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Team: Rangers

Where from: Kirkintilloch

Favourite player: Davie cooper

Best team moment: Coops goal glasgow cup final

Interests: Football footy soccer and more football

Timezone: (GMT) Western Europe Time, London, Lisbon, Casablanca

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06 Jun 2021 17:58:30
Here is something for you to get your teeth into, papers linking us to signing Suarez. Any of you bears think he will bite and join the famous. Team foto would be good as we would all thing we have signed donkey out of shrek 😂😂😂.

1.) 06 Jun 2021 18:50:36
No chance that is all.

2.) 06 Jun 2021 19:13:31
Wee can dream tho.

3.) 06 Jun 2021 19:46:36
Yip, read that yesterday. Apparently he's good mates with Gerrard. You never know, after all we signed Flo for 12 million. I'm certainly not ruling it out.

4.) 06 Jun 2021 20:10:47
I would love luis suarez playing in a rangers jersey for a few years, but its absolutely no chance of happening for me!

5.) 06 Jun 2021 20:27:57
He’d definitely add bite to our attack.

6.) 06 Jun 2021 21:00:15
Don’t think it was a link. More one of those we should think abt buying. Absolutely nothing in that whatsoever.

7.) 06 Jun 2021 21:04:20
Highly doubt there's any tooth to that.

8.) 07 Jun 2021 08:22:37

9.) 07 Jun 2021 08:50:38
If rumours are to be believed Fernando Torres is coming out of retirement at 37 and announcing where he is signing and who for on Friday, the press are all over this and are saying he wants to link up with Gerrard again and is Joing Rangers, personally i think it will be a MLS side or Chinese side for one last big pay day but he said it's not about the money he's doing it for the love of football and he misses it.

10.) 07 Jun 2021 09:36:54
Glad to see some got the joke lol.

11.) 07 Jun 2021 10:53:40
Well the Glasgow dentists will be chompin at the bit.

12.) 07 Jun 2021 10:54:16
He will fit in perfectly taking Robin van Persie's place who was going to sign for us a few years back.

13.) 07 Jun 2021 12:46:35
People saying Suarez is finished, a bit long in the tooth, but I disagree.

14.) 07 Jun 2021 18:42:10
He’s a little racist fud not for me!



30 May 2021 18:31:09
Hey my fellow bears I hope your all having a fab holiday weekend.

I was in the pub beer garden the other day in company. One of the guys a got speaking to is a physio at the Gers.
He told me a very interesting story about in his opinion, one of the main reasons for this seasons success. Is a piece of software named Zone 7 AI. Apparently both Rangers and Celtic where offered this. Celtic refused to pay the money for it, as it's a very expensive piece of kit. but Rangers bought into it and invested in it.

Zone 7 AI is a software that reduces the soft tissue damage that players get throughout the season. It also allows the players to be able to train at a higher level and increases the fitness, allowing the players to play at a higher intensity.
The guy told that soft tissue damage throughout the squad this season has been reduced by 40% prior to numbers pre Zone 7.

Just thought I would share this with you guys.

1.) 30 May 2021 20:30:20
Remember the story when it came out. Pretty sure Granada use it aswel and cut the number of injuries down dramatically.

2.) 30 May 2021 20:32:07
Cracking piece of info from you Stewartyyblue 👍Nice one mate and cheers for sharing it 👍🇬🇧.

3.) 30 May 2021 21:28:49
Zone7.ai - used by Liverpool and Ospreys and a lot of other teams - artificial intelligence - anything that can give us the edge and it has obviously worked and good to see Celtic not wanting to open the biscuit tin for this - typical - good to know that mate - if interested to find out more in this go to zone7.ai.

4.) 30 May 2021 22:46:35
I have to be honest I have never heard anything about this
So what does it actually do and what is the process?

If you don’t mind me asking?

5.) 30 May 2021 23:05:36
Check the web site that superally provided stig. Had a wee look, it looks amazing bro.

6.) 30 May 2021 23:17:54
It didn’t help with injuries that’s for sure.

