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09 May 2020 14:27:57
I see Partick Thistle have posted the letter they sent to the SPFL, it seems day by day clubs will in one way or another support our argument, Falkirk have added their voice and i expect a few more, it will be interesting how our bitter press attend to these clubs. All is not lost guys, John Bennett clearly laid a marker down, an did well i think. The next steps will be the clowns at the SPFL to bitterly respond as usual.


1.) 09 May 2020 14:49:34
Made a mistake last night and watched a bit of please Soccer. Roughie was having a go at the SPFL and seemed to think it might be a good idea to vote for Rangers' call for a further investigation. Cue idiotic presenter Peter Martin shouting over him and ranting like a loon.

Good to see Partick speaking out but there won't be enough clubs voting along with us. Only maybe ones like Hearts who will suffer over the leagues being ended early.

2.) 09 May 2020 15:12:25
Yup the stuff I read from Patrick thistle makes interesting reading. Seems it's not just rangers that are questioning the SPFL and how it's run.
Have to say I think partick and Stranraer have been properly shafted.

3.) 09 May 2020 16:22:16
The only clubs who will back Rangers are the club's who have something to lose ( relegation ) or have still something to play for ( promotion ) .
And only Falkirk and ICT were interested in that route - the rest have all gave up! They are only interested in the money.
Just like the Premier league teams who rejected league reconstruction as they don't want to miss out on games against the Old Firm.

4.) 09 May 2020 16:26:10
Guys looks like we have loaded the gun for others to fire the bullets/ lit the blue touch paper and standing back. Just listened to Sportsound and from what I was hearing from those taking part IMO we may/ just may get the Inquiry we are requesting. Funny how this week the SPFL refused to take part. Hope lots of chairmen were also listening. The bullying went down to non league clubs.

5.) 09 May 2020 16:44:47
we clearly will not get enough votes for an independant vote. Too many anti Rangers clubs out there who are only interested in self preservation and not the greater good of the Scottish game. Next week we should the ball rolling on court action with Doncaster the number 1 target on the list.

6.) 09 May 2020 17:46:26
The only time any of the rest of teams want anything to do with us is to fill there grounds. i am coming round to the idea of taking a thousand tickets and let them get on with it. We didn’t play too badly at parkhead with about 59Thousand shouting against us.

7.) 09 May 2020 18:12:06
Hearts and Thistle along with Stranrar, Falkirk and the non league teams all shafted. The rest are just nodding dogs. How does the kingmaker from Dundee feel now, he thought reconstruction would include them getting up. what a prat, hope he sleeps well knowing what he has done, will he now come out with what made them change their vote?
I think Hearts and Thistle and Stranraer will go the legal route as they do have a case, and a strong case.
Re SPFL, now looks like the other clubs are seeing the light with more coming out in what’s been said by other clubs. hope they get what they deserve, the sack.
Season needs to be null and void.

8.) 09 May 2020 21:04:27
The kingmaker was obviously offered xyz.
All the other clubs not offered xyz just need to lump it .

I knew from the start that the reconstruction carrot was just a smoke screen by spfl to appease the punished clubs, and it worked . It was never a goer and they should have looked for assurances or proof that it had a chance . Total smoke screen .
Long way to go yet.

9.) 09 May 2020 22:24:02
Null and void will mean liability of a lot more than the 10 million you are shocked by. Put that to the premiership clubs. Vote to null and void and lose all tv income you've received. Your club would rather go bust than pay back money they don't have.

10.) 09 May 2020 22:42:08
On the radio today a representative of the Lowland League stated that around 5 months ago Brechin (who even at that time looked doomed to drop out of League 2) contacted the LL and sought their approval to join the LL in lieu of Highland League.

The Brechin chairman (who’s an SPFL Board member) implied that the LL teams would not get an invite into the Tunnocks Cup unless they let Brechin join the LL. Brechin were told to do one apparently.

11.) 10 May 2020 03:14:31
Fifer that is total hearsay . I have it on good authority that the tv monies have been paid to spfl with a guarantee that no mater what, no attempt to recoup the monies would follow. so you are talking Colin nish my friend, and so are the spfl . Lying through their teeth.

12.) 10 May 2020 07:58:31
Spot on Molsgoals, Sky or any Broadcaster for that matter will understand the seriousness of C.V., they're not going to cut off their nose to spite their face.

