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03 Nov 2016 02:46:25
Heard from a wee birdie that Bedoya has been in talks about coming back. The guy that told is a bit of a donut but he seemed pretty certain that it's true.


1.) 03 Nov 2016 06:27:53
Was the birdie called orvil.

2.) 03 Nov 2016 11:39:37
will he be like bobby ewing and come back out the shower?

3.) 03 Nov 2016 17:36:27
Brilliant one liners guys! 🎣.



27 Oct 2016 07:54:32
Warburton and Weir wanted by Wigan. I don't want to see him leave.


1.) 27 Oct 2016 10:15:37
They can both leave for Wigan, out their depth in the premiership. May get some compensation for Warburton if he goes!

2.) 27 Oct 2016 13:13:07
naw just naw.

3.) 27 Oct 2016 17:11:27
the so called new manager will have to face the same 9/ 10 men defences that warburton has faced . and teams playing as if it was their cup final.

4.) 27 Oct 2016 18:50:51
Yes of course it is the same 9/ 10 defences but Warburton doesn't seem to have the "key" to open them and doesn't appear to be searching for it.

Sorry but he is a "rookie" manager and if he doesn't change then "he" will need to be changed.

Where is the freshness of the early promise of last season - he is beginning to look tried out - no new ideas - like McCoist .

5.) 27 Oct 2016 18:29:15
Nobody said they wouldn't but if we were more direct we would win more games he bases everything around possesion stats but that doesn't win u games look at Leicester last year averaged around 40% possesion more games but had s defensive structure and hard to break down we lose the ball were all over the shop.

6.) 27 Oct 2016 19:17:17
Did u honestly think we were going to challenge for league this year, reality check is needed, still a work in progress but i do wish he would try 4-4-2,badly need 2 up top.

7.) 27 Oct 2016 19:49:46
So Warburton goes, who do we get as manager, do we embarrass ourselves and stoop to an all-time low by going for Sheridan's pal, Davies or do we go for McInnes, who has done nothing at Aberdeen or some other second rate Manager, or do we turn the clock back and return for Macleish or Smith, the latter of who would most likely want serious investment.

Let's be blunt, Celtic brought in the exLiverpool manager because they feared Warburton and they have a significantly superior squad to us! So who, that is a quality manager, is going to leave a Club where they are doing well to come to Rangers when there is no investment and a lame duck Chairman!

Maybe we could put an SOS out to Souness and ask him if he can convince Kennedy to invest although I suspect that both would be happy to see Warburton remain and complete the job he started. The only big plus would be that with Souness as CEO and Kennedy Investment we would have a Rangers man that knows what winning is at the helm and a serious investor.

{Ed039's Note - investment is difficult right now because we can not put out a share issue and nobody wants to put money in while mike Ashley still had the retail deal tied up in knots, anybody putting money in now would be doing so with soft loans with the promise of shares in the future ...... that does not bode well with most serious businessmen)

8.) 27 Oct 2016 20:53:56
Like one of the previous posters mentioned every game against us is like a cup final. Other clubs hate us and don't want to see us back at the top. I've watched the other mob a few times this season and teams don't sit in the way they do against us. Granted it's up to us to find a way around it, and by us I mean the Hat. The only real thing about the hat that annoys me is his unwavering faith in Kiernan. The guy is a disaster. Thought we looked much more solid when he was injured.

9.) 28 Oct 2016 01:12:58
This is exactly what i mean ohalloran and garner to be droped for mckay llf n fat waggy against killie wtf. This really is takin the piss warbs is doing a le guen moh was fantastic other night so was garner who scored why drop them for two players who have been utter garbage honestly warburton its time u got your jotters pal.

10.) 28 Oct 2016 03:30:21
dont think its any longer a case of Rangers being a cup final to smaller teams, these teams now just know there is a good chance of getting points.

11.) 28 Oct 2016 08:57:59
I think maybe we need to draw teams out to attack us and then attack them quickly rather than making 40 passes before we have a dig.

Good possession football is great when you have a world class forwards but I think the old saying goals win games couldn't be more relevant to us.

There are games we have dominated and got nothing from but being a bit more direct rather than trying to be took arty farty would probably win us games.

Why don't we be direct the first half or until we get in front then switch to a possession based game.

12.) 28 Oct 2016 13:56:05
pure joke honestly the guy is trying to build something here at our great club.
he has to be given time to build it .
some people (stupid people) expect us to be top of the league the now. we are only two points behind Aberdeen and we have had a poor start to the season.
if anyone else thinks some1 else would be in a better position at this stage is we just ignorant to the fact we havnt played in the spl in 5 years.
give the man time to do his job and stop acting like spoilt brats.

