29 Apr 2016 08:22:26
Does anyone agree with Barry Ferguson? would you rather have 7 games within a 25 day period or 3 weeks rest? Personally I wouldn't want to be hibs if they finish 3rd, as we know each of these games are a final. I'd rather have our feet up, fully fit and rested squad is better than one that has just gone through a few play off matches.

1.) 29 Apr 2016
29 Apr 2016 09:54:52
Look at last season, we were clearly shattered against a Motherwell team who looked well rested and in good shape. I wouldn't want to be hibs right now, however, if Raith beat them.

2.) 29 Apr 2016
29 Apr 2016 10:04:47
I agree. That is on the assumption that they make the final playoff game.

3.) 29 Apr 2016
29 Apr 2016 11:11:27
Both can work for and against, with all those games they should be match sharp but may tire from maybe 60+ minutes, a 3 week break may make teams a bit off the sharpness needed however teams will no doubt have more in the tank to go the full 90 after a good rest. only time will tell which is better, for our sakes I hope that it's 3 weeks without a game that comes through in the end.

4.) 29 Apr 2016
29 Apr 2016 18:47:24
We are playing Tottenham before the final though, so that's a bonus.

5.) 30 Apr 2016
30 Apr 2016 10:30:33
It's a difficult one. The general consensus is the layoff is best but the guys need to go out there on cup final day with the attitude they showed in the semi. I fancy us to win by two or three goals.