7.) 30 May 2021 23:51:22
not that i knew until i googled it Stig, but it forecasts injuries by analysis players stats etc. on a case study it identified 71% of injuries that if it was used could have prevented amounting to over 600 lost days of players time. so analysing players stats during training and matches it can forecast an injury about to happen (not ones caused by accidents/ fouls) through over exertion of muscle groups etc.

8.) 31 May 2021 07:30:47
Getafe benefitted greatly from this process, according to Google!

9.) 31 May 2021 08:54:47
The word. Intelligence and Celtic not often used in the same sentence lol.

10.) 31 May 2021 10:09:37
kJ ha yes you kn better 🥴.

11.) 31 May 2021 10:18:41
Noticed man city decided to play too many lightweight hanky ball players in champions league final. Paid the price. Foden was played out of position and left his ball winners on bench. Glad we got rid of our lightweights.

12.) 31 May 2021 11:43:31
Molsgoals did I say I know better 🙈 we had a lot of injuries at the end of the season 🤭.

13.) 31 May 2021 13:38:52
You said it didn’t help our injuries that’s for sure which goes against totally the ethos of the whole project . of which the back room staff obvious believe in . They obviously think it has helped or zone 7 wouldn’t be entertained. They think it has helped our injuries. you said it hasn’t so you obviously think you know better? No . is that not logical
Who knows what the injuries might have been . Katic and Jacko were injuries before they were involved . cheers pal.

14.) 31 May 2021 13:41:50
Ps yes Stewarty. crackin post . great insight that a lot of us didn’t have a clue about cheers my friend.

15.) 31 May 2021 14:17:28
Hopefully Kemar Roofe just had dodgy WiFi and the Ai computers pick up on this issue and he plays next season with a smile on his coupon injury free.

16.) 31 May 2021 14:53:07
Doesn’t respond when he is corrected, I think this AI business is going to be the kiddie on many things in the near future,

well said mols, Stewart’s thanks for the input mate.

17.) 31 May 2021 16:38:01
I will tell you this Tom . this is our time to use everything we can to forge ahead . Next season will be the biggest season of our history . 35 mil up for grabs .
They are floundering big time . A couple of big signings fir us and we forge ahead . They are stuck between Roy of the rovers and the Aussie. both very dubious with regards to handling the pressure. We need to seize the day.

18.) 31 May 2021 16:57:33
From what I understand re Zone 7 it has no impact on when a player receives a bad challenge ligaments, tendons, muscle tears, broken bones ect. What it does is it reduces players missing training sessions with soft tissue damage, like pulled muscles, muscle stains ect It also allows players to push those muscles further safely, hence training at a higher level and at a higher intensity.
He said to me that the number re data gathered on individual players re their fitness levels was scary before and after zone7 was introduced.

Hope that clears up the Jack, Roofe ect situations.

19.) 31 May 2021 19:59:46
Wow the things they can do now is unreal
Thanks for info guys 😊.



10 May 2020 18:01:22
Guys with expected closed door games going to be with us for some time. If Rangers set up a virtual season ticket. How much would you expect them to change us.

The second part of my question is if they charged us the full price, that we paid for a normal season ticket. How many do you think would renew if it meant keeping us going in the right direction.

I for one would be willing to pay the current full season ticket cost. So my club can continue to bring in talent like hagi.
But I'm also aware that as a result of corvid 19 that several bears will have lost their jobs and season tickets will not be their priority.

Thoughts guys?

1.) 10 May 2020 19:46:33
I don't think I would pay full price of my season ticket. I pay over £800 for a season ticket in the club deck so to watch it on tv that’s a bit steep for me. I think £15 a game shown on tv and open it up to as many supporters as we can. Sky will show all the away games and OF games.

If we get 50,000 subsections at £15 tjhats £750,000 per game and if pubs stay shut I think we would get a lot more than that.

Great question as I have been thinking about this myself 👍.

2.) 10 May 2020 21:08:53
We could potentially sell well in excess of 50000 I think we could sell more actual season tickets we just don’t have the capacity. However I think even at £10 a game we would sell easily 50000 - 60000 virtual season tickets paid upfront plus £15 for people who pay on a game per game basis around the world could be easily another 50000 - 60000. The important thing is that we stick together in these times and do everything we can to support our great club.

