31 Aug 2016 23:27:23
done a couple of deals for youth players tonight
ursene mouanda 19
myles breeman 17 man city left back
amin bouzaig 19 striker
ursene mouanda 18 midfielder
and also finish winger thought I'd let u know guys.

1.) 01 Sep 2016
01 Sep 2016 00:04:39
Yet I still see people posting "So disappointed with king and co" ect ect. These are exactly the kind of moves I've not seen us done in my whole existence as a Rangers fan (Only 20 but I can't remember a time where we actually made serious moves for youth development)

2.) 01 Sep 2016
01 Sep 2016 01:04:52
Spot on Ross w and as a whole with the youth signings and the players we have brought in for the first team I think we have got to be happy with the buisness the club has done in this transfer window. Just need to find the right mix and balance in the side then I think we will come good this season although got to be happy with top 3 and a European place next season would be a great season.

3.) 01 Sep 2016
01 Sep 2016 08:56:25
The moves for Youth players is encouraging and really highlights the way that Warburton and the team he has put together focus on the wider development of the team for the future.

I don't recall at any time in my 55 years of watching Rangers of us having a strategy for youth development.

In the early days we simply took the best young players from other Scottish Clubs and indeed those that were scouting for young prospects were either incapable of finding the right youngsters or more likely, the powers that be at the club at the time did not share their view.

As a result we missed out on Kenny Dalgliesh, Danny McGrain and others.

In the Souness and first Smith Era we bought what we wanted courtesy of David Murray and this carried on during the Advocaat er and even the second Smith Era to a lesser extent. Quality young talent that emerged such as both Fergusons, Durant and Derek Johnstone were more by luck than by design!

It is quite refreshing to see Warburton's backroom team signing youngsters from different backgrounds as well as young Scottish and English youngsters. This is indeed a new Era and one that we should welcome!

4.) 01 Sep 2016
01 Sep 2016 10:13:41
Excellent post 100% agree with it think we're of the same era mate.

5.) 01 Sep 2016
01 Sep 2016 11:00:28
Anybody optimistic about old firm game, a good performance could kickstart our season.

6.) 01 Sep 2016
01 Sep 2016 11:28:14
Great post Tom42 completely agree.

7.) 01 Sep 2016
01 Sep 2016 11:30:08
DK and MW coming good on their promises.

Buying success today does nothing for the club's future.

Investing in facilities, youth development and carefully searching for low cost/ high potential players is where we are at for the foreseeable future.

Get rid of the legacy/ legal/ ashley issues and then the club can really move forward - at the moment the board has one hand tied behind their back.

8.) 01 Sep 2016
01 Sep 2016 11:37:28
If we lose 5-0 nobody will be that surprised! Not a bad situation to be in considering, imo, we have just a much quality as they do! If we can compete physically and turn up on the day we are certainly capable of beating them! Be interesting to see how Barton performs as he has heaped pressure on himself!

9.) 01 Sep 2016
01 Sep 2016 11:42:12
Excellent work by the Club over the summer. My one criticism is we should have perhaps gotten someone more reliable injury wise in at CB than Senderos but hopefully with Crooks coming back and being able to fill in their we should be ok. Hopefully some of these youths really shine and maybe one or two do well enough to get a run out In the cup.
Whether we win or lose the league this year we are on the right track!

10.) 01 Sep 2016
01 Sep 2016 12:06:21
Strange though it might seem, the signing of Senders has given me new hope for the Celtic game. We could have close to all our best players fit for the game and the biggest headache for the manager will be who to leave out of the starting eleven! If the team gels on the day then there could be a surprise on the day!

11.) 01 Sep 2016
01 Sep 2016 12:41:04
after heaping the pressure on himself I wouldn't let barton start in the old firm well imo I think he isn't a starting player anyways as yet unless we go 4 4 2 .

12.) 01 Sep 2016
01 Sep 2016 13:47:59
We have lost all of our pace fro last season. Slow movement, lack of penetration and slower passing. I do not expect us to finish second or any of that crap. I am being realistic about the season ahead. I think we have done the very best we could have in this transfer window. I am certain we will find the right balance, that means dropping Barton, certainly for the moment. When others return from injury we will have more options also.

13.) 01 Sep 2016
01 Sep 2016 14:40:05
we will play 433 we will play Barton why are people so insistent on playing 442? mccoist got lambasted for sticking with it, it makes it impossible to break teams down especially with 2 small strikers.

14.) 01 Sep 2016
01 Sep 2016 15:48:03
totally different style of play and did he not just have 1 up front?
also totally different team you can be very attacking with a 4 4 2 you know cee!
I just think the 4 4 2 would give us the needed cover to put up with the likes of sinclaire and the wee rat and forest if we leave ourselves exposed we could be embarrassed. I hate losing old firm games but I think this will be up tghere with the 6-2 scoreline if we don't cover ourselves. we have no pace so that is why people are thinking of different tactics cee.
doesn't mean we need to stop playing nice football.