I still feel we will improve and we will still finish a distant second . which is all we can ask for .
warbs has done a great job getting i9n the players he did with the money he had yes not all of them have worked out but the likes of rossiter windass tav forrester these guys are steals and we should appreciate what he does do instead of a poor start.

13.) 28 Oct 2016 17:03:54
Agreed james stirling. we need to recognise where we have been and now where we r going too. if we get top 3 this year that gets us into Europe . ideally 2nd. We must get behind the team and manager.2nd season was always gona b tough. Takes a lot to wear our famous blue jersey. some players r only finding this out. windass rossiter and crooks will b big players for us. once the team gels we will get drastically better. Keep the faith.

14.) 28 Oct 2016 18:56:30
Perhaps Warburton underestimated the quality of the SPL or he overestimated the quality of the players that he had at his disposal.

Put simply, the majority of players that we have are nothing special, most of them lack commitment, (few give 100% in every game) . They lack a winning material, they don't like getting 'stuck in' and they don't appear to know what it means to wear the Rangers jersey.

Due to a lack of investment and to date a failure to invest properly in the playing staff it is quite clear that Warburton has had to take a risk on signing players like Rossiter, an up and coming young player of quality but equally a player with a history of injury.

That lack of investment resulted in panic signings for a centre back when what was really needed was a quality centre half, ideally one that could also take on the job of team captain since right now we are leaderless on the Park. As a result we have increased our costs by signing two players, (Senderos and Hill), that have no sell on value and are hardly in the top tier of defenders in the UK today. It no doubt also caused Warburton to lose out on first choice players and end up with Barton.

We need to wait until January to see whether King comes up with the finance, and assuming that he does, (a dangerous assumption), then whether Warburton uses the money wisely to secure a quality centre back, a quality left sided attacking player and a striker. Of course if we need to supplement the King investment with further monies we could always try and sell Waghorn and McKay so we max out on their value before they are seen to be no more than Scottish Championship Level players.

15.) 29 Oct 2016 01:50:27
This season was always going to be a F#@KER! Never mind all the crap off-field that we've had to carry, this season we have the goal of a top 2-3 finish and a Cup run, I can get my head round that easily and I was one who thought that at the beginning something better was possible :/ Anyways I've said my piece before regarding formations BUT Warbs has his preferred system and he believes in it AND it can work if the players are switched on and nail it, confidence plays a huge part in this system. After everything tho my two biggest worries are Waghorn and Kiernan! Wags has been posted missing in Prem games and I don't see him producing anything when on the right, even when Warbs doesn't start him he turns to him on the bench before the likes of Forrester Dodoo O'halloran etc I do feel for these guys who see someone consistently getting game time and not havin an impact, NOTHING! . And now the re-emergence of Kiernan who I really worry about.
As for Jan, all I want to see FIRST is an attacking Wingers with a LEFT FOOT!

16.) 29 Oct 2016 07:06:29
Get rid of Warburton then sell Waghorn and McKay and play Michael Ohalloran and Joe Garner every week. Brilliant.

17.) 29 Oct 2016 16:23:07
Rick who would you bring in?

18.) 29 Oct 2016 21:16:03
the ed is 100% correct we do not know how lucky we are with king and co willing to invest in the club while its still running at a loss and everything loaned interest free no bank finance company or individual would lend to the club with its recent financial history but it all will change for the better.

19.) 29 Oct 2016 23:22:19
More like it today. MOH makes a significant difference. I just hope that we work on this as our starting eleven from now on. Much better performance than in midweek. A good performance all round even if Kiernan worries me overtime the opposition come forward.

20.) 30 Oct 2016 11:19:03
Says this from the start what a huge difference michael o'halloran is to our team by far the fastest player in scotland i hope he starts against celtic at ibrox, reminds me bit like ivan sproule it hibs who allways ran riot against us and allways scored.



19 Sep 2016 19:36:39
The other day I posted about what happens between Barton and Halliday. I was speaking to my source again tonight and he told me how it all kicked off.

There was a bounce game involving some U20 players, and JB kept the on calling one of them the wrong name in a derogatory fashion. (The u20 player shall remain anonymous)
The U20 player then nutmegged JB and challenged him to call him the name again, after this JB went through the back of the young boy injuring him.

This is when Halliday stepped in and had a go at Barton for the way he was acting and it all kicked off from there.

Again, on passing on what I was told from my mates brother. He was involved in the game.


1.) 19 Sep 2016 20:27:42
Could you imagine if souness or John Brown were there it wouldn't matter how hard Barton thought he was he wouldn't be hard enough.

2.) 19 Sep 2016 20:35:26
I could imagine this being an accurate account of events, given JB has previous for bullying younger players, and the fact his over inflated ego wouldn't take a nutmeg from a young fit lad. If it is the case, then good on AH for standing up to him.