3.) 10 May 2020 22:27:10
Stewartyblue, i'm like yourself mate, i will be renewing two tickets, more so cause i can afford to at this moment in time, plus the club needs as much money as they can get, if its to be watched on tv so be it, mate.

4.) 11 May 2020 09:17:32
The problem with virtual season tickets is they aren't allowed to screen the games in Britain as part of the broadcasting rights with sky. Any games shown need to be 24h after the event. There's no way sky would allow it. Only way to see the game is subscribe to rtv pay for the game and use a VPN to spoof location outside UK and roi.



21 Apr 2020 21:56:52
Just recieved this guys, thought I would share.

Eufa have advised that the scottish football league cannot be call as Rangers are currently active in the europa league.

Ending the season will also impact individual players contracts and that the scottish football league are reg members of European competitions and will risk losing this reg if they go against Eufa guidance.

1.) 22 Apr 2020 14:36:03
EUFA have said no objection now Stewarty.

2.) 23 Apr 2020 11:14:19
And when did they say that bb thought they said they would consider special cases.



01 Sep 2019 00:00:08
I see wee billy G made his first team debut today. Did we not have something in his sell contract. That Chelsea need to pay us if he makes his debut

Normally the press all over this so strange not heard anything unless there was nothing inserted. Which would be shocking on our part.

1.) 01 Sep 2019 00:53:01
Not sure about appearance clause mate pretty sure we insisted on sell on clause of 20% though.

2.) 01 Sep 2019 08:45:17
We need a left back, Taylor i 100 times better that what we have already got.

3.) 01 Sep 2019 11:24:50
Taylor will be caught out this season now that Killie aren't the same unit of a team they was last seast 2 seasons.

4.) 01 Sep 2019 11:31:38
Taylor going to smell. tic but ye would love stevie g to snatch him from under lemmons nose lol.

5.) 01 Sep 2019 15:38:01
No thanks.

6.) 02 Sep 2019 08:32:04
So rather than have Croatia's 1st choice left back, folk would rather take a boy from Killie who is maybe 3rd choice Scotland left back.
Get real guys.
Barasic will show his worth.

7.) 02 Sep 2019 09:46:15
Is that the Croatian left back that SG doesn’t trust enough to play yesterday?

8.) 02 Sep 2019 10:35:58
Hugh Jarse remind me how right Gerrard was with his selection yesterday .

9.) 02 Sep 2019 12:37:39
Flannagan was our best player after Davis against the manks kept Forrest and Christie quite.

10.) 02 Sep 2019 12:41:56
Hugh probably NCOs he had a concussion mate.

11.) 02 Sep 2019 15:11:23
Snell HowDid he have concussion, he was simply dropped for Flanagan.

12.) 02 Sep 2019 16:44:25
He suffered a concussion during the Legia again, with all the rules regarding concussion no way was SG going to chance playing him. Pity as I think he would have given us a more attacking option.




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19 Jun 2021 11:46:51
Afternoon fellow bears.

Not rumour but thought I would post for discussion.
I was in the pub the other day and got talking to a very interesting individual. He said that he was training to be a scout and agent.
He then told he had taken a year out for business and pleasure with his mrs last year and did a tour of 12 African countries basically back packing.

He said that he could believe the amount of undiscovered talent there is out there.
He said he watched a game where a 17 your old scored 12 goals and no one could get the ball off of him. He asked about the boy and the person running that game says he only plays for fun and doesn't have a regular team to play for.

I'm not sure what Brexit will do for our abilities to sign non EU players. But shouldn't we as a club be looking at developing a smaller scale Murray park in regions like this. Where trials are held every three months. If we find any gems we could send them to our partners in india b4 getting them over here.

Thoughts guys.

1.) 19 Jun 2021 12:15:33
Sounds a good idea if it’s possible to do so.

2.) 19 Jun 2021 12:44:35
Didn't Chelsea get a transfer embargo for hoovering up all the young African talent?

3.) 19 Jun 2021 14:11:43
How do you 'train' to be a scout and an agent?

