13 Feb 2020 07:27:02
While i do appreciate and respect all that stevie g has done for us. maybe was a mistake handing him another 4 hear contract. He has pulled us out the gutter. he has brought in a few players because of who he is. i have backed him to the hill on here. check my previous posts but maybe.

just maybe need a manager with more experience when it comes to changing tactics when things aren't going well. anyone last night could tell after 15 mins of that second half we were struggling and needed to change things . but nothing. stayed the same.

Then to only start making subs past 80 mins. should've changed the whole set up at around 60 mins and took the game to them. obviously the players are mostly to blame but calling them bottlers, c'mon stevie, surely you must take some blame here.

teams are into us now and know exactly what to do before the game even starts. still think if we win all our games we can win this but the way celtic are playing atm dreading the next old firm game. end of the day even 1 more draw its game over. win every single game in the league then we will be there, but that's a huge if.

1.) 13 Feb 2020
13 Feb 2020 08:03:07
Iggle, I said exactly the same thing on here after the match last night, to see people having a go at Kamberi really angered me, , the lad has had 15 minutes since he arrived, even Messi would struggle coming on so late. We need to go 2 up, a blind man can see that, but again there are people on here who just say, 'we don't play that way', well I'll tell you what, if we don't change the system, we will continue to win SFA. As with Iggle, I have defended SG in most of my posts, but my patience has gone, I dimensional sums it up, every Manager in the SPL knows how to combat us now, I hope I'm wrong, but I fear for us against Bragga.

2.) 13 Feb 2020
13 Feb 2020 08:37:05
Can anyone actually see us winning all our remaining games? We said that after Hearts, and look what's happened. We were being forced back by Killie in the second half - I'll say that again, Killie.

3.) 14 Feb 2020
14 Feb 2020 08:51:23
pulled you out the gutter, come on he has spent 20 million over 2 seasons not too mention the big wages handed to morelos, mcgregor, davis and now defoe. he has done the bare minimum with the resources given. a decent manager with a good track record would not let your team crumble. the points difference will get worse and if you go out of europe and the scottish cup at the end of this month then what?