05 Jun 2017 10:29:20
Talk in the daily mail about pc being interested in a former player of his Danny whose contract with zenith has just expired a decent midfielder as well

1.) 05 Jun 2017
05 Jun 2017 10:35:11
Not saying it's not true but when even Wikipedia won't accept the daily mail as a source of news youve got to question it

2.) 05 Jun 2017
05 Jun 2017 10:41:16
Wages would be the first hurdle to get over

3.) 05 Jun 2017
05 Jun 2017 11:16:50
imo if we signed danny i think there would be too many midfielders

4.) 05 Jun 2017
05 Jun 2017 13:08:09
That is old news! We went after Pena instead. The approach for Danny was made weeks ago.

5.) 05 Jun 2017
05 Jun 2017 13:29:35
Was just thinking that Declan. Seems to be a lot of midfielders at the club. Unless we can rid of the deadwood then we could turn out a whole team of just midfielders. :)

6.) 05 Jun 2017
05 Jun 2017 18:18:06
Get what your saying about midfielders but think about who may leave Halliday Forrester O'halloran Windass Crooks Holt and poss McKay

7.) 06 Jun 2017
06 Jun 2017 00:31:45
Regardless of how many midfielders there would now be in the squad a player of that calibre isn't to be sniffed at. Very much doubt it will happen though