4.) 19 Jun 2021 14:51:04
I done the agent course but I can't tell you or pass on any info about it. I'm a secret agent 😎.

5.) 19 Jun 2021 21:20:59
Training to be a scout and an agent, surely he's been pulling your leg mate?

Theres been untold talent across Africa since God was a wean, has he just been told about it.



11 Jun 2021 16:16:59
I see a lot of our fans in high spirits about Celtic new appointment.
I seriously think we should be less arrogant, this guy is an unknown quantity that could quite poss get them firing again.
We will have plenty on time to give them pelters if it does work out for their new manager.
Let's not give them an excuse to rally behind him as the underdog that came good ect.

SG and our team should still be treating them as a benchmark and the team to catch.
Yes we won the league but we will need a similar high standard this season to match them, as they are hurt and I'm sure they want to put that right.
They still have the ability to buy three or four 5 to 6 million pound players.

So let's focus focus focus on them still being the team to catch. don't let out guard down guys.

1.) 11 Jun 2021 17:01:25
Good point Stewartyblue. I agree. Personally I am more interested in seeing who we sign to strengthen our squad and help us to make a serious assault on Europe as well as retaining the league. What that lot in the East End do is of little interest to me.

2.) 11 Jun 2021 17:32:10
We don't need to concern ourselves with their appointment as long as we recruit well in summer and keep the best of our team together. We need to improve for the step up to champions league level that's a tough job for stevie gerrard and Co. But I've every faith in him to come up with the goods.

3.) 11 Jun 2021 17:56:20
Stewarty, sg been around the Bush and I'm sure him, his backroom team and gers as a club are taking him seriously. fans tho is a diffrent story.

4.) 11 Jun 2021 19:27:10
Agree 100% guys, as long as we concentrate on what we are doing it will make no difference what kind of coach he is.

5.) 11 Jun 2021 20:24:23
I'm really not concerned one bit about Celtic's new manager. Yes he says the right things that their supporters want to hear, but we have Mr Gerrard and Co who will win title number 56. I'm really looking forward to next season with new players to strengthen the squad and hopefully we'll all be back at Ibrox soon.

6.) 12 Jun 2021 11:06:47
Apparently the new ciach of smeltic fc is from Athens so that makes him Athenian 😂🇬🇧.



08 Jun 2021 21:34:28
Not sure if there is anything in it but drove passed Murray park about 6 ish 2 black range rovers windows all blacked out pulled in. Could be nothing or maybe someone getting a wee tour. can't see it being any of our current team at that time at that time.



08 Jun 2021 03:14:22
Wee question guys. What's your thoughts on do you think Patterson can developing into better or equal player to KT or Robertson only on the right.

If better or even equal, when and if we sell him. I think would should be asking 25 to 30 million.

1.) 08 Jun 2021 06:31:51
As good as I think he is I'd rather see him earn the number 2 shirt at rangers first before comparisons or transfers are made.

2.) 08 Jun 2021 07:08:46
I think your getting a wee bit ahead of yourself Stewarty. Yes it would be great if he turns out a high value player but it's a bit early for that as he's not even first pick for us.

3.) 08 Jun 2021 10:06:25
The boys 19 and played a handful of games. let's see what he's like when he's 21 and played 40,50 games.

4.) 08 Jun 2021 10:16:25
I think Paterson can be a better defender but time will tell how good he is going forward. Think of the assists and free kicks etc Tav does for us, Paterson has yet to show that level. As I say, time will tell but let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet. Great prospect though and I hope he stays.

5.) 08 Jun 2021 10:51:10
Early signs are certainly promising, time will tell though👍.



03 Jun 2021 09:19:42
A bit on controversy guys for debate. Hows about a wee cheeky offer of a pre contract to christie. Give the Celtic fans a wee xmas present of signing one of their best players on a free.
But from a pure football side of things. I still think he is a good player and would be a good option. Think SG would get him firing again. Also Scottish so would be good for this Eufa squad thing.

Thoughts guys.

1.) 03 Jun 2021 10:20:06
It’s a bit early to be on the drink Stewarty?

2.) 03 Jun 2021 10:27:33
Personaly think there's better out there that we should be attracting.

