said I think he is more or less the same standard as Barker.



19 Jan 2020 17:47:53
Just want to gauge what all our supporters on here thought of the borna barisic interview a couple of days ago, when quizzed about the roma interest in signing him. He didn't exactly distance himself from the idea and it came across he would be interested in a move to roma. He didn't rule it out, but i hope to god he stays with rangers. He's a fantastic left back, who's now got used to the vigours of scottish football and what it means to play for rangers. He's always been a talented player.

Steven Gerrard Loyal

1.) 19 Jan 2020 18:27:53
SGL who from rangers at Tannadice watching shankland. the boy appere better prospect.

2.) 19 Jan 2020 18:30:59
Aye coops, I thought the same thing. They all have their price and personal ambitions I guess. He could fulfill some of them this season with us though, should we accomplish what we all feel we can this time.
As you say, I too hope he stays with our magnificent club as he's as good as I've seen in a long time.

3.) 19 Jan 2020 18:35:04
SGL, he neither ruled it in nor out. Why should he? When the time comes for him to leave, Roma might be the club for him, so why would he bomb them out in an interview? He was diplomatic to the core, no hint of wanting to leave us yet.

4.) 19 Jan 2020 18:55:23
John25,all i know was rangers were going to be represented at tannadice this afternoon, running the rule again over lawrence shankland, no big secret pal.

5.) 19 Jan 2020 21:11:10
Well still not good enough. Appere looks better, good feet, good build and fast.

6.) 19 Jan 2020 22:20:58
S, g, l , i don't think shankland is good enough for rangers, but like john25 i liked the look of appere, maybe it washim we were watching, tho in saying that it could have been anybody from either team we were watching mate.

7.) 19 Jan 2020 22:39:06
Scored a good goal today but not not good enough for us.

8.) 19 Jan 2020 23:01:31
Every player will say they are only concentrating on their current club. Imagine if players told the truth like they move to rangers for the £££s or as a stepping stone to something bigger.

9.) 19 Jan 2020 23:02:58
A general scouting mission, nothing more, nothing less. Believe it or not, clubs do that sort of bread and butter scouting, but since Shankland has already been scouted four times, I'd say he wasn't the main, or only, subject for the scout tonight. More likely is a look at Hibs, who we play in a couple of weeks.

10.) 20 Jan 2020 05:48:46
Put it this way he has a career as a footballer. unfortunately and as sad as i am to say this. Being offered a contract by a far richer team than us is like a promotion in any job. Like moving from an office assistant to management.

he may enjoy playing for rangers but there are only 2 players in our 1st team that have an actual love for rangers and we all know who they are . there's a difference between enjoying playin for a team and loving the team you play for. I would put my house on it that apart from these 2 players if it was solely their choice barasic.

aribo kent morelos tav got offered a humungous money move as in i'm talking 100 grand a week and beyong theyd be off on the 1st thing smoking. and before you all ask. mcgregor and davis is the answer. don't care who slates me. as far as i'm concernes rangers r my priority and aslong as these guys stay until the 55 this uesr is achieved then fine.

but until youve been at rangers for a good few years and would literally take a broken bone just for a corner then i'm sorry but money comes 1st with most players these days. me personally if i was ever good enough to play for rangers. I don't care if i was on minimim wage nothing and no one would make me leave rangers. and i wouldn't play for another club either. that's the sort of team we need.

The glory days of 9iar we had playerd who loved rangers. obviously some were away on the 1st thing smoking but the majority. laudrup gazza mccoist gough goram durrant mccall to name a few had a love for the club that showed every time they pulled on that jersey.

its a new age for footballers these days. its all abouy money. and to find someone that actually love the club and would never leave are the ones we won't play because they're too young or conaidered second best to what we have. tell me. how do you probe yourself if not given a chance?

And don't hit me with the dubai game or the stranraer game. these aren't competitive games. Stevie g saying he was bored the other night watching rangers play. that's the 1st time I've ever disagrees with what he said. how do you think that made these players feel.

The squad players after hearing that must've felt gutted which isnot what they want to hear. Why not say it a bit better. well done for the convincing win.

11.) 20 Jan 2020 08:18:25
Only 2 players in the 1st team have a genuine love for Rangers? McGregor, Davis, Jack, Halliday.

12.) 20 Jan 2020 13:36:51
Stop the 9. , years ago any player that stayed at our club until they retired would have been giving legend status and giving more media work than they could handle, but that was years ago sinario, now in this country there is only one club that this could happen at, and its not rangers,

13.) 20 Jan 2020 19:12:41
sorry guys but only a handful of players stayed until they retired. do you believe Laudrup etc came to Rangers because they loved the club errrr wrong, they came because there was a good offer on the table. remind me, didn't macgregor and davis leave rangers for more money?

14.) 20 Jan 2020 23:26:53
Geezadodathat, i don't look at the situation with mcgregor or davis like that, cause we don't know the full story, how do you know they were not offered a basic wage of 1 pound a week when charliebhoy got his big feckin yorkshire hand into our club? You don't know, like most of us we can only guess, so until they retire and write a book about the situation we will always be guessing mate.



13 Jan 2020 20:18:16
Going by reports, the striker gerrard and wilson want to bring to rangers, seems to be a straight choice between lyle taylor or tyrese campbell, who play for charlton athletic and stoke city respectively! I don't profess to know much about either and wonder which one of these two young strikers would be the better signing for us? Does any bear out there know which of these two strikers would be the better signing for us? Can anyone shed any light to how good any of them is?

Steven Gerrard Loyal

1.) 13 Jan 2020 20:30:58
Lyle Taylor isn’t young he is 29 years old.

