17 Jun 2017
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Rangers Player Sightings page entitled, Alfredo moralos in training

1.) 17 Jun 2017
17 Jun 2017 21:05:43
And it hasn't been announced? Wonder why but i'm not complaining

2.) 17 Jun 2017
17 Jun 2017 22:09:51
I know this is OUR page but just wanted to mention the funny grumbles that I've been hearing from the dark side, seems there no too happy with their Teams expenditure. And this is the thing that albeit the phase our Club went through were we really were struggling financially and when King etc then came in and we were told that financially King and tge Board had secured funds that would be spent so that our Club could compete. It seemed Warbs had been given X amount and then King lost faith resulting in funds being stopped which at the time was taken to mean that King did not have the money and loans, freebies and any transfers were going to be between £200k to £500k Max!
Now that Warbs is gone and King seems to have faith in Ped our combined outlay of recent transfers stand at £8-9m.
Thing is IF our Club had been fortunate enough to generate income with the only, Club to challenge no where to be seen I can guarantee you that WE WOULD give our Support something to shout about with transfers fitting our financial status. Where as the tic just love hugging that biscuit tin.
No doubt they will bring in a player at X million but you can just tell they DON'T want too.
If we had the backing of the SFA and found ourselves in the position to generate the funds that manky mob in the East have done then talks of players like Nani arriving WOULD have substance.
With the right Manager and with a decent amount spent on Quality Players the League is a possibility. Always thought the talk of us having to invest £20m to have a chance of winning the Title was really OTT! Our squad had really lost touch with our Manager and THE biggest factor in our challenge for the Lge will be the faith our Players have in Pedro and he must have them wanting to play for him that in my opinion was a huge factor in the tics performances.

3.) 17 Jun 2017
17 Jun 2017 22:14:19
Announced tomoz