3.) 03 Jun 2021 10:53:02
Better players? He is rank wouldn’t touch with a barge pole.

4.) 03 Jun 2021 11:11:31
He'd cost a fortune on lost balls for the amount he sky's over the bar and out the stadium!

5.) 03 Jun 2021 11:18:50
I think we are basing his ability on last season. The previous couple of seasons I think he was one of their best attacking options under Rodgers, hence why I said maybe SG and Beale could get him firing again and would imho be a good signing on a free.

6.) 03 Jun 2021 11:37:04
At one point he was thier best player. I think it's a good shout but wouldn't happen.

7.) 03 Jun 2021 11:45:59
Hes absolute rank rotten. Why would we offer him a contract.

8.) 03 Jun 2021 12:31:53
Are you at the wind up Stewarty mate? I'm just getting over another poster on here suggesting we sign the thumb a while back, then this! He'd be lucky to make our bench. Not a chance! He's an overrated, Rangers hating, wee fud!

9.) 03 Jun 2021 13:45:55
Think a would rather have mcburnie 😂😂.

10.) 03 Jun 2021 14:06:24
Listen guys I know a lot have the blue tinted glasses on. But for me Christie is a good player, that would improve our squad and weaken theirs.

Would it happen, prob not in a million years. Just thought I would spark a wee debate. Just a bit of fun to noise up the other mob across the city.

11.) 03 Jun 2021 16:28:03
Too many smashed windows on Copeland rd,

12.) 03 Jun 2021 17:42:01
I ain’t got blue tinted specs on he had one good season IMO and he is rank rotten the rest.

I live with a Celtic fan who can’t wait to get rid of him and the majority of Celtic fans I speak to say the same.

13.) 04 Jun 2021 07:12:27
Stewartyblue well you ain't insane there is a few rumours going about, about this bro and Stevie Gerrard really rated him and if he's good enough for him and Beale he's good enough for me and his 2 years with the sheep he was brilliant and then 2 years for Celtic after that, all Celtic players were crap last season so that doesn't really count for the boy but I see him going to Leicester or Villa this coming or next season.




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07 Jun 2021 09:36:54
Glad to see some got the joke lol.



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31 May 2021 16:57:33
From what I understand re Zone 7 it has no impact on when a player receives a bad challenge ligaments, tendons, muscle tears, broken bones ect. What it does is it reduces players missing training sessions with soft tissue damage, like pulled muscles, muscle stains ect It also allows players to push those muscles further safely, hence training at a higher level and at a higher intensity.
He said to me that the number re data gathered on individual players re their fitness levels was scary before and after zone7 was introduced.

Hope that clears up the Jack, Roofe ect situations.



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30 May 2021 23:05:36
Check the web site that superally provided stig. Had a wee look, it looks amazing bro.



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17 Jun 2020 12:53:18
I can't see that happening paul because if we actual win it. It would be automatic entry to champions league group stages. So they will need to play b4.

I think the whole thing is totally unfair and stinks, as I stated in an earlier post. Once again shafted by the SFA and most of Scottish football. Did they take us still being in europe into consideration when making the dodgy vote to end the season.
Now we are left with a situation of going into a game with no competitive games under our belts. Where Leverkusen will have being playing competitive football for a couple of months.



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13 Jun 2020 15:24:39
Neil this another scoop how sure are you mate. Would make a great edition.




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20 Jun 2021 18:39:16
I maybe wrong but doesn't Scott Brown not have a 2.5 mill price on his head. Maybe not talking about the same thing 😂😂😂.



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17 Jun 2021 23:26:10
I'm sure he tested positive for C.V., 19 days ago banx so prob had to isolate for 10 -14 days.



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15 Jun 2021 18:52:47
I'm actually quite glad its early on as they will be trying bed in the 15 new players 😂😂😂.



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09 Jun 2021 02:28:14
Sir walter smith stand, dave King Rangers museum, and the davie Cooper, Rangers training arena. Everybody is happy.



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07 Jun 2021 15:44:11
Tom the numbers they achieved re shut outs and goals conceded over the season will disagree with you buddy. Up there with the top 5 defensive records in our history buddy.