15.) 01 Sep 2016
01 Sep 2016 16:35:02
Got to agree with Cee-we will play 433-one of the things I respect about MW most is agree with him or not he sticks to what he believes in and that is plan A or plan B (do plan A better) . He also didn't get Barton not to play him regularly now it's up to Joey to prove that Broony is indeed"not in his league". Whether hedeserves to play on current form- definitely not in my view but he will still play against Celtic.

16.) 01 Sep 2016
01 Sep 2016 17:15:04
I agree Liverpool Ger, Barton has not translated his comments into his play on the football pitch and on current form he doesn't deserve to play. But for the very reason that he has mouthed off I believe that he needs to play and he needs to raise his game to a level that we have not yet seen. If he doesn't and Celtic win he will be written off, (rightly or wrongly), by a vast number of our support and his credibility as a Rangers' player will be shot to pieces.

Whether we should play him and Rossiter in the same team, especially against Celtic is open to debate. For me, Rossiter has been our best signing over the summer but I don't believe that he and barton should be in the same team.

Every position should be up for grabs and it should be down to those that show the most desire and commitment to play against our Arch Enemies that should be in the team on the day. This is not just any game and never will be. This is a game that every supporter, whether we admit it or not, wants to win and while we might say that it would be no surprise if we were thrashed is there one of us that would not be devastated by the loss. The players have to be the same.

17.) 01 Sep 2016
01 Sep 2016 18:04:25
@Liverpool Ger
Im sure you are right, Barton will play, however on current form he should NOT be selected. He might come on a play a blinder and raise his game, if so why the hell is he not doing it now? He shouldn't get picked!

18.) 01 Sep 2016
01 Sep 2016 18:04:40
Tom we have played 4 league games and everyone is just getting fit we will hit full strides soon and people like Barton will pay there dues. He is miles better than the league we are in we just look weak due to the lack of drive in there.

19.) 01 Sep 2016
01 Sep 2016 18:57:23
I think it depends on the perssonell he uses. if its a midfield of barton, rossiter and forrester it could b a long 90mins but if we go with the energy of windass / holt and press them all over the park we can get some joy.

20.) 01 Sep 2016
01 Sep 2016 19:15:30
I sincerely hope that you are right Ross. I believe that when all our players are fit, (and providing that Warburton gets the team selection right), then we will be a difficult team, home and away, to beat. I suspect however that a few 'fans' favourites might find themselves on the sidelines in the process although that should not matter if the results are right!

21.) 02 Sep 2016
02 Sep 2016 08:17:08
Key to a result in this old firm game is winning the midfield battle ther will be chances for both teams as neither defence is great, but if we can win the battle in central area we can get a result! I reckon he will go with Barton rossiter and Halliday in ther purely for the dig i know people will say 3 holding midfielders but we must keep the ball and with mackay garner and forrester making up our front 3 and support from full backs we have plenty of energy in the side!

22.) 02 Sep 2016
02 Sep 2016 19:35:20
If Sinclair, Roberts and Forrest run at the Gers defence at pace, and they will as that's their game, I cannot see for the life of me how they will not score 3, 4 goals plus. Gets must play same way as both defences are suspect. However, Celtic's starting to get it together.

23.) 03 Sep 2016
01 Sep 2016 05:55:16
I don't think filling 20s with kids we buy is good. let's rear our own.

24.) 03 Sep 2016
01 Sep 2016 21:10:39
i agree with most of the summer signings but i am dissapointed we never signed a decent centre back and as ar as midield goes against celtic to me there must be a place for halliday he would cover every blade o grass at parkhead twice and die or the cause i also ear or senderos due to pace o celtic forwards i would stick with kiernan and wilson because they did ok in the semi final because tav and wallace will not be as cavalier.

25.) 03 Sep 2016
01 Sep 2016 21:38:29
I worry Barton will get sent off.

26.) 03 Sep 2016
01 Sep 2016 23:42:47
Replying to earlier post on u20s and all the hysteria. sorry u guys haven't got a clue it's about what we do in next two years. if u think six good signings for u20s will solve things urge part of our institututional problem . we need to compete right now get real. ed delete as usual.

27.) 03 Sep 2016
03 Sep 2016 12:01:34
wull63, I don't believe that anyone was getting hysterical! What i read was people saying how good it was too see young players with potential being brought in to our Youth Team and a general impetus in improving the quality of how we recruit youngsters and indeed our youth policy overall. Of course we will need to see improvement year on year however we should have been seeing a lot more homebred quality than we have seen over the years. You only need to look at Scottish Football over the past 50 years or more to see the number of quality young players in the game both in Scotland be it Scottish born or be it youngsters from Ireland, England and Wales, to see how poor we have been at developing our own players.
Yes, in the short term we are going to need to continue to be clever in the transfer market to improve the team but I will be delighted if, thanks to Warburton's initiative we end up with the 21st century versions of Dalgliesh, Baxter, Macleish, McGrain, etc., all of who we could have had as youngsters without paying the money. All we needed was a quality Scouting System and a Youth Policy that clearly didn't exist!

There were quality Scouts at other clubs, like Jimmy Bonthrone at Aberdeen; indeed we had good guys like Laurie Cummings although I reckon that Fergie ended up with more of his youngsters at St Mirren than we did at Rangers since if I am correct he scouted McGarvie, Fitzpatrick and MacLeod.