03 Dec 2017 14:51:15
We'll that's what I thought would happen.

If we now go and take McInnes after those 2 games we are more of an embarrassment than before!

He is not the saviour of Glasgow Rangers.

Something like 29 times facing the Auld firm and he has one 3! His European record is worse than Brenda's!

No no no.

1.) 03 Dec 2017
03 Dec 2017 14:56:11
he is absolutelt not the answer, google his managerial record, it certainly does not fill me with confidence.

2.) 03 Dec 2017
03 Dec 2017 15:12:21
The way our board have been going they will splash out for him next week and chase the dream of mediocracy!

3.) 03 Dec 2017
03 Dec 2017 15:29:58
Hi all Gers bro's, I have already been on a few weeks ago regarding Mciness, I think today proves beyond any doubt that he is not good enough to manage our beloved team. He had a great chance to completely change tactics when we had Jack sent off, and believe me he was our engine in midfield, Mciness failed miserably and won't take us further than 2nd, he just does not have the bottle or brains and his record in big games says it all, even the lovers of Mciness must surely admit that this is indeed not the way forward, and if he is appointed we can totally forget about stopping 10 in a row, what we need is a leader, a tactical coach who is shrewd and aware who knows the Scottish game and can turn a game, who can get the best out of players who may not be the best but have the complete will to win, who will love the manager and fight tooth and nail for him, for every ball, for every point, and for every win. that is not Mciness I'm afraid, but hey Ho who am I, just a fan a supporter who wants the best for the team he has supported for 53 years. Think hard what do you really want, I went a successful club, a successful team, nd a successful manager. fighting for league titles, every cup, and winning again in Europe. Because

4.) 03 Dec 2017
03 Dec 2017 16:59:06
with you sll the way Buz. can I ask, who would you like to see at the helm?

5.) 04 Dec 2017
04 Dec 2017 00:11:28
Hi Duccablue, I honestly would like G. V. B but can't see it happening, so Wright would do it for me with Murty number 2 to be our future manager.

6.) 04 Dec 2017
04 Dec 2017 10:27:25
I get the feeling we’d have been happier if we’d got beat 😂.