2.) 13 Jan 2020 20:48:12
Taylor appears to be a journeyman having been loaned around a lot, and at 29 and poor top level stats don't see much promise there. Campbell though looks promising as he is only 20 and played in england youth.

3.) 13 Jan 2020 20:50:43
I'd say Campbell due to age alone. Already very good plus will only develop, taylor is prob as good as he will ever be.

4.) 13 Jan 2020 21:17:50
Campbell hopefully. As well as potential, there looks like a hunger to push for a place and kick on and would have future value. Taylor not so much. Interested to hear more about the two Croatians we are alleged to be interested in. Fully expect Alfie and Kamara to be away in the summer so good to have plans in place. We’ll have to wait and see though.

5.) 13 Jan 2020 21:48:40
Campbell's pretty quick, young, relatively cheap with a good potential sell on fee. Type of player we should be going for.



10 Jan 2020 18:49:12
Just after reading there that former spurs player gary mabbut saying that spurs should move to sign jermain defoe on loan 'till the end of the season, to cover the injury to harry kane. Can't see it happening myself and would really hope to god that it wouldn't happen. I don't think there's many bears out there, who don't want defoe to stay with rangers, on a permanent player/ coach contract, once his loan deal from bournemouth finishes, at the end of the season! Defoe is still a quality striker!

Steven Gerrard Loyal

1.) 10 Jan 2020 19:28:32
SGL, I'm not surprised Defoe has been mentioned or any other of our players. Gerrard has done wonders. However I believe Defoe is happy at Rangers and have heard he is going to sign for Rangers. Someone on here posted that Spurs are interested in Morelos also.

2.) 11 Jan 2020 09:43:34
Defoe spurs lol.



06 Jan 2020 19:21:21
Looks like greg docherty could be signing for wigan. Young doch is very unfortunate that our midfield is so good at the minute,
because he is a good midfielder himself.
I wouldn't begrudge docherty going to wigan or any club for that matter, as he is certainly good enough to be playing first team football, at a decent club, at a decent level.
He's a fantastic professional and a very strong, fit guy. I wish him all the very best whoever he signs for. He absolutely adores rangers into the bargain! When we signed steven davis a year ago, i honestly thought that young doch would learn from davo and eventually be his master's longterm replacement, alas it just wasn't to be.

Steven Gerrard Loyal

1.) 06 Jan 2020 20:09:21
SGL is it a permanent deal to Wigan.

2.) 06 Jan 2020 22:15:45
Heard Millwall interested in young doc as well. I had high hopes for the boy but looks like it ain’t going to happen for him.

3.) 06 Jan 2020 22:17:56
All the best to the lad. Unfortunately nowhere near standard required.

4.) 06 Jan 2020 22:29:28
I don't know if its a permanent deal or not John25.

5.) 07 Jan 2020 18:50:24
Cheers SGL.




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20 Jan 2020 21:28:55
Neither can i MOCBear to be honest mate. Was only sharing with all, a report i read. 👍.

Steven Gerrard Loyal



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20 Jan 2020 17:52:15
The difference with boyle to barker mate is night and day. Boyle beats defenders, can deliver a final ball with his pinpoint passing and scores goals, i rest my case pal.

Steven Gerrard Loyal



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20 Jan 2020 14:52:46
He was out injured at QPR for a wee spell there. Now got his place back and was superb against leeds utd on saturday there. Really good keeper IMO.

Steven Gerrard Loyal



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20 Jan 2020 14:50:47
Especially martin boyle for me guys.
Everytime i've seen boyle i've been impressed with him. He's a flying machine, can beat his man with ease,
can pass to assist and can score goals. what's not to rate or like here?

Steven Gerrard Loyal



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20 Jan 2020 11:52:53
The goalkeeper as i said well over a year ago now, that in my opinion should eventually takeover from allan mcgregor is now at QPR, ie. liam kelly. He's a superb keeper and could be our no.1 for many years to come, once mcgregor hangs up his gloves.

Steven Gerrard Loyal




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22 Jan 2020 17:22:28
I fancy us 3-0 tonight, with jermain defoe notching the first goal. I have a fiver on it at 16/ 1.

Steven Gerrard Loyal



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22 Jan 2020 11:06:43
Young nathan paterson for me also mate. 👍.

Steven Gerrard Loyal



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21 Jan 2020 17:07:28
The sfa have some cheek and are total hypocrites among other things!
At least brian rice had the bravery to admit to having a gambling problem, as a problem shared is a cry for help and can help ease the burden, of bottling it up inside.

The guy most definitely has done the correct thing. Now back to the sfa who are not slow to take the sponsorship money of betting firms who sponsor our cup competitions and they will have to take a very strict lead on this. They'll hammer any manager/ footballer etc associated with gambling, but the no users will take the gambling firms sponsorship dough and plaster the aforementioned firms names all over our national cup competitions. 🤔.

Steven Gerrard Loyal



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21 Jan 2020 06:24:59
John hartson has been left a very bitter individual, since we rejected him under dick advocaat, in favour of signing the wonderful, world class ronald de boer! The fat Welshman has never gotten over that as he was desparate to sign for us at the time. Remember when the deal went belly up, he was in tears. Now he's a very twisted, bitter individual towards the most successful football club on the planet! Get it right up you, fatbhoy.

Steven Gerrard Loyal



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20 Jan 2020 17:42:35
IMO boyle is better than all 3.I said before and it now looks like gerrard thinks the same, as i never really wanted us to sign jordan jones.

Steven Gerrard Loyal