3.) 19 Sep 2016 21:07:51
Absolute bollocks.

4.) 19 Sep 2016 21:11:24
I think that everyone is jumping on the "get JB out" bandwagon. We all knew of JB's history before he signed no one actually knows what's happened, I still think he has a lot to give! Yes he has had a slow start but so has most of the players but to ban him for 3 weeks I personally don't think is the answer.

5.) 19 Sep 2016 21:38:03
Thanks for the reply Hooly. I can assure this isn't "absolute bolloks" as you put it.
Just for the record I think JB will come good. He is undoubtedly a decent player and in time his quality will shine through.

6.) 19 Sep 2016 22:25:00
Gave Barton the benefit of the doubt when he joined but either way it's just proof he hasn't really changed! It's obvious there were no major dramas at Burnley because they had good form all year and was all easy with nobody questioning him! Was supposed to lead by example on and off the park but instead has embarrassed himself in trademark fashion. Waste of space and we're better without him!

7.) 19 Sep 2016 23:18:54
It was young josh jeffries.

8.) 20 Sep 2016 00:38:21
Yea that's right Negri, JB kept calling him Jock (the English way of speaking about Scottish people)

Then when young Josh pegged him, JB took the nip and clattered him.

9.) 20 Sep 2016 08:05:06
I find it very unfortunate, given the journey we've been on, that all news from the club is about Joey Barton, an overrated, under performing footballer who has been a resounding disappointment in every respect. He is not the foundation for development and growth of our club. We are better than that.

10.) 20 Sep 2016 08:25:48
Are you sure? So a young lad and Halliday the "Protector" takes massive hump about being called 'Jock" and this then leads to what is now being portrayed as the biggest fall out in Football history and potentially a huge financial risk if we have tp pay Barton off. Just don't get it; there must be something more sinister. Either way we are back talking about non football issues but this major distraction, which MW and the Club don't cover themselves in glory.

11.) 20 Sep 2016 10:35:08
Absolute pish.

Our manager couldn't take any criticism that's what it is, granted the way it was done wasn't fantastic i. e on the training ground and not in private. That's all.

12.) 20 Sep 2016 10:56:33
cant see him getting to play for us again to be honest .
he could have turned out good for us but played way too slow the games he has played but he is a goof footballer but is also a bit od a d*ck as we all knew before he signed.

13.) 20 Sep 2016 09:50:27
He called him Jock a few times and it was seen as a bit or a joke, but after a while a few senior player told JB to wrap it and call him by his real name.

I have no doubt things escalated from that, and one we argument led to another and things blew up.

14.) 20 Sep 2016 13:46:47
Apparently he is 'hated' in the dressing room (according to some guy on Five Live), don't think it has done much for the team spirit.

15.) 20 Sep 2016 14:23:44
Back when Souness was manager I played with Rangers for a short time. The exact same senerio happened to me and the Gaffer. We had a bounce game after training and I nutmegged the Gaffer. Next thing I know I am on the floor. He totally came after me and took me out off the ball. lol
The difference back then was that it was excepted and normal for him to pay back. I was later told if I ever embarrass the Gaffer again I would be docked.

16.) 20 Sep 2016 15:57:13
Josh Jeffries I heard is the u20 player.

17.) 20 Sep 2016 16:45:28
Kevin1984 you are right. Everything I've said regarding this post is accurate.

18.) 20 Sep 2016 16:52:13
It's normal practice for senior players to play harder at practice games against younger players, my son was harshly fouled from behind by Souness after he beat him and one of the young players complained to Mad Dog McGregor that his wages were short Β£5 and McGregor stated you embarrassed the gaffer by nutmegging him. So this has been going on with teams for years no big deal. But apparently this is a big deal I don't know why. My son has even worse stories that he experienced at Aberdeen and Coventry City.

19.) 20 Sep 2016 16:10:22
His publisher must be delighted.
Sport Direct don't own a publisher do they?

20.) 21 Sep 2016 09:59:47
Its funny Boydy talking about Bartons lack of application and professionalism. 2 seasons ago in his second spell at ibrox, he must have weighed about 16st, and could barely run 10 yards lol.

21.) 27 Sep 2016 13:46:33
If the above is true then well done to Halliday but what the hell was our Captain doing. Butcher, Gough, Amoruso and a host of other past captains wouldn't have allowed this to happen. Wallace unfairtunately is void of leadership qualities as can be seen every game we play!




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10 Feb 2017 22:37:52
Pardew or Walter SOS


1.) 10 Feb 2017 23:39:39

2.) 11 Feb 2017 00:09:25
Pardew would be a great choice but not going to happen.



