22 Jan 2018 18:22:38
STV Report 2nd bid in tonight for Docherty. In excess of £500000.

1.) 22 Jan 2018
22 Jan 2018 18:28:17
Seen reported it has been turned down

2.) 22 Jan 2018
22 Jan 2018 19:04:30
Where did you See this

3.) 22 Jan 2018
22 Jan 2018 20:12:54
Apparently bid not rejected but talks ongoing

4.) 22 Jan 2018
22 Jan 2018 21:11:12
It's been turned down because Accies. like all the others, have moved the goalposts. It seems this bid was £300,000 now (up from £100k) and £250k at the end of the season. Hamilton now want the lot up front, which was never on the table before. I believe we'll meet their demands but I for one would be shopping elsewhere and to hell with these Scottish clubs who despise us but crave our blue pound.

5.) 22 Jan 2018
22 Jan 2018 21:44:15
Totally agree way u mate

6.) 22 Jan 2018
22 Jan 2018 23:06:27
The problem seems to lie with what we are willing to pay upfront i bet if we went in with 500k up front we would have him in the squad we are not offering enough upfront that's why we are not getting him not hamilton moving the goalposts these low offers do more damage than good as clubs reluctant to deal with us thereafter so end up having pay more or move on to next player

7.) 23 Jan 2018
23 Jan 2018 07:58:36
The problem is and will be for a considerable time. That we don't have the money to pay up front and clubs don't trust us to pay at the end of the season etc.

8.) 23 Jan 2018
23 Jan 2018 08:23:23
We don't have the money cause Pedro spent on total diddies. How the board allowed this is disgraceful. Penny pinching at Scottish clubs but overpaying elsewhere. Would have preferred top quality Scottish rather than pena, herrara, dalcio, cardosa. This is why Scottish clubs are wanting value.

9.) 23 Jan 2018
23 Jan 2018 16:47:29
'Top quality Scottish' is that a thing? 'Average Championship level players' is how it might be described elsewhere.