13.) 10 May 2020 17:47:58
Why would the tv companies demand a refund on a null and void season anyway? People watched the games and were entertained. They paid their fees in good faith. These are unprecedented times and nobody's fault. If it is logistically not possible to finish the season the only fair and sensible thing to do is void the competition and reload next season.

You can't award clubs titles and relegate others without completing the season. Is it not feasible that we could have won our game in hand and beaten them twice, thereby reducing the deficit to only 4 points? Is it really not possible given how the OF games have gone this season?



02 Jun 2014 18:44:54
Good luck to young Telfer, Rangers and Ally in particular, are just not interested in the quality youngsters, our club is a shambles, get rid of the management team, start the season afresh, we have to build, not top up aged players pensions. Disgusted


1.) I agree BB he has to go can't blame young Telfer for leaving. I know his Dad a little as I worked in Lanark where there from for years. They were not happy with how many times he was on the bench and never even got a run out. Good luck to him watch him win young player of the season in the SPFL or something next year now we've let him go. I'm sure there's more decent lads in Centre mid there let's see who the next new name warming the bench next season is. While Black & Law are undroppable no matter what kind of form there in.

2.) This is another reason I won't renew the management are clueless. time mccoist went.

3.) 02 Jun 2014 21:36:17
If you read the lads quote it is even worse. Leaves us to get first team game time in SPL. Praises united for developing their youth. McCoist should hang his head in shame. If the board wants to sell season ticket then the answer is simple . Get rid of the clown that is McCoist



22 May 2014 14:11:34
Neil Lennon does walking away. Our Ally does not,,, don't know whether to laugh or cry. funny old game ain't it.


1.) Yes Billy, they might get a good manager now and we are still stuck with ours. If the reverse was true, that would be a result.

2.) Correct chaps this "we don't do walking away" is coming back to haunt us.
Ally please forget you ever said that.
Your football product which is all you want to concentrate on is woeful.
Preserve your legend status and go now?
Because you will never be a manager.
The polls don't lie only 28% are not renewing solely because of the board.
72% are not renewing because of the football and the board.
This is probably the most unpopular board in 142 years but only 28% are not renewing solely because of the board
Sadly Ally you are as big a threat to the club's future as the board
Ibrox is less than half full because of your woefull football product.
No one else to blame it is you Ally- no one else- time to leave mate.
Go whilst it leaves time for your replacement to plan for next season- please!



15 May 2014 16:50:04
Just a post to say get well to Danny Mcgrain, along with our own, sadly departed Sandy Jardine, the best two full backs Scottish football ever produced, So all the best Danny.


1.) Hear hear, great pair of fullbacks,

2.) A Drumchapel boy like myself. get well soon danny.

{Ed039's Note - A true legend, I hope Danny recovers quickly, a man from a day when players were both tough as hell and absolute gents)

3.) Ed your post at 2 those were the days ffs now its more like a non contact sport it was good to see some rough but fare tackling but alas those days are going going gone eh

4.) @4 What if the youth failed to win us promotion then that policy would cost us money then reality really would bite.

5.) Get well soon Danny



15 Apr 2014 18:04:34
Well folks, I don't expect a great crowd tonight, and we will struggle to break down a determined Forfar, so no change there, but I do expect the players to put in the effort they did on Saturday, nothing less will do, the fans on Saturday did them proud. I think the latest spat between the board and Mr King will get fans attention yet again. I can't wait till the season ends, i'm drained of all emotion, i'm a Ranger, first and foremost, but this has been the worst time of my footballing life. Rangers Always. Come on the Rangers!


1.) Billy b good news mickey mouse has an ally macoist watch which sums up expertise




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23 May 2020 20:03:29
Loved Andy's passion, should have been captain, would have drove us on better than Tav, and would never come out with the pressure comment like the one from Tav, i hope he goes to a good team, and has a great final few years of a career, a Rangers man through and through. You will always be highly thought of Andy, you are one of us.




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08 May 2020 15:56:29
If the figure of 8 Mill is correct, its ta ta Glen thanks for the memories, we need to strengthen and his fee will no doubt help, say with Hagi at 4 and a half it would be a no brainer. There are a few clubs supposed to be interested in Alfie, again, only top dollar, reluctant as i would be, we need to get better as a squad, that's where we are short, send the loans back, build a better 16 man squad, This next season will be the most important in our history, we have challenged the SPFL and its cronies, every hurdle they can find will be put in our paths from this day on, believe me they will try to destroy us. We must not falter, blue pound only for Rangers, sod the rest. Keep safe guys, and let's await the fall out, these twats will try and sanction our club for having the balls to challenge them, watch this space.




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03 May 2020 12:40:28
What do we really expects from ex dhim players, and the cheek to call us obsessed, all Rangers and us fans have asked for is fairness, i am not interested if they get the title, i will deal with that, truthfully we would not have caught them, but, and it's a big but, we never got the chance to do it on the park. Stubbs using EBT'S as a smokescreen to cover up the despicable behaviour of Doncaster, MacLennan and that other donkey at the SPFL, if the top is run by crooks, we don't have a chance. So Stubbs Sutton Hartson and Walker et al, can go fxxx themselves. They are basically condoning cheating at the top of the game. Says it all really, enjoy your 8* dhims.





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07 Jun 2020 20:51:01
Yeah Baz was brilliant for a spell at Rangers, left for the wrong club, but he went down in my estimation with some of the drivel he came out with in the press about Rangers, of all the guys you want your ex captains to fight your corner with the bitter Scottish press. We have too many ex players bad mouthing us and acting like uncle Toms in the press, it disgusts me.




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05 Jun 2020 17:06:16
Call me old fashioned or a dreamer, but, i genuinely think we have a few young guns in the youth rank who will be used next season, we are not shopping in Harrods for players i know that, but, some players in the Prem and Championship would relish the challenge of playing for a massive club with amazing supporters, and SG is a pull as manager, all is not lost, we won't be spending fortunes, but i believe we will get a bit more quality in. Remember the dhims are going for 9'5* in a row, and it needs to be stopped, so patience lads, let that lot go on the phone lines and newspaper forum foaming at the mouth, let's keep our powder dry and await lift off, we live in their heads they can't enjoy success as long as we exist, and i laugh my head off at the drivel they come out with, 4 tainted titles with no Rangers in the league, and they are proud of that, they have no shame, since 1888. let's stick together like never before, us against the world if you will. Rangers first Rangers always, keep safe bears and bearettes,




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27 May 2020 10:18:20
Regards players coming in, happy with Hagi, got a bit about him, a good pre season when we can, he will be a bargain, some of the names mentioned not too keen, Docherty as good as Ferguson, another experienced back up keeper. I just want players in who will not wilt under pressure eh Tav, i want guys who will do the shirt proud, and stop the east enders and their gloating ex players. I am sure we will have some irons in the fire, but we needa bit of quality in, the squad is too lightweight. We are not far off, just mentally weak, that's the issue Stevie needs to address, we need winners, don't care where we get them or at what price, Winners and guys that get playing for a great club like Rangers. Keep safe guys.




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25 May 2020 13:29:13
I don't trust any other club chairman, they are all chancers and hustlers, trying to screw Rangers at every turn, then expect our fans to fill their grounds twice a season, not for me, i would boycott them all, they are cowards who hide behind Doncaster's petty coat. They had a unique chance to flush out the SPFL, and make changes for the betterment of all of Scottish football, and they bottled it, because they felt they wouldn't get their money, a pathetic bunch. Our own Chairman did his best with little ammunition, but at least he gave it a go, his ego will be bruised, but as a supporter he has my backing. He knows as well as us fans, the SPFL will stiff us at every opportunity, we must stick together, no favours will be coming our way. They got what they wanted a tainted 8* title. Next season like no other, we will have to go the extra mile. let's Go together,




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12 May 2020 21:46:02
Trophyholder, you will be going for 9* in a row, just for correction, and watch you don't fall off of your high horse, Rangers Do have the whole of Scottish football at heart. Now your CEO has concluded that they are happy with the SPFL, you can now drop the masonic paranioa you consistently use as an excuse when you lose or things don't go your way. And for the record 30% of clubs, a third, have noted and protested by vote, that they are not happy with the governance of Scottish football. The big white tin of paint and the brush emanated from your club. We will battle on, because as you and your club vehemently protest. Sporting Integrity.