04 Feb 2017 16:52:21
Warburton out

Time for Dave King to step up


1.) 04 Feb 2017 17:16:01
You'll be waiting a while mucker!
King is a joke!

2.) 04 Feb 2017 18:41:54
I think Dave king just playing us . he should sell the club.



02 Feb 2017 00:43:17
I must agree with the majority of posts. I've tried to defend Warbs time after time but it time for change. 25 points behind on the 1st February is incomprehensible! It cannot go on! Back the guy or sack the guy! Unfortunately I think it's time to sack the guy




25 Dec 2016 17:03:31
Merry Christmas everyone, hope all is well and having a great evening.

Scott πŸŽ…πŸ»πŸŽ„.




30 Nov 2016 21:47:32
For a while I've been backing MW and trying to give him credit.

Unfortunately now the more I see of this Rangers team the less faith I have in him.

I'm not quite ready for saying he has to go but yet again he has no plan B and it's starting to wear thin. Everyone knows how we play and when Wes Fod punts it long we have NOTHING up top.
We are rapidly becoming the most predictable team in Scotland.


1.) 30 Nov 2016 21:53:41
Cannot believe that performance tonight. We started first fifteen minutes ok but after that. Terrible full game. Tav needs to take look at himself for they goals but overall we were slow and didn't show up AGAIN.

2.) 30 Nov 2016 22:34:08
Tavernier was our best defender. Wallace was given the run around and our two centre backs were not at the races. In midfield only Halliday deserves any merit and Holt yet again was totally out of his depth!




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11 Feb 2017 12:49:55
I'd be looking at Pardew, or at a push Sean Dyche.




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10 Feb 2017 23:56:41
Bruno πŸ‘πŸΌ




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03 Feb 2017 16:08:06
Not for a minute am I saying we're going to god spend millions on players, nor am daft enough to think we are operating with profit, however to say we have NO money is far fetched. There will be a squad budget! My opinion is DK doesn't trust Warb, Weir an McP to spend whatever precious finance we do have




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03 Feb 2017 16:08:06
Not for a minute am I saying we're going to god spend millions on players, nor am daft enough to think we are operating with profit, however to say we have NO money is far fetched. There will be a squad budget! My opinion is DK doesn't trust Warb, Weir an McP to spend whatever precious finance we do have




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03 Feb 2017 12:18:05
Will people stop going on about having no money! No one from Rangers has actually said we have no money! We just spent money in the transfer window.





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04 Feb 2017 19:01:09
I honestly don't think the players are that bad! Every player can have a few bad games I firmly believe the formation and the coaching is the problem. The favouritism shown towards players that under perform every week is shocking! The lack of giving some younger guys a chance is also worrying. We have 3 or 4 young guys on the fringes that are getting overlooked for the same dross every week.
Kiernan, Tav and Halliday should have been dropped weeks ago and replaced with young fresh energetic legs.

We don't score goals and we're not solid at the back. It's a lottery which Rangers are going to turn up and in my opinion that comes from the management team not being assertive enough. Wether that come from lack of scouting opposition or stubbornness to change I don't know but thinks need to change.

I'm getting fed up spending my Saturdays watching junk. I'd be better going to watch a junior team, at least they battle for each other

Mr King has some pressing decisions to make otherwise Ibrox will get more empty by the week




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03 Feb 2017 20:31:26
Why?! He wasn't anywhere near good enough. Gasparotto isnr exactly setting the heather alight in the Championship! We also got rid of Pascazio and now he's at Montrose or something.
We haven't had a decent CB in years! Getting rid of these boys isn't the reason we can't defend




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02 Feb 2017 00:50:11
Clint Hill has been one of our best players this year. He is one guy I would keep




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02 Feb 2017 00:47:11
I agree Bob, time to see wig Warbs has any balls. Drop the pals act. Out for Tav, Kiernan, Wallace, Halliday and Waghorn. Bring in some fringe guys with a bit of fight. Give the big CB from Falkirk a chance (his name escapes me) .
I am no football expert nor do I have the answers on who we bring in. but things need to chnage




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31 Jan 2017 01:07:40
2nd rate goalkeeper? Scraping around? No Money?

I can only sssume you know all about Jack Alnwick then, and Joe he's been a premier league goalkeeper since 2008, training and learning with guys like Tim Krul and Shay Given.
The lad is only 23! He will be looking to grow in to become our number 1. There is nothing 2nd rate about him and for Β£250k I think it's a great pieces of business. Gilks is 30 odd, no sell on value and arguably past his best.
Now we have 3 young goalkeepers (inc Liam Kelly) ready to fight it out! Can only be good for the club.

And the money thing. remind me